Zhu Shun makes mechanical fittings. Store, lead mechanical fittings industry innovation development

According to trade statistic, at present Chinese project retains mechanically the quantity is 7 million, these car need a service at any time, scope of the market after project machinery industry is vast. Regard project machine as the one part of the market after the industry, potential of development of mechanical fittings industry is tremendous.

Mechanical fittings also makes mechanical part, be the not detachable fraction that constitutes machinery and machine is individual make. What mechanical fittings points to is: Mechanical, equipment machines all sorts of components of production process. It includes: Component of machining component, hydraulic pressure system, electric equipment component, safe system component is waited a moment.

Current, rate of the informatization of manufacturer of mechanical fittings production, automation, network is very low still, basically rely on manpower, this meeting brings about manufacturing efficiency low, trash leads time of tall, production to grow, bring about an user to cannot find the problem such as appropriate machining plant.

In last few years, internet profundity is affecting the market after the engineering is mechanical, each new pattern and zoology gradually emerge in large numbers. Numerous enterprise in succession open ” Internet + ” mode, or build a website oneself, or it is to join an industry platform of business affairs of tripartite electron, in order to seek transition and outlet. Dimensions of market of our country mechanical element is giant, be ” Internet + ” one of person that the carry out that suits most goes.

Below new condition, heibei person China the president Zhu Shun of mechanical Inc. aims at business chance, made mechanical fittings actively. Store, become attempt Internet + the first person of mechanical fittings mode. Rely on the Heibei that falls at the line Inc. of person China machinery, the platform on the extends about mechanical fittings industry omnibus service line that mechanical fittings store is a major.

Mechanical fittings store passes the resource of each district of integrated whole nation, product of company of chain of industry of fluctuation of information of supply and demand of trends of prices of the information of mechanical fittings news that contains major, fittings, fittings, mechanical fittings, fittings, meeting is exhibited wait for information, devote oneself to to pass platform connection business and client, exchange product and service information more convenient and quickly, extend a product and provide professional service, join client needs sue for peace to serve resource.

Zhu Shunxian gives birth to a hope to pass mechanical fittings. Reveal on the line of the store, the innovation that advances catenary of mechanical fittings industry develops, compose builds wisdom Internet machine fittings is one-stop the service on the line. In the meantime, mechanical fittings. The occurrence of the store is to change industry of current project machinery ” small, medicinal powder, random, weak ” wait for a state, the company should grow the downstream high grade resource in must combining an industry to go up, position is whole entire industry catenary, make new core value, the remain invincible in just can letting an enterprise compete in what did not come so.

Current, mechanical fittings. The store is being built actively in, welcome each businessman to be entered actively be stationed in platform!