Zi rich holds contest of skill of the 6th profession

On July 16, organize classics of federation of trade unions of ministry, city, round municipal Party committee, city to believe by Zi rich municipal Party committee appoint, combination of bureau of company of person of bureau of city science and technology, city is sponsorred, the skill of profession of the 6th worker of Zi rich city that institute of technician of Zi rich city undertakes contest final kicks off.
The contest establishs machine tool of jockey of electric welder, machining center, numerical control to install tone to maintain project 3 projects, every project cent takes an exam for theory and operate two measure actually, more than 100 player of 29 delegations such as each area county, big company attends finals. It is reported, accomplishment of synthesis of put together of each type of work is accorded with the first times about the player that declares a condition general to company of person of city federation of trade unions, city bureau, round municipal Party committee parts declare ” revitalize Zi rich ” labor medal, ” expert of technology of Zi rich city ” , ” Zi rich city is outstanding, bring into library of whole town qualified personnel to consolidate management. Before put together of each type of work synthesizes accomplishment 6 player is promoted to a high office by bureau of city person company technician qualification.
This second skill contest aims to drive Zi rich city ” big training of 1 million workers ” the development that quality promotes the action is begun, arouse a worker to learn the technology, enthusiasm that gets business, experienced technical ability further. Whole town is broad worker general this second activity and ” apprentice of renown division height ” , uncover a list of names posted up to tackle key problem wait for an activity to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, hold to ” dry what, experienced what; What, filling what be short of ” principle, began a technology extensively to learn, experienced, compare and read the activity such as self-study, rise jointly in mutual study, promote ceaselessly in specific production, innovate ceaselessly on working station, revealed the times elegant demeanour of laborer adequately.