Zyprexa group in Arizona expansion of factory production of plastic products

Automobil plastic net news: zyprexa group division, announced on September 19th, will invest about $100 million for plastic cup thermoforming, cover, and production of various kinds of paper products.In Arizona, service for the southwest and west coast area.North America, executive vice President of Clay Dunn said in a statement: “the establishment of new facilities will be successfully expanded our production capacity, also can improve our distribution in the region.”Zyprexa group in Arizona expansion of factory production of plastic products, the new plant covers an area of 750000 square feet and will begin early next year, the infrastructure work will begin in the second quarter, a formal commercial production is expected later in next year.North American business vice President said in a statement: “these facilities can help us in the 21st century, the road construction, improved the working environment of our customers, employees.”In addition to plastic lid, the site will also produce insulation cup, food containers, etc.Zyprexa group has famous Chinet production line, including all kinds of plastic products, in addition, the company also supplies its own brand of plastic cups, tableware.Editor: Ye Dan