Changzhou gen sheng, numerical control machine tools debut changzhou exhibition

as the international meeting held every spring in changzhou regularly & ndash;& ndash;& ndash;& ndash;The fifth changzhou international machine tool exhibition, will be on May 19 to 21, 2017 in changzhou west lake international expo center, grand opening, on the occasion of the convention, which opens the changzhou national hi-tech enterprise changzhou gen sheng, numerical control machine tool equipment co., LTD., made its debut in changzhou machine tool exhibition, bring to show another bright spot!

changzhou gen sheng, numerical control machine tool equipment co., LTD. Is a company mainly engaged in vertical, horizontal, gantry machining center and other kinds of CNC machine tool equipment research and development, production, sales and service of modern technology enterprise, has been in the industry create & otherGen sheng, & throughout;Brands, products sold at home and abroad, deeply welcomed by the majority of users.Company is China north industries group & ndash;& ndash;China Oriental numerical control in jiangsu province designated OEM manufacturing base, extensive services in aerospace, aviation, military and education system, and achieved good reputation.The company produces the vertical machining center as defense science, technology and system of hubei province in 2005 & other;Jiangshan cup & throughout;Use machine, CNC series game 2006 in Beijing to attend & other;Major national science and technology an exhibition & throughout;As one of the few CNC machine to accept the party and state leaders.The company in & other;Administration, transportation, schools, companies throughout the &;Field working with changzhou institute of technology of profession of mechanical and electrical and other institutions, obtained many achievements of science and technology, and obtained several national patents.The panel’s argument, in 2007 passed the jiangsu province department of education set up & other;Nc machine tool in jiangsu province engineering technology research and development center throughout the &;.Accompanied by jiangnan garden construction of education equipment manufacturing technology, the company as the main construction units, and FANUC numerical control system application center, SIEMENS numerical control system in jiangsu province training center, Bosch rexroth gas-liquid electrical innovation experiment center, and the sea, kang precision measuring and reverse engineering center, science and education department of 3 d digital base, changzhou CNC machine tool precision inspection and maintenance center, formed the resource sharing, to create a high-tech, high quality of nc machine tools has laid a solid foundation.

company, which is based on modern enterprise system standard operation, has the advanced manufacturing technology and sophisticated production conditions, and with a number of internationally renowned OEM partners to maintain long-term relations of cooperation.产品远销欧洲、美国、非洲,并在广东、福建、浙江、江苏、湖北、西北等地设有专业代理。Look to the future, and win, people will take the good faith as this, technology first, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprise dedicated like diamond quality products and services.On May 19 to 21, we meet with you in changzhou west lake international expo center, to the fifth changzhou machine tool exhibition, enjoy good times a week.