Machine tools section famous major would set off on August Qingdao international machine tool exhibition is unprecedented, ride on it!

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longitudinal enjoy the equipment manufacturing industry solution

intelligent and visual production experience

bohai bay the largest machine tool exhibition – JM2017 Qingdao international machine tool exhibition

in 2017.8.2-6 Qingdao international expo center was held!

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intelligent full, Internet and flexibility of the

event’s machine tool industry and at the same time

Qingdao international expo center hall E2

there is a huge surprise!!!!!!The 20th

2017 Qingdao international machine tool exhibition – machine tools section

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lit summer with explosive goods!

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on auction – all the auction equipment, factory will be at the lowest market price to participate in, the actual auction price difference shall be borne by the organizing committee activities!

1, brand assurance: machine tool industry well-known brand led to participate in

2, quality assurance, factory production, new equipment, after-sales service:

3 worry-free after-sales service

4, activity rules: fair and transparent,


1, bidding activity rules and process reservation city to participate in the buyers shall be at the exhibitors in advance online booking;

appointments until 4 PM on August 1, 2017.

2 the festival site, machine tools:

 exhibitors in city online booking success of users, with registration information for bidding plate, admission takes a seat;

 during August 2 to 6-11:58 departed every morning and afternoon 13:58 – therefore in hall E2 exclusive field of bidding;

host announced the basic situation and the market price of bidding product;Notary public notary for products;Every effect in the presence of bidders for brand a bid;In

 if participants did not shoot but have intention to buy, can be directly in the reception desk to register, organizers will contact you immediately inform the auction the manufacturer.

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want to sign up, urgently!!!!!!

annual bohai sea first large machine tools exhibition

Qingdao international machine tool exhibition

6 large exhibition hall 75000 square meters exhibition area of 75000 will gather

80000 professional audience 1000 + 1000 + exhibitors set of system integration and the flexible unit 3000 +

600 sets of machine tool equipment, sets of intelligent equipment 200 +

industrial robots and robotic arm many high-end technology\/solution model for 20 + games industry wind collision

BBS technology & hellip;& hellip;


let us meet in Qingdao international expo center

be there or be square!