Nanchang high-tech zone intelligent machinery manufacturing industry is developing rapidly

at present, jiangxi nanchang high-tech zone intelligent equipment manufacturing industry has begun to take shape, realize the main business income is 8.7 billion yuan last year.In the field of intelligent robot, has been involved in industrial robots and service robots, emerge hongdu aviation, treasure group of electronic and so on one batch of backbone enterprises;In the field of intelligent equipment, intelligent has been involved in textile machinery, automobile and parts assembly lines, intelligent intelligent generating set of complete sets of equipment, environmental equipment, intelligent intelligent food packaging machinery, electrical equipment, air compressor production line, and many other fields, have sprung up hongdu CNC machinery, hongdu electromechanical, tai hao international science and technology, Chinese fir a batch of strong core technology such as environmental protection and the superiority product competitiveness of enterprises.

in the field of intelligent equipment and parts, have been involved in 3 d printing, new sensors, high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent instruments and meters, intelligent control and system integration, automotive electronics and intelligent system, intelligent equipment and parts and so on intelligent temperature control device niche, emerge niles simmons hacken saite machine, the moon and sun Ming railway equipment, in the morning, Jiang Xizhong Jiang Xike galli etc. A group of backbone enterprises of the stronger.

this year, will actively docking chinese-made 2025 nanchang high-tech zone, and promote the depth of fusion, the construction of intelligent manufacturing base, speed up the hongdu intelligence research and development center, aspen intelligent high-speed intelligent robot with fluid research and development production, Thai integrity digital high-end equipment production projects such as construction, promote the industry to develop in the direction of high-end, intelligent, strive for the intelligent robot, high-end CNC machine tools, intelligent measurement and control device, intelligent generator sets, intelligent instruments and meters, intelligent environmental protection equipment, intelligent high-end equipment complete sets of equipment, such as products have made new breakthrough, further promote the nanchang high-tech zone science intelligent manufacturing equipment industry, spanning development.

(the original title: nanchang high-tech zone has the honor to receive the first batch of intelligent manufacturing base in jiangxi province),