Size 2 x growth, jia international stamping, forging, sheet metal processing and show what to watch for?

in recent years, with the development of science and technology, the machinery industry in China is actively towards high speed, high precision, high additional value field development, the market competition intensifying, the sheet metal market competition will be converted to high quality, high technology content product competition.In order to comply with the international market development trend, all processing technology to upgrade innovation.

based on the automotive industry, electronic industry high-speed development, the 18th with & jia international machinery exhibition will otherInnovation, open, diverse, sharing & throughout;As the theme in 2017 on May 25 to 28 in chongqing international expo center, the 18th jia international stamping, forging, sheet metal processing and development as an important theme of the exhibition show, will focus on metal forming, the special machining and welding in areas such as new equipment, new technology and new technology.

over the same period will also be a fine machine tool exhibition, industrial automation and robot exhibition, exhibition of casting heat, mold exhibition and exhibition aluminum processing.

show strong growth 2 times

sheet metal industry leading enterprises focus on appearance set exhibition the exhibition is expected to have 900

well-known enterprises at home and abroad, six pavilion is open at the same time, the display area of 78000 square meters, all kinds of mechanical processing equipment 1200 Taiwan (sets).

sheet metal industry star products, advanced technology has been the N8 sheet metal processing, a pavilion: intelligence, but the industry well-known enterprises, the super powers, the super di can, macro stone, PuRuiMa, chutian, rapid radium, red iron, parkson, cable, chengtong, high-energy, jinfeng, walter, Yang forging, gold Australia, tai mountain, ou tai, kincaid, yandang mountain, and special processing: shaddick, han bully, China square, campaigns, deep Yang, ender, han qi, din and other companies at 2017 jia international of stamping, forging, sheet metal processing, show up twice over the same size.

of international famous brand, large squad: laser intelligent equipment

, the group, with high speed, high performance, high benefit and low gas consumption, low energy consumption, low maintenance and other advantages of G4020F fiber laser cutting machine will live demonstration.The booth no. : 8210 booth

N8 has over one hundred – year – old German Felss company with its unique rotary forging die and cold extrusion forming technology, famous German car manufacturing industry, the exhibition fales dafoe lu machinery will also be dressed up to attend.The booth no. : 8416 booth

caius g N8 edm shaping machine, wire cutting machine tools will be displayed in hall N8 8310 stands,Wuxi golden walter servo press co., LTD. Will be there with servo press, turret punching, bending machine, such as to attend the exhibition, please the enterprise users visit our 8413 booth N8 visit exchanges.

over the same period haas, gateway, the Bronx kang, li chi will be there with advanced equipment, such as intelligent product appearance N1 pavilion, pavilion N3 metal-cutting machine tool mainly in machining center, lathe, grinding machine and equipment and other suitable for automobile and mould processing industry is given priority to, to show more than manufacturing solutions, N5 pavilion is the main display tools, cutting tools, industrial robots and automation, ABB, library card, has attracted special solid g, into a volume, work, and other enterprises.

at the same time, in hall N2 show defense intelligence manufacturing, N7 pavilion casting, die casting, heat treatment and aluminum deep processing, etc., will complete factory in manufacturing industry chain in western areas.

theme meeting pulse industry direction

the exhibition expert interrogation booster technology innovation, based on industry characteristics in southwest China, and combined with the current industry, automobile manufacturing, national defense and aerospace, sheet metal and a comprehensive manufacturing three themes build project communication, technology, industry more than 30 field involved in the current and future industry development hot spot and new manufacturing technology, meeting the beltway, unusually brilliant.

& other;The 12th national laser industry BBS & throughout;Will be in & other;Build communication platform to broaden laser application upgrade of industry upgrading in southwest & throughout;Theme on May 24-26, around how laser technology combined with traditional processing industry depth and extension, the core components and application promotion of the symposium bottleneck and key technical problems, and combined with the 18th jia international machinery exhibition, interpretation of laser processing technology and the role in the development of intelligent manufacturing in machine tool industry.

5, & other;Throughout western manufacturing logistics and supply chain innovation peak BBS &;Will, under the current economic new normal analysis sheet metal enterprises how to out of the woods, and enterprise management technology for sheet metal, sheet metal processing and communicate to share cutting-edge technology and equipments, boosting enterprise cooperation and development.

& other;2017 throughout southwest forging technical seminars &;, & otherThe Chinese society of these pressure processing of 2017 academic convention & throughout;Meeting will be on May 26, and so on.789.454154739

million quintillion people meeting & other;2017 China (chongqing) intelligent manufacturing international BBS & throughout;& by the foundry industry association, society of other2017 annual meeting and 11th national casting foundry in chongqing save engineering technical seminars & throughout;, as well as & other;The second China aluminum deep processing and high precision BBS & throughout;, & otherThroughout 2017 BBS & mould industry development in western China;The meeting will be in extension and so on, for the industry to build large professional technological exchanges, industry docking platform, boosting industrial upgrading.In

at the same time, to promote the industry, the downstream industry integration, supply and demand docking industry docking buffet, also will be held during the same period, together with the cooperation of enterprises.During the exhibition, expert visit provide one-on-one analysis also has communication, can save a lot of problems for the enterprise.18th set jia international machinery exhibition (

) of chongqing in past 20 anniversary of exhibition borrow may sunshine and passion of the city, sincerely invite friends all over the world to chongqing communication.Chongqing city will, may meet jia exhibition, hand in hand, and win-win future!

pre-registration visitor enjoy more benefits: successful professional audience of register will be promoted to establish fine show VIP audience, can enjoy during the exhibition tour, the goody bag, brush face free registration and other services.Registration successful group, the audience can also take traffic subsidies or free lunch, drive to chongqing exhibition partners, can enjoy the trip reimbursement (four people a car) or choose star hotel accommodation.