Specializing in the production of cylindrical polishing machine, general machinery factory

Developed by our company XTM – 2 type pipe polishing machine, gauze thousand impeller was used as tool, with principle of centerless grinding machine was carried out on the surface polishing of semi-automatic machine, suitable for circular cross section for the surface polishing various metal, five, electroplating, vehicle parts, machining, steel-wood furniture, standard parts, axle, pipe fittings, oil cylinder for grinding and polishing, the best brightness can be up to the mirror bright.A full set of production line by the polish hosts, feeding device, discharge device, dust removal device according to user requirements (filter configuration) of four parts.Compared with traditional polishing cleaning process, the machine has the advantages of low equipment investment, cover an area of an area small, easy maintenance, easy operation, reasonable cost advantages, such as technology, pipe outside surface polishing quality than polishing process.