The inventory machine tool of the world’s top awards and award-winning products

nc machine tools, is not only the production of high-tech tools, more pieces of art, excellent nc machine tools in addition to the excellent performance, more have free from vulgarity appearance level.Today let small make up take stock for everybody, what are the machine tool industry’s top awards.78.945154739

thousand quintillion big new product award the prize

is mainly aimed at the Japanese machine tool enterprise, the news agency issued by the issue of the industry, the award recognizes leading Japanese technology and products in the world market.Like Japanese brand, known to Chinese big Wei, jtekt walcott, shaddick, precision machine, amada has repeatedly won the honor, all the award not embarrassed to say oneself is Japan’s leading machine tool enterprises.


okuma machine tool works has MU -v LASER EX

JTEKT large horizontal machining center FH1600SW5i



iF design, referred to as “the iF, founded in 1953, the prize is by Germany’s oldest industrial design institution, hannover industrial design BBS held regularly every year.IF Germany international BBS the IF design award in each design, it is famous for its independent, rigorous, reliable appraisal idea in the world, the most amount of gold known as Oscar, one of the best products like BMW, mercedes-benz, Siemens, and many other businesses are ever on the IF award contest.

has won the prize for

German machine tool works faster and the IF award many times in 2014,

in kunming machine tool of two products has won the award.Now he machine losses in a row, no longer, make people are.

trulaser 5030 fiber

graceful fashion DMG panel has also won the award of

red dot design award

red dot design award, and the IF eponymous award.There is no denying that, from the selection point of view, the IF and the red dot is the design of industrial product creative, practical, environmental protection, etc, a comprehensive evaluation for the performance of machine tool inspection and lacking., however, have a good appearance of machine tools, general performance is more outstanding, like DMG, SW and other machine tools.After all, only under the condition of the technical strength standard, enterprise will have extra money into the product design.

award-winning machine tool works

2014 doosan PUMA SMX series machine tools, machine tool industry is South Korea for the first time, red dot design award.In

2014, China north industries group wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD and shenyang industrial design co., LTD., joint design of brahman Wu Chong WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center machine tool of the 4662 eligible product stand out from the whole world, to become China’s first equipment manufacturing industrial design award winning products.

Wu Chong machine WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center is


MM – AWARD by the domestic manufacturing industry enjoys a high evaluation in Germany professional magazine Maschinen Markt (MM) for the manufacturing of the AWARD by outstanding and innovative products and new technology, with high authority, has won the AWARD of the machine tool product have high technology content and excellent performance, such as waves, Mr Mark has won the AWARD.

had the winning machine tool works

amada ENSIS AJ series

mark VSC 400 of WF type combination machine tools in Europe was named best lathe machine tool exhibition, won the

MM technology innovation award award

being the biggest machine tool precision engineering society, Japan and Germany set up awards on the manufacturing are also well ahead of other countries.Japan precision engineering society, founded in 1933, so far, more than 5500 members, with universities, research institutions and enterprises, the precision machinery industry in Japan plays a guide role.Precision work learn to award prizes to reward those who have made significant achievements in the field of precision engineering, creative, the future is promising young researchers and technicians, in recognition of their efforts and contributions at the same time, improve their vigorous study enthusiasm.

winners machine tools and techniques of Japan’s big Wei implementation shorten processing time and maintenance of the machining accuracy of nc technology won the 2016 annual award

Japanese precision grinding machine manufacturers close koren precision of ultrasonic ・ electrolytic mixed grinding technology has won 2013 Japan institute of precision engineering technology awards

komatsu Z&mu ultra-precision machining center;3500 also won the precision work to learn & quot;Technology & quot;.