Strange Xia Mier of Swiss GF A carries 10 machine tools luxuriant appear on CIMT2013

In current CIMT, GF A strange Xia Mier will carry 10 machine tools luxuriant appear, among them 5 machine tools are those who be in China appear first, can says Switzerland is inspected of banner technology in the round. These 5 machine tools are MIKRON HPM 450U respectively 5 axes linkage is high-powered 5 axes of milling machining center, MIKRON HEM 500U are efficient machine of alveolus of machine tool of figuration of electric spark of rigid numerical control of vertical machining center, FORM20, DRILL 300, and machine tool of LASER1200 laser beam machining. MIKRON HPM 450U applies to pair of quality, crop and complexity to have extremely high demand, produce requirement economy, accurate client to workpiece. The circumgyrate that its stabilize structure and direct drive / swing any craft that the axis makes its can be used at the rough machining from ponderosity to be machined to accurate polish. MIKRON HEM 500U is Ajixiamier is only onefold or the 5 axes that the standardization of spare parts of small lot precision is produced and design are efficient vertical machining center. It uses structure of type of ram of be born lathe bed, 3 linear axes are by cutting tool mobile implementation is ensured thereby high dynamic performance and treatment precision. FORM20 is a machine tool that has tall versatility and tall sex price to compare, suit most mould job shops very much. It assembled power source of machine tool of high end of Er of rice of GF A strange summer, this is the world’s most advanced pulse power source, quality of give attention to two or morethings and efficiency, reduced electrode loss substantially. DRILL 300 uses structure of compact unifinication machine tool, discharge unit, electric interpose fluid is unit, athletic unit is compositive an organic whole, a variety of automation program and add axis options can offer an alternative, but treatment of much axis linkage. Word of rice Er total number controls the GF A Jixia that it deploys pulse power source, special development gives the technology that suits alveolus treatment, have very tall treatment efficiency, electrode loss is very small have degenerative layer hardly. Machine tool of LASER1200 laser beam machining used technology of Laser1200 laser ablation. With use etch the photograph of traditional finishing technology of craft is compared, this technology offerred economy, zoology and the advantage that design a respect, can make the product that gives rich individual character.

Exhibition of machine tool of Chinese numerical control (CCMT2010) preliminary meeting Nanjing is held smoothly

The machine tool of Chinese numerical control that sponsors by association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool exhibits exhibition (CCMT2010) preliminary meeting in November 2009 10~12 day is in Gu Chengna Beijing to be held smoothly. Come from nearly 150 countrywide enterprises 180 people attended the meeting. Association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is standing vice-president Wu Bailin, executive vice-president king is matutinal, deputy secretary-general Mao Yufeng, Li Jing bright, the conference exhibits river of cooperative square Nanjing on the west finite liability company, shanghai international shows carriage limited company, shanghai elegant poem shows the relevant lead of engineering limited company, the relevant controller that returns those who have CCMT2010 to run the public security of public security bureau of ground Nanjing city, fire control, bureau that make a valve attended plenary meeting. The conference is chaired by king dawn, wu Bailin does summary to speak. Sponsor what just report CCMT2010 in the round to prepare a caseThe delegate plum brilliant that sponsors association of industry of tool of square China machine tool as CCMT2010 bright the economy that deputy secretary-general introduced current entire industry on the meeting runs a condition, exhibit activity of the flutter circumstance of the meeting, form a complete set, assured the preparatory job such as measure to undertake a bulletin to the enterprise of full attendance conference. He tells: Nanjing international reads extensively center 6 houses 3 hall in all the exhibition area of 78000 square metre already was enrolled entirely at present full. Domestic and international ginseng postpones a business many 700, declare an area the enterprise of above of 500 square metre 14, get together neat tool of domestic machine tool is famous enterprise; Activity of rich form a complete set has: “Innovation develops ” high-level forum, “Start a brand meticulously 10 beautiful enterprise ” , ” own innovation 10 beautiful enterprise ” , ” award of Chun Yan of machine tool of CCMT homebred numerical control ” wait for prize-giving activity, with key user communication of supply and demand is met, communication of technology of 10 several forward position is met, press conference, party, abroad buy industry forum to wait; In the measure respect that assures to exhibit meeting quality, exhibit what can encourage Gao Shuiping is new article, first first product ginseng is exhibited. In the meantime, offer imperative product to assure to be able to give an user, association is exhibited hold even before the meeting ” user contact annual meeting ” , listen to the requirement of group of machine tool user; Will organize big company group, purchase a group to exhibit can purchase; Association is current also already early or late with abroad hurried of association of many 20 machine tool and chamber of commerce of imports and exports, trade is met undertook meeting with all possible means, invite manufacturer of tool of foreign machine tool and user to look around exhibit meet and purchase. Additional, the action of the magazine that association returns meeting and domestic and international famous media to undertake association is sponsorred be developinged collaboration, adequately, newspaper, website, publicize energetically, publicize CCMT2010 extensively. Had done the logistics work that postpones businessThe carriage that sponsors association of industry of tool of square China machine tool, CCMT to appoint always acts as agent carriage limited company of Shanghai international exhibition, advocate the representing that builds business Shanghai elegant poem to show engineering limited company goes up to also exhibited an enterprise to make service commitment to all ginseng in congress, be being carried and built a respect to give out to serve detailed rules, provided safeguard to postpone meeting and the logistics job that postpone business. Look forward to of machine tool industry is firm pick up posture is AnacreonticStanding vice-president Wu Bailin sums up association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool speech, what with respect to the ginseng that at present posture of development of whole of industry of domestic and international machine tool gives congress meeting personnel did height is wraparound. When making estimation to current economic situation, he tells: International banking crisis already sole, already appeared pick up evidence, but of global each country pick up speed can have have quickly slow, the step helping city that government of this and native industrial foundation, each country takes is concerned. So, want to achieve the whole world to anabiosis, this process is impossible inside short time to finish. When a few idea when speaking of crisis of the banking after be opposite, he tells again: Want above all confident, next, want to see our difference. Urgent affairs is to should make good structural adjustment, strive for by become strong greatly. But this process is to should be paid very great effort and overcome very great difficulty. In speak of the CCMT that will hold namely 2010 exhibiting when the meeting, wu Bailin says, national hair changes appoint, leader of industry letter department takes seriously very much, each are exhibited can have relevant leader even national leader attends a meeting look around inspect. It is a specification, our exhibit can do well, 2 it is a specification, the country values the progress of machine tool of homebred numerical control very much. So, we have hope, exhibit can do weller. Last wordAs exhibit of the meeting sponsor an unit, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool is right the provision before exhibiting can take seriously very much, put the first to exhibit business to provide considerate service, this also is association does the tenet that exhibit. Not only such now, henceforth also will such.

Program of numerical control machine tool is clear and homebred change index and schedule

By hair change appoint take the lead make, the near future will come on stage permissibly ” numerical control machine tool develops special program ” fulfil for industry of tool of Chinese machine tool ” a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” specific executive plan. This are special the program put forward to develop a target as follows: 2010, machine tool of homebred numerical control will occupy the 50% above of home market demand; And the self-sufficient rate of product of functional component form a complete set is amounted to 60% ; Have 75% what the numerical control system of own copyright holds total output of numerical control machine tool. Optimize product structure in order to form reasonable structure. The requirement is in total output of machine tool of homebred numerical control, machine tool of economy numerical control is occupied about 50% , basically satisfy home market requirement; Gain ground model numerical control machine tool is occupied about 45% , gain advantage of home market competition; Advanced model numerical control machine tool is occupied about 5% , be in again of breed expand substantially with contented. Increase numerical control machine tool to export and improve exit product composition, also namely escalate gains ground model the exit of numerical control machine tool, in advanced model side of export of numerical control machine tool obtains a breakthrough. In respect of overall exit sale, the export value of numerical control machine tool needs to occupy the forehead of 10% to spend.

Machining center becomes consumptive mainstream to enter fast hair exhibition period

Development of industry of whole machine tool is old, the market that mixes nearly two years in the high speed development that experienced gold 10 years is small after confusing, the structure of integral industry is adjusted gradually, numerical control intelligence kind innovation technology product is held in both hands by market heat. Accompanying the rapid change of market demand, homebred machining center also entered fast hair exhibition period. The data that comes from Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference shows, “15 ” and ” 915 ” in 10 years, industry of Chinese machine tool came true to exceed high speed to develop continuously, arrive all the time 2011 first half of the year, demand still very exuberant, enterprise of great majority machine tool is in produce and sale in the excited condition of two flourishing. But from last year second half of the year begins, demand is added sign is clear hasten delay, sheet of new revise and enlarge is acuteness glide, economic benefits state tends gradually austere, profit margin drops continuously. Although the high speed first half of the year increases mat base, total production value of annual China machine tool industry was added last year fast still realize profit to add to the 32.5%; of year end by the nearly 39% fall after a rise of the beginning of the year fast fall by the 57.5% drama of the beginning of the year 29.8% to year end. Visible, the phasic change of industry of Chinese machine tool is acuteness last year. 2011, the entrance of industry of Chinese machine tool is 20.7 billion dollar, and exit is 7.3 billion dollar, adverse balance of trade of imports and exports is as high as 13.4 billion dollar. Visible, the demand of product of tool of Chinese machine tool is objective existence, it is enterprise of domestic machine tool cannot be satisfied adequately only just if; can accomplish imports and exports be balanced basically, chinese machine tool industry can increase the sale of 13.4 billion dollar completely last year again. Homebred machining center entered fast hair exhibition period, current machining center with its efficient with high accuracy, get rapidder and rapidder development, already made the product that numerical control machine tool develops the fastest, place to occupy a proportion is the largest kind in of all kinds product, also be a kind of equipment with manufacturing industry the widest application, already made consumptive main trend. Developed country of a few main economy is the first job that regards machine tool of development numerical control as development machining center more, its development matters to national economy construction and national defence safety directly.

Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center detect through the country

On March 12, install Yangxin to fill machine tool Inc. to develop the country reached ADG of product of great and special set 2009 lathe of high-grade numerical control and turning center, the workshop is assembled to detect smoothly through national machine tool in numerical control of company constant temperature central expert detects. The member that the expert is comprised is opposite respectively early or late index of each crucial technology of this product, function and dependability undertook detecting, because my company is home is assumed congener and special in the first accepts a product to examine acceptable unit, because each expert member is in whole detect of process camber serious and responsible, detect in machine tool dependability especially in the process, a few experts ten days of day and night are on duty ceaselessly by turns, nevertheless, the expert is detecting still is to did not discover any technical problems in the process, this product is all technical index is one-time through detecting. Finally, expert the admiration that to me this kind of company product gave height ” the ADG series product of your development, it is we come a few this years the product of numerical control machine tool with the best quality that has seen since manufacturer of countrywide so much, and, although you are produced is ‘ high speed ‘ numerical control lathe, but the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard! But the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard!! Hear the expert’s opinion, the company’s present technology felt immediately in heart of deputy total Wang Yuping and each technology personnel greatest gratified, be company everybody all leader, special technology personnel takes the height of special job seriously and long-term since countless are paid arduously day and night, through relapsing ceaseless technology tackles key problem and debug, just obtained today the achievement of such arrogant people. “Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center ” be ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special in one of tasks of first support, this product basically resolves the pressing demand of the domain such as car, aerospace, war industry. My company is used actively in item executive process advanced ” 3 > of 1 + 4 ” ” produce, learn, grind, with ” mode of collaboration of innovation scientific research, hand in Inc. of piston of emperor of gold of engineering college of big, Central Plains, Qu Fu to wait for coact of user of college courtyard place and key with Xi’an, the success that achieved technology of key of general character of machine tool of a batch of high-grade numerical control tackles key problem, obtained the positive result of science and technology of a batch of plentiful and substantial: File national patent among them 6, invent patent among them 4, establish a standard 2, publish a paper 11, publish 2 in foreign famous journal among them, developed team of a batch of senior professional. This project product is main technical index still belongs to blank in home, congener product imports cycle to grow from abroad, the price is high, the success of this task is carried out, realized our country congener product to replace the strategic goal of the entrance, also proved my company made a respect obtain new breakthrough in research and development of machine tool of high-grade numerical control at the same time, also promoted my company the significant position inside countrywide industry further, for the company ” 925 ” develop the strategy carry out laid good foundation.