EMO2017: Swiss fine machine MTR400HR series nc rotary combination machine tools

As clocks and watches of the world’s leading precision parts and components equipment suppliers, Swiss precision machine in continuously consolidate its movement splint and platinum, watch the market at the same time, the expanded superiority domain in the field of consumer electronics, the high precision auto parts, has been a huge success, for a Swiss enterprise scale is not very big, this is a very great achievement, but the Swiss precision machine was not satisfied with this, their ambitions, ambitious and determined to help more long plagued by precision and capacity of enterprises, through the Swiss precision machine, advanced technology, to help them to make a breakthrough.In view of the past experience, although Swiss unit and the machine is very good at high precision steel, stainless steel parts, aluminum alloy parts, copper alloy components such as mass production, but need more rigid, more powerful castings, titanium alloy parts and other difficult processing parts, still seem a bit overwhelmed.For this reason, the Swiss precision machine started MTR400 series expansion plans.After continuous optimization, Swiss precision machine successfully developed MTR400HR series, and will be carried out on the EMO at this year’s Hanover fair.Compared with the parent product, MTR400HR in retain all 5 surface nc machining and powerful cutting ability, on the basis of further improve the machining ability and expand the scope.Higher machining efficiency of each processing unit number of configurable tool to increase from 6 to 9, MTR 412 hr, for example, to remove two up\/down station, 10 processing station can be configured as many as 90 knife, meet more complex mass production of small precision parts.A stronger integration of motorized spindle axis C function of turning spindle, on reservation made products at the same time, the rotational speed of 6000 its power by 18 kw, 11 kw to increase torque to 19 nm (6000 RPM), in the strong cutting, power more energy, processing quality is higher.A greater range of vertical\/horizontal machining unit was optimized, the journey from 160 mm to 200 mm, high rigid structure, improves the spindle clamping force, improve the scope of machining parts.Through the above improvements, making the Swiss unit in the machine during machining difficult parts appear more leisurely, further consolidate the Swiss precision machine in the field of leading edge.(the original title: EMO2017: Swiss fine machine MTR400HR series nc rotary combination machine tools) metal processing (source: MM)

2017 intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen

On August 26, & other;Intelligent manufacturing and let the future of the enterprise innovation engineering better & throughout;As the theme of intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen.& other;Innovation transformation is irreversible trend, China’s manufacturing industry & lsquo;Intelligent & rsquo;Is the core of keywords.The road to China’s industrial intelligent ten year plan will be made in China under the forward steadily, and realize the dream of corner overtaking.Throughout the &;Vice secretary of China association of electromechanical integration technology application ji-hong wang said in his speech.2017 intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen on the same day, a dozen domestic intelligent manufacturing experts, scholars and representatives of enterprises, to & other;Intelligent manufacturing and let the future of the enterprise innovation engineering better & throughout;As the theme, around 4.0, innovation and intelligent manufacturing and industrial engineering, enterprise alliance transformation and upgrade, intelligent automation and industrial software system, discussed five issues, such as industrial robots.More than 100 enterprises, more than 200 people attend the meeting.Site, the shenyang machine tool group chairman GuanXiYou, from the employment relationship, customer orientation, cost calculation, etc., analyze the traditional manufacturing industry are faced with the dilemma.& other;Development of intelligent manufacturing, to put aside the impergium & lsquo;After finding & rsquo;Thoughts, give full play to the spirit of cooperation and sharing, to achieve win-win situation.Throughout the &;GuanXiYou said.For better cooperation and win-win idea, except intercourse, the conference has arranged the project cooperation and docking link, let more enterprises to participate in the intelligent manufacturing future planning, to seek more cooperation opportunities.The meeting was hosted by the Chinese association of electromechanical integration technology application, shenyang machine tool group and China association of electromechanical integration technology application of MES branch to undertake, in collaboration with the siasun robot automation co., LTD.National numerical control system engineering technology research center, deputy director Yang jianzhong, siasun robot automation co., LTD. Technical director xue fang, speedy power consulting co., LTD., general manager of Beijing linkping, yingkou DE Pu software research and development co., LTD., chairman of li-xun, shenyang hong yu technology co., LTD., general manager of high equality to attend.(the original title: 2017 intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen) (source: xinhua news agency)

Dano bart successfully developed high precision chip cutting solution

, bart efficient automatic flexible system was designed and developed to suit the different needs of customers.This scheme is developed for an international iron and steel company, used for cutting high value-added steel tube, at the same time ensure that the material waste is minimal.

dano bart as machine tool manufacturers, high precision is developed with the high added value steel pipe cutting of multiple cutting solution, used in automobile, oil, natural gas and strategic areas such as bearing manufacturing.The plan got customer’s approval, can help customers to cut various grades of steel, 60-280 – mm diameter range, maximum thickness of 40 mm, 25-400 – mm length range.Not only hereat, dano bart system high flexible architecture makes it can provide other functions according to the customer request.

with factory MES system compatible with the tool machine design.Fully automatic operation, configuration feeding machine used in pipe precise positioning clamping, prepare for subsequent cutting.Then use the installation work in the rotating head three blades, started cutting work.

a main technical characteristics of this solution is the power of saw blades with the work head rotation helps thicker workpiece cutting.Therefore, when reduced and productivity improved significantly.In addition, the machine with mechanical hands material system, can put the thread will cut pipe line for subsequent processing, or for storage.

machine tools equipped with professional software dano bart, can communication with the central control system, the production order can be sent directly to the machine tool.

4.0 dano bart developed product integrates industry technology, suitable for zero defect manufacturing architecture, meet the requirement of incision minimized, and reduce the material waste when cutting.This is a whole solution, including process parameter analysis, processing unit and peripheral devices.This kind of intelligent automatic package gives customers high productivity and high processing speed.Material waste of the smallest, ensure high quality products at the same time.

, moreover, it can machine tools and other equipment integration, production into line, and will cut pipe fittings for pallet storage, and then transported to other processes.Integration synergy to optimize the sawing development dano bart is committed to the development of the technology with advanced high value-added cutting plan.

in this context, dano bart bought Finland Plantool company, the company specialized in the design of circular saw and provide reliable and high precision solution, and using the latest software of control system.Dano bart overall solution combined with Plantool company, will be the forefront production system into reality, to satisfy the needs of different users.

Mr Mark attend EMO: focus on electric drive system and “intelligent factory”

Electric vehicles and industrial 4.0 & ndash;& ndash;On September 18 solstice 23 hannover exhibition on the European machine tool, the important industrial trend in today’s world will be Mr Mark group exhibited a significant characteristic.In the process, machine tool manufacturers play a technical change & other;Throughout the doers &;Role: today they have complete solution, the core component of electric drive system with high efficiency.The exhibition visitors can see many typical high performance machine tool & ndash;& ndash;There are from turning processing, laser welding\/collar and global new products in the field of gear hobbing.At the same time, the group is to establish a smart factory and promote the production technology of the digital.As a result, the machine tool exhibition will set up a special area of Europe, where visitors can experience the core industrial 4.0 solution.The unity of the one of key is software usability.Production control, monitoring and analysis will be so much easier.Mr Mark on the European machine tool exhibition EMO industrial 4.0 message can be summarized as: committed to achieving a comprehensive control, prediction and monitoring of production.At the same time, with the tools of precise software for improving core process, machine tool production data provides a variety of possibilities: for example, using & other;MultiMachineMonitor”By tablet or computer centralized control different machine tools and to improve its production process.Using the software & other;ECData”The manufacturing process of trace artifacts from time to time.Software & other;MachineStatus”Can provide the detailed analysis of machine tools and cutting tool used.& other;On the machine tool exhibition EMO in Europe, we will also introduce more solutions, and clearly show the solution when used in conjunction with the enormous influence, & throughout;Mr Mark software development & amp;Rainer is the director of the Internet of things explained Seitz, & other;On the other hand, we also attaches great importance to the unification of various tools.Clients should be quick to understand and grasp these modules.This can let more easy to use.This is why we the focus of the show.Throughout the &;Advance electronic revolution in Europe in the field of production machine tool exhibition EMO will show a second key points the same the industry of the future development direction, because by Mr Mark solution can be efficient production of a variety of hybrid or pure electric drive system components & ndash;& ndash;Including differential of robot, complex and new type of drive shaft.Covers related technological process from blank to final finishing.Group comprehensive scope of technology makes it possible & ndash;& ndash;Mr Mark on the European machine tool exhibition display all kinds of machine tools will also be fully reflects the extent of this: advanced VL3 DUO double spindle vertical lathe is an extremely efficient manufacturing solution, used for machining diameter of 150 mm transmission and engine parts.Machine covers an area of small, only 24.5 square meters, the workpiece conveying system (TrackMotion), memory chip removal device and workpiece is also included.Two completely separate processing zones respectively equipped with strong power of 32.4 kW water-cooled electric spindle (40% on time), and 12 knife knife tower, thus ensuring the continuous improvement of productivity.Subordinate TrackMotion workpiece conveying system can not only ensure processing area between the workpiece speed, at the same time can also be used to flip between OP10 and OP20 artifacts.The final result of takt time is significantly shortened process.Unit costs are significantly reduced.Direct stroke linear axis at the same time, all of the measurement system and the closed loop ball guide rail to ensure the stability of the precision and quality of parts.Can be used for processing a diameter of 75 mm VLC50TWIN lathe transmission parts of the world debut also suck.The lathe spindle is equipped with two in a processing zone, which can be synchronized two identical workpieces.In this way, can greatly improve the yield and reduce the unit cost.Both the length and the diameter of the workpiece can be through the two main shaft alone.In addition, the machine is also equipped with direct measurement system and the closed loop ball guide rail.Mr Mark in X axis have installed the innovative linear motor.Dynamic performance, repeatability and accuracy significantly increased.& other;In addition, with the aid of TrackMotion system can easily realize the VLC 50 TWIN with such as Mr Mark hobbing machine or connected to the deburring machine, which is very important for us, & throughout;Mr Mark modular solution sales and marketing director BjöRn Svatek explains, & other;So they can build a more efficient process line, for example, can be used for a more complete gear machining process line, its non-production time very short, high process security.Throughout the &;Collar and laser welding unprecedented flexibility in another ELC160HP global production is new product solutions.The machine dedicated to ratchet and clutch processing, multiple process steps are integrated into the rhythm can be accurate in the system: through the laser beam clutch coupling (pressure), induction heating (if material technology need) and the connection parts.Because the process can be performed at the same time in the four points, so part of the takt time less than 10 seconds.In addition: ELC160HP can be automatically change according to different gear fixture.Therefore, can be realized in a flow in the production of no change of transmission of a complete set of gear production.& other;The technology for such as dual-clutch gearbox or manufacturer of hybrid system is very attractive, because the rising number of variable speed gear required to provide a new solution, thus effectively processing changing production batch, & throughout;Mr Mark automation company general manager Andreas, explained Dr Mootz & other;This is what our ELC160 HP machine can provide.Throughout the &;Mr Mark will be on the 17th floor C31 microcomputer platform to show its full range of technology: highly efficient and flexible production solutions can be combined according to the need to directly into production line and it takes only a small space.So, for example, in view of the increasing of electric drive system of the number of all kinds of new production solutions are also greatly simplified.(the original title: mark for the machine tool exhibition (EMO) : focus on the electric drive system and & otherIntelligent throughout the factory &;)(source: mark)

S jack west: understand customers’ requirements Leading the industry development

S jack west has participated in the 2017 China international die casting conference and exhibition, show the world first class products and solutions.This is the first time jack west history as one of the world’s leading supplier of metal parts molding and surface treatment technology of norrath Ken group in the Asia one of the most influential event on die casting industry.During the exhibition, jack west to introduce clients to its strong innovation ability, the rich product line and perfect global support services, interpretation of the German high-end furnace supplier how to through the integration solution meet the constantly, changing customer demand.S jack west booth snaps as Ken group top west, senior vice President of Asia Pacific region as well as the history of jack Wei Baohua, President and chief operating officer Peter think Mr Larsen, attended the exhibition, this paper introduces the future strategic vision of the company to the customer, and on how to better serve the changing needs of customers the topics such as communication.During the three-day exhibition, light metal casting, automobile and other industries from around the world history of more than 200 professionals to visit the booth jack west.Jack west history of its various business experts on the company’s products has carried on the comprehensive introduction.At the same time, the Asian sales team to clients, professionals and other participants showed the company a wide range of product lines and solutions, and introduces the Westomat®Plus + and Schnorkle®The latest situation of the two models, as well as a variety of furnace used for furnace and quantitative & other;Renovation & throughout;The modernization of the solution.FactoryMax visited taicang factory.Mr SurapongTangtaratorn from left to right: property right person;General manager Mr WittayaTaweedech;S jack west SEA sales director Mr NoppakunManowat;The sales manager ChonlateeSaiyawong;Product manager Mr WissanupongTeabpo history jack west team debut at the 2017 China international die casting history jack west to attend the conference and exhibition exhibition BBS to share how to use modern melting efficiency technology during the show, the history of west also attended to be held during the same period in 2017 jack and special China nonferrous alloy casting development BBS.Asia operations and technical director Mr With industry experts to the general introduces the history of jack west unique smelting efficiency parameters, and discusses how to maximize the history of jack west furnace smelting efficiency, improve profitability.His speech, this paper introduces the key innovation can effectively improve the efficiency of smelting technology and a series of crucial for the furnace performance factors, won the audience’s warm response.With Mr Said: & other;We are always dedicated to the latest technology into our furnace design.As far as we know, since a recent furnace upgrade design, customer factory in metal yield has reached 99.75%, energy consumption dropped to 489 kilowatt-hours per ton.Typically, StrikoMelter®Melting pot within a year and a half to recoup their investment, has immediate improvement on corporate profits.Throughout the &;History of taicang factory tour won widespread praise jack west also took advantage of the opportunity to organize customer visit its production base located in taicang, jiangsu province, the company experts to introduce the customer to company main product Westomat®, StrikoMelter®And PowerMelter®Furnace technologies such as information, and answer for the customer.Into the Chinese market since 2008, jack west won a series of achievements in China, its taicang factory capacity up to 170 million yuan, it confirm the commitment of a company for the Chinese market remains the same.Customers have said, jack west beyond trade growth, not only is China foundry industry is moving towards a higher level.(the history of the original title: jack: understand customer needs, leading the industry development) (source: history of jack west)