Sigma CNC machine tool company: “science and technology innovation

Dispatch workers are production is located in the high-tech zone of liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD., has been committed to new product research and development, the machine tool industry in developing opted for a global view of the road of independent innovation, constantly develop high-end CNC machine tools with independent intellectual property rights, realize the independent research and development of a major breakthrough in the high-end CNC machine tools, to enhance enterprise core competitiveness, a doubling of economies of scale, management benefit increase year by year.In 2014, the company realize the output value of 95 million, profits of 2014.Recently, the reporter in liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD., in the assembly shop to see, more than 50 large nc machine tools neatly lined, staff is on equipment assembly and debugging.Zhao Tianan company deputy general manager, told reporters that the company independent research and development of VTM30 car milling compound machining center 5 axis nc machine tools are stepping up production, the product is a new research and development of the company last year, customer feedback is good, this year will be mass production.In 2008, liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD. Was established in the high-tech zone, the scale is still small, production equipment and technology is relatively backward, with independent intellectual property rights is a blank.Increase the intensity of science and technology research and development, after the company in high-tech zone of the output value of 10 million yuan.Since then, the technical innovation of investment of 28 million yuan, the new nc slideway grinding, CNC planer, milling machine, boring and milling machine and other 20 sets of key process equipment.Zhao Tianan said, if with someone else’s technology, may obtain a temporary development, but the long term will be punished by the law;If buy someone else’s technology, the inevitable restrictions on technology advancement, constrained or is the price, cause at a competitive disadvantage.Thus, on the basis of independent innovation has independent intellectual property rights, is the enterprise development must be wrung a lifeline.Continuous innovation, make the vitality of liaoning sigma CNC machine tool co., LTD.Company existing staff 231 people, engineering technical personnel 34 people, senior engineer 3 people, 3 senior workers technicians.Has seven major cities across the country set up sales and after-sales service, product market distribution in liaoning, hebei, shandong, Beijing, such as more than 20 provinces (municipalities), including zhejiang, hangzhou zhaofeng, zhejiang geely, shenzhen byd, wuhu chery, changchun faw, such as more than large companies, has formed the operation situation of supply and marketing flourish.Company can have the present development situation, in addition to pay attention to market development and marketing network construction, mainly thanks to the construction of research and development center.In 2009, the company with the shenyang institute of computer of Chinese academy of sciences, huazhong university of science and technology and other colleges and universities, scientific research unit cooperation, set up r&d center, the r&d input is controlled in 12 million yuan every year, ensure that there are two or more new products to market, complete process technology improvement topic for more than 10 a.So far, the company independent research and development project of 22, including patent technology 6 patents of utility model, design the five, 11 new technology.Throughout the company in recent years, the road of scientific and technological innovation, has been fruitful, successively won the horizontal hydraulic servo knife tower, nc vertical lathe spindle assembly, digital servo controller 3 patents of invention, the knife tower full hydraulic pressure drive vertical knife tower for the patent for utility model.In the past two years, new technology, new product added value accounts for more than 40% of sales revenue.By 2011, the company is province letter committee identified as provincial enterprise technology center, was named provincial intellectual property office for patent demonstration enterprises, and through the national recognition of hi-tech enterprises.Zhao Tianan said the company will continue through independent innovation, constantly improve the products, upgrade the old products at the same time, for the customer & other;Tailored & throughout;Required for the production line.The company in June orders has been full, strive to achieve output value 120 million yuan this year.

CNC machine tool manufacturing industry will develop in the direction of six

Nc machine tools is the base machine tool manufacturing equipment, so its development has been praised by people.In recent years our country machine tool manufacturing industry is facing the development of manufacture equipment and also met with the pressure of the competition in the market.From a technical level, accelerate numerical control technology is a key to solve machine tool manufacturing industry sustainable development.Rising at present, the world’s advanced manufacturing technology, ultra high speed cutting and ultra precision machining technology, the rapid development of flexible manufacturing system and computer integrated system matures, puts forward higher requirements on nc machining technology.Today’s nc machine tools are moving in the following direction.1. The reliability to maximize the reliability of nc machine tools has been the major indexes of the users care about most.CNC system will use the higher level of integration circuit chip, using special and hybrid large or very large scale integrated circuit, to reduce the number of components, to improve the reliability.Through software and hardware function to adapt the demand of all kinds of control functions, and USES the hardware structure of machine tool of ontology modularization, generalization and seriation, standardization, and makes the hardware can not only improve production batch, and easy to organize production and quality control.Also by automatically run to start the diagnostic, online and offline diagnosis and so on a variety of diagnostic procedures, implementation of system hardware, software, and various external equipment fault diagnosis and alarm.Using the alarm prompt, timely troubleshooting;Use of fault-tolerant technology, important parts on a “redundant” design, in order to realize the fault since the recovery;Use a variety of test, monitoring technology, when the production of overtravel, knife damage, interference, the accidents such as electricity, automatic protection accordingly.2. The control system is miniaturization nc system is easy to combine machine, electrical device miniaturization is an organic whole.At present mainly adopts vlsi devices, multilayer printed circuit board, three-dimensional installation method, makes possible the high density of electronic components installed, narrow large-scale system occupies a space.And the use of new type of color LCD display thin alternatives to traditional cathode ray tube, will lead to further miniaturization CNC operating system.So you can easily install it on the machine tool equipment, easier to use to the operation of the CNC machine.3. Intelligent modern nc machine tools will be the introduction of adaptive control technology, according to the change of cutting condition, automatically adjust the working parameters, the machining process can maintain the best working state, resulting in high machining accuracy and surface roughness, the smaller the at the same time also can improve the service life of the cutting tool and equipment production efficiency.Have self-diagnosis, self-healing function, in the state of the whole work, system at any time to itself and the various devices connected to the CNC system since the diagnosis, inspection.Once appear, fault, immediately adopt measures, such as downtime and fault alarm, suggest reasons for the failed parts and etc.Also can automatically make the offline fault module, and through to the standby module, to ensure that the requirements of unmanned working environment.In order to achieve a higher requirement of fault diagnosis, its development trend is to use an artificial intelligence expert diagnosis system.4. The nc programming automation currently graphic interactive CAD\/CAM automatic programming has received more applications, is the new trend of numerical control technology development.It is the use of CAD drawing parts processing pattern, then through the tool path of data in the computer to calculate and post processing, so as to automatically generate NC parts processing procedure, in order to realize the integration of CAD and CAM.Emerged with the development of CIMS technology, the current CAD\/CAPP\/CAM integration of automatic programming, with CAD\/CAM system programming is the biggest difference between the process parameters needed for programming need not by manual work, directly from the database in CAPP system.5. High speed, high precision and accuracy are two important index for nc machine tool, it is directly related to the processing efficiency and product quality.At present, the CNC system adopts digit higher processor, frequency, in order to improve the system of the basic computing speed.At the same time, the use of very large scale integrated circuit and microprocessor structure, in order to improve the system of data processing ability, improve the speed and precision of the interpolation arithmetic.Using linear motor direct drive of the machine table linear servo feed way, its high speed and a superior dynamic response.Using feedforward control technology, make the track lag error is greatly reduced, so as to improve the machining accuracy of the corner cutting.6. Multi-functional equipped with automatic tool change (dao database is up to 100 or above) of all kinds of processing center, can on the same machine tools at the same time realize milling, boring, drilling, cutting, reaming, reaming, tapping screw thread, and other process, modern CNC machine also used the multiple spindle, polyhedron cutting, namely to a component at the same time in different ways in different parts of machining.Numerical control system with multiple CPU structure and hierarchical interrupt control mode, can be on a machine tool parts processing and programming at the same time, realize the so-called “edit” at the front desk processing, the background.In order to adapt to the requirement of flexible manufacturing systems and computer integrated system, CNC system with remote serial interface, and even can be connected to the Internet, realize the data communication between nc machine tools, can be directly to control many sets of CNC machine tools.In order to adapt to the requirement of the ultra-high speed machining, CNC machine tool spindle motor and the structure of machine tool spindle 2 for one, has realized the frequency conversion motor and spindle, spindle motor bearing adopts magnetic bearing, liquid static pressure bearing or ceramic rolling bearings and other forms.Nc machine tool of flexible automation for its excellent performance, excellent and stable precision, ling jie and diverse functions cause attention, it created a mechanical products to the development of electromechanical integration, so the numerical control technology as a core technology of the advanced manufacturing technology.On the other hand, through continuous research, deepening the application of information technology to promote the further improvement of nc machine tools.

Abundant auspicious high-end laser CNC machine project turn ideas take time limit for a project

According to wan jiang online report, project construction period is two years, but in the construction process of wet weather, especially the last summer’s floods affected more engineering construction.Facing the & other project construction;Obstacles & throughout;High-end laser nc machine tool base, abundant auspicious positive change the project project owner construction ideas, clear dry and rainy days working smart and robbed the time limit for a project, and catch the schedule, the first phase of the project is expected to completed six months in advance.On April 6, the sky floating the light rain falling, but in looking area new town new material industrial park of abundant auspicious high-end laser nc machine tool base construction site was a busy: 2 research building site, the workers are binding reinforcing cage;No. 6, no. 7 plant site, the workers are set up gantry & hellip;& hellip;& other;Since spring, rain continuously, the serious influence the construction of the project.Throughout the &;Project investor director Shi Xianlin tells a reporter, they actively communicate with contractor, take the fine comprehensive construction, to indoor construction on a rainy day, not only delay the construction period, and the first phase of the project is expected to completed six months ahead of schedule, & other;At present, in addition to plant has been put into production of 4, 3, 5, 6, 7 can be completed in July this year.Throughout the &;Abundant auspicious laser high-end CNC machine project is bo hope area first via investment introduction to exceed 1 billion yuan project, is also the first through the merger and reorganization of the transformation and upgrading project, DaiDongXing, lead.Sign for the project at the beginning of 2016, bo district implements nanny service for the project, almost non-stop for the project to be prepared for of demolition, land expropriation, etc.According to the plan, the project is divided into three period construction, one of the phase of the project plan period of two years, completed by the end of 2017.Project formally started after the rainy day, a flood last summer but also will become part of the construction site.In the face of such situation, the enterprise to change strategy, from the construction of the main plant construction to the whole factory of compaction field leveling and foundation settlement, clever use of rainwater natural subsidence at the same time, in the rainy season, not only no down time limit for a project, also improves the quality of compaction field leveling and foundation settlement.After the flood, the enterprise dedicated to the factory building construction.4 laser machine tool factory is a construction workshop, high-end laser nc machine tools is abundant auspicious base project of one of the main project.Laser machine before the project construction has been developed, and the order.In the process of project construction, project owner to take the comprehensive construction, focusing on the 4th workshop way construction, on the premise of guarantee quality, work overtime time limit for a project.This year on March 10, no. 4 workshop was finally completed and put into production on schedule.On April 6, the reporter sees in plant 4, enterprise is the production assembly of a batch of laser machine tools.& other;This is a large domestic enterprises custom, the shipment, we spell speed and flooding in the rainy day, working, also to the market, to win credibility.Throughout the &;Shi Xianlin said.Completed and put into production as the no. 4 workshop, first phase project of no. 3, 5, 6, 7 building main body also has basically completed, in March of this year’s no. 2 construction earlier research building main body construction have also been capped.Shi Xianlin introduction, abundant auspicious high-end CNC machine project is the present domestic leading high-end laser laser intelligent CNC machine project, product market prospects look good, after the project put into production, will be provided at around one thousand jobs, can create tax tens of millions of dollars.& other;In the process of project construction, bo hope relevant departments at all levels and unit time keep in touch with our communication, as long as you always have a problem to solve in the first, rapid advance projects for us to provide the powerful guarantee.Throughout the &;Shi Xianlin regrets ground say.Interview, heard the most word is & other;Rob & throughout;, & otherCast & throughout;See, is busy workers.Although project start after met with continuous overcast and rainy, suffered a rare floods, but around to determine the time limit for a project, contractor and project owner on the premise of guarantee quality, to speed up the construction progress, to try to manage without delay the construction period, not only will complete the construction task ahead of time.At present, the unit of each carrier are solid in & other;In project construction & throughout;Activities, raised a hot wave of rounds of project construction, abundant auspicious high-end CNC machine tool base laser rapid advance of the project, also set a benchmark for other projects.Jung an online

The gap between home-made numerical control machine and imported machine tools

In machine tool industry, general nc machine tools based on number of shaft, under triaxial for low-grade, three to five axis for high-grade, more than five axis for high-end.For industrial production equipment of traditional and modern distinction logo is the traditional machine tool and numerical control machine tool, it has become the industry consensus.Machine tools stand-alone intelligent and automatic nc machine tool is the direction of the machine tool industry, its high precision, high, high speed, flexible, intelligent, is a sign of modern industry.Modern equipment is developing towards extreme manufacturing industry, it is more and more big, the second is more and more small, 3 it is more and more complex, highly integrated production process.China machine tool industry after several generations of struggle, only simple production belt machine 1600 units from 1949 to 2008 machine tool production reached 617000 units, to become the world’s third largest producer of machine tools, more than 60 years of development, great changes have taken place in China’s machine tool industry, but compared with foreign high-end machine tools, or some of the gap, as long as embodied in the following three aspects;First, the accuracy, stability, reliability, etc.Five-axis linkage CNC machine tools such as foreign products for 1500 h without fault, domestically produced about 1000 h, differ to a second, the numerical control system.Numerical control system is the core of the nc machine tools, Germany’s Siemens, liebherr and Japan mazar-e-sharif, ferrari, hold the highest form of CNC system, liebherr for 16 packages close to the machine tool numerical control system, software and machine tools together to sell, not sold separately, software profit is very high.At present domestic machine tool companies use high-grade machine tool numerical control system of the basic are imported.Third, the other key fittings gap.Dalian machine tool can be 95% to the international advanced level to match, but the remaining 5% is not an enterprise even an industry can do, including steel raw materials, standard parts, screws, nuts, etc., need to increase the overall level of the country’s industrial.In addition, process, testing is to reach the world advanced level.

When nc machine tool can become our strengths

Germany’s annual industrial fair in Hanover, Germany in the end of April to the grand opening.Hannover messe is about to enter the 70th anniversary of the, has become the largest international industry event.This year the German industrial exposition will with 4.0 as the core industry, focus on industrial automation, leading in the field of digital factory, industrial parts and other industrial products.Nc machine tool as an important part of industrial automation and digital factory, is widely used in automobile manufacturing, metal processing, aerospace and other fields, is the foundation of industrial modernization.Nc machine tool technology ability embodies the core competitiveness of a country’s manufacturing.China as the world’s largest manufacturing power, nc machine tools industry gets rapid development in recent years, the 2014 annual output of 391000 units, up 65% from 2010.But compared with the leading countries such as Germany and Japan, there is still a large gap, features, automation tools, CNC system to rely on foreign technical support.In 2014, for example, 90% domestic high-grade CNC system is still need to rely on imports.Technology research and development and breakthrough in the field of nc machine tool became & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Strategic important work.In this paper, an application for a patent for boring data, the perspective of global competition pattern, numerical control machine tool technology try to discuss the way of nc machine tool industry development in our country.Industrial 4.0 era, the updating cycle of nc machine tool technology into a new, industrial structure facing reshuffle until December 2016, 10708 globally CNC machine field.From the point of application trend, present explosive growth since 2006, and reached a peak around 2012.Current CNC machine patent filings entered the stage of fall, but also fallen sharply in 2016.As industrial 4.0 further advance, numerical control machine tool technology into a new round of update cycle, upgrading of technology will lead to the reshuffle of industry structure.China became the biggest patent output, but the lack of international competitiveness in a new round of technology update, the world’s major industrial countries are actively developing technology and patent layout.At present, China, Japan, the United States, Germany, is the main output of CNC machine patents, the four patents output more than 85% of the total.And among them, China has become the biggest patent output, the patent output of 6586 pieces, accounts for about 60% of the total filings.From accepted by the patent situation, China, Japan and the United States is the current numerical control machine tool technology is the most competitive areas.Although Chinese patent output is huge, but quantity is little, only 26, international competitiveness is weak., by contrast, Japan’s foreign patent output up to 1121 pieces, including the Chinese output of 82 (4.06% of the total output), the output to the United States, 247 (12.24% of the total output), the German output 224 (11.10%) total output first, the technical ability to show a strong international competitiveness.In addition, the United States and Germany nc machine patent output also is bigger, were 506 and 220 of them, also shows a strong international competitiveness.Japan, Germany technology precipitation highlights spirit, the Chinese technology accumulation foundation is still light from national patent application trends, Japan, Germany nc machine patent since the 1970 s has maintained relatively stable output, on the one hand reflects the nc machine tool technology of the two countries have a long time accumulation, on the other hand shows that Japan, Germany to the continuous development of technology and improvement of highlights Japan and Germany enterprise spirit of constant improvement on techniques.China an application for a patent for nc machine tools have focused on since 2005, thanks to & other;11th five-year plan & throughout;After the country to promote the development of manufacturing industry upgrade and and nc machine tool technology result in long-term development.But with Japan, Germany, compared to more than 40 years of precipitation technology accumulation lacking in China, shallow roots.Correlation degree is high, the key technology research and development need to break through the numerical control machine tool main patent points are control technology, processing technology, machine tool parts and related accessories, etc.From the point of patent applications, numerical control machine tool technology focused on the control technology (2827) (3505), processing technology and machine components (3286) three aspects.From the control technology, processing technology and machine components technology patent application situation, the three key technologies has obvious correlation, the correlation coefficient of 0.95.Owing to the high correlation between various types of technology, the development of key technologies need to break through, to achieve coordinated development.China needs to strengthen enterprise technology research and development ability, technology industry transformation ability to ascend the applicant for a patent for the global top 20, the Japanese companies accounted for 11, Chinese enterprises (university), a total of four, compared with Japanese companies, the technical strength of Chinese enterprises has obvious disadvantage, enterprise technology research and development ability needs to be strengthened.In addition, look from the applicant for a patent for China’s top 20, China’s colleges and universities and research institutes with strong productive capacity of knowledge and technology, but did not really into industry, need to strengthen the university-industry cooperation, promote technology industry transformation ability.In the field of nc machine tools as an important development industry 4.0, key competitive field has become a major industrial countries.Nc machine tool industry in China with the support of national strategy, present a rapid development momentum in recent years, technological catch-up the momentum unstoppable.In a new round of industry development cycle, China is expected to technology research and development industry is increased by corner overtaking.Germany, however, Japanese enterprise technical advantage is the result of decades of excellence, continuous precipitation, Chinese enterprises can change the disadvantage of not day and night, the spirit of craftsman in Chinese companies only in the same – to keep the longing for the pursuit of high-end technology and technology, to create excellent enterprise competitiveness, stride towards industry, high-end field occupies advantageous position in the new round of industry competition.