Competition of numerical control final is intense young employee distinguish oneself

Through 3 days of nervous and intense contend, outfit of machine tool of jockey of machining center of contest of skill of profession of worker of the 5th whole nation, numerical control moves maintenance to be versed in finals will be in Beijing to fall on October 16 next heavy curtain. Young employee is most advanced distinguish oneself of respect of numerical control technology.    According to statistic, player of final of two type of work all comes from manufacturing a gleam of, among them 17.65% for 90 hind.    This skill contest that believes a combination to hold by ministry of federation of trade unions of China whole nation, science and technology, person company department, labour, started on April 30 this year, the member that installed machine tool of machining center jockey, numerical control to install tone to maintain programmer of labour, solderer, computer, painterly scale in all 5 kinds of type of work. Among them, test specimen of final of machining center jockey installs 113 technologies to check a place, outfit of numerical control machine tool moves maintenance to be versed in finals examines 6 big technical ability, introduce the world the most advanced detect the application of the tool. And painterly scale member it is the nationwide contest type of work that begins first. Through layer upon layer choose, large unit of 30 provinces, city, municipality and Xinjiang production construction expedites 428 141 teams, players to take part in the match in all.    In Beijing game ball, 88 29 delegations, players attended final of machining center jockey; 82 27 delegations, players attended numerical control machine tool to install tone to maintain labour final.    The intense contend of two type of work comes continuously from October 12 on October 16. In participating in 170 among them players, have 30 90 hind, occupy 17.65% ; The farmer is versed in 19, occupy 11.18% ; Worker of blame public company 60, occupy 35.29% . Take part in the match in the player, the age is 48 the biggest years old, 19 the smallest years old.    Numerical control machining center and outfit attune maintenance are the forward position skill of current manufacturing industry, the skill that also is manufacturing industry of development high end is propped up. Accordingly, this contest choice regards match project as these two type of work, learn in order to surpass hurried, and the technical backbone that choose will come to produce a gleam of habitat, provide the platform of skill of technology of compare notes craft, communication, promotion, fast grow into useful timber for them.    Federation of trade unions of China whole nation points out about chief, the contest blends in our country masses actively to do poineering work, the tendency of the day that millions of people innovates, height agrees ” China is made 2025 ” strategic program, already became each industry worker to show the craft of competence, compare notes, main arena that shows elegant demeanour. The hope passes contest choose large quantities of one excellent talents and innovation technology, pass the joint efforts of whole society, cogent the craft of the person of more of craft translate into a person, promote and produce a batch of positive result, affect and drive more person to build the situation that talent of knowledge of esteem labor, esteem, esteem, esteem creates.    It is reported, this second contest attracted worker of broad a gleam of to take an active part in, three hundred and ninety-eight thousand five hundred workers played game of provincial trials preelection, drive each to save 1586 type of work to hold skill contest at the same time, 3.455 million workers attend, twenty-three thousand seven hundred person (second) the worker is rising technical grade, among them 7200 more than person rises senior technician or technician continuously.    Office of contest organizing committee expresses, final of each type of work accords with conditional player the 1st times, will declare by the program ” 51 labor of countrywide are numismatic ” ; Before final of each type of work 5 player, will award by person company department ” countrywide technology expert ” title, qualification of profession of direct and rising technician, already possessed technician profession qualification, can promote to a high office qualification of senior technician profession; Finals the 6th player to 20, can promote to a high office directly qualification of profession of senior worker worker, already possessed qualification of profession of senior worker worker, can promote to a high office technician profession qualification.    Contest of skill of countrywide worker profession attributes national level a kind of contest, already held 4 up to now from 2003. According to statistic, accumulative total of before 4 contests attracts 4000 much workers to attend.

How to operate machining center ability correctly to prolong service life

As the flying development of machining center market, its are correct operation method also jumps over forthcoming month to pay close attention to for people place. High speed machining center is used in the problem that should note uses an environment to be the service life that improves numerical control facility, general requirement should avoid the direct illuminate of sunshine and other heat radiation, should avoid too damp, dust overmuch or have the place that corrodes gas. Equipment should be far from the facility with large vibration, wait like equipment of punching machine, v.    High speed machining center is unfavorable and long-term seal up for keeping, when machining the task, machine tool also answer fixed electrify, had better be weekly electrify 2 ~ 3, move for nothing every time 1 when the left and right sides, will in order to use the calorific amount of machine tool itself reduce the humidity inside machine, make electronic component does not send be affected with damp be affected with damp, also can discover in time at the same time without batteries n inadequacy calls the police, in order to prevent systematic set parameter missing.    The filter of each lubricant, hydraulic pressure, baric to high speed machining center system or cent mesh undertake cleaning or change regularly; Undertake to hydraulic pressure system oleaginous assay is checked regularly, add and change hydraulic pressure is oily; Divide water filter to enrage to baric system regularly implement turn on the water. Undertake machine tool level and mechanical precision are checked regularly corrective. The method of correction of mechanical precision has soft hard two kinds. Its are soft the method basically is to pass systematic parameter to compensate, like guide screw backlash compensation, machine tool answers reference point position corrective etc; Good method wants to undertake when the machine tool heavies repair commonly, if have guide,repair blow, nut of ball guide screw deputy tighten beforehand adjust backlash to wait.    Good power supply assures to fluctuate to avoid power source range is big (be more than ± 5% ) disturb the influence such as signal with likely instant, high speed machining center uses power supply of special railway line commonly (if divide a road to be used for numerical control machine tool alone from low-pressure distribution room) or add stabilized voltage device to wait, can reduce the influence of power supply quality and electric interference. Make the use of effective operating rules in numerical control machine tool and administrative field, should make a series of suit the operating rules of actual, effective. Lubricate for example, maintain, reasonable use the shift changing rule that reachs a standard to spend etc, it is numerical control equipment uses the main content that reachs management. Make and abiding by operating rules is one of important step that make sure safety of numerical control machine tool moves. Carry out a proof, numerous breakdown but by abide by operating rules and decrease or avoid to happen.

New technology of new product of machine tool of Shandong general Lu Te passes appraisal to check and accept

Be in Teng state city to chair by economy of jujube village city and informatization committee held new technical appraisement of 4 when by Shandong limited company of machine tool of Pu Lu spy assumes provincial new products to check and accept meeting, these 4 new products are respectively ” laser beam welding receives lathe of tubal whorl numerical control ” , ” dragon door type 9 axes mill of 5 linkage boring is compound machining center ” , ” VMC714A moves column vertical high speed to get mill machining center ” , ” machining center of movable type of LDM4025 dragon door ” , company this 4 projects are new the product checks and accept committee appraisal through appraisal entirely, among them a new product achieved international advanced level, 3 new products reached home first level. Committee of new product appraisal is believed by city classics appoint leader, city is new and high do Electromechanical of leader, city to do composition of leader, relevant expert, president Lin Zhao has, feng of vise general manager is the same as boat, Li Xingyong, Zhang Lingping, the company leader such as chief engineer Geng Jianguo attended appraisal to meet. In recent years, the high speed that accompanying a company develops, the company is paid attention to very increase technical innovation capacity, the investment that is used at research and development occupies the 5% above of sales revenue all the time. The company holds technical innovation plenary meeting every year, heavy award technology highlights contributor; Establish innovation drive mechanism, carry out technical project to be in charge of making with special award system, increased the enthusiasm that technical personnel works greatly, the application of intellectual property and accredit are shown erupt type grows. Appraisal is met on, expert attending the meeting listened to the relevant report of company each project seriously, examined material of new product appraisal and user data. Appraisal committee rejoins via doubt, after discussing seriously, carry new product of limited company of machine tool of Shandong general Lu Te consistently provincial appraisal.    Lin Zhao has president to be able to arrive at guidance to thanks to each expert, express, technical innovation is the lasting theme that the company grows, also be the important step that the firm improves core competition ability, establish oneself in an unassailable position. Forest president points out, the company will continue to produce talent advantage and technical innovation advantage, all-around begin technical innovation collaboration, join the market cheek by jowl, ensure the technology innovation advantage is changed effectively into market competition ability, make the company hard the company of technical surveyor’s pole of industry of domestic home machine tool.    City classics is believed appoint the achievement that the leader affirmed adequately to in recent years technical innovation acquires the company, point out, should continue to produce technical innovation advantage adequately and be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with content couplet net; Strengthen own brand construction, the competition ability that promotes a brand and beauty praise degree, the hope creates new outstanding achievement ceaselessly, become the base of property of small machine tool is indispensable backbone force in Teng Zhou, it is good to state the branch will try hard to do related city service and support work, provide favorable exterior development environment for the company, the ceaseless progress that achieves a company expands.

Machining center is operated from time to tome the safe practice that what must abide by

1. Forbid to leave working post when machining center runs, when wanting to leave because of reason, put workbench inter position, arbor go back, must jockey, cut off lead plane power source.    2. Good protective equipment should apparel by the regulation before machining center is operated, plunge into good cuff. Forbid to wear scarf, glove, dozen cravat, surround apron; Workingwoman tress should be pulled inside the cap.    3. Compensation of cutting tool of the examination before the machining center that start, machine tool at 0 o’clock, workpiece waited at 0 o’clock correct.    4. Each pushbutton should accord with an operation to ask relative to the position. Program of numerical control of serious work out, input.    5. Want those who check machining center to go up to defend, part of safe, signal, position, mechanical drive, electric, hydraulic pressure, number shows those who wait for a system to run a state, in all normal circumstances lower part can undertake cutting is machined.    6. Test run of the machining center before treatment, should check lubricant, mechanical, electric, hydraulic pressure, number to show those who wait for a system to run a state, in all normal circumstances lower part can undertake cutting is machined.    7. After machining center enters treatment to move by the program, operation personnel forbids to contact moving workpiece, cutting tool and transmission part, prohibit lying between a machine tool to rotational part is delivered or be taken take the article such as the tool.    8. Adjust the machining center, workpiece that hold clip and cutting tool and when wiping machining center, must jockey undertake.    9. Forbid to keep clear of directly with the hand scrap, should use special tool to sweep.    10. Discover unusual situation and alarm signal, answer to jockey instantly, concern personnel examination please.

How to choose good machining center correctly quickly

1. Be decided by the make choice of of treatment object before object of choose and buyWant to prepare the object of treatment clearly above all. Generally speaking, the part that has following characteristic suits to machine in machining center: Multitask foreword intensive workpiece shows on a workpiece need is used a lot of have cutting tool machining. The workpiece with trival fixed position has the poriferous treatment that precision of pitch of one fixed position asks for example, use the characteristic with tall precision of machine tool fixed position, very convenient carry out. The work that duplicates type of production suits to machine sheet small lot production. Small lot points to in 1-100, capacity of every lot number is not much, but need to repeat production again. Additional, although workpiece appearance measurement is different, but it is similar work, realize group of treatment easily (the spare parts of GT) craft. The complex form workpiece such as spare parts of the part pattern of complex form, aviation, can have the aid of machines all sorts of abnormity spare partses on machining center from technology of traverse foreword staff. Casing kind, board kind the spare parts uses circumgyrate workbench on horizontal machining center, undertake to casing spare parts much face is machined, wait like cylinder body of body of main shaft casing, pump housing, a powerful person, internal-combustion engine. If connect end face to also want to install the treatment in clip, can choose pentahedral machining center. Vertical machining center suits to machine box to build crock of lid, planar cam to wait. Machining center uses dragon door at machining large casing, board kind spare parts, like pillar of diesel locomotive cylinder body, machining center, lathe bed, presswork wallboard machine.    2. The make choice of of machine tool norms machines the size dimensions of workpiece according to what decide, the workbench measure that requires a machine tool certainly accordingly and the route that 3 linear coordinate tie. Workbench dimension should make sure workpiece is above its the can great work that hold clip, treatment dimension must be inside each coordinate journey, in addition the limitation that considers the space that change a knife and area of each coordinate interference even.    3. The precision classification of the machining center of make choice of of machine tool precision is common model with nicety model, its are main precision project sees next tables: Machining center is main project of precision project precision is average model (Mm) nicety (whole journey of 0.005/ of ± of whole journey of 0.01/ of ± of precision of Mm) linear fixed position repeats ± of fixed position precision 0.006 ± 0.002.