Nc machine tool industry in China has the ability to sprint to the international advanced level

The closest dispatch of nc machine tools and industrial links.Vigorously develop high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, has a global strategic significance.After a high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment support of national major projects of science and technology, numerical control machine tool industry in China in the international market pattern, already from a third party array into the second phalanx, and cultivate a batch of have the ability to sprint to the international advanced level.If the modern industry is regarded as skyscrapers, high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment is the foundation of the building.Such as cars, planes, ships, million kilowatt nuclear power equipment and other industrial modernization of the required facilities for manufacturing all kinds of equipment, all without the guarantee of it.Based on this, high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment major national science and technology special (special) as one of 16 major projects of science and technology, and has been incorporated into the national medium and long-term program for scientific and technological development (20062020).Special, remarkable achievement, and have achieved expected results.Chinese academy of sciences and the special technology to the total teacher bing-heng lu recently accepted an interview with reporters, on the specific implementation, support national requirements, major breakthroughs were made in a authority reading service economic and social development, etc.Bing-heng lu pointed out that comprehensive support national significant demand, special covers the function such as high speed, precise, intelligent, composite of high-end CNC machine tools and the use of hot working, surface treatment technology on the basis of forming, modified materials and parts for processing manufacturing equipment, focus on automotive, aerospace, Marine, power generation equipment needed for the big four fields such as high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment and CNC system, feature and key technology research and development.Among them, the multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools is a key technology.Multi-axis linkage is on a single machine tool on the multiple axes of motion at the same time, complex shape parts machining, tool or workpiece can be coordinated movements under the numerical control system at the same time, the realization of machining of complex shape, is of great significance in the modern national defense equipment.Ships, aircraft, rockets, satellites, many key parts in craft of material, structure, machining process has certain particularity and difficulty, using traditional machining method can’t meet the requirements, must adopt multi-axis linkage, high speed and high precision nc machine tool can meet the processing requirements.Special solved a lot of important manufacturing problem.Bing-heng lu said that our country can’t do it before of five-axis linkage machine tool, the use of numerical control system is also made in abroad.This will bring some problems.Foreign high-grade CNC machine tool not only restrict imports to our aerospace enterprise, even if the import, the numerical control system also have information on the back door, can monitor for us, for national security is a very big hidden trouble.Now solved the five-axis linkage, is a great demand for military and aerospace and other fields.In view of the situation of high-grade CNC machine tool import dependence high, during the 11th five-year plan, special emphasis on large imports, wide market demand side of the machining center and CNC lathe research and development for the deployment.Machine tool company has developed a large number of to meet the market demand, conforms to the enterprise the direction of the transformation and upgrading of new products, gantry machining center, five-axis linkage machining centers and other high-end products manufacturing technology maturity;High precision processing equipment in made important headway in manufacturing precision, solved the machine enclosure, guide rail and other key parts processing requirements.The push at the same time, the special machine tool enterprises for research and development of high-grade machine tool and machine tool reliability research, established the comprehensive inspection in important application field verification platform, to strengthen the construction of innovation laboratory, scientific research and quality assurance for the enterprise provides support.Addition and subtraction complementary brightness nc machine tools with 3 d printing belong to nc manufacturing equipment field.If 3 d printing is additive, numerical control machine is a subtraction.For manufacturing are equally important, both need the same attention and support.Bing-heng lu thinks, 3 d printing is made increase through material accumulation, and nc machine tools is according to the drawings the big materials, cut into small, do subtraction, 3 d printing and CNC machine tool has very good intersection.Add material manufacturing can significantly reduce the machining allowance of aerospace structures such as, can easily processing complex shape parts, thereby reducing the demand for five-axis linkage of high-grade CNC machine.Through integration of increase or decrease, both complement each other, to achieve perfect unity.Bing-heng lu said.However, in contrast, development of home-made numerical control machine, apparently, is the top priority.At present, our country has for many years to become the world’s largest consumer of machine tool.High-grade CNC machine tool of market competition, technological competition is very fierce.The United States, Japan, Germany and other manufacturing powerhouse in the domestic machine tool industry at different stages of development, has too many supporting policies.Nc machine tool industry in China has the ability to sprint to the international advanced level bing-heng lu said, special scientific research project is not a general sense, but a systems engineering, national level reflect the will of the country.In 2008, the state council executive meeting examined and through specific implementation plan.Special overall goal is: to 2020 the overall technical level into the international advanced level, some products international leading;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment main product independent development ability, numerical control system and function components development and supporting capacity;Formed by enterprises as the main body, the combination of technology innovation system;Cultivate and establish a high-quality research and development team;Aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment required for manufacturing high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment 80% domestic;Research to develop a number of original technology and products, the formation of the independent innovation at some point within the territory of a breakthrough.Special key tasks including host, CNC system, features and key components, generic technology innovation platform construction, technical service base construction and application demonstration project in seven aspects.Vigorously develop high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, has a global strategic significance.Smart 20252018 special power China will be entering the final year.Bing-heng lu told reporters.Bing-heng lu pointed out that by 2020, through the key core technology breakthrough, form a high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment independent development ability, the overall technical level into the international advanced level, the part of the international advanced technology, research to develop a number of major products are original and technology;Meet the basic requirement of domestic main industry of manufacturing equipment.For now, the special arranged the products research and development tasks, large automotive covering parts automatic press line and so on more than 10 such equipment has reached the international leading level, completely can achieve import substitution;High-speed gantry five axis machining center and so on more than 20 products reached the international advanced level, the level of the substitute for imported products;High-grade CNC system, precision horizontal machining center, and other products has completed research and development stage.However, in terms of function, reliability, performance and the international advanced level there is a certain gap, five axis tool grinding machine, the grating ruler and encoder r&d and industrialization is still need further verification.Bing-heng lu believes that as a whole development level to see world of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool industry in China has just from a third party array into the second phalanx, and the first phalanx or have very big difference, but after a special support, we have trained a batch of strength, have the ability to sprint to the international advanced level.

High-grade CNC machine major projects through “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” implementation plan

News & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Science and technology major projects (hereinafter referred to as & other;The special numerical control machine tool & throughout;)Was held in Beijing in 2017 the second expert advisory committee meeting, review special & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Implementation plan (revised edition) and 2018 subjects reporting guidelines.Meeting shall be presided over by Liu Yansun, director of the expert advisory committee, expert consultation committee members, special TuiJinZu and do relevant personnel, the total teacher teeg technology and some special domain experts attended the meeting.Special office, teeg respectively report to the special focus on recent work and & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Planning revision and 2018 guidelines on that.After full discussion, the principle of advisory committee agreed to by & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Implementation plan (revised edition) and specific guidelines for review in 2018.MiaoWeiCeng in high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment application achievements of science and technology major projects to promote the attendant, high-grade CNC machine tools is the foundation of industrial modernization, the development of high-grade CNC machine tool, is not only the field of industry and information technology deepened supply side structural reform, accelerate the manufacturing objective need of the construction of the power;Depth development strategy implementation of civil-military integration, to ensure that the urgent requirements of national security.Special for more than eight years of implementation, the machine tool enterprises, users and experts work together, overcome difficult, made a batch of gratifying achievements: one is to promote innovation capability, generic technology research and innovation platform construction progressed steadily.Heavy forging equipment, part of the machine tool host performance is close to the international advanced level.Is the whole industry chain layout of CNC system, and obvious breakthrough in core parts.Domestic nc system in terms of functionality, performance, the gap has narrowed considerably, ball screw, guide rail, power tool rest key features such as on the accuracy, reliability, and other key indicators is close to the international advanced level.3 it is to stick to demand oriented, focus areas and equipment support capability.The aerospace field of typical products required for key manufacturing equipment & other;Any problem & throughout;Is gradually resolved;Automatic press line car big cover element global market share of over 30%, successful export 9 production lines.MiaoWei emphasized that we should study it seriously grasp the important instructions of xi jinping, general secretary of the revitalization of manufacturing spirit, comprehensively implement the strategic deployment of the CPC central committee under the state council, and firmly establish a new development concept, adhere to the supply side structural reform as the main line, to implement & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;, focus on the completion of a short board, improve the quality of development, promote manufacturing strategic shift, speed up the pace of manufacturing power construction.Focus on four aspects: one is to insist on innovation drive on more prominent position, seize chain link.The second is to steadily develop special achievement demonstration application, numerical control machine tool to promote civil-military integration depth development.Three is to give full play to the bridge and link role of social intermediary organizations.Four is to scientific management, good organization to carry out the special nc machine tools.This time, & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;Science and technology major projects through & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Implementation plan (revised edition), and specific guidelines review, 2018, made in China by the big teams just around the corner.

Dhi 2 machine tool to realize localization of five-axis linkage CNC machine and import substitution

– if as & other;Machine tools & throughout;Machine tools is the symbol of a country manufacturing level, then the five-axis linkage CNC machine tool represents the highest level of machine tool manufacturing, it is for a national air and space is very important to the development of key areas such as.Now jinan 2 machine tool group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as dhi 2) can not only provide five-axis linkage CNC machine, and can make the key components of the double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head (commonly known as & other;Five axis head & throughout;), realize the real meaning of five-axis linkage CNC machine tools on the localization and import substitution.Dhi has achieved two car stamping production line of import substitution, and move towards the world.This time why dhi 2?Research advance, like all of the machine tool industry enterprises, economic 2 at the end of the 1980 s ushered in the first phase saturated market demand, domestic production of a number of enterprises into the universal machine tool market downturn.When economic two proposed & other;Forging equipment automation, metal-cutting machine tool numerical control & throughout;The strategy, began to research and development of CNC metal-cutting machine tool.Followed for more than ten years, 2 CNC machine gradually been recognized by the market.Not, however, think of before and after 2010, common CNC machine also showed a saturated.Two situation, aiming at market development needs, enter the field of high-end CNC machine tools, to speed up the development of five-axis linkage CNC machine tools.On the one hand, digestion, absorption, distribution partners in Europe the key technology of machine tool manufacturers, on the other hand is combined with scientific research project and the market demand, economic two formed its own research and development ability in five-axis linkage CNC machine tools.As early as in 2002, the two economic independently developed is domestic first set of five-axis linkage beam gantry boring and milling machine, the user is wuxi water pump factory, for pump vane processes of the south-north water diversion project;In 2003, and provides the changchun passenger car gantry mobile five-axis linkage boring and milling machine, used for high-speed aluminum alloy parts processing;In 2006, authorized by the three gorges project construction committee of the state council, developed the five-axis linkage CNC machine spindle type double gantry boring and milling machine, large blade used for hydro-generator processing;In 2007, won the Beijing aerospace large five-axis linkage milling planer, make domestic large five-axis linkage CNC machine for the first time into the space.Launched in 2009 & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;National science and technology major projects (special) 04, jinan second machine undertakes 11 topics, including metal forming machine tool project 6 items, metal cutting machine tool topic 5 items.Among them, as a research and development of CNC machine core features & other;Double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head & throughout;Project contains three corpus, covers the motorized spindle type, mechanical spindle type and the torque motor direct driving type three kinds of structure forms, respectively, to realize high speed and high precision cutting or efficient heavy-duty cutting, can satisfy the needs of different industries for various processes.Dhi ErDuo years to carry out & other;Research advance & throughout;Strategy, the reporter in the national high and new technology enterprise deeply felt a & other;Engineers throughout the cultural &;.The 80 – year – old old state-owned enterprises, since the founding of the forging equipment and metal-cutting machine tools as two main products, belong to large heavy key equipment, high technical content, quality standards, strict, high to the requirement of technology, production and management personnel.Take economic two senior leadership team, in addition to the finance director, all the rest is a researcher level high.& other;Leaders understand the technology, research and development of new products, new technology will focus better grasp, to promote faster.We undertake national major projects, all is in command personally led & throughout;, dhi chairman cheung chi-kong said.Cheung chi-kong chairman’s origins as a design, production, sales management to complex experts.Core parts first at the beginning of the 21st century, domestic can provide five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and more than a second.However, in addition to the second, the domestic machine tool plant can provide five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is actually such a concept, make a framework, namely core parts double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head configuration imported products.In 2011, the two economic bear & other;Double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head & throughout;Major projects successfully passed the national acceptance.Thus, two become the first domestic economy have configuration independent double pendulum Angle CNC universal milling head ability of enterprises.The formation of this situation, thanks to the two economic & other;Core parts first & throughout;The research and development idea.Core parts first, is the core part of research and development ahead of the host.Core complex feature technology, research and development cycle is long, difficult, high risk.Core parts, advance and develop good experimental research work, can reduce the market orders under the restriction of new product development cycle and double risk of technical difficulties.& other;Core parts first & throughout;This kind of view now accept it more easily, because the industry has been basically agreed on the importance of the parts, especially in 2015 the state council issued by the “made in China 2025” planning, put forward to implement & other;Strong industrial base engineering & throughout;Engineering, such as the five parts start into national strategy, its importance grew more insistent.Actually a decade ago, China manufacturing industry as a whole is more pay attention to the total amount and scale, to expand the scale of the enterprise production and as the main goal.Even some have done a lot of enterprise scale, main milling head, machine tool accessories milling first-class primary feature still rely on imports, does not have its own core competitiveness.At this time of the two did not follow suit, but insist on your point of view, such as cheung chi-kong, & other;Five-axis machine tool does not have its own core parts, can’t call localization of five axis nc machine tool & throughout;.Dhi two competent li-wei ren also thinks, deputy general manager of nc machine tools, and otherIndependent research and development of process characteristics of different industries difference is very big, only five shaft head, can better adapt to user needs.Throughout the &;If you want to explore 2 why can have their own unique point of view, but also from their corporate culture to interpret, & other;Our executive itself is a technology, a design, the development of technology is integrated into the blood, buy foreign milling head assembly, we defy spirit & throughout;In cheung chi-kong, it seems, do will do spare parts, machine tool key parts can’t depend on others, in particular, this is the basic requirement of technological progress.& other;Buy milling head, not to come out, buy not to come out competitive, not a long-term solution.Throughout the &;Combined with the user from 2002 to 2002, 10 years, two have been involved five shaft head of research and development.But product research and development, who will believe that the use of dhi 2 products, especially in the five axis head has been monopolized by foreign products of real cases, not give up easy and difficult?& other;Users don’t use your product, you’re doomed.Throughout the &;The second is the prepared person, he just needs a chance.Shanghai aerospace machinery manufacturing factory has signed more with economic two different types of gantry machining center.Among them 2011 ordered a large five-axis linkage CNC machine, the configuration of German company CYTEC K50 type five-axis head, severe faults in the debugging, three times in two years back to Germany repair, users have to return money.In this case, the two economic recommend homemade five-axis head to Shanghai space and free for their use.Shanghai aerospace at first also have concerns, have never thought, in a year and a half later production application, configuration, two homemade five axis of boring and milling machine in practicing working three shifts a day, every day processing time under the condition of 18 hours, quality stable and reliable, can fully satisfy the space industry processing needs of the large complex structure.User leaders say, & other;Dhi two of the five axis head is a surprise & throughout;.Is space equipment manufacturing factory in Shanghai, in use process 2 and users set up joint research, carrying out a research into the processing technology, make domestic five-axis head cutting efficiency is achieved the level of imported products.Jinan 637 is purchased by a mechanical spindle type of five-axis linkage milling planer, for a certain type of precision machining of parts.In the process of the use of the machine tool, the two economic performance and user machine tool and process optimization research, solves the five-axis complex thermal deformation problems, work out the qualified parts.Changhe aircraft procurement is a for titanium alloy parts processing of five-axis linkage milling planer, the machine is in production line of line first, importance is self-evident.Projects and economic competition, the domestic manufacturer imports is recommended five shaft head, changhe aircraft finally gave the order to configure homemade five-axis head 2, machine running well now.In xi ‘an aircraft dhi ErYiTai high-speed motorized spindle type of five-axis linkage milling planer, used for aluminium alloy parts processing, and continue to choose the second economic machine spindle type heavy of five-axis linkage milling planer, used in processing of titanium alloy parts.In the face of the user’s understanding, tolerance, support and trust, cheung chi-kong, & other;No user, there is no domestic high-grade CNC machine tool development.The development of domestic high-grade CNC machine without the user’s support and contribution & throughout;.The way of market on the localization problem of high-grade CNC machine tool, first sets was the first dilemma.Although the machine tool enterprises through a prototype is developed, however, those users and dare not to use in the field of national defense.For them, ensure the accuracy of military products and security, is their top priority, as to whether the localization is a second problem.But not for machine tool enterprise, the user would not be the progress of the products.Under various efforts, the state introduced in 2014 to encourage domestic equipment & other;Throughout the first sets &;Policies to help high-end products of machine tool enterprises find the first user.Soon, however, the problem of mass began to highlight, become the second dilemma.National major projects to support the product if only individual users, would be hard to achieve the localization of the ultimate goal.Relying on technological innovation, major projects, two vision always take the market as the guidance, various customized according to user requirements, in competition with foreign enterprises, constantly achieve import substitution, expand their markets.In 2016, the two economic catic hanzhong components company won six large order of five-axis linkage milling planer.In 2017, the two economic market development in the field of light rail, won 35 meters large byd cloud rail of five-axis linkage milling planer orders.These all configured with independent intellectual property rights of five-axis machine tool.From aerospace, aviation, to high-speed rail, light rail, so far, dhi two configuration independent intellectual property rights five shaft head five-axis linkage CNC machine tools have been implemented more than 50 sets of batch applications.Pioneer in the industry, dares enterprising, a man without I have.Tolerance for solitude in the research and development, well-grounded, decade sword.And jinan second machine tool, this time they are import replacement of five-axis linkage CNC machine tools.The second from the jinan & other;National team & throughout;Is the international first-class enterprise, the target, their goal is on the world stage set a to make Chinese people proud & otherThroughout China JIER made &;.From the second economic development experience, domestic equipment level of ascension, to domestic users to give these machine tool enterprises opportunity, in the process of improvement of proper support and understanding.Currently there are still a lot of domestic enterprises with the national policy and funding, long-term import, bulk import machine tools abroad.And want to see more of the industry and society is the domestic users really together with equipment manufacturing enterprise, continuously improve their level of technical quality, let import no longer become the norm.

Liaoning elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. CNC machine sold out

Recently, liaoning elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Production of 30 sets of CNC machine tool was both companies snapped up, this is the company production of the third phase of the nc machine tool, the third phase of total production CNC machine more than 50 sets and all the sales.Liaoning sunrise liucheng elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is in taizhou, zhejiang province economic development zone investment project, was established in May 2016, is engaged in the numerical control machine tool research, development, production and sales of integrated company.Company is located in the town of 20 units, adjacent to beijing-shenyang expressway, the traffic is very convenient.Company owns standard workshop of 10000 square meters, has a high precision machining centers, large guide rail grinding machine, gantry milling machine and other processing equipment more than 20 units, has an independent technology research and development team and professional production team.Company main product development CK0640 numerical control lathe, CK0640A numerical control lathe, CKX0645 slant bed three series CNC lathe, with high precision, high speed, high efficiency, low power consumption advantages, is the automobile parts, aerospace industry and medical equipment production and processing of the preferred products.It is understood that the three northeast provinces have no small CNC machine tool manufacturers, liaoning elite machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Was set up to fill the vacuum.Company production base in chaoyang, shenyang as the sales center, radiation northeast three provinces, the next step development at home and abroad market.Company in May 2017 formally put into production, just a few months already produce and sell CNC lathe more than 50 Taiwan.CNC lathe nearly pin in liaoning province and exported to guizhou, more than 200, ten thousand yuan in economic returns.

China’s high-end CNC machine tools such as the recent situation of analysis

Machine is industrial machine tool, is used in the manufacture of machine machine, this is the important features of the machine tool is different from other equipment.As the process of industrialization, proposes a high speed machine tools, precision manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, machine also gradually by ordinary triaxial linkage machine tool for the development of high speed precision composite processing, five-axis linkage machining centers and other high-end CNC machine tools, has realized the workpiece loading card in a milling, drilling, boring and working procedure of processing, high machining accuracy, not only due to the fast moving and positioning accurately at the same time, improve the production efficiency.As is known to all, our country is the first manufacturer in the world today, is the world’s first machine tool producer.But in the field of high-end manufacturing equipment in our country have great gap with the international advanced level.Through our many years of efforts, our country has formed a cover the aerospace, automotive, high-grade machine tool and other key areas the ten landmark result of typical equipment, basic represents China’s high-end machine tools and equipment research and development and application of the highest level, for the national major projects such as nuclear power, big jets and the new aircraft, rocket, etc of a batch of national key project provides a key manufacturing equipment, realize the breakthrough in the field of a number of key technologies and equipment, and the strong support and guarantee for national security.Such as 80000 tons of large forging press and ton aluminum plate tension machine, etc. The successful design of the heavy equipment, filled the domestic aviation big key important integral forming technology of blank;Large fuel tank welding equipment packages successfully for the long March 5 and the development of a new generation of carrier rocket, in space has established the first domestic processing center and numerical control turning center demonstration of production line, has been applied in a new generation of carrier rockets, lunar exploration project of more than 100 kinds of more than 10000 key complex parts processing, has obtained the remarkable economic and social benefits.The industrialization of achievements of CNC forging forming equipment, covering parts of automobile large efficient automatic stamping production line has reached the international advanced level, domestic market share of over 70%, global market share of more than 30%.We now do the special CNC machine from 2009 since the implementation of industry technology level obviously promoted, to narrow the gap with the international advanced level, developed precision horizontal machining center, such as more than 30 kind of key products reached the international advanced level.Among them, 25 MiLiZhu mobile vertical milling lathe is urgently needed for the construction of major national construction projects, the technical parameters, technical level is a world leading level, the world’s largest machine tool specifications, represents the highest level national high-grade CNC heavy duty machine tools.Supported by the special nc machine tools, CNC system in our country implements from analogue, pulse type to digital bus across, multi-channel and multi-axis linkage series products such as high performance nc system main technical indicators have reached the international mainstream level of high-grade CNC system.At present, the domestic high-grade CNC system with 600 sets of more than 10 kind of high-grade CNC machine tool accessories, demonstration application in aerospace.Feature enterprise level steadily improve product quality, variety series constantly improve, so far the scroll feature of nc machine tools on the high end market share of 20%, compared with 2009 increased four times, varieties of satisfaction reached 80%.The most worth mentioning is the innovative research and development and reliability of the machine tool industry in our country level significantly increased, machine tool industry standards and technical regulations, gradually improve.Through specific implementation, and promote the domestic machine tool backbone enterprise joint universities, joint development of the user, actively organize national\/industry standard for nc machine tool reliability assessment, the popularization and application in the machine tool industry.Machine host MTBF from 400-500 hours before the implementation of special have generally raised to 1200 hours, the partial products has reached more than 2000 hours, close to the international advanced level.Special achievement to form a large number of technical standards and specifications, industry will markedly enhance its international competitive advantage, form a strong support to product development and also for national ability of the equipment manufacturing industry sustainable development play a security role.In December 2016, our country independent of five-axis linkage machine tool used to test the s-shaped specimen standards through the international standard council authorized, become the first in the field of high-grade CNC machine tool design, test standard, implements the zero breakthrough.A year is of great significance in inheriting and 2017 as, we will continue to work hard, to implement the innovation drive the development strategy and manufacturing strategy, specific implementation plan in CNC machine tools and & otherMuch starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Implement goal as guidance, to 10, and communities in symbolic achievements focus on two user field, aerospace, automobile generic technology research and process validation and key areas, key features parallel development and industrialization, speed up the innovation platform and demonstration project construction, and strengthen the innovative talent training and introduction of high-end talent, focus on reliability and accuracy of machine tool system and features, properties, processing efficiency and technology level and so on three aspects of problems, implement special achievement in key areas demonstrate application of the scale, specialized, for full implementation & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;To provide support.China machine tool and equipment industry & other;The aircraft carrier & throughout;Has been testing the waters, over time, machine tools and equipment industry in China & other;Throughout the ship &;Will be in the wind and the globalization of world economy spring tide BoLang.