Chongqing gearbox company machine of decelerate of hard tooth face JS160 through identification

Heavy gear company development and production of cement industry to use the hard tooth face JS160 center driving mill reducer, recently in haimen conch cement co., LTD. After 3000 hours after loading operation, successfully passed the expert group identification of acceptance.This logo on tooth has completely with the independent design, the manufacture of 4000 ~ 4500 kw power the ability of cement mill reducer.

2017 Shanghai international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and adhesive tape, protective film and optical film, 2017 Shanghai expo a successful ending

together with development of industry, the solstice 25 April 27, 2017, 2017 Shanghai international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and the 2017 Shanghai international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall smoothly.International high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition held every year in Shanghai and shenzhen, is one of the various functional thin film, adhesive tape, double processing equipment and related materials as the core.
in addition to draw more attention from the industry of film and adhesive tape production and die cutting processing customers, more rely on with “international fully and display show” and “international new display technology” seamless docking, gathered from the touch screen, photoelectric display panels, mobile communications, consumer electronics, home appliances and other downstream applications in the field of a large number of professional buyers to visit.As with the other big Asian electronics manufacturing industry event, NEPCON increasingly close cooperation, electronic manufacturing services, automotive electronics, medical electronics, new energy, etc. The new group of customers, also blended in among them.Organizers launched more on-site business matching services, help thin film, adhesive tape, processing equipment and related materials to the exhibitors to expand brand and technology promotion, win more business opportunities.

pairs of exhibition match well combining

different from past, in 2017, for the power industry development, promote enterprise collaborative innovation of industry chain, around the panel joint exhibition “China liquid crystal optical photoelectron industry association branch (hereinafter referred to as CODA)”, at the same time roll out “international new display technology”, build a global touch and show a new communication channel.This one major event through the booth display, theme BBS and other forms, from a panel manufacturing, supporting materials and equipment, OEM service, consumer electronics, communications, computer, automotive electronics and medical electronics and other kinds of electronic manufacturing enterprises 22000 spectators show advanced display technology upstream and downstream enterprises of the latest technological achievements.

CODA as mainland China the only country and the new display association, industry influence but also cover the new display industrial powers such as Japan, South Korea, CODA with its member companies, Beijing Oriental, tianma, letter, three companies such as concentrated at the exhibition, the spectrum is a Shanghai exhibition east China touch touch technology, display equipment, materials, application of integration platform.Global touch display industry leaders will gather here, to share the global touch display information industry development, management experience and technical information, visiting, effect of exhibition, a comprehensive upgrade.The audience can visit with a certificate of the industry, take a touch each node and display industry, at the same time, also can participate in all kinds of conference activities on site.

famous brands in

three spectrum with polaroid series products exhibition, the series of products including TFT, black and white, OLED, 3 d glasses, dye, etc.The TFT polaroid series includes mobile phones, TV, laptop computers and other mainstream dimension, suitable for TN, IPS, VA, TFT display mode;Black and white series includes transmission type and reflection type, semi-permeable type, the STN type polarized piece, suitable for watches, calculators, household appliances, industrial control equipment, such as screen display;3 d polaroid is mainly used in passive 3 d glasses;Dye series include purple, blue, gray, brown wait for all sorts of color polaroid.

wacker chemical this carries its new product wack LUMISIL®Series of organic silicon optical joint glue water, at the exhibition.Wacker LUMISIL®Series of organic silicon optical laminating adhesive, water has a high reliability, high light transmittance, low fog degree, low shrinkage and excellent environmental friendly features.A variety of optional viscosity to suitable for dispensing, coating, printing and other different sizing process;UV light curing and heat curing optional in two ways, in order to meet the different curing process and product design;Especially unique UV light curing activation process, the perfect solution to glue, bubble, shaded area not curing, such as quality problem, is the automotive, industrial control, wearable devices and large size display optical joint is the preferred solution.

(strains) Han Guoyong on tape (YOUGWOO) as a large exhibition of exhibitors, with products at the exhibition site, the products are: TP tape on the back (PE foam tape, PET double-sided tape), general acrylic tape (FPCB fixed), PE foam tape, high heat resistance PI insulating tape shading, thermal conductive adhesive tape, conductive tape, adhesive tape (smartphone put tape of shading backlight module), silicone adhesive tape, Masking, the other side side acrylic silicone adhesive tape.

上海和金电子有限公司携高性能薄膜及胶黏制品参展。The company was founded in 2006 in June, is ISO9001:2008 quality system certification enterprises.Company agent Japan water, prince, teijin, Han Guoli village, South Korea and gold and other imported products.

Shanghai fine with new material technology co., LTD., to carry the new product appearance.This new product is mainly divided into three series: 1. The surface protection series, the function on a normal product and anti-static two types, anti-static product excellent antistatic effect, at the same time can guarantee does not affect the customer late photoelectric detection.2. Special process protection series, used for the protection of the special process, mainly for the high temperature resistant protective film and UV adhesive tape two reduction.耐高温保护膜在高温环境中无异物析出、不残胶、不变黄、无异味,同时高温后其剥离力变化小。UV adhesive tape initial adhesion reduction 2000 g\/inch, viscosity can be done in a minimum after 0 g\/inch, hopping from glued on to tear away.3. The flexible display series, flexible display with basal membrane with high transmittance and low haze and good dimensional stability, etc.On page

stone adhesive products co., LTD., specializing in the production of super acrylic acrylic foam tape, acrylic foam tape, double-sided tape of thermal conductivity (VHB), conductive substrate double-sided adhesive, substrate double-sided tape, OCA optical tape, electronic hot melt adhesive tape, high temperature industrial double-sided adhesive is suitable for different areas, different industries such as industrial adhesive tape.Involved including electronic, automotive, printing, industrial, hardware, plastics, decoration, construction, photoelectric technology, medicine, aviation technology and other high-tech industries.

and another mail, wide open alum, green stone page in the history of auspicious electronic adhesive products co., LTD., zhejiang taizhou usain bolt plastic electronics co., LTD., Shanghai while JVC machinery manufacturing co., LTD., changzhou wujin haili makes roller co., LTD., shenzhen keniter industrial equipment co., LTD and haining tengda machinery co., LTD., and other enterprises.

wonderful activities achieved

the exhibition held more than professional BBS, such as “international new display technology BBS”, “Shanghai international BBS for touch screen and display technology development” and “mobile phone industry chain BBS BBS – mobile phone manufacturing materials, components,” etc., invited well-known colleges and universities association of experts, scholars, experts, and high-level participation of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises.On April 25,

in the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall no. 2 meeting room at the 2017 international new display technology on the BBS, boe, chief sales officer\/senior vice President Chen Ren Gui is “innovation drive, leading the future” in his speech, professor at Beijing jiaotong university Xu Zheng analyzed “prospects for OLED analysis project: opportunity or trap?”,IHS Markit高级总监谢勤益阐述了\u201C新一代智能显示面板之市场与技巧—由电视到手机,由穿戴到VR\u201D,群智咨询资深分析师张虹分享了\u201C高世代线投资热潮的机遇与挑战\u201D,维信诺首席研究员林立就\u201C柔性AMOLED显示技术进展与展望\u201D发表观点。Expo exhibition hall in Shanghai on April 26,

, 9 meeting rooms, presided over by a director of IHS Markit research Calvin hsieh of 2017 Shanghai international touch on BBS and display technology, suzhou WeiYe general manager works, dun tai electronics market Qin Feng GongZhenBang, tianma microelectronics r&d director and director of IHS Markit ning-ning yu, chief analyst, research director at Calvin hsieh, a senior analyst Lin Lin respectively, such as “screen become interactive intelligent platform”, “to bring a new generation of smart phone interface and experience” and “will display into induction, interactive platform”, “under the trend of IOT touch display technology”, “current trends and future development of smart phone screen”, “beyond the next” after embedded touch, “touch industry supply chain and market summary” on issues such as sharing, standing at the scene, a warm atmosphere.

4月27日的手机产业链–材料和元器件峰会特邀请到来自counterpoint technology、SanDisk、美国高通、闻泰通讯等手机行业资深专家就\u201C智能手机厂商及核心元器件的未来趋势\u201D、\u201C3D NAND技术\u201D、\u201C5G芯片\u201D等热门话题进行解读,到场观众热情高涨,纷纷表示在此次论坛中收获众多干货。Playing,

is the product of the exhibition is a technology, but also marketing battleground.High-end exhibition hall layout of the atmosphere, show the strength of enterprises;Outstanding product display, let everyone enjoy the charm of innovation;引人注目的酷车演绎,对参观者是感官的享受、也是精神盛宴。
will continue to, invite sincerely continue to focus on the next stop – 2017 the 14th shenzhen international exhibition of high-performance membrane manufacturing technology, the 18th annual 2017 shenzhen international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition, in hundreds of mainstream film manufacturing enterprises have gathered in the exhibition scene, the audience can not only find suitable for different industries of all kinds of new high functional thin film, protective film, optical film and the adhesive tape and so on, at the same time also can see coating, slitting, composite, die cutting, laminating, etc all kinds of processing equipment, technology and materials.
rely on and cover the excellence of mobile phone industry cluster platform – all touch and display show seamless docking, from touch screen, flat display, components, metal processing, manufacturing equipment, testing equipment, the application materials, components, such as industrial chain each link more abundant visitors view the world famous corporations.此外,作为薄膜制造领域新技术,新产品的集结地,展会同期举办的主题论坛和技术研讨会也将帮助参观者及时的掌握行业热点资讯,更准确判断未来市场发展走向。2017年11月24-26日深圳会展中心,相约2017第十四届深圳国际高性能薄膜制造技术展览会、2017第十八届深圳国际胶粘带、保护膜及光学膜展览会,我们不见不算!

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The domestic first offshore lifting gear box successful commissioning

Sasac website news: recently, the China’s second heavy machinery group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Chinese double) in the domestic first offshore lifting gear box and locking device worm gear reducer has carried on the test at the scene of the user.After the overload test, all the data fully meet the design requirements and load user demands, and through the scene of the ABS classification society certification.The success of the offshore platform lifting gear box load test, marked the second focuses on the important strategic field of Marine engineering equipment industry made substantial breakthrough.
according to introducing, the offshore lifting gear box that contains both parallel level gear, planetary gear and belongs to Marine oil self-elevating platform (Jack – up) transmission products, has been built for abroad, also belong to the scope of China’s high-end equipment manufacturing industry “twelfth five-year” plan, the product itself complicated structure, key parts accuracy requirement is high, the material is special, strict performance.The project since the order contracts to develop successful commissioning, nearly a year.In the process of development, China’s double established a special research and development team, around the gear box of the technical requirements for the technical preparation, according to the standard of ABS classification society for quality control at the same time, in the procurement, process preparation, processing and manufacturing, heat treatment control on key process through the ABS classification society certification.

Shenyang machine tool has become a new growth pole China intelligent manufacturing


7 month, shenyang machine tool and hubei shiyan government signed a valley forge intelligent manufacturing strategic cooperation agreement.Since this year, shenyang machine tool and has signed for local governments to build intelligent manufacturing valley project has reached 5, now push construction process.From the i5 intelligent machine tool products to the intelligent factory, from intelligence to the valley of intelligent manufacturing factory, from the cloud valley to the i5 intelligence intelligent manufacturing platform, in intelligent manufacturing new economic tide, shenyang machine tool forward to explore a new road to industrialization in China are becoming more clear, is in its uniqueness, strong traction driving force, to promote transformation and upgrading of regional equipment manufacturing industry as a whole influence big advantage and so on characteristics, more and more local governments and enterprises, local governments and enterprises with shenyang machine tool together to promote transformation and upgrading trend obviously, shenyang machine tool is becoming a regional important force to promote transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing new.In

2012, shenyang machine tool research and development success;I5 intelligent CNC system, the i5 refers to, industrialization, informationization, networking, intelligent, integrated and effective integration, and the breakthrough;I5 five-axis technology of intelligent system.At present, shenyang machine tool on i5 core technologies and products have applied for 46 of the copyright owner and the national invention patent.

since 2014;Shanghai China CNC machine tool show global starting i5 intelligent machine tools, the i5 intelligent machine gradually into explosive growth trend in the market.Starting when the i5T3 intelligent lathe sales exceed one thousand units.In 2015, the i5 series intelligent machine order broke through 6000, which implement explosive growth in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region.In 2016, the i5 intelligent machine tools in a down market boom, the order of 18000 units, 8400 sets of intelligent machine tool sales, accounts for nearly half of annual sales, created a new category in the history of world machine tool market marketing miracle.

, shenyang machine tool based on the core technology products, is moving towards the i5 intelligent manufacturing development of the ecological system.More than three years of time, a total of three major step, implements;Triple jump.One is that the i5 intelligent machine tool has the intelligent compensation, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent control, intelligent management, simple and easy to operate, single machine intelligence, unit automation to the southeast coast and the Midwest based processing equipment upgrade;Machine change trend, the i5 user product processing quality and processing efficiency greatly improve, on the basis of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises significantly increased equipment level and at the same time, greatly enhance the international competition ability and the level of the small and medium-sized enterprises.Second, due to the i5 intelligent machine intelligence and Internet features, shenyang machine tool manufacturing workshop is to provide the overall intelligence solution, after 2015, intelligent factory arises at the historic moment, regions forge ahead of the enterprises have begun from the single machine intelligence, automation factory progress to intelligence, in 2016, shenyang machine tool is signed by the construction of intelligent factory up to 46.Three is, since late 2016, shenyang machine tool with regional governments, enterprises jointly promote the intelligent manufacturing process, start manufacturing the construction of the ecological system of intelligent.I5

intelligent machine tools listed in three years, shenyang machine tool is formed based on the core technology, vigorously develop the i5 intelligent machine tool products, intelligent factory manufactures cloud platform construction, speed up the i5 intelligence.Shenyang machine tool, on the other hand, with the schaeffler, exxon mobil and upstream and downstream industry chain to explore sharing cooperation way, in the whole life cycle of products, services, further expand the depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing ecological system construction.Machine is industrial machine tool, the machine molding involves extensive processing field, is the fundamental, strategic and equipment, has strong inner QianDongLi, motivating, especially shenyang machine tool against the underlying technology for motion control technology, was born the i5 intelligent control system, which is based on PC platform on the basis of intelligence, interconnected characteristics, equivalent;机床的ios,可以实现互通互联,可以打造区域性的平台,实现聚集性产业区域性乃至更广泛领域;Industrial grade cloud connectivity.

in September 2015, shenyang machine tool and digital China, daikin light control combined to create a smart YunKe company in Shanghai, make ISESOL platform, provide for the customer to provide online technical solutions.ISESOL platform through the industrial data of equipment interconnection, for building industry supply and demand docking, productivity, synergy and mass production of product customization services, building intelligent manufacturing new formats.At present, the i5 ISESOL platform for networking smart machine has reached more than 6000 sets, provides users with nearly 400000 hours of service, order volume of more than 6000.ISESOL industrial cloud platform has been included in the ministry of national 70 industrial cloud the first pilot demonstration project of public service platform, shows social collaborative cloud manufacturing services, enterprise and individual user groups to provide one stop cloud manufacturing services of vast space.

  在智能制造整体背景下,沈阳机床初步形成的智能制造生态体系建设能力契合了各个装备加工区域整体转型升级的诉求。在沈阳机床、各地政府和企业共同推进下,共同打造中国智能制造升级版,在全国布局智能制造谷。I5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction general including intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, training center for training practice, the cloud service center, intelligent inspection center and manufacturing center and a group of intelligent factory.Early sign of five i5 valley of intelligent manufacturing all areas covered the auto parts, mould, cutting tools, oil equipment, new energy vehicles, robots and bearing and so on, more than 10 industries, have signed a project contains i5 intelligent machine a total of more than 180000 sets.Since this year, shenyang machine tool and local governments, enterprises jointly build intelligent manufacturing valley hotting up as the main mode of cooperation.There have been more than a group of local government 30 closely with shenyang machine tool to explore construction of intelligent manufacturing base for regional projects, liaoning yingkou, xinxiang, henan, zhejiang, ningbo, suzhou, jiangsu, hubei xiangyang construction in intelligent manufacturing infrastructure projects is pushing the late.据悉,2017年,沈阳机床预计将打造10个智能制造谷,计划到2020年,在国内建立32个智能制造谷。

in the process of promoting regional intelligent manufacturing infrastructure, shenyang machine tool and the local governments and enterprises continuously explore innovative, and patterns to push and deepen cooperation way.Formed the unique intelligent manufacturing mode, platform edge is preliminary.

Based on state of the nc machine tool spindle reliability evaluation

The health status of nc machine tool spindle is directly related to the quality of the product and enterprise’s safety production.According to the condition monitoring data of nc machine tool spindle, built a hidden Makov model is based on observation sequence model for reliability evaluation.该模型提出了Spea「m an权重分析方法 ,通过对多性能指标观测序列及设备健康状态的Spearman秩相关分析获得各性能指标的定量权重 ,体现了各性能指标在设备健康评价中的贡献。并利用矢量量化及加权分析将多性能观测序列转换为单观测序列,通过隐M arkov模型获得设备状态变迁概率 ,从而实现对设备的可靠性评估。最后将上述模型应用于某型数控机床主轴的可靠性评估 ,模型评价结果与场数据比较吻合,证明了该模型的有效性 。
   数控机床是加工零件的机器 ,广泛运用于国家重点企业。为了保证数控机床的安全运行,必须对其进行可靠性评估。可靠性评估的方法比较多,从设备故障角度出发 ,Keller等m和 Das K等 H分 别通过分析数控系统和机械设备故障维修数据建立可靠性评估模型。针对统计数据模型样本小和不准确问题 ,有学者引人贝叶斯理论 ,综合验前信息和样本信息 ,能减小样本容量和提高准确性,Jason R.W等P1应用贝叶斯理论方法对数控机床进行可靠性评估。但该方法没有考虑设备缓慢劣化的过程,不能揭示设备失效本质。因此 ,Lu等立线性退化数据的模型和分析了HCI退化形式 ;吴军基于性能参数评估了数控装备在一个加工周期内的服役可靠性。为分析出设备故 障的原因、模式 、机理 、部位和频率等方面 , 通过建立设备的故障树和故障模式影响分析表 ,Pickarc F和张国军等分别建立M -FM EA模型和提出基于二元决策图故障树可靠性方法,得到故障树的不可靠度表达式。但完整故障树和故障模式影响分析表要求对设备基本组成和运行原理是否熟悉,对分析人员的现 场经验要求很高 。
   以上方法的评估结果主要基于批量产品整体的可靠性水平 ,但不能体现由于操作、加工、维护、环境等不同而造成的个体实际差异。因此,欧健51和118118丨-111;11等从设备状态角度分析,分别建立Markov过程的柴油机监控系统可靠性评估方法和应用 Markov模拟刀具磨损过程。但是马尔科夫分析存在状态真实值与状态观测值不一致问题,而隐Markov模型能够很好地对状态间的跳转进行描述 ,将外在表现的特征和内在蕴含的状态联起来,O cak、Purushotham[11_1l 和罗锡梁[13^ 隐 Markov 模型fe用到轴承和大型变压器的故障诊断 ;张春良M和熊尧、吴军等P句提出基于隐Markov模型的设备性能退化建模与分析的评估方法;Camci M和邓超、孙耀宗等#_211分别利用基于多性能参数 、多观测序列隐Markov模型评估了数控机床 钻头和Z 轴滚珠丝杠的健康状态。然而对于描述设备健康状态的多观测序列,由于不 同指标对设备劣化程度的表达通常是不一致的,因此在 利用多性能指标进行健康综合评价时应给予不同的重视程度,但在上述研究中都忽略了该 问 题,从而影响了评估结果的准确性。因此,本文通过对多性能指标观测序列及设备健康状态的Spearman秩相关分析获得各性能指标的定量权重,从而体现了不同性能指标在设备健康评价中的重要度。并利用矢量加权将多性能观测序列转换为单观测序列,应用于基于隐Markov模型的数控机床主轴可靠性评估 。
   1.1 隐Markov模型
   隐马尔科夫模型(H idden Markov M odel,HM M )是一种统 模型是由两个相互关联的随机过程构成的一种双重随机模型;有限个状态转移的隐式随机过程( Markov链 )、与 M ark o v^中每个状态相关的观测序列的显式随机过程,其中,观测序列的结果可测可见, 而状态转移不可测不可见,只能通过观测序列的结果来体现,观测序列与状态之间通过概率分布相关联。标准隐Markov模型通常可由一个五元组表示:
  在机床的运行过程中,为了保证设备或部件的安全运行 ,现场工作人员需要对机床健康状态进行评估。然而机床的健康状态并不是一个直观可见可测的指标,通常是通过对多个性能指标的劣化程度来综合描述机床的健康程度。比如机床的工装夹具,夹紧气检压力 、松开气检压力和定位面气检压力这3个指标可共同反映工装夹具的工作状态,当这3个指标中的任何一个出现异常时,都意味着工装夹具的性能出现劣化趋势。因此,我们可以将数控机床的健康状态和性能指标分别看做HMM模型中的隐状态和可观测值,健康状态和性能指标的映射关系可看做观察值概率矩阵 ,从而可以通过HMM模型实现对数控机床的可靠性评估。
   1.2 矢量量化
   由于机床的健康状态不是一个可测的指标,通常可 以根据经验采用一个离散的变量序列来映射其不同的劣化程度。通常,健康状态等级可定义为:
  量化指标 。为便于HMM模型中的计算分析 ,需要将性 能指标进行矢量量化处理成为离散型的状态变量。根据数控机床的运行规则要求或现场经验 ,每项性能指标都设置了一个阈值范围 ,当性能指标处于阈值范围之内,表示设备状态可接受 ,反之 ,则认为设备存在隐患甚至面临失效的风险。性能指标等级一般可定义为:当指数呈单调变化时:
    1.3基于Spearm an的性能指标权重计算
   通常机床的健康状态由多个性能指标来综合描述 , 然而在实际运行中每个性能指标与设备或部件的整体健 康状态的相关性一般不同,即权重不同。对于权重大的性能指标 ,其劣化往往标志着整体设备或部件的劣化 ,而对于权重较小的性能指标 ,其劣化对机床整体或部件造成 的健康影响有限。因此 ,准确获取性能指标的权重对于科 学评价机床或部件的健康状态具有重要意义。 由于机床 的健康状态是通过各性能指标的具体表现来体现,二者之间存在一定的映射关系,因此可将性能指标的权重分 析转换为性能指标与健康等级序列之间的相关度分析。
   在典型的HMM模型中观测序列是一个单行能指标序列,而数控机床的观测序列通常是多性能指标序列,且每个性能指标不同的劣化程度导致不同的整体健康状态,因此,多性能指标观测序列不能直接应用于HMM模型。本文将利用权重将数控机床的多性能指标观测序列量化转换为单性能指标序列。在上文中已经通过Spearman秩相关性算法获 得了各性能指标的权重 ,因此 , 在综合考虑各性能指标对总体健康状态影响的基础上,可以得到不同时刻的加权可观测值序列:
    2.基于多指标加权隐M arkov模型的数控机床主轴可靠性评估分析
   某型号汽油发动机缸体缸盖生产线上的数控机床(CBM 2180B)主轴结构如图2所示,该机床主轴主要用于镗曲轴孔和铰销孔。根据机床运行手册、现场调研及故障树分析,建立主轴的性能指标向量:近端端面跳动 、远端端面跳动和拉刀力。图2中,刀具夹紧装置处的力为拉刀力,采用拉刀测力计测量 ,主轴上面夹紧刀具加工工件一侧的跳动为远端端面跳动,另外一侧的跳动为近端端面跳动,分别用百分表打检棒在远端和近端测跳动。由于机床主轴的性能劣化速度较慢寿命一般可以达到3a,因此,主轴主要采取离线点检方式进行日常监测,正常点检间隔为3^月,强化点检间隔为1个月。
  表1为自2013 年5月到2015年9月CBM2180BITL床主轴的点检数据。根据机床运行手册 ,主轴近端端面跳动、远端端面跳动和拉刀力的阈值范围分别为 :[0,0.005]、[0,0.030]和 [31,5 9 ]。因此 ,本文根据阈值范围将各性能指标划分为3个状态区间 ,如表2所 示 。根据经验 ,可建立主轴各个性能指标观测序列与健康状态等级的映射规则,如表3所示 。其中 ,健康等级中的1、2 、3 、4分别对应优良 、一般 、劣化、故障4个等级。根据式(1 1 )和式 (1 2 )分别计算出相关系数 、权重如表4所示 。根据表3划分的状态区间及矢量量化规则 ,通过对性能指标的观测序列进行加权矢量分析后得到的观测序列 及其等级划分如表5和表6所示 。
   表1 主轴检测参数记录表 
表2 性能指标状态分类
   根据计算结果和经验判断划分观测状态等级如表6所示 。因此 ,利用矢量量化模型计算转化成加权可观测序 列 为 :0 * = [1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 2 2 2 3 24 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 5 5 5]〇 设初始模型参数为ff0={l,〇,0,〇M〇和 如 下 :
 表3 主轴各性能指标及健康状态等级映射规则
表4 各个性能指标相关系数和权重
   迁曲线图及主轴可靠度变化曲线分布如图3、图4。通过图3中的主轴状态概率变迁可以直观地看出机床主轴在不同时期健康状态的变化趋势。在初始阶段 ,机床主轴处于“优良 ”状态的概率为1随着时间的推移,机床主轴逐渐开始劣化 , 其处于“优良 ”状态的概率不断下降 ,而 “一般”、“劣化 ”、“故障 ”的概率不断增加。在前7个月 ,主轴处于 “优良 ”状态的概 率 最大 ,从第7个月到第3个月 ,主轴处于“一 般 ”的概率最大,第13个月到第18个月 ,主轴出现“劣化 ”状态的概率最大,从18个月以后,主轴出现“故障 ”的概率最大。但是由于我们将主轴状态分为了4个等级,根据式( 14 ),尽管从第 18个月开始主轴出现 “故障 ”的概率最大,但是并不意味着此时主轴开始失效。根据最大隶属度原则故障 ”的概率大于其他3个状态的概率之和时 ,才认为主轴失效 ,在图4 中这个时刻对应的是第23个月。而根据表6 的矢量量化转化成观测序表及表5主轴各性能指标及健康状态等级映射规则,可知主轴在第27个月开始进入故障状态 ,该判断结果与HMM模型计算结果基本吻合,且HMM模型计算结果趋于保守,由此验证了本模型的正确性。
   表5 矢量量化转化成观测序列表 

表6 观测状态等级表

  针对目前可靠性评估中未考虑性能指标之间重要度问题,本文提出了一种基于多序列加权隐Markov模型的可靠性评估模型。首先确定多个性能指标向量,划分指标的状态区间进行矢量量化,其次建立了各性能指标及健康状态等级映射规则,引人Spearman秩 相关分析法 ,计算出不同性能指标之间的重要度 ,通过矩阵转化和矢量量化得到了加权可观测序列 ,然后将该序列代人隐Markov 模型训练获得稳定模型 ,并进行状态可靠性评估获得状态概率曲线和可靠度曲线。将本文的模型结合某型机床主轴2013年5月到2015年9月现场实际数据,状态概率变迁图分析,根据最大隶属度原则,得到主轴的各种不同状态会相继出现,可靠度变化图表明,主轴会在第23个月发生故障,通过实际主轴点检数据得到主轴在第27个月开始进人故障状态,结果比较吻合并且趋于保守〇本文的研究表明 ,基于多序列加权隐Markov模型是可靠性评估的一条新途径,研究结果可以为数控机床主轴可靠性的提高提供参考。
   (原标题:基于状态的数控机床主轴可靠性评估) (来源:华中科技大学)