Every industrial revolution gave rise to a number of new forms and new mode, with a major change in the products, services and manufacturing.& other;Industry throughout the Internet &;And & other4.0 throughout & industry;Represents the nascent a new round of industrial revolution, embodies the new depth integration of information technology and manufacturing, will completely change the manufacturing industry chain and value chain and industry mode, and deeply influenced the global manufacturing changes.First, manufacturing design transfers from the real physical space to the virtual digital space.Use of big data, cloud computing and design software technology, used for whole life cycle of products, with rich design knowledge base and technical support of digital simulation, intelligent design system, the virtual reality, computer network, database and other technical support, can be in the number of virtual environment in parallel, together to realize the fully digital product design, structure, performance, functional simulation and simulation optimization greatly improve the quality of the product design and a research and development success rate, shorten the product cycle, reduce product development costs, improve product market competition.Virtual product development mode for manufacturing innovation cycle shortened, customer demand diversification, etc. To provide the most powerful support.Second, the manufacturing production mode, mass and standardized by the push production to the market demand of mass customization production shift.Represented by intelligent factory future manufacturing based on network a entity of physical fusion system, realize the digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing equipment, the production process of computer aided planning and optimization, can significantly enhance the function of the production system, the performance and the degree of automation, make the manufacturing system to the flexible manufacturing system, intelligent digital, intelligent digital factory, workshop and develop in the direction of intelligent manufacturing system, make the resource at the lowest energy consumption make it possible for each customer to provide the optimization of the product;At the same time, the use of industrial control system and monitoring robot to replace human labor for the most part, can save the manpower cost, improve production efficiency and quality.Intelligent production mode will provide customers efficiently meet personalized needs of high quality customized products, made it possible to mass customisation, customized production.Finally, making the realization of the value form of tangible products to provide the overall solution.A new generation of information technology and manufacturing the depth of the fusion, will make the enterprise to realize the product whole life cycle of the elements of each link, each business, collaborative planning and decision-making optimization management, improve the enterprise’s market reaction speed, and provide customers with the optimization of the overall solution.The Internet, the development of new information technologies, such as large data lead to communication between customers and enterprises become more effective, enterprises can more fully understand the function of the customer for the product in a timely manner, style, packaging and other aspects of demand, on the basis of intelligent production complete to meet the requirements of product manufacturing;At the same time also can realize the detection, the maintenance function, reduce product cost and maintenance cost, to provide customers with optimal solutions.The manufacturing will realize from the product as the center to take the customer as the center of a fundamental shift, manufacturing enterprises to transform from production-oriented enterprises to service-oriented businesses.(the original title: & other;Industry throughout the Internet &;And “industrial 4. 0” will bring profound changes to manufacturing) (source: today’s headlines)

“Numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project” project through the acceptance

Recently, & other;Five-year & throughout;National science and technology support plan advanced manufacturing and other major projects;Numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project & throughout;(hereinafter referred to as & other nc generation & throughout; engineering) weinan in shaanxi province by the ministry of science and technology experts acceptance of the organization.Acceptance of the expert group on-site assessment of the shaanxi weinan northerners printing machinery co., LTD and kordsa mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., two application demonstration enterprises, and watched the demonstration project results.The technical expert group for the project achieve and demonstrate the application effect gave high evaluation.
& have spent& other;CNC generation & throughout;Engineering is to make up for the traditional mechanical equipment digital board in our country, & other;Five-year & throughout;By ministry of science and technology jointly with the ministry of industry, Chinese academy of engineering and other relevant departments jointly organize the implementation.The project through advanced applicable promotion and application of numerical control technology and innovation, and help improve the level of mechanical equipment digitization, small and medium-sized enterprises to promote our country manufacturing industry shift towards digital, lay a foundation for informationalization and intelligentization.
& have spent& other;CNC generation & throughout;Construction in 16 provinces and cities and five industry, textile, printing, stone material, packaging, injection molding machine, etc.) to carry out the demonstration project, lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing key industries, to support the economic development of manufacturing industry concentrated area, to the enterprise as the main body & other;Zheng industry-university-institute with gold & throughout;Collaborative innovation model has carried on the beneficial practice, and achieved significant results.The project has developed a special CNC system of machinery and more than 150 kinds of relevant features, and developed the nc industry sewing machine, environmental protection material drum gravure printing machine and other kinds of CNC machinery and equipment more than 200 kinds of, popularization and application of 220000 sets, built more than 70 demonstration numerical control production line, has trained more than 20000 person-times of professionals.
& have spentCurrently, ten several local provincial government made & otherCNC generation & throughout;Concrete implementation plan, more than 1 billion yuan of special at all levels of government investment funds invested in more than 5 billion yuan, financial and social capital investment more than 10 billion yuan, has realized the innovation demand from enterprise, mainly led by the enterprise to carry out innovation activities, innovation investment is given priority to with enterprise, innovation achievements applied in enterprises.At the same time, colleges and universities and research institutes play a lead and support the role of science and technology, market leading enterprises, the main body pattern got into full play.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: national science and technology support plan & other numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project & throughout; project through the acceptance) (source: China science and technology),

Sixty years experiences in the development of China’s machine tool industry

machine tool industry in China began importing advanced foreign technology, cooperation in the production of various types of CNC machine tools. At the same time, through participation in the four major international machine tool exhibition, extensive exchanges and cooperation in technology, makes the technology level of China’s machine tool industry increase rapidly.In June

1979, ning river machine tool plant in the People’s Daily on advertisement: & other;Place an order directly to users at home and abroad.Throughout the &;The move to break the planned economy period, buyers and sellers meet each other way of sale and unlock the doors of the machine tool industry towards a market economy step by step.In 1980, along with the further reform and opening up, China machine tool industry to introduce foreign advanced technology, cooperation in the production of various types of CNC machine tools.At the same time, through participation in four big international machine tool exhibition, extensive exchanges and cooperation in technology, makes the technology level of China’s machine tool industry increase rapidly.

after the reform and opening up, the whole machine tool industry to strengthen the case for the masses of users and foreign machine tool industry investigation, research and analysis.Especially China machine tool association started China international machine tool exhibition held in 1989, and the media more and more analysis of the domestic machine tool market, promotes our country machine tool industry understanding of domestic and international market demand.In addition, the master machine tool design, manufacture, use of technology, through a large number of introduction of foreign advanced technology and cooperation in the production of various types of CNC machine tools, ongoing imitation and combination, the birth of a batch of such as five-axis linkage control processing center, all kinds of environmental protection machine, large and heavy, high precision machine tool products, making the industry technical level has the obvious improvement.

although the characteristics of the machine tool has its as generic technology, in the layout, structure, transmission, control, etc have in common, through learning from each other, imitation and the fast development, the energy of some high precision products at the core of the key technologies is, however, generic not to come out, only rely on personnel training, strengthening scientific research, break through the bottleneck, to realize independent innovation.Since

2006, the state further clarify the importance of the machine tool industry, strategic position, issued the state council about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry of several opinions.Followed by the national development and reform commission and formulate the special CNC machine tool development planning “, requirement: to 2010, the numerical control system of independent intellectual property rights to account for 75% of the total CNC machine;Feature matching rate more than 60%;Home-made numerical control machine tool to occupy more than 50% of the domestic market.In the policy of correct guidance and market regulation under the deepening, 2007, 2009, the China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT), CNC machine tools, CNC system, functional components, cutting tools, measuring, full of beautiful things in eyes of accessories such as all kinds of new products, especially large and heavy, composite processing, five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and so on many domestic independent innovation products listed, was welcomed by the masses of users, not only has caused international machine tool’s emphasis on China’s machine tool industry.

, however, in the 30 years of development, there are still many worth summarizing experiences and lessons.

a, lack of in-depth analysis to the overall situation, market demand, the lack of global and key development plan.

for a long time, the status quo of China’s ownership of nc machine tools, and the lack of market demand, comprehensive, accurate statistics and analysis, many statistical analysis failed to work closely with the focus on the development of numerical control machine tool technology.It’s not conform to the objective law of development of machine tool industry as a whole.

China machine tool ownership in

to 2.83 million, the proportion is 43%, the rough machining lathe finishing grinding machine (10%), technology behind the reason lies in the rough machining machine tool more and less finishing machine.30 years later, in 2008, about 5382 enterprises, China machine tool industry is about 7 million machine tool, (the United States around 2.4 million units, Japan about 1.4 million units), rough machining machine tool still accounts for more than 40%, finishing machine is less than 10%;With foreign composed of efficient automatic machine tools and CNC machine tool finishing machine accounted for 20% ~ 30%, compared to the constituent ratios of the finishing machine in our country is still backward.

2, the lack of talents, scientific research strength is weak, unable to grasp the core technology, rely on imports.

although after reform and opening up 30 years of development, but industry still on talent training, scientific research into show serious shortage.Manufacturing are floating in the surface, such as at the beginning of the founding of the seven big comprehensive machine tool research institute, has now become a general production enterprise, lost & other;Staff, crucial, organization, service & throughout;Four big role, has play a research and development strength.Due to a weak r&d, face many key technology bottleneck, a large number of high precision products rely on imports.At present, the aerospace and automobile industry in our country advanced CNC machine tool imports 70%.This is we must face up to reality.

3, host, and numerical control system, the feature and development coordination between the cutter and the lack of close cooperation.

in 30 years of reform and opening-up, the output of CNC machine tool, the consumption development soon, production are the first in the nation.But look from the product structure, mostly low, middle-grade product, is still in its infancy and high precision machine tool, key technology and core fittings long-term dependence on imports.

, investigate its reason, one is the development of numerical control system, the feature, cutting tool, the lack of careful planning, irrelevant to the development of the host.Second, generic products abroad for a long time, did not understand its core technology.Product quality is not high, foundation weak, high-grade product more difficult to develop innovation.Three is a serious lack of technical experts and skilled technical workers, on the precision of the products, quality, reliability, technology is not high, do not pass.

sixty years time, say short not short.The machine tool industry in less than 60 years longer than was in the lead of the UK;German machine tool industry in less than 60 years and catch up with the United States;Japan is also in less than 60 years, in the machine tool industry on the strength and the numerical control machine tool technology, into one of three big powers of the world.

was also the 60 years, China created a machine tool power, however, by & other;Big & throughout;Go & other;Strong & throughout;But a long way.& other;Machine tool industry is strong, has the strong & throughout;.It has become the world’s science and technology, economy, competitiveness fully proved by the history development.With the continuous development of China’s industrialization, the demand for advanced machine tools will be more and more high.Therefore, to deeply realize the law of development, pay attention to the importance of the machine tool industry, strategic position, summing up the experience of the past scientifically, solid work to promote the development of machine tool industry.

National vocational skills competition of higher vocational groups of individual event held in su for the first time

6, from all 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and xinjiang production and construction corps of 50 teams, 100 students athletes gather suzhou industrial vocational and technical college, in 2017 the national vocational skills contest vocational group & other;Digital design and manufacture industrial products & throughout;Disciplines in field, it is also the first time the item during held in suzhou.According to introducing,

May be for the team, each team in colleges and universities as the unit of 2 players, there are two teams participating in jiangsu province, one of which is suzhou industrial vocational technical college team.Reporters at the scene of the digital design division to see, a total of 28 station competition, each station has a table, put the two machines and other debugging tools.Players with 3 d scanning equipment parts for first surveying and mapping, surveying and mapping data reuse on the computer for three dimensional modeling design and innovation, with CAM software processing technology analysis and finally optimization programming.In manufacturing division, 13 sets of machine tools lined up, the players use blank, machine tools and parts provided by the 3 d model based on self-built drawing parts of nc machining and CNC process is complete, the quality inspection of the reentry after processing and assembly and debugging, etc.

players from suzhou industrial vocational and technical college team shen Xiao tells a reporter, in the process of scanning, because the sample is reflective aluminum complex curved surface, so the sample powder spraying is required before scanning, and whether the spray homogeneously operation quality directly affects the effect of scanning, technology test of them.May be learned, including digital design and actual manufacture the content of the two parts, the first part mainly inspects the players using digital software to make innovative design, parts and components for process optimization, the ability to write processing program;The second part mainly inspects the players of the actual operation process, the numerical control technology control, parts quality control and the ability to begin assembling, and analysis and solve the problem of the team cooperation ability, safety and civilized living shu production of professional quality.

& other;Don’t just make a parts, this requires students to accurately master the software design, modeling, numerical control processing, product and equipment such as multiple processes skills, & throughout;The games referee group leader su wei, told reporters, & other;As long as it is, so to speak, can enter the contest of students at or above the provincial level, do not fear in the face of actual work, they have to have good technology capital.Throughout the &;In another development, the national vocational skills contest at the end of the just group in higher vocational & other;Complex parts CNC multi-axis linkage machining technology & throughout;And & otherCloud computing technology and application & throughout;Two disciplines, suzhou industrial vocational and technical college teams have won the first prize.

Machine tool industry association, jiangsu fifth session of the council held successfully

machine tool industry association of jiangsu province fifth session of the council was held in nanjing recently, from the great river north and south about 70 member of the key enterprises and the main leadership to attend the meeting.In jiangsu province by the letter committee power department chief “step, deputy director of the original machinery industry hall hall secretary of jiangsu province, jiangsu machinery industry, a senior adviser Su Zemin to attend the meeting and made a keynote speech respectively;Machine tool association standing vice President of the Yangtze river in jiangsu province was built in the spring as the council work report.

conference closely around & clear this session of the council is the main task of the other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Development strategy and goal of building industry in jiangsu province, challenge the global high-end manufacturing, speed up the transformation of development, promote jiangsu manufactured by machine tool production province into r&d strong province.

advocate business wu income grew by 8.1%, according to data from the

national statistics department in 2016 China’s machine tool industry to complete the main business income is 1.16 trillion yuan, profit of 74.077 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 6.12% and 6.12% respectively.The machine tool industry in jiangsu province to complete the main business income is 165.926 billion yuan, profit of 1.0875 million yuan, year-on-year growth of 8.1% and 9.05% respectively, the main business revenue and profits were 2% higher than the national total.In tough economic times, the machine tool industry in jiangsu advocate business wu income accounts for the proportion of 14.31%, 14.68% of the total profit of the country.Its total revenue, profit tax, export ChuangHuiE are at the top, most of the index ranks the first in the same industry.

jian-chun jiang, machine tool industry in jiangsu high growth, industry association played a good role in promoting.He pointed out that the 4th council around service enterprise, service industry and service government and to strengthen the construction of the society itself & other;Three service conditions & throughout;Working principle, seriously to carry out the policy research and planning guidance, organization of provincial backbone enterprise and member units to declare national and provincial key support and scientific and technological innovation projects;Encourage and guide enterprises to implement the independent innovation, the upgrading of products and the first sets of major equipment review;Cooperate with the provincial department of commerce, Chinese commerce bureau and technology quality supervisory and administrative departments for special equipment purchase, upgrade product quality, export declaration;Group member units take part in the machine tool show exhibitions at home and abroad, to improve the industry technology level and rising of the economy has played a positive role.

jian-chun jiang stressed that as countries to the requirement of mechanical industry modernization and development of equipment manufacturing industry in jiangsu province transformation of sense of urgency, jiangsu machine tool association as a bridge for government and business, the functions of play is still exist many does not adapt, need through adjusting and optimizing combination, strengthen the service function, strengthen the team building, improve the overall situation consciousness, the thorough enterprise top services, to better implement the responsibility of the machine tool manufacturing province transformation development.

to speed up the pace of transformation of machine tool industry development power head,

the council, chairman of jiangsu Yang force Lin Guofu points out, & other;Five-year & throughout;, machine tool industry in jiangsu province in the changeable international environment challenge the limit and expand creative, self-motivated, markedly enhance its capability of technological innovation, further optimization of industrial structure, the province formed a metal forming machine, hot die forging forming machine, gear machine, combination machine tools, edm wire cutting machine, CNC grinding milling cutting machine tool and work quantity cutting industry cluster, with the foundation of developing high-end machine tool manufacturing conditions and industrial advantage.

Su Zemin an interview with reporters at the scene, points out that controlled machine tool industry in jiangsu province & other;Five-year & throughout;With & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Development plan outline and strategic requirements of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, machine tool manufacturing industry in jiangsu province to further boost confidence, around & other;Five aspects & throughout;The strategic target, promote the development of machine tool manufacturing industry transformation.

is a economy around the strong manufacturing province targets seek improvement in stability.By 2020, the province machine turnover reached 200 billion yuan, an average annual increase of not less than 10%, industrial added value rate was 15%, and the profit growth of 8%, total assets contribution rate of 17%, economic output one after another to keep the national leading level.Secondly, the structure optimization to further enhance industrial cluster.By 2020, the province top ten enterprises in machine tool production concentration (CR10) was 30%, and the top 3 companies (CR3,) production concentration was 20%, and the industrial application of numerical control rate and the machine tool manufacture numerical control rate of 30%, respectively.Three is independent innovation push development of high-end industry.By 2020, the province to build 3 ~ 5 national machine engineering technology center, 8 ~ 10 machine tools at the provincial level engineering technology center, the new 6 ~ 8 a post-doctoral scientific research workstation, new product ChanZhiLv increased to 25%, the number of patents to keep the national leading, create 10 famous around the country, with independent intellectual property rights of brand of machine tool products.Fourth, to further expand the international market, foreign trade import and export levels steady progress.By 2020, the annual export growth rate above 15%, further improve the structure of export products, high-grade CNC machine tool export proportion & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;20% at the end of the high-end CNC machine tool imports in foreign exchange and the machine tool industry export ChuangHuiE were little changed.Five is to promote remanufacturing engineering to develop in the direction of intelligent green manufacturing.As advanced manufacturing technology and manufacturing, is an important direction in the 21st century global development, industry associations must vigorously promote remanufacturing engineering, the improvement of the remanufacturing system policies and regulations, improve the remanufacturing machine technical standards, product quality and scrap rate and recovery rate for old machine tools.By 2020 the province’s machine tool industry energy consumption index in 2016 based on reduced more than 8%.

advance machine tool production province advance manufacturing strong province

“step machine tool industry association of development and the next step of work put forward specific requirements.He pointed out that the machine tool industry is the jiangsu manufacturing industry, especially in jiangsu machinery industry an important part of the good development foundation, have the advantages of a large number of outstanding enterprises and products.A period in the present and the future, the machine tool industry to fully grasp the manufacturing powerhouse, making strong province construction opportunity, in the service and boost intelligent manufacturing, product core competitiveness.Industry association to intermediary organizations play a good role, supporting the industrial chain on the main distribution enterprise cooperation, hand in hand to support research and development enterprise cooperation and docking user unit, strengthen policy interpretation and propaganda.Enterprises should pay attention to and make good use of the province has just introduced a series of policies of industrial development, further promote catch up with the development of high-end products, strengthen the service concept and mode of innovation, better service and promotion of intelligent manufacturing, to raise their comprehensive competitiveness.Lin Guofu requirements province

carefully controlled machine tool industry “comrade step & otherFour hand four docking & throughout;Guidance, in hand and docking alignment with the new needs of the development of their transformation, accelerate the customization of machine manufacturing process, intelligent, promote the reform of structure of the supply side.Lin Guofu stressed that jiangsu as manufacturing in China, the machine tool association must be closely around the central economic work decision deployment and provincial party committee, the provincial government of jiangsu manufacturing industry layout, guide the industry cooperation, sound bites, grasped the nettle, efforts to create a new situation in jiangsu machine tool manufacturing, continue to maintain the industry of the national economy, to earn foreign exchange through exports, industry innovation leading position, as the strong manufacturing industry in jiangsu province, to promote China’s machine tool industry from large to strong historic turning continuously make new contributions.