Hangzhou tooth to produce maximum tidal power gear box delivery European clients

tidal power, or tidal power, is a kind of clean energy, renewable, predictable.The working principle of tidal power is similar to the principle of conventional hydroelectric power, using the tide rise and fall of the potential energy possessed by falling water to generate electricity.Because the density of sea water is 832 times of the atmosphere, under the condition of equal power, compared to the fan, tidal power impeller can be significantly reduced, and can be more compact.Hangzhou tooth as domestic established Marine gearbox manufacturer, has deep bond with the sea.Keep pace with The Times, the positive enterprising disposition make hangzhou tooth does not meet the traditional market returns.In

2014, the sharp tooth of hangzhou people already smell the opportunity of the tidal power gear box, after more than a year of joint development, applications, including many planets flexible shaft, bearing outer ring, the differential bypass and so on many of the world’s advanced technology, hangzhou tooth finally succeeded in early 2015, tidal gear box order.Tidal gear box, naturally, become a member of the hangzhou tooth of new energy industry.Due to tidal power hosts in underwater operation, need to achieve 6 years free maintenance, high requirements of the service life of 20 years.Tidal gear precision parts processing, assembly, and product test is a tall order, whole is difficult.Through the relevant personnel of unremitting efforts, the first two sets of gear box in early December 2015 completed smoothly.Since then have completed a series of tests, including the gearbox no-load test, load test, speed test, overload overspeed test, no-load speed test, air tightness test project.In the process of test, technicians and operators work together, play wit, with reliable technology and rich experience, to overcome the many difficulties.At the end of

2015, large mw tidal power gear box successful completion of the trial production, through the acceptance and sent to customer for installation debugging.Now has entered the stage of the engine test.Hangzhou tooth the undertake of tidal gear box is by far the world’s largest single tidal power gear box, power 1.5 MW, will apply to the world’s largest tidal display engineering in a phase of the project.The project is a flagship project of global tidal power industry leading companies, is located in Europe, the whole project, the total installed capacity will reach 400 mw will provide power supply for 175000 European families, a period will start to the grid in 2016.Tidal power in the country has yet to develop, but in Europe and North America have begun to initial test the waters.

tidal gear and gear box is hangzhou new energy automobile gear box, wind power and new energy in Athens after gear box.Tidal successful delivery of the gear box, is hangzhou is an important step in the transformation and upgrading of tooth path, tooth to hangzhou has become a veritable “trackers”.Tooth on wind power gear box, hangzhou has paid off, and actively explore other clean energy market delivered tidal gear box prototype, and the ongoing nuclear power projects, all reveal the hangzhou tooth abundant research and development ability, strict quality management, superb craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing capabilities.Tidal gear box export success, for the future similar new energy products to the world laid a solid foundation.New energy industry as an emerging industry, not only in the aspect of energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection has very important strategic significance, will also bring new economic growth point for hangzhou tooth, form a new vantage point in the future market competition.