Dhi two successfully developed the first domestic 25000 kn servo press

2 machine tool group co., LTD. Jinan servo press recently held a large presentation, relevant staff from more than 30 domestic automobile enterprises, live visit jinan two machine tool developed by the domestic first 25000 kn large servo press.
the successful development of the servo press machine is jinan 2 machine in mastering and using single arms quickly feed stamping technology, large transfer press, on the basis of get another important breakthroughs in the field of stamping technology.The first process of
press is auto manufacturing.With the rapid development of the modern car manufacturing technology, new materials, composite materials are widely used, the flexible and intelligent stamping equipment demand is higher and higher.Large servo press completely broke through the traditional mechanical press, the concept of cancelled the flywheel and clutch parts consumption, provided directly by the servo motor stamping energy, according to different materials, different technological requirements, any slider movement curve design, high quality, high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, etc.Previously, the technology of Germany and Japan only a few companies, car companies at home and abroad applications are just beginning.
, jinan second machine tool technology development in sync with the international advanced level, in the domestic leader in the servo press technology research and application, and been recognized by users and was listed in national science and technology major projects.The demonstration of 25000 kn large servo press, in the main drive system dynamics analysis, the design of servo drive and control system, servo motion curve simulation optimization, nc die cushion design, equipment fault diagnosis and remote monitoring are made important breakthroughs in key technologies such as, the machine can realize speed in the process of stamping and forming force of stepless adjustment, to meet the future automobile manufacture the needs of the development of new technology, new material.
continuous breakthrough in the field of high and new technology, jinan second machine tool to participate in the high-end market competition at home and abroad to win the initiative.Order accounted for nearly three years, high-end products from 30% to 30% above, large and heavy forging equipment domestic market share of 70% or more.In equipment of domestic automobile enterprises at the same time, jinan second machine tool developed on behalf of the current international latest technology, completely independent intellectual property rights of complete sets of high technology and equipment into line, to enter the United States with the ford and gm India, and other international high-end market, set up the new image of the made in China.Thus, jinan second machine tool has realized from the host in the international market supply to provide a complete solution, by the subcontractor to the contractor, by supporting role to the leading role, become an international high-end stamping equipped only with bidding qualification in the field of Chinese enterprises, the world’s three biggest stamping equipment manufacturers.