Green forging company successfully developed ten thousand tons double disk friction press, fill the domestic blank

With China’s rapid economic development, the forging process of existing key equipment tonnage, accuracy, reliability and automation degree put forward higher request, the original casting process of towing hook the train and other large key-module can not meet the use requirements, and the original 2500 ton friction screw press is difficult to finish the task, must be changed to forging process and heavy friction screw press.

Qingdao green forging forging machinery co., LTD developed for sheng in nanjing forging co., LTD. 10000 tons of large J53 series double disk friction screw press and successful development in recently by acceptance.Qing forging company according to market research, on the basis of absorbing foreign technology, independent innovation to develop the heavy J53 series 4000 tons, 6300 tons, 6300 tons and 10000 tons of double base friction press, in order to meet the train speed and other national key project and user requirements.Product has passed the expert appraisal, fill the blank at home and abroad, the technical performance index has reached the international advanced level.
, the station ten thousand tons of large double disk friction press development was a great success.In the process of acceptance, the user access to the technology research reports and other related information, and to the production site to inspect the machine commissioning, suppression test, and so on and so forth, for the technical performance indicators to give the full affirmation.Ten thousand tons of the double disk friction screw press is mainly used for large forging die forging, correction, such as precision pressure forming process.Can be widely used in trains, automobiles, tractors, ships, aviation, machinery manufacturing and other industries.The machine adopts prestressed frame, high quality alloy steel rod, horizontally all travel brake, with high strength, good rigidity, large braking force, etc.