Inferior power machine tool: Release the development power of Party member backbone

Found the Jiangsu 1956 inferior power machine tool Inc. , nowadays already is one of lead companies of industry of machine tool of figuration of plate of metal of the high end in China; Inferior power handing in a success greatly to appear on the market in March 2011, be known as ” forging press bed the first ” ; Sales revenue of of all kinds 2014 product 894 million yuan, profit total 98 million yuan, in industry of tool of Chinese machine tool rank in 30 strong companies 18.
Come for years, inferior power machine tool Inc. is strengthened ceaselessly and advance a party to build the job, organization of party of each basic level resembles each ” gules engine ” , release insurgent development motive force, drive company quality, brand to taste research and development construction, newly to sail ” drive ” .
The party builds the job and be in harmony of business work each other to interact
“If talk about business only, do not catch a party to build, can lose way; If the party builds the job to break away from business work, can lose vitality. ” controller of company Party committee expresses, inferior power machine tool Inc. is in in beginning a party to build the job, hold to a party to build the job and be in harmony of business work each other to interact from beginning to end.
Be in inferior power machine tool Inc. , party member collective learns is normal. The company attachs most importance to a dot with learning the 18 great mind of the party, it is an unit with branch, hold to backbone study delibrate, each Party branch organizes annual in all study 30 for many times, get study result many 50. In the meantime, problem of technical secondary school of collect of company Party committee coachs to learn to be united in wedlock dispersedly with each branch, explore vivid study form actively, connection company is real, abounded study content, strengthened study interest of the Party member.
Drive a theme actively to carry out an activity, advocate branch secretary to be the first study politics is academic, be the first study business technical ability, be the first study advanced administrative method ” 3 be the first ” practice; Promote technical innovation practice, backbone of technology of constituent Party member liberates a thought, bold exploration, complete the project of research and development of 18 keys new product of company deploy smoothly; Drive elaborate government to carry out, develop rationalize proposal activity deep, mining manages potential, promotion manages efficiency, receive 482 rationalize proposal in all, carry out 421 in those days, the choice that urges a company refines management ceaseless development.
Build Party branch in production to expand front line
Inferior power Party committee of machine tool Inc. holds water oneself case, hold to in the constituent construction of the party ” build branch in production to expand front line, build in manage on, build on industrial catenary ” .
Exert oneself advances team of basic level branch to build, in order to build ” bear the blame, get respect ” the leading group is a target, adjust perfect branch origanization construction, built the member that have Laodang already to have strong branch leading group of the youth again, promoted team quality; Each branch sets party group, produced the initiative of talent of of all kinds Party member, initiative adequately, drove branch job normalization and effectiveness, raised a party to build what grow rate with level of party work job and company economy to match degree.
The human body of the party, need blood of ceaseless infuse red. The company is strong urge construction of Party member team, according to the development strategy goal of the company, carry out further ” double earth up ” plan, develop all sorts of person with abilities of the enterprise into the Party member, annual recruits a Party member in all 5 people. Each branch is an unit with administrative team and group to producing a system, the sale is an unit with each large area agency, the technology is an unit with the branch, the company undertook for the unit with function branch Party member amount and quality platoon are checked, deepened project of Party member talent further. Aggrandizement cadre and talent team construction, sectional discovery, choose and education cadre wait in technology, production, management, pay attention to a political quality the young employee choose that strong, worker has believed tall, professional ability comes in cadre team.
Rich party builds culture to arouse gules effect
To the enterprise, superhigh ” Yan Zhi ” can let tourist fall in love at first sight probably, but only enough ” affection business ” the person generation that ability lets amid of every day work, life feels attributive feeling, happily. Inferior power machine tool Inc. leads with Dang Jianwen melt into, breed the company culture of harmonious health actively, make happy home for the worker.
Inferior power Party committee of machine tool Inc. wait for a respect around promotion of technical innovation, mass, safe production, promote energetically ” sincere, essence of life, and, new ” spirit of enterprise, annual receives advanced character to publicize a manuscript in all many 100, study is started in employee, overtake the upsurge of surveyor’s pole character. The organization establishs interest lover association, begin healthy and beneficial, contain to teach culture sports of Yu Le the activity, established association of lover of company limits interest in all 2014 6, recreational and sports activities of level of constituent branch above 20 for many times, constituent travel extends an activity 7 times above.