Liao forging will be moved to the new factory The old enterprise keep pace with The Times development

liaoyang metalforming machine tool co., LTD. Is an old enterprise established in 1936, in recent years, the rapid development of still maintained a youthful vitality, advancing with The Times, full development.Recently, liao forging will move in the second half of 2013 enterprises, the new site is located in shenyang – dalian highway exit of vega industrial park, the new factory covers an area of 200 mu, and on the basis of the original new equipment more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, 3000 x 10000 CNC gantry boring and milling machine, 200 x 12000 Φ CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, 1250 x 1250 x 8000 and Φ Φ more than 5000 CNC lathe and heavy lifting equipment.After the move to a new site, liao forging will provide customers with more high-quality equipment and better service.

liao forging, began in

and 76 years of trials and hardships.Forging has been brilliant in the 20th century, liao dynasty, also had depressed, but after the enterprise restructuring of the early new century, the old enterprise coruscate gives new vitality again, at present, liao forging with vigorous pace, marching on the way to more brilliant.

20 century, liao forging had many outstanding achievement: the 50 s, the first domestic double disc friction press produced from liao forging.The first 70 tons in the 70 s, domestic electric spiral hammer and the first vertical precision forging machine, in the 80 s, the country’s first fully automatic brick molding machine and the domestic electric screw press, go out in the 90 s as the first compound brick moulding machine, are also produced from the liao forging.After entering the 21st century,

enterprises, after the conversion of the liao forging leadership enrich the technical force, in the new product development and increase the intensity of the development, new product development speed increase rapidly.In recent years, in order to comply with the national policy on energy conservation and emissions reduction, liao forging in electric product research and development and made great effort, has developed the domestic first inside a brick of 1000 tons and 1000 tons of the numerical control electric screw press brick machine, and the first domestic die out 1000 tons of brick CNC electric screw press machine.

liao forging relies on a press to development and understanding of the products at home and abroad for many years, created with liao forging characteristics of electric products, these electric products are not on any agencies and organizations, is a completely independent intellectual property rights, and has won four national patents.The current electric products has been upgraded to the second generation product, structure more reasonable, higher reliability, has been covering forging, refractory and composite bottom tableware industry.Throughout the domestic all electric products manufacturers, liao forging is the most complete specifications of the enterprises in domestic production of electric products, a total of 10 major series, more than 50 specifications of electric products.Liao

forged the 10 major series of products, services to many basic industries: LD53 and LDE53 series services in forging industry.LD54 and LDE54 series services on the bottom of the composite vessel manufacturing;LD67 and LDE67 series, a series of LDZ67 LD93 and LDE93 series, the series of LD69 and LDE69 services in refractory industry.Above all series of multiple products are currently in use, because of its use in good condition, energy saving effect is obvious, force can be controlled accurately, the product quality is stable, no impact on power grid, not burning motor, reduce the amount of operating personnel and workers no operation skill, and many other advantages, from on the bottom of the forging, refractory and composite tableware many user’s high praise.

in addition, the liao forging company has perfect after-sales service system, provide efficient and timely after-sale services and site, and assist users such as technical training for operation and maintenance.Moved to new headquarters,

, said liao forging leadership, liao forging is still the continuation of the previous tenet: quality first, customer first, mutual benefit and win-win, and many customers with the best quality equipment and the best service.