National vocational skills competition of higher vocational groups of individual event held in su for the first time

6, from all 27 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and xinjiang production and construction corps of 50 teams, 100 students athletes gather suzhou industrial vocational and technical college, in 2017 the national vocational skills contest vocational group & other;Digital design and manufacture industrial products & throughout;Disciplines in field, it is also the first time the item during held in suzhou.According to introducing,

May be for the team, each team in colleges and universities as the unit of 2 players, there are two teams participating in jiangsu province, one of which is suzhou industrial vocational technical college team.Reporters at the scene of the digital design division to see, a total of 28 station competition, each station has a table, put the two machines and other debugging tools.Players with 3 d scanning equipment parts for first surveying and mapping, surveying and mapping data reuse on the computer for three dimensional modeling design and innovation, with CAM software processing technology analysis and finally optimization programming.In manufacturing division, 13 sets of machine tools lined up, the players use blank, machine tools and parts provided by the 3 d model based on self-built drawing parts of nc machining and CNC process is complete, the quality inspection of the reentry after processing and assembly and debugging, etc.

players from suzhou industrial vocational and technical college team shen Xiao tells a reporter, in the process of scanning, because the sample is reflective aluminum complex curved surface, so the sample powder spraying is required before scanning, and whether the spray homogeneously operation quality directly affects the effect of scanning, technology test of them.May be learned, including digital design and actual manufacture the content of the two parts, the first part mainly inspects the players using digital software to make innovative design, parts and components for process optimization, the ability to write processing program;The second part mainly inspects the players of the actual operation process, the numerical control technology control, parts quality control and the ability to begin assembling, and analysis and solve the problem of the team cooperation ability, safety and civilized living shu production of professional quality.

& other;Don’t just make a parts, this requires students to accurately master the software design, modeling, numerical control processing, product and equipment such as multiple processes skills, & throughout;The games referee group leader su wei, told reporters, & other;As long as it is, so to speak, can enter the contest of students at or above the provincial level, do not fear in the face of actual work, they have to have good technology capital.Throughout the &;In another development, the national vocational skills contest at the end of the just group in higher vocational & other;Complex parts CNC multi-axis linkage machining technology & throughout;And & otherCloud computing technology and application & throughout;Two disciplines, suzhou industrial vocational and technical college teams have won the first prize.