Neat 2 machine tools maintain multinomial international to precede in compressor production respect

Recently, the reporter is in neat workshop of production of 2 machine tools sees, by lathe, the figure that there is worker business everywhere on scaffold. Current, neat 2 machine tools already maintained multinomial international first to record in compressor production respect, these machine tool equipment will be in our country many production domains produce tremendous effect.

Innovate independently: Developed TK69 series, FA series, XK21 series, XK28 series, CK51 series, CK52 series to wait for the boring of be born mill that has own intellectual property independently compressor of much connecting rod of numerical control of center lathe of lathe of vertical of milling machine of boring of door of machining center, numerical control dragon, numerical control, numerical control, big tonnage. The enterprise already became scale of production of industry of machine tool of domestic heavy-duty numerical control and market to have now lead norms of the biggest, breed the base of production research and development of level of state of delegate of the most complete, product. Since 2000, develop development new product independently in succession more than kinds 150, among them 86 kinds of new products are close to current international advanced level, home of fill of 62 kinds of products is blank, win 22 award such as award of progress of provincial above science and technology. Rate of new product production value achieves 50% above on average.

Neat 2 machine tools pass own innovation, introduce a technology to digest innovation and compositive innovation, promoted a product class and technical standard, already formed numerical control to change now, the product situation of great heavy-duty, much class, much territory.