Qingdao green forging forging machinery developed China’s first large-scale electric screw press

Recently, the company for an aviation enterprise successfully developed China’s first most vigorously for the sixteen thousand tons of EPC – 8000 type electric screw press, and successfully passed the China product quality inspection center and users of the company’s product testing and acceptance.

it is understood that the press for energy-saving CNC electric screw press, digital vector control is adopted, the modular design, can be programmed setting, realize the online automation;In addition also has a simple structure, strong partial load resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, blow energy control precision, save energy, good product forming precision, high production efficiency, etc.-

the EPC –

type intelligent electric screw press, is the first in China, independent research and development of large-scale electric screw press, is the collection machine, electricity, liquid highly integrated technology intensive CNC forging equipment, is China’s aviation, aerospace, automobiles, high-speed rail, weapons, steam turbines, engineering machinery such as one of the essential basic manufacturing equipment of high-tech fields.Previously, China – in the research and development of intelligent electric screw press is still in a state of blank, and imports are expensive, not only and others and greatly restricted the Chinese in aeroengine blades, automotive engine crankshaft and other large fine forging manufacturing development momentum.