Qiqihar basic parts industry on the development of express

this year, qiqihaer city economic operation to achieve the good start, especially industrial take good sign up.1 & ndash;May, qiqihaer city rules on industrial added value growth rate of 8.8%.As a foundation for crane city downstream industry, industrial equipment parts industry development also boarded the express.

since last year, qiqihaer city, a total of 56 basic parts project, with a total investment of 2.194 billion yuan, the new rules on enterprise 9 families.Who is thin hair, after accumulated sufficient capital, in the first half of this year, basic parts industry in outbreak, rules on enterprises realize the output value of 3.01 billion yuan, up 12.79% from a year earlier.

yutong machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is the foundation of qiqihaer city an important parts of private enterprises, today, the company’s order has been arrange & other;ManManDengDeng & throughout;Government guide, in addition to the environment good, also gave the great help enterprises.& other;Previously, we mainly serve two factory in parts, machine tool accessories, their market is good, our work will be a little more.But since last year after being incorporated into 12 key industries, the government is to help us with his heavy CNC and qi car group and docking, expanded our production to local businesses.At present, the enterprise output has increased by 200% than the same period last year, some products have been sold out.Throughout the &;Yutong machinery is secretary of the party committee Yang Taoman said proudly.

& other;Management is money, quality is the life & throughout;.In yutong machinery production workshop, the red banner is very eye-catching.After market downturn, the private enterprises realize that only the quality of the product can decide how far in the market.& other;To strengthen the technical training is the key point, and our current most important work.Throughout the &;Speaking of enterprise personnel training, Yang tao opened a chatterbox.He told the reporters, & other;In addition to the enterprise staff, now has more than 100 interns, these people might have our engineers in the future.We also plan to send a batch of outstanding employees to learn communication, Germany.Throughout the &;Recently, a professor at a university in Germany to discuss yutong mechanical talents cooperation on both sides, Yang tao in the mind very eager to this day.

& other;Always to have the opportunity to prepare the people throughout the &;.Although the market is relatively good, but the enterprise to produce perfect products is the absolute principle.In the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, yutong machinery of substantial increase proportion of new products, high value-added products, become a major driver for output growth.With the in-depth development of key industries, the zhuhai respectively for each basic parts industry enterprise & other;Suit the remedy to the case & throughout;And help provide different.Reporters watched over the heads of the crane travel through time and time again, the one called unknown parts production waiting for sales, can not help but feel, from the market to find the product out of stock, now yutong machinery has to do enough preparation for that again.

yutong machinery has achieved its luxuriant turned, and in order to help the other old enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation, accelerate economic growth, the city’s committee also adopted & other;Five throughout the &;Demonstration project, vigorously promote the traditional manufacturing enterprises to & otherFive throughout the &;The transformation and upgrading.Established five engineering project, and reserve the 33 items of enterprises of 19 families, around the high-end, intelligent, green, and internationalization of service, improve enterprise core competitiveness, better meet market challenges.Within the next three years,

, so to speak, is the basis of qiqihaer city parts industry development & other;Gold period & throughout;, at present the industry system continuously perfect, support and guarantee for continuous enhancement, will help accelerate the development of key industries;Equipment manufacturing enterprise reserve technology, projects, products gradually open the market demand for space, capacity will be released in full.By the east wind, qiqihaer city basic parts industry is bound to compose a new glorious chapter.