Schuler, the latest development of a new generation of press

In 2007, Germany Schuler, joint-stock company provides Saxonia – Franke company with its latest research and development of a new generation of stamping equipment.This is Schuler co., LTD for the recent large stamping equipment market slump, a powerful answer is also the strengthened for the automotive industry and the automotive industry market development of a start.Schuler,

members of the board of directors of the joint stock company, stamping equipment, head of Joachim Mr Beyer said: “a new generation of Schuler, stamping equipment with its adaptable servo drive technology can quickly adapt to various applications in the field of stamping processing.We firmly believe that this new type of servo drive sheet stamping equipment is the desired product processing enterprise, has a very broad market prospects.

a, stamping speed stepless adjustable

new stamping equipment of servo drive system is the most outstanding characteristic is: motor with eccentric crank gear connected directly, there is no clutch, no flywheel.Due to the speed of the motor can be adjusted, which can be arbitrarily adjust the speed of crank mechanism, to speed up or slow down the stamping.

there is no doubt that this is a new generation of stamping equipment in the most simple way to adjust press stroke, not only for different users, the flexibility of production tasks, improve the applicability of the machine, improve the production capacity of the press.

the new stamping speed change and control through the reasonable optimization design, if you don’t need to use the new press servo function, can be like the traditional press, the press has a constant power and the number of trips.In

with 2500, 3150, 4000, 5000 and 3150 kn nominal pressure of a new generation of series of stamping equipment, is equipped with called “PSE” parts, and all the stamping equipment adopted integrated modules, in accordance with the modular structure, therefore, Schuler, joint-stock company can provide users with a more powerful performance sheet stamping equipment.Mold used by

according to user’s workshop and automation solution, the press can also be configured to send press or continuous press.

2, perfect match

as a result of the new press motor speed can be adjusted, so the possible implementation in the process of stamping stamping movement and blanking force of stepless adjustment, make the work of the press curve matching with various application requirements.Relationship with a precise motion in order to ensure that the crank position, the user can be achieved by slow drawing processing, stamping or constant movement speed, such not only can improve the quality of plate production, but also can prolong the service life of mould.

arbitrary due to the motion control program of crank mechanism, so the user can realize synchronization between motor and press very precise, of course, also can make the press crank backward movement (oscillating motion), so as to use the simplest method can replace the traditional mechanical press.In the future, the servo press can also be used as test equipment, because under the handwheel adjustment, the machine can make the mould movement for fine-tuning and accurate positioning, stamping crank movement also can be in any position which can adjust the trace.Joachim Beyer said Mr;”Because of the technological progress, a new generation of stamping equipment hydraulic press flexibility and high efficiency advantages of mechanical press together.”

the new servo press potential typical user will be those that different size of enterprises in the field of stamping, take advantage of the press, companies can provide their users with batch size of different kinds of stamping parts.