Shenyang machine tool has become a new growth pole China intelligent manufacturing

7, shenyang machine tool and hubei shiyan government signed a valley forge intelligent manufacturing strategic cooperation agreement.Since this year, shenyang machine tool and has signed for local governments to build intelligent manufacturing valley project has reached 5, now push construction process.From the i5 intelligent machine tool products to the intelligent factory, from intelligence to the valley of intelligent manufacturing factory, from the cloud valley to the i5 intelligence intelligent manufacturing platform, in intelligent manufacturing new economic tide, shenyang machine tool forward to explore a new road to industrialization in China are becoming more clear, is in its uniqueness, strong traction driving force, to promote transformation and upgrading of regional equipment manufacturing industry as a whole influence big advantage and so on characteristics, more and more local governments and enterprises, local governments and enterprises with shenyang machine tool together to promote transformation and upgrading trend obviously, shenyang machine tool is becoming a regional important force to promote transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing new.In

2012, shenyang machine tool developed & other;I5 & throughout;Intelligent CNC system, the i5 refers to (Industry, Information, the Internet, both, Inteligent), industrialization, informationization, networking, intelligent, integrated and effective integration, and breakthrough & other;I5 & throughout;Five-axis technology of intelligent system.At present, shenyang machine tool on i5 core technologies and products have applied for 46 of the copyright owner and the national invention patent.

& 2014 otherShanghai China CNC machine tool show & throughout;Global starting i5 intelligent machine tools, the i5 intelligent machine gradually into explosive growth trend in the market.Starting when the i5T3 intelligent lathe sales exceed one thousand units.In 2015, the i5 series intelligent machine order broke through 6000, which implement explosive growth in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region.In 2016, the i5 intelligent machine tools in a down market boom, the order of 18000 units, 8400 sets of intelligent machine tool sales, accounts for nearly half of annual sales, created a new category in the history of world machine tool market marketing miracle.

, shenyang machine tool based on the core technology products, is moving towards the i5 intelligent manufacturing development of the ecological system.More than three years of time, a total of three major step, implements & other;Triple jump & throughout;.One is that the i5 intelligent machine tool has the intelligent compensation, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent control, intelligent management, simple and easy to operate, single machine intelligence, unit automation to the southeast coast and the Midwest & processing equipment to upgrade the basis of otherMachine throughout substitution &;Trend, the i5 user product processing quality and processing efficiency greatly improve, on the basis of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises significantly increased equipment level and at the same time, greatly enhance the international competition ability and the level of the small and medium-sized enterprises.Second, due to the i5 intelligent machine intelligence and Internet features, shenyang machine tool manufacturing workshop is to provide the overall intelligence solution, after 2015, intelligent factory arises at the historic moment, regions forge ahead of the enterprises have begun from the single machine intelligence, automation factory progress to intelligence, in 2016, shenyang machine tool is signed by the construction of intelligent factory up to 46.Three is, since late 2016, shenyang machine tool with regional governments, enterprises jointly promote the intelligent manufacturing process, start manufacturing the construction of the ecological system of intelligent.I5

intelligent machine tools listed in three years, shenyang machine tool is formed based on the core technology, vigorously develop the i5 intelligent machine tool products, intelligent factory manufactures cloud platform construction, speed up the i5 intelligence.Shenyang machine tool, on the other hand, with the schaeffler, exxon mobil and upstream and downstream industry chain to explore sharing cooperation way, in the whole life cycle of products, services, further expand the depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing ecological system construction.Machine is industrial machine tool, the machine molding involves extensive processing field, is the fundamental, strategic and equipment, has strong inner QianDongLi, motivating, especially shenyang machine tool against the underlying technology for motion control technology, was born the i5 intelligent control system, which is based on PC platform on the basis of intelligence, interconnected characteristics, equivalent to & other;Machine tool ios”, can realize each other, can make regional platform, realize to gather the sex industry and even wider fields and other areas;Industrial cloud & throughout;Level of connectivity.

in September 2015, shenyang machine tool and digital China, daikin light control combined to create a smart YunKe company in Shanghai, build ISESOL (smart engineering service on line) platform, provide for the customer to provide online technical solutions.ISESOL platform through the industrial data of equipment interconnection, for building industry supply and demand docking, productivity, synergy and mass production of product customization services, building intelligent manufacturing new formats.At present, the i5 ISESOL platform for networking smart machine has reached more than 6000 sets, provides users with nearly 400000 hours of service, order volume of more than 6000.ISESOL industrial cloud platform has been included in the ministry of national 70 industrial cloud the first pilot demonstration project of public service platform, shows social collaborative cloud manufacturing services, enterprise and individual user groups to provide one stop cloud manufacturing services of vast space.

under the background of intelligent manufacturing as a whole, shenyang machine tool preliminary formation of the ecological system of intelligent manufacturing capacity accorded with various equipment processing area integral transformation and upgrading of the appeal.In shenyang machine tool under the propulsion, local governments and enterprises, to develop China’s intelligent manufacturing upgrade, in the valley of the layout of intelligent manufacturing.I5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction general including intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, training center for training practice, the cloud service center, intelligent inspection center and manufacturing center and a group of intelligent factory.Early sign of five i5 valley of intelligent manufacturing all areas covered the auto parts, mould, cutting tools, oil equipment, new energy vehicles, robots and bearing and so on, more than 10 industries, have signed a project contains i5 intelligent machine a total of 1 & middot;More than 80000 sets.Since this year, shenyang machine tool and local governments, enterprises jointly build intelligent manufacturing valley hotting up as the main mode of cooperation.There have been more than a group of local government 30 closely with shenyang machine tool to explore construction of intelligent manufacturing base for regional projects, liaoning yingkou, xinxiang, henan, zhejiang, ningbo, suzhou, jiangsu, hubei xiangyang construction in intelligent manufacturing infrastructure projects is pushing the late.It is understood that in 2017, shenyang machine tool is expected to build 10 valley of intelligent manufacturing, plans to 2020, in the valley of 32 intelligent manufacturing set up.

in the process of promoting regional intelligent manufacturing infrastructure, shenyang machine tool and the local governments and enterprises continuously explore innovative, and patterns to push and deepen cooperation way.Formed the unique intelligent manufacturing mode, platform edge is preliminary.