Shu Le compressor participates in Russia ” allied date ” of the rocket make

“Allied date ” the rocket is by Russia ” ascensive design department ” production one-time carrier rocket, the main purpose that its design is send astronaut and aerospace visitor into international space to stand (ISS) , for the space the station is offerred oxygen, food and reserve component, also taking on to send the important task of aerospace the satellite at the same time. Before this, this series rocket has done obeisance to Kenuer, Russia general to list Xiesike and law to belong to an elongated pointed tablet of jade held in the hands by ancient rulers on ceremonial occasions in Kazakstan Si Tan inferior the cosmodrome of graceful and other places undertook more than times 1900 blast off. 2003 the United States ” Colombia ” date after incident of space shuttle explosion, the ground became provisionality of this series rocket the exclusive vehicle between the ground and international space station. Now, state-owned company plans this Russia to began to pass what the compressor that uses Shu Le undertakes concerned carrier rocket to make 2015.

Current, forging pressure amounts to 2600 tons fluid pressure type to forging the line has been finished check and accept beforehand, plan in May the bottom has delivery. This forgings the line will use what plane of force of 3 dynamic pressure undertakes aluminium makes the component such as hatchcover to make. The extreme load that brings to can bear to take off especially, these component must extremely solid. For this, the drawing of the device approaching a limit of compressor upper part and lower part fills up what can offer 600 tons severally to forging pressure.

“The dimension that drawing fills up has achieved 5 × 6 meters, this is Wagehuoyisaier undoubtedly (Waghäusel) the compressor of the biggest fluid pressure type that plant area place has made, " Shulewagehuoyisaier (Waghäusel) say of plant area executive president Dr. Martin Habert. Send aerospace for will bigger effective load, carrier rocket increases gradually on dimension. Accordingly, the relevant component measure that is used at assembling a rocket also becomes bigger, need bigger product line thereby.

“This designs production compressor to us is a not small challenge undoubtedly, ” Dr. Habert explanation says. Among them the dimensions of content shedding link also very breathtaking: Forging the independent component weight in the line cannot exceed 160 or 170 tons, in order to ensure the security of land transportation link. And the longest segment in whole carriage process is waterborne: Want to cross Rhine, span the North sea, Baltic, arrive at the Volga finally. Nevertheless, shu Le’s experts succeed to this purpose or with confidence, because they are producing the experience that has device 10 years like such large facility respect to accumulate: “Ascensive design department chooses us to calculate seek pair of people, ” say of executive president Dr. Habert.