Shu Le is offerred for Turkey car supplier 16, compressor of 000 tons of helix

Pressure mechanism builds Shangshu to strap a company to forging to receive an order with machining limited company from Parsan steel, build Europe the modernest forging product line. The core of this product line is a pressure for 16, 000 tons helix compressor, produce large lorry part with a future life, for example crankshaft, front axle, turn to section and flange. These spare partses build edge of compressor purify wool to finish full employment of essence of life by forge of additionally two hydraulic pressure, the pressure of every compressor is 2, 500 tons.

This product line is about 70 meters long, complete automation: The rail type robot that by Shu Le the company offers is mixed in inductive furnace every weight is carried to amount to between compressor 150 to 250 kilograms beforehand figuration, circular speed is 35 seconds about. And this height is complex the control system of product line also is complete develop by group interior. “Forginging without what the domain can be comparable this product line, ” H of ü of Jochen Fr of executive president of Shu Le company is summed up.

Headquarters is set in the car supplier Parsan of Turkey Istanbul, having usinging easy to strap the counter-blow hammer of the company. Should forging product line was represented be located in the Shu Le that Germany pauses 10 thousand times to forging sectional heretofore receives most large order. This order will be received November last year, on 2015 the beginning of the year is handed in pay this product line.