The domestic first 16000 tons of EPC – 8000 type electric screw press in forging successful development

Recently, by the Qingdao green forging forging machinery co., LTD developed successfully, with completely independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products, the EPC – 8000 type 80 mn electric screw press smoothly through the national testing center and users avic Jiang Xijing air casting co., LTD. Product testing and acceptance.This machine is not only the electric screw press masterpiece, is also made in our country the first maximum pressure electric screw press.The machine has compact structure, transmission chain is short, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, force control precision, high degree of automation, is our country industry policy support, can replace imported energy conservation and environmental protection intelligent forging equipment.

the intelligent electric screw press is a machine, electricity, liquid highly integrated technology intensive CNC forging equipment, aviation, aerospace, automotive, Marine, high-speed rail, engineering machinery, mining machinery, refractory materials and other high-tech fields one of essential basic manufacturing equipment.Is mainly suitable for precision forging, metal forging, upsetting and extrusion, finishing as well as aviation, aerospace, automobile, ship engine blades, body, and other large precision forging crankshaft forging, and magnesia carbon brick, high alumina brick, brick forming technology of thin ideal brick making equipment.