The electric screw press in forging successful development

Produced by Qingdao green forging forging machinery co., LTD., the domestic first most vigorously for sixteen thousand tons of EPC – sixteen thousand type electric screw press has been forged successful development, and successfully passed the national quality inspection center and users of products inspection and acceptance.
epc – 8000 type electric screw press is green forging company in 2010 the world’s first ten thousand tons of double disk friction press after the successful development on November 1, 2010 with air Jiang Xijing casting company successfully signed the first domestic most vigorously, sixteen thousand tons of the numerical control electric screw press.In
2012, qing forging company successfully developed the first domestic EPC – 2500 type electric screw press, on the basis of a lot of theoretical derivation on technical personnel calculation and simulation test for many times, after the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology, and has successfully developed the first domestic the most vigorously for sixteen thousand tons of EPC – sixteen thousand type electric screw press.
the epc – 8000 type electric screw press belongs to the energy-saving CNC electric screw press, the machine USES the digital vector control, modular design, can be programmed setting, realize the online automation;It has simple structure, strong partial load resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, hit the energy control precision, energy saving, green environmental protection, product forming good accuracy, high production efficiency, etc.Compared with friction screw press, the machine can power saving 70%;Can be widely used in die forging, trimming, correction of aerospace precision forging process.So get the favour of forging industry at home and abroad.After
, China in the capacity of research and development of intelligent electric screw press is still in a state of blank, and imports are expensive, not only and others and can’t satisfy the domestic field of aircraft engine blade, automobile engine crankshaft and other large precision forging manufacturing capacity requirement, therefore, the green forging company as an industry leading enterprises carried out extensive research and testing, and achieved success.In the process of the machine inspection acceptance,
national product quality inspection center experts and users of this machine blow after twenty thousand times in a row, first has carried on the most strong suppression test, through test has reached the standards and expectations;Secondly, for the main technical parameters, technical indicators, safety, reliability and so on has carried on the system testing, test results can meet the requirements of national standards and user acceptance outline.