The feature of pattern of competition of world machine tool is analysed

(Pattern of 1) international market competition

The modern level of machine tool industry and dimensions, it is industry of a nation developeds one of important signs of degree, the traditional production power of machine tool industry basically is the Germany, Japan, United States, industrialized developed country such as Italy. China already became a machine tool to make big country. In the whole world production value of industry of machine tool of main developed country sufferred 2009 below the circumstance that financial crisis influence appears to drop considerably, china maintained as before growing, and production value is jumped first reside the whole world the first. Production value of Chinese machine tool continued to maintain high speed growth 2010, occupy in global production value than achieving 31% , hold the whole world the first. 2012, machine tool production value continues to hold the whole world the first. China is the machine tool makes big country but not be machine tool powerful nation, 2010, the proportion that China exports a value to hold production value is only 8.8% , come to rose somewhat 2012 achieve 10% , but still produce power under world machine tool far 60% above level. From the entrance at the same time the respect looks, entrance of Chinese machine tool reached 9.42 billion dollar 2010, row whole world the first, 6 countries after exceeding import summation, machine tool entrance is led (entrance forehead / expenditure) for 33%.2012 year, entrance of Chinese machine tool continues to increase, reach 13.66 billion dollar, but amplitude drops apparently compared to the same period.

Taking one with another, pattern of competition of world machine tool presents the following features:

The first, powerful nation of world machine tool held dominant position of powerful technology, dimensions, brand as before, for the brunt; that international machine tool exports

The 2nd, world machine tool basically consumes the market to be being transferred to the developing country, especially the; such as China, India, Mexico

The 3rd, chinese machine tool already held the balance in industry of world machine tool, in in high-end product already had stronger competition ability, but as banner as the world level is put have certain difference.

(Pattern of 2) home market competition

Current, industry of machine tool of domestic metal figuration appears the situation that enterprise of transnational corporation, foreign capital, state-owned company and civilian battalion company compete each other, main show is the following feature:

The first, pattern of whole industry competition is divided into 3 administrative levels. Ground floor second reach foreign capital industry for transnational corporation, depend on advantage of its powerful technology, dimensions, brand, lead position; is held in high-end market it is certain that the 2nd administrative levels is those who include publisher inside to master core technology, have more large-scale with certain brand famous spent a few state-owned company and civilian battalion enterprise, competition ability; is had in market of medium, high end the third administrative levels is the civilian battalion enterprise with lesser dimensions, in low end the market begins competition.

The 2nd, whole of domestic company dimensions slants small, the industry is spent centrally low. Basis ” almanac of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool 2013 ” , industry of metallic figuration machine tool shares 509 businesses, among them sales revenue surpasses 1 billion yuan industry limited company of limited company of group of 2 machine tools, group of Jiangsu raise force mixes only Jinan fertile the machine that get choice (China) limited company 3.

The 3rd, line of the products of domestic single company is less. Metallic figuration machine tool includes hydraulic press, mechanical compressor, forging machine and punch, bend, fold, Jiao Zhi and leveling machine tool, cut machine tool, punching machine and other metal forming machine bed. As a result of historical reason, proprietor of an enterprise of machine tool of figuration of most home metal should produce 9 kinds of products.