Zhejiang power first one thousand tons press forging is about to start

Recently, in zhejiang power forging machine tool co., LTD., workshop, technicians are 1000 tons of two point for new completion press for debugging.It is reported, 1000 tons of two point press in the domestic machine tool enterprises in zhejiang province is the first, it marks the forging press “power” has been successfully out of the new path of the file to upgrade products, take possession of the commanding heights of the mechanical press.These days, the machine more than 10 meters high “big MAC” machine is departed for guangdong some automobile manufacture enterprise.

in recent years, with the rapid development of the mechanical press application fields and market demand of mechanical press is more and more big.Power industry is relatively competitive, however, zhejiang metalforming machine tool co., LTD., based on the concept of “man without I have”, constantly committed to product innovation and gear upgrades, to the large size, large size and large tonnage direction.Power since 2009, zhejiang metalforming machine tool co., LTD., begun to make inroads, big tonnage press from 200 tons to 300 tons, to 500 tons, the press specifications grew, big tonnage press in China gradually occupied a place in the market.

we have learned.In the second half of 2012, zhejiang power metalforming machine tool co., LTD., receiving orders from some automobile manufacture enterprise in guangdong to develop a double point press 1000 tons.Power companies and the introduction of technical personnel from design to development.Because is the first time in the production of such a large products, from product development and design, to the processing and assembling, everything is a new concept, the company have to fumble in step by step.Because the product size is too big, not such a big company processing equipment, using three points method, in the design of the whole product can be divided into three pieces of processing, again when it is assembled together.Because of itself requires precision is very high, will be three body concatenated assembly time how to ensure the accuracy and became a difficult problem.Technical personnel and the assembly workers together to battle, in time and again after the calibration of the installation, the overall accuracy has finally reached the design requirements.After completion of the assembly, and found the crankshaft and block of interference, in the face of this sudden new problems, technicians calmly put forward solutions, and organize workers overnight to grind the repair.