Scroll feature special product assessment work entered a new stage

On September 5, 2017, China’s machine tool industry association held & other;Scroll feature special product evaluation throughout the third stage work expert seminar &;And & other;Scroll feature throughout symposium & industry development;.Ministry of equipment department related to leadership, jining bot, nanjing han dalian machine tool, high Kate, high technology, gold industry executives, such as nanjing university of science and technology projects, professor, doctor, and machine tool association related staff to attend the meeting, machine tool association executive vice President of chang-cheng guo chaired the meeting.Rolling features special product evaluation is the ministry of equipment department entrusted China machine tool industry association to organize and implement, aimed at 4 special scroll feature industry has implemented project, on the basis of the level of performance testing and evaluation, continue to related products to understand the practical effects of the project to provide data support for under a special arrangement, promote domestic rolling features improve product quality and market competitiveness.The work started since the end of 2014, according to the work plan, evaluation work is divided into two cycles, and one of the first cycle is divided into three stages, respectively for rolling features special product of the static stiffness testing and evaluation, comprehensive performance and accuracy stable.The second cycle assessment work to the entire scroll feature industry products.Has now completed the first two stages of the first cycle, the assessment result in CCMT2016, CIMT2017 exhibition.Now start of the third stage is the first cycle of evaluation work, namely rolling accuracy stable measurement features special products.The meeting discussed the phase of the work plan, exchanges the scroll feature industry development present situation, and problems for the development of industry, positioning and development direction of the enterprise.Equipment department leaders said the scroll feature evaluation is a good platform, industry should make good use of this platform, to improve product performance and accuracy stable, according to the way of marketization operation, to form a long-term mechanism.Chang-cheng guo evaluation work in the first two stages are summarized achievements, as well as the assessment work to promote industry play an positive role in product performance and quality improvement, in the third stage assessment work are proposed.Machine tool industry association, director of LouXiaoZhong advances some Suggestions on the work plan, the stage work for discussion to participate in the evaluation of enterprises and evaluation institutions.Nanjing university of technology professor hu-tian feng introduced the basic condition of the stage.The attending enterprises for the enterprise the management situation and 04 special for industries and enterprises produce the positive role of technological progress and development, and in view of the enterprise management and development are faced with the problem put forward policy Suggestions.Enterprise in communication have said in the speech, evaluation work for the enterprise product quality and performance improvements played a very positive effect, obvious effect, hope the relevant government departments will continue to support product through special project evaluation work.(the original title: rolling features special product evaluation work entered a new stage). (source: China machine tool industry association industry department)

2017 intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen

On August 26, & other;Intelligent manufacturing and let the future of the enterprise innovation engineering better & throughout;As the theme of intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen.& other;Innovation transformation is irreversible trend, China’s manufacturing industry & lsquo;Intelligent & rsquo;Is the core of keywords.The road to China’s industrial intelligent ten year plan will be made in China under the forward steadily, and realize the dream of corner overtaking.Throughout the &;Vice secretary of China association of electromechanical integration technology application ji-hong wang said in his speech.2017 intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen on the same day, a dozen domestic intelligent manufacturing experts, scholars and representatives of enterprises, to & other;Intelligent manufacturing and let the future of the enterprise innovation engineering better & throughout;As the theme, around 4.0, innovation and intelligent manufacturing and industrial engineering, enterprise alliance transformation and upgrade, intelligent automation and industrial software system, discussed five issues, such as industrial robots.More than 100 enterprises, more than 200 people attend the meeting.Site, the shenyang machine tool group chairman GuanXiYou, from the employment relationship, customer orientation, cost calculation, etc., analyze the traditional manufacturing industry are faced with the dilemma.& other;Development of intelligent manufacturing, to put aside the impergium & lsquo;After finding & rsquo;Thoughts, give full play to the spirit of cooperation and sharing, to achieve win-win situation.Throughout the &;GuanXiYou said.For better cooperation and win-win idea, except intercourse, the conference has arranged the project cooperation and docking link, let more enterprises to participate in the intelligent manufacturing future planning, to seek more cooperation opportunities.The meeting was hosted by the Chinese association of electromechanical integration technology application, shenyang machine tool group and China association of electromechanical integration technology application of MES branch to undertake, in collaboration with the siasun robot automation co., LTD.National numerical control system engineering technology research center, deputy director Yang jianzhong, siasun robot automation co., LTD. Technical director xue fang, speedy power consulting co., LTD., general manager of Beijing linkping, yingkou DE Pu software research and development co., LTD., chairman of li-xun, shenyang hong yu technology co., LTD., general manager of high equality to attend.(the original title: 2017 intelligent manufacturing and innovation engineering conference held in shen) (source: xinhua news agency)

Dano bart successfully developed high precision chip cutting solution

, bart efficient automatic flexible system was designed and developed to suit the different needs of customers.This scheme is developed for an international iron and steel company, used for cutting high value-added steel tube, at the same time ensure that the material waste is minimal.

dano bart as machine tool manufacturers, high precision is developed with the high added value steel pipe cutting of multiple cutting solution, used in automobile, oil, natural gas and strategic areas such as bearing manufacturing.The plan got customer’s approval, can help customers to cut various grades of steel, 60-280 – mm diameter range, maximum thickness of 40 mm, 25-400 – mm length range.Not only hereat, dano bart system high flexible architecture makes it can provide other functions according to the customer request.

with factory MES system compatible with the tool machine design.Fully automatic operation, configuration feeding machine used in pipe precise positioning clamping, prepare for subsequent cutting.Then use the installation work in the rotating head three blades, started cutting work.

a main technical characteristics of this solution is the power of saw blades with the work head rotation helps thicker workpiece cutting.Therefore, when reduced and productivity improved significantly.In addition, the machine with mechanical hands material system, can put the thread will cut pipe line for subsequent processing, or for storage.

machine tools equipped with professional software dano bart, can communication with the central control system, the production order can be sent directly to the machine tool.

4.0 dano bart developed product integrates industry technology, suitable for zero defect manufacturing architecture, meet the requirement of incision minimized, and reduce the material waste when cutting.This is a whole solution, including process parameter analysis, processing unit and peripheral devices.This kind of intelligent automatic package gives customers high productivity and high processing speed.Material waste of the smallest, ensure high quality products at the same time.

, moreover, it can machine tools and other equipment integration, production into line, and will cut pipe fittings for pallet storage, and then transported to other processes.Integration synergy to optimize the sawing development dano bart is committed to the development of the technology with advanced high value-added cutting plan.

in this context, dano bart bought Finland Plantool company, the company specialized in the design of circular saw and provide reliable and high precision solution, and using the latest software of control system.Dano bart overall solution combined with Plantool company, will be the forefront production system into reality, to satisfy the needs of different users.

“Machine tool and technology of China economic exchange 2017” was held in mianyang

In the Chinese academy of engineering physics (nine yuan) supplies department, with the assistance of March 9, China machine tool industry association was held in mianyang & other;In 2017, machine tools and technology of China economic exchange & throughout;, this also is the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) first promotional activities.At the centre of the nine yuan each, each related to leadership, equipment, and so on more than 50 people attended the meeting.There are some participants made a special trip came from the mountain old point.Nine yuan Liu Yaning supplies department minister spoke first.He said that China’s machine tool industry association has long been keep close contact with nine yuan, especially in view of the current intelligence plane, intelligent factory needs and potential development, communication and communication.In the 15th China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT2017) on the eve of the specially came to our hospital is introduced, for hospital units early know exhibition and exhibition provides a good opportunity, expanded the field of vision, provides the help.Marketing TuJing first chief of China machine tool industry association in 2016 China’s machine tool industry situation of economic operation and CIMT2017 readiness, etc are introduced.Experts Zhou Minsen introduces the international latest technology development trend of machine tools, as a case study of a large number of detailed exhibits characteristics of the exhibition to display them one by one.Also at the scene with some equipment type selection, head of the communication, discusses the related technology and process.Nine school supplies department manages the floor of the procurement and the equipment maintenance work, is also its successive CIMT exhibition tour organizers and server.Should supplies department requirement, the promotion time is the last for nearly a month in advance, the purpose is to make the hospital departments get show information as soon as possible, understand the characteristics of the exhibits, familiar with the exhibition layout, make full use of CIMT2017 platform, targeted to choose equipment.Participants of China machine tool industry association exhibition publicity form gave high evaluation, and said to the exhibition will be held during the period of technical exchange and & otherThe window of the colleges and universities throughout the &;Activities such as interest is very high.(the original title: promotional activities to around & ndash;& ndash;First mianyang nine yuan) (source: the 15th China international machine tool exhibition)

China abrasives association expert committee three times in the sixth meeting held in Qingdao

Night of March 28, 2017, China’s machine tool industry association abrasives branch expert committee of six three meetings held in Qingdao.More than 30 experts committee attended the meeting, abrasives branch secretary-general dodson TB to attend the meeting and delivered a speech, director of companies to attend attend the meeting.The meeting shall be presided over by members xin-li zhao, director of the committee of experts.Commissioner xin-li zhao, director of the committee of experts chaired the meeting abrasives branch secretary-general dodson TB to attend the meeting this meeting mainly has two contents: one, listen to the review of 2016 annual report on the work of the committee of experts;Second, discuss abrasives branch committee of experts working content in 2017.Finally, the convention ended in the middle of a big round of applause.(the original title: abrasives industry experts committee three times in six meeting held in Qingdao) (source: China machinery industry federation machine through the network)