Numerical control lathe is debugged with check and accept

Of numerical control lathe check and accept should promulgate by the country execute ” numerical control center lathe is made with check and accept a technology to ask ” undertake, in checking and accept a process, if produce conflict, answer to be a basis with national relevant specification, solve through talking things over. 1.Open box to check and acceptSpecific accessory detailed list is right in pressing random container load plan and contract one by one of the article inside box checks examination. Make servy record. Be like next content: The case that pack is whole, machine tool exterior has without apparent attaint, it is rustily, take off lacquer; Have without technical data, all ready; Accessory breed, norms, amount; Spare parts breed, norms, amount; Tool breed, norms, amount; Cutting tool breed, norms, amount; Install accessory; Electric breed of yuan of parts of an apparatus, norms, amount; 2.Switch on the mobile phone experimentMachine tool installation is debugged after finishing, inform a manufactory of the clique to the person debugs a machine tool namely. The experiment basically has as follows: All sorts of 1) hands use a testA. The hand moves hand of operation test test to use the accuracy of the operation. B. The dot uses a testC. Main shaft changes archives experimentsD. Exceed Cheng experiment2) function experimentsA. With key-press, switch, artificial operate undertake to the machine tool the function experiments. The flexibility of trial act, smooth sex reachs functional dependability. B. Optional rotate speed of a kind of main shaft does main shaft to start, turning, invert, inactive experiments continuously. Operate not less than 7. C. Main shaft is tall, medium, low rotate speed commutation experiments. The statement cost of rotate speed and difference of indication value allow are ± 5% . D. Optional a kind of feed, in XZ axis on overall travel, successive charge for the making of sth. makes feed and fast feed test. Quick stroke should be more than 1/2 total travel. Fang Helian add operates positive and negative not less than 7. E. On the overall travel of axis of X, Z, do commutation of low, medium, tall feed to experiment. Turn tower tool carrier undertakes all sorts of dislocation clamp experiment. F. Hydraulic pressure, lubricant, cooling system does test of sealed, lubricant, cooling sex, accomplish not leakage. G. Chuck does clamp, loose, flexibility and dependability test. H. Main shaft is done turning, invert, stop to reach trial of rotate speed of commutation main shaft. I. Turn tower tool carrier undertakes dislocation of direction of positive and negative experiments. J. Feed orgnaization is done low in tall feed experiments for fast feed commutation. K. Experiment feed coordinate exceeds Cheng, hand to move data input, position to show, answer datum mark, program serial number makes instructions and retrieve, program time-out, program is deleted, flexibility of the dependability of the function such as compensation of position of loop of cutting of loop of cutting of loop of cutting of Huang of location line interpolation, linear cutting, taper, whorl, circular arc, cutting tool, pitch compensation, clearance compensation, movement. 3) sky is moved turn experimentA. Movement of active motive compose experiments, in top rotate speed paragraph must not little at 1 hour, the temperature value of main shaft bearing does not exceed 70 ℃ , temperature rise value does not exceed 40 ℃ ; B. Successive empty movement experiments, its campaign time not less than 8 hours, every cycle time is not more than 15 minutes. Every loop cease jockeys, and imitate pine blocks workpiece action, jockey not to exceed a minute, continue to run again. 4) bear experimentsThe user prepares the blueprint of typical spare parts and semifinished product, the process designing below personnel guidance and input program are debugged in the manufactory, choose cutting cutting tool and cutting dosage. Bear experiment can undertake by following 3 paces, vehicle of thick car, heavy cut, fine. Each pace divides onefold cutting and circular program cutting again. The spare parts examines to already machined place after every time cutting is finished real measure undertakes comparative with statement cost, examine the moving precision that the machine tool issues in bear condition, namely the comprehensive treatment precision of the machine tool, turn the dislocation precision of tower tool carrier. 3.Check and acceptThe machine tool opens box to check and accept, the function experiments, after empty movement experiment, bear experiment is finished, treatment gives eligible product, can deal with check and accept turn over formalities. If have a problem, the manufactory should be in charge of solving.

Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center detect through the country

On March 12, install Yangxin to fill machine tool Inc. to develop the country reached ADG of product of great and special set 2009 lathe of high-grade numerical control and turning center, the workshop is assembled to detect smoothly through national machine tool in numerical control of company constant temperature central expert detects. The member that the expert is comprised is opposite respectively early or late index of each crucial technology of this product, function and dependability undertook detecting, because my company is home is assumed congener and special in the first accepts a product to examine acceptable unit, because each expert member is in whole detect of process camber serious and responsible, detect in machine tool dependability especially in the process, a few experts ten days of day and night are on duty ceaselessly by turns, nevertheless, the expert is detecting still is to did not discover any technical problems in the process, this product is all technical index is one-time through detecting. Finally, expert the admiration that to me this kind of company product gave height ” the ADG series product of your development, it is we come a few this years the product of numerical control machine tool with the best quality that has seen since manufacturer of countrywide so much, and, although you are produced is ‘ high speed ‘ numerical control lathe, but the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard! But the technical index of this product also was achieved likewise ‘ high spirit ‘ standard!! Hear the expert’s opinion, the company’s present technology felt immediately in heart of deputy total Wang Yuping and each technology personnel greatest gratified, be company everybody all leader, special technology personnel takes the height of special job seriously and long-term since countless are paid arduously day and night, through relapsing ceaseless technology tackles key problem and debug, just obtained today the achievement of such arrogant people. “Lathe of numerical control of ADG series high speed and turning center ” be ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” science and technology is great and special in one of tasks of first support, this product basically resolves the pressing demand of the domain such as car, aerospace, war industry. My company is used actively in item executive process advanced ” 3 > of 1 + 4 ” ” produce, learn, grind, with ” mode of collaboration of innovation scientific research, hand in Inc. of piston of emperor of gold of engineering college of big, Central Plains, Qu Fu to wait for coact of user of college courtyard place and key with Xi’an, the success that achieved technology of key of general character of machine tool of a batch of high-grade numerical control tackles key problem, obtained the positive result of science and technology of a batch of plentiful and substantial: File national patent among them 6, invent patent among them 4, establish a standard 2, publish a paper 11, publish 2 in foreign famous journal among them, developed team of a batch of senior professional. This project product is main technical index still belongs to blank in home, congener product imports cycle to grow from abroad, the price is high, the success of this task is carried out, realized our country congener product to replace the strategic goal of the entrance, also proved my company made a respect obtain new breakthrough in research and development of machine tool of high-grade numerical control at the same time, also promoted my company the significant position inside countrywide industry further, for the company ” 925 ” develop the strategy carry out laid good foundation.

Dalian of rejected product of birth of eligible machine tool flies amount to enterprise of Hunan harmful pain

Sticking ” certificate of approval ” what machine tool production goes out is unqualified product completely, 460 thousand yuan of payment for goods in one’s hand hind, refus does not admit the machine tool has quality problem, however with ” operation error ” wait for reason general responsibility all shirk gives the buying party, dalian flies the inferior machine tool that amounts to production of mechanical production limited company is killed sufferred from Hunan double horse electric limited company. Came in May 2010 during August, hunan double horse is electric limited company (company of double horse of the following abbreviation) fly from Dalian early or late amount to mechanical production limited company (the following abbreviation flies amount to a company) purchased lathe of 3 Chan Zhuli type, among them CX5110 two (number is D1008101, D1008102) respectively, CX5112 (number D1005056) , goods is worth add up to 460 thousand yuan. However, double horse company discovered during facilities tries an operation machine tool precision forbids to wait for quality problem, machine the product that come out to short of quality asks and all can discard as useless only, because this is serious,manage what affected a company normally, caused huge loss to the company. Detect via double horse company discovery, actual precision does not accord with the machine tool fly the tolerance on the product certificate of approval that amounts to a company to offer, and error is bigger. The lathe of odd column vertical that is D1008101 with number is exemple, fly the place of certificate of approval that amounts to a company is shown ” workbench end panel is jumpy ” allow difference is ” 0.05mm is inside 1000mm diameter ” , fly the actual measurement value that amounts to a company is 0.03mm, but value of actual measurement of double horse company is 0.08mm. The immediate consequence that machine tool precision forbids to bring about machines the product that come out to not agree with namely add up to norms to ask, cause ” round, square ” case, this is an immense labor to rigid production business. As we have learned, double horse company ever forbade to wait with respect to machine tool precision in June last year problem and fly amounted to a company to undertake for many times negotiation, although the other side ever sent a person 3 times to come round to maintain, but inextricability from beginning to end problem, equipment still cannot be used normally up to now. Subsequently, fly amount to a company to handle the reason shirk responsibility such as error with double horse company unexpectedly, refus does not respond to all requirements of double horse company. But under, double horse company pledges to Xiangtan city inspect bureau is complained. Xiangtan city pledges inspect bureau stems from service company, maintain the position of business rights and interests, the requirement flies before amounting to a company to send a person, will handle relevant matters concerned, danfei amounts to a company still the attitude is aloof. This year on April 1, xiangtan city pledges inspect bureau pledges to Hunan Province inspect bureau applies for product quality appraisal. Suffer Hunan Province to pledge inspect bureau is appointed, the expert has collate test at going to the spot on April 19 related organization of institute of Hunan Province quality inspection. The expert is undertaking detecting. Basis of personnel of spot survey produce the expected result ” vertical lathe examines conditional precision examines the 1st part: Chan Zhu and lathe of double column vertical ” (GB/T 23582.1-2009) is right the project of place designation of certificate of approval of product of 3 machine tools undertook precision examine, according to ” the metal is cut cut a machine tool current technology condition ” (GB/T 9061-2006) , ” the metal is cut cut machine tool casting pig technical condition ” (JB/T 3997-94) level is right hardness of cast of beam of 3 machine tools undertook examining, examine eventuate does not accord with national level to ask. Meanwhile, crossbeam is perpendicular and mobile shift of the verticality of the face, vertical to workbench tool carrier is opposite ram of the parallelism of workbench face, vertical tool carrier moves the parallelism of pair of workbench axis of rotation (or goods of vertical tool carrier moves really the verticality of pair of workbench faces) wait for a project. Additional, value of hardness of surface of cast of beam of 3 machine tools all also does not accord with GB/T 9061-2006, JB/T 3997-94 the requirement of relevant provision. The expert discovers in detect, fly amount to a company charge for the making of sth. of product of these 3 machine tools is very coarse, and the industry standard of designation of the place on certificate of approval all far the requirement under national level. After product quality survey report comes out, bureau of Xiangtan city qualitative inspect gives at will reporting the result is sent with express means on May 7 fly amount to a company, the requirement sends a person to come round to assist processing, danfei amounts to a company still pay no attention to, end before distributing news dispatches, this company still did not manage with double Ma Gong or bureau of Xiangtan city qualitative inspect gets in touch. As we have learned, dalian flies amounting to mechanical production limited company is business of mainstay of stress of production industry of Dalian city machinery, of production (number is shown, numerical control) lathe of Chan Zhu, Shuang Zhuli type, sell each district of past whole nation not only and sell as far as to the world each district such as the United States, Russia, Italy. Normally for, the machine mass that this company produces is to have assure, fly however 3 machine tools that amount to a company to sell double Ma Gong manages all appeared same quality question, and be tagged on product certificate of approval industry standard actually under national level, this lets a person unimaginably queer. This kind reduces product standard to produce the method of responsibility of shirk of problem of quality of inferior product, occurrence product, let a person generate suspicion to the character of this enterprise indeed.

Yunnan CY group rolls out one lot number to control machine tool new product

Recently, new 2013 product recommends limited company of Yunnan CY group and the seminar is held in Kunming of highland spring city, new product is about to turn the numerical control machine tool of 8 newest research and development such as vertical machining center and lathe of lathe of economy numerical control, tall stiffness numerical control, vertical lathe to the market. The new product that came from many 140 honored guest of more than 100 agent of domestic and key user to join this company is recommended and seminar. Recommend in new product and on the seminar, cui Peijiang of this company president parsed the understanding of current China economic situation and judgement to each honored guest. Point out, a lot of machine tools of CY product and home make manufacturer same, the competition ability of medium, high-grade product is very fragile, produce can the structure is unreasonable, the product is coessential change competitive aggravate, affect the competition of as famous as course of study of international person of the same trade transnational corporation greatly, force our home machine tool to create a company must comprehensive transition upgrades, competitive central issue also will turn into from dimensions growth development manner change. Emphasize pointing out, yunnan CY group must carry out strategic change and transition to upgrade with all one’s strength, ability advances CY group to develop continuously. It is around user demand, sound market function; 2 it is tamp foundation, promote a product competitive capability; 3 it is attention process control, promote level of management in the round, implement simple change; 4 it is compose builds socialization capacity, increase CY brand business praise; 5 it is comprehensive promotion quality of enterprise, stimulative company transition upgrades. As we have learned, 2012, this company lifts CY group to change adjustment thought upsurge, advance in the round change innovation. Break the administrative origanization construction that a few years traditional production plant controls, change for ” it is a center with the market and client ” mix model origanization construction, enterprise all thoughts, behavior is nodded for attention with the market and client, subsidiary of 8 big sales, interior held water in domestic international 5 product line create unit with 5. Innovation sale mode. Will be the agential service, function reach that serves for the market to be carried to the market, 0 distances and user are communicated, thorough knowledge user is specific demand, promote major project, medium high-end product goes against the raise on situation, obtain a project to grow 78% , gain ground model numerical control, in establishing a car to wait, high-grade product sale grows considerably. Exert oneself advances overseas market to sell. Make overseas sales revenue reachs 20.07 million dollar, in home course of study of person of the same trade exports be among the best of candidates. In the meantime, adopt special rule step and measure, have product structural adjustment quickly. Interior is bibcock with product line, puissant pull those who move raw production to organize mode to change innovation. Establish the measure such as the fundamental management system that is core with finance affairs, make this company accelerates a product to upgrade ceaselessly replacement rate, utmost ground satisfies the requirement of the market and user. A lot of agents and key user say, new Year beginning, limited company of Yunnan CY group holds new product to recommend and seminar, with 8 brand-new numerical control new product presents agent and key user, this is one of strong step that production company of domestic machine tool answers the market and user demand change actively, raised the hope that the agent sells to machine tool of card of home made product not only, also increased an user to use the resolution of machine tool of card of home made product. In the meantime, reveal this company to devote oneself to company transition to adjust, the product upgrades replacement, market of press close to, satisfy an user, develop domestic and international the boldness of two big markets. Cordial hope home’s numerous machine tool makes manufacturer to CY group same, establish truly ” it is a center with the market and user demand ” management thought.

One machine produces Zhejiang type of busy hi-tech content accepts favour

Machine tool industry is one of industries of 4 big pillar of inundated area, whole town shares machine tool production and relevant business nearly 500, among them machine tool production processes a business industrial production value is close 2012 3 billion yuan. Current, industry of inundated area machine tool is cast achieve a center to already was included to save priority discipline, and Hua Dong machine tool deserves to send a center be about to consign is used, the sale that will make inundated area press down a machine tool to produce a business and reveal a center, city of southeast machine tool already writtened guarantee very. However from last year second half of the year begins, get international banking crisis affect, machine tool industry also is affected, the production of many machine tools, production value that sells a business appeared coast. By March, of the deputy alcalde Zhou Xinhai that presses down industry of be assigned personal responsibility for in inundated area of lukewarm mountain city guide below, group of network of business affairs of Chinese machine tool visited Zhejiang one machine machine tool creates limited company. The company recieved us about chief enthusiasm, to we are specific introduced company condition, guide us to see factory building. One machine machine tool makes Zhejiang limited company is a major makes mill of general and of all kinds screw, mill of numerical control screw, make the same score lathe of lathe bed numerical control, CK6180, CK6150 and each class number control the civilian battalion company of the machine tool. The company has professional technology personnel many 100. Use domestic and international advanced design concept and production technology, the software of Pro/E three-dimensional design of company of American parameter technology, elaborate design and the high-quality goods of production machine tool. During, visit staff group thorough workshop, examine the manufacturing case of the enterprise on the spot, the machine that sees manufacturing workshop rumble operates incessant Yu Er, employee people burnish, debug, assemble, paint, in an orderly way, send busy picture. Week deputy alcalde expresses, the enterprise should be grabbed seize opportunity, overcome difficulty, do all one can goes all out in work, with science and technology innovation is prop up, strengthen technical research and development, advance an industry to upgrade, enhance company core competition ability ceaselessly, for machine tool industry development makes contribution more.