Yunnan CY group rolls out one lot number to control machine tool new product

Recently, new 2013 product recommends limited company of Yunnan CY group and the seminar is held in Kunming of highland spring city, new product is about to turn the numerical control machine tool of 8 newest research and development such as vertical machining center and lathe of lathe of economy numerical control, tall stiffness numerical control, vertical lathe to the market. The new product that came from many 140 honored guest of more than 100 agent of domestic and key user to join this company is recommended and seminar. Recommend in new product and on the seminar, cui Peijiang of this company president parsed the understanding of current China economic situation and judgement to each honored guest. Point out, a lot of machine tools of CY product and home make manufacturer same, the competition ability of medium, high-grade product is very fragile, produce can the structure is unreasonable, the product is coessential change competitive aggravate, affect the competition of as famous as course of study of international person of the same trade transnational corporation greatly, force our home machine tool to create a company must comprehensive transition upgrades, competitive central issue also will turn into from dimensions growth development manner change. Emphasize pointing out, yunnan CY group must carry out strategic change and transition to upgrade with all one’s strength, ability advances CY group to develop continuously. It is around user demand, sound market function; 2 it is tamp foundation, promote a product competitive capability; 3 it is attention process control, promote level of management in the round, implement simple change; 4 it is compose builds socialization capacity, increase CY brand business praise; 5 it is comprehensive promotion quality of enterprise, stimulative company transition upgrades. As we have learned, 2012, this company lifts CY group to change adjustment thought upsurge, advance in the round change innovation. Break the administrative origanization construction that a few years traditional production plant controls, change for ” it is a center with the market and client ” mix model origanization construction, enterprise all thoughts, behavior is nodded for attention with the market and client, subsidiary of 8 big sales, interior held water in domestic international 5 product line create unit with 5. Innovation sale mode. Will be the agential service, function reach that serves for the market to be carried to the market, 0 distances and user are communicated, thorough knowledge user is specific demand, promote major project, medium high-end product goes against the raise on situation, obtain a project to grow 78% , gain ground model numerical control, in establishing a car to wait, high-grade product sale grows considerably. Exert oneself advances overseas market to sell. Make overseas sales revenue reachs 20.07 million dollar, in home course of study of person of the same trade exports be among the best of candidates. In the meantime, adopt special rule step and measure, have product structural adjustment quickly. Interior is bibcock with product line, puissant pull those who move raw production to organize mode to change innovation. Establish the measure such as the fundamental management system that is core with finance affairs, make this company accelerates a product to upgrade ceaselessly replacement rate, utmost ground satisfies the requirement of the market and user. A lot of agents and key user say, new Year beginning, limited company of Yunnan CY group holds new product to recommend and seminar, with 8 brand-new numerical control new product presents agent and key user, this is one of strong step that production company of domestic machine tool answers the market and user demand change actively, raised the hope that the agent sells to machine tool of card of home made product not only, also increased an user to use the resolution of machine tool of card of home made product. In the meantime, reveal this company to devote oneself to company transition to adjust, the product upgrades replacement, market of press close to, satisfy an user, develop domestic and international the boldness of two big markets. Cordial hope home’s numerous machine tool makes manufacturer to CY group same, establish truly ” it is a center with the market and user demand ” management thought.

One machine produces Zhejiang type of busy hi-tech content accepts favour

Machine tool industry is one of industries of 4 big pillar of inundated area, whole town shares machine tool production and relevant business nearly 500, among them machine tool production processes a business industrial production value is close 2012 3 billion yuan. Current, industry of inundated area machine tool is cast achieve a center to already was included to save priority discipline, and Hua Dong machine tool deserves to send a center be about to consign is used, the sale that will make inundated area press down a machine tool to produce a business and reveal a center, city of southeast machine tool already writtened guarantee very. However from last year second half of the year begins, get international banking crisis affect, machine tool industry also is affected, the production of many machine tools, production value that sells a business appeared coast. By March, of the deputy alcalde Zhou Xinhai that presses down industry of be assigned personal responsibility for in inundated area of lukewarm mountain city guide below, group of network of business affairs of Chinese machine tool visited Zhejiang one machine machine tool creates limited company. The company recieved us about chief enthusiasm, to we are specific introduced company condition, guide us to see factory building. One machine machine tool makes Zhejiang limited company is a major makes mill of general and of all kinds screw, mill of numerical control screw, make the same score lathe of lathe bed numerical control, CK6180, CK6150 and each class number control the civilian battalion company of the machine tool. The company has professional technology personnel many 100. Use domestic and international advanced design concept and production technology, the software of Pro/E three-dimensional design of company of American parameter technology, elaborate design and the high-quality goods of production machine tool. During, visit staff group thorough workshop, examine the manufacturing case of the enterprise on the spot, the machine that sees manufacturing workshop rumble operates incessant Yu Er, employee people burnish, debug, assemble, paint, in an orderly way, send busy picture. Week deputy alcalde expresses, the enterprise should be grabbed seize opportunity, overcome difficulty, do all one can goes all out in work, with science and technology innovation is prop up, strengthen technical research and development, advance an industry to upgrade, enhance company core competition ability ceaselessly, for machine tool industry development makes contribution more.

Group of DMG Asia president makes an on-the-spot investigation to peaceful river machine tool

On March 5, 2013 afternoon, party of Zhu Jianfeng’s minister reachs ministry of collaboration of international of group of assorted of Chan Xilin of general manager of DMG of Han Nuo of president of German DMG Asia, Beijing, general the company looks around make an on-the-spot investigation. The leader such as Liu Yan of Jiang Hua of company general manager, chief engineer welcomed honoured guest enthusiasticly. In Jiang Hua the accompanying of the leader such as general manager falls, han Nuo visited company exhibition hall to reach above all all right assemble a workshop. Producing the spot, industry of index of the function of the product of core competition ability such as lathe of gear-hobbing machine of machine tool of the machining center of horizontal of high speed high spirit that dot of ginger gross weight makes to company production, coordinate, numerical control, numerical control, main technique, application and domain undertook introductory. After Han Nuo is looking around, to me the product of the company gives reputably, hope both sides will be strengthened henceforth medium cooperation is produced in the machine tool.

Factory of Shanghai machine tool specializes in grinder innovation research and development to finish national science and technology special

Reporter on September 7 from 2011 grinder advanced make with the know on innovation technology seminar, limited company already made plant of Shanghai machine tool countrywide machine tool finishs national science and technology in production monomer enterprise great and special most enterprise, sales revenue can break through 1 billion yuan this year.

The machine tool is weighed for machine tools, the grinder that assumes a metal to machine last working procedure is called its technical level decides the artwork in master directly product precision. Current, domestic grinder year consumption makes an appointment with 10 billion yuan, among them 70% support entrance. But long-term since abroad executes block to the core technology of grinder industry and crucial part. Factory of Shanghai machine tool specializes in grinder, begin to carry out from 2009 and finish a series of country science and technology great and special.

The OK and relaxed freely that factory of Shanghai machine tool makes processes 250 tons of work exceed grinding machine of roller of heavy-duty and rigid numerical control, weight exceeds 300 tons. Do not think this big guy is only able rough work, it is actually artful can embroider can machine a diameter not only 2.5 rice, length 15 meters top class workpiece, and the 1/8 that precision can achieve silk of a hair. Grinder of numerical control of miniature of precision of accept rice class is be used at war industry and aerospace industry exceed accurate grinding equipment, fixed position precision is less than or be equal to 100 accept rice, repeat fixed position precision to be less than or be equal to 50 accept rice. Volume is not large it, as the magic square of an OK and free roll, size range of pipe bent is very wide, but concave and convex and curved surface of grinding treatment freedom, spherical, torus.

Stone light tells general manager of plant of Shanghai machine tool the reporter, the enterprise strives for 925 end to achieve sales revenue 2 billion yuan, among them home market of grinder of large cylindrical grinder, large crankshaft is had rate more than 60% .

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Technical level difference analyses domestic and international high-powered machine tool to use bearing

1. Horn contacts domain of main shaft of ball bearing report

Home has a level: In machining center and respect of main shaft of report of numerical control milling machine, luoyang bearing institute developed oil gas to lubricate model main shaft of machining center report, rated power and 22kW of highest turn up, 24000r/min; Main shaft of report of the permanent magnetism synchronism that Hunan university develops machining center, rated power 35kW, 18000r/min of top rotate speed, radial round jumpy 1.5m, g0.4 of dynamic balancing precision, deploy HSK – A63 knife handle, use oil gas to lubricate with compulsive water-cooling means. Ball bearing of pottery and porcelain of high-power of high speed of development of Shenyang building university highest turn up reachs unit of electric main shaft 30000r/min, power amounts to 20kW; Those who develop development without unit of main shaft of report of complete pottery and porcelain of inner ring type top rotate speed achieves 30000r/min, most high-power achieves 15kW, circumgyrate precision 1m. Grinding respect of the main shaft that use phone, value of Dmn of product of main shaft of Luoyang bearing institute achieves 170 ~ 2 million Mmr/min; Bearing ferrule grinds the main shaft that use phone most high-power is amount to 32kW (S6 ~ 60% ) , top rotate speed is 120000r/min; Path board grinds Gao Tie course to amount to 150kW with electric main shaft (S1 ~ 100% ) , 2000r/min of top rotate speed; Working life general is ubiquitous 1500 ~ 2000h.

Level of international advanced technique: In machining center and respect of main shaft of report of numerical control milling machine, the grease on international is lubricant model machining center uses electric main shaft top rotate speed is 60000r/min, oil gas is lubricant model numerical control mill is highest rotate speed is 140000r/min, and the power of high-power report main shaft can amount to 80kW, rotate speed is 10000r/min, its are the biggest torsion can amount to 380Nm. Grinding respect of the main shaft that use phone, the bearing Dmn value of product of international main shaft is as high as 2.4 million Mmr/min, choose oil gas lubricant means, output power is global than going up generation product increases 50% the left and right sides, its work life also grows 50% generally to control.

Machine tool of national numerical control weighs target of old special technique: Rated power and top rotate speed are ① 50kW, 20000r/min (it is 30kW, 30000r/min and 10kW, 40000r/min twice additionally) . ② has bearing trends to be tightened beforehand adjust a function. 5000h of time of ③ average failure free operation. 1.0m of < of precision of circumgyrate of ④ main shaft. 300Nm of stiffness of ⑤ shafting all. Class of G0.4 of precision of ⑥ dynamic balancing. ⑦ constant power 14. Limits of wave motion of ⑧ rotate speed 0.04% the following. Buy of ⑨ C position of axle controls precision 10. Interface of coder of ⑩ high resolution can support 17 coder most (131072 pulse / R) . 11. Have interface of bus line of two kinds of spots.

2. Liquid (move) static control territory of bearing report main shaft

Home has a level: The liquid that Shanghai achieves limited company of main shaft of accurate machine tool to develop formerly (move) the static main shaft that suppress report, rated power and top rotate speed achieve 34kW, 8500r/min, radial and jumpy 1m. The liquid that firm of Oriental seed profit produces (move) the static main shaft that suppress report, rated power / top rotate speed achieves 17kW, 8000r/min, radial and jumpy 1m, radial stiffness 500Nm. Hunan university is aimed at the circle outside exceeding high speed / camshaft grinder developed liquid of type of the buy inside electromotor (move) the static main shaft that suppress report, rated power and 35kW of highest turn up, 10000r/min, radial circle is jumpy 1m; Still be aimed at grinder of the circle inside high speed at the same time, developed activity of liquid of type of the outfit inside electromotor of 12kW, 30000r/min to press electric main shaft. The limited company of Beijing northing nicety of subordinate of Beijing aerospace university developed set (move) static control main shaft product, rated power and top rotate speed achieve 7.5kW, 48000r/min, circumgyrate precision can achieve 0.5m less than. Inside the circle is ground (move) static control main shaft aspect, home already produced turn up 20000r/min, the main shaft product of 28mm of main shaft diameter. At present domestic liquid (move) static the circumgyrate precision that presses main shaft is the most high-energy achieve 0.1m.

International is advanced level: German HYPOSTATIK company develops outside the round main shaft that obliterate report, top job rotate speed is 7600r/min, power is 50kW, 320Nm of emery wheel radial stiffness; Cam grinds main shaft of concave side grinding, rotate speed 25000/35000r/min, emery wheel radial stiffness is 120/60Nm; Milling is static the main shaft that suppress report, top job rotate speed is 42000r/min, power is 15kW, bearing stiffness is 200/160Nm.

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