Guilin machine tool holds contest of technology of numerical control lathe

A few days ago, inc. of Guilin machine tool held technology of numerical control lathe to compare fierce activity greatly. Since this year, face financial crisis influence, this company clutchs favorable opportunity, held early or late inside entire company limits ” technical backbone grooms class ” , ” middle-level administrator grooms class ” , and begin assemble labour of benchwork, lathe work, electrical engineering, crane to wait for set technology the match and technology earth up training exercise to benefit the internal organs, thrust moves broad blueness labour to learn technical upsurge, for next look forward to firm pick up next dozen of solid bases.

This big nicety will appear on the market 3 turn the automatic lathe of tower knife stage

Japan this the shift of main shaft workbench that big nice development went compound process capability to get rising automatic lathe ” ST-38 ” , will begin to be a center to undertake selling in the whole world with Euramerican market from June 2010 (graph) . New product deployed 3 to turn tower knife stage, can control independently respectively. Can pass turn a variety of tools that install on tower knife stage, the cutting that has the different sort such as turning, bore and milling at the same time works, shorten thereby handling time. In basically be being used at machining medical treatment, car and aircraft industry domain, use, the complex form part that through the difficult cutting such as titanium material makes. Deploy turn tower knife stage has two is the front treatment is special, one is rear treatment special. Openly treatment appropriative turns tower knife stage clips workbench of openly main shaft to configure advanced face and interior, because the side before this can control 3 axes, inside can control two axes. Rear treatment appropriative turns tower knife stage also can control double axis. Turn the face of tower knife stage (installation tool cover) number all is 10. Rear side and openly side are same, also can have compound treatment. Besides use many turn outside tower knife stage, still be shorten handling time and used a name to be ” Star Motion Control System ” control means. Its method is choose beforehand and be close to (approach work) the tool that the next in workpiece cutting process uses, in make the tool is retreated from inside workpiece while, control workpiece enters the cutting of next tool, shorten thereby blame cutting time. Pass these improvement, handling time will shorten more on average than before 7 % , the biggest shorten 17 % . If will machine a diameter the biggest if enlarging 38mm, still can support the work with thicker diameter. Belong to in shift of main shaft workbench automatic lathe ” the biggest treatment diameter ” (this big nicety) . The price is 30.66 million yen (contain tax) .

New product and make one’s rounds of new technology whole nation perform Waerte news briefing success is held

Came 27 days on May 18, waerte is in Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai respectively 5 big cities held a product to recommend make one’s rounds to perform an activity, the understanding that makes a client more intuitionistic thereby thirdly the car of old brand Walter, Walter Titex, Walter Prototyp, mill, auger, Kong Jia is versed in cutting tool is tasted newly. It is reported, this company still will be in second half of the year this year different city undertakes make one’s rounds acts the 2nd times, with better recommend new product. The respect expresses Waerte, this make one’s rounds acts in its are new the chamfer of NRF of lathe tool product of development the wide interest that tiger razor blade aroused a client. This product serves as Waerte this year advocate the lathe tool that turn is tasted newly one of, apply to the process of thick, semifinishing machining that has the forging treatment with appearance inhomogenous outline and part of big norms dimension. Its are had not only before much coating of tiger razor blade is compound structure and patent Al2O3 coating, groove design is more special, a kind of razor blade had 2 kinds of chamfer at the same time model. And the module type of Walter Prototyp rectifies Confit of hard milling cutter, have patent to join from centering whorl, come back easily, join is reliable, when high strenth can be being used actually, the section changes knife time about, can combine rough machining milling cutter quickly with the extension bar of 3 kinds of types, establish milling cutter of head of milling cutter of milling cutter, circular arc of point of a knife, ball, shape the add up to such as milling cutter 77 norms in order to apply to all sorts of application circumstance. The main Technical Division that this make one’s rounds performs the client that mobile place invites to basically come from the industry such as car, aerospace, electric power, war industry, the problem that Waerte’s technologists part to put forward with respect to place of respective domain client during was made meticulous solve.

Numerical control is heavy-duty deep aperture covers makings horizontal compound lathe is connecting abundant to be versed in research and development succeeds again

Recently, connect abundant to weigh labour to produce equipment for promotion, own innovation was developed ” numerical control is heavy-duty deep aperture covers makings horizontal compound lathe ” .
Function of this lathe structure has apparent innovation sex. 8000mm of 1200mm of diameter of the biggest makings, deepness, it is home the deep aperture of the biggest norms covers makings machine tool. Use double lathe bed 4 slideway structure, came true to cover on same table machine tool makings, bore hole, turning function, one chance is much can, raised big diameter to cover the treatment precision of makings workpiece at the same time, solved makings core prolapse, deep aperture to cover easy burn down of difficulty of makings platoon bits, cutting tool to wait for difficult problem of industry general character.
The successful development of this machine tool can show the axis that raises big diameter to manage model, large facility kind, tube the treatment level of the crucial component such as kind of spare parts, oil cylinder, fill the blank of product of this kinds of norms.

Lug carries lathe of machining center, numerical control to appear 2012 mid the meeting that make gain

Exposition of manufacturing industry of equipment of Chinese mid international is held in Zhengzhou, lug (Luoyang) initiate limited company of equipment science and technology to equip after kind of elaborate plan that the product passes nearly two months and preparation, in equipment sale ministry be in charge of falling took an active part in this exposition, in T of area of T of hall of one original poster 9 exhibit decided 6 standards to exhibit exhibited CK6150 of lathe of XH7150 of vertical machining center, numerical control, CW61100B-06B01 is smooth the equipment such as board box kind product, work showpiece at ending each satisfactorily on March 6.

On March 1, exposition kicks off formally, 6 levels that we had preparative adequately are exhibited also greeted first manufacturer and customer, they in succession view and emulate what we enter the facility that exhibit, consult our propagandist data, undertook communicate and communicating with sale personnel. Be in next in a few days, while we are showing a product, communicate our company culture concept what also lose no time with the client, publicized energetically again ” K1NTRA ” brand image. The equipment product label that uses a design 9 years to register from the company ” K1NTRA ” since, be in 2010 — 2011 in exhibiting continuously, we last all the time undertake ” K1NTRA ” conduct propaganda, use periodic conduct propaganda to make more client suffers numerous group to understand, accept, approbate, pass the effort that perserves two many years, eventually we make gradually ” K1NTRA ” in making client frame of mind ” tall tigidity, efficient, Gao Rou sex, high accuracy ” the pronoun that starts equipment brand, after be, the product develops the market to lay next solid foundations.

Current, breed of machine tool of our numerical control is in step up, milling machine of average numerical control car, numerical control and vertical machining center had fashioned series product. Developed set of HKC63 of product of numerical control high end at the same time flexible treatment is unit, and the CK6465 short lathe bed that has efficient, tall tigidity is puissant numerical control lathe. These products were an user to undertake be revealinged adequately through the means of objective, media and literal data, let a client see we are being changed to numerical control further, flexible change development, making by low end in progressively implementation make transition to high end, had had supply equipment for the client kind the condition of product solution. And these products are badly in need of at present enlarge the market, agential network also needs development and development. Exhibit this of the meeting hold, assemble of numerous channel agency is in, for us circumstance of agency of sufficient understanding each district created good opportunity, the sale channel that also is numerical control product makes an understanding and bedding. The medium and small businesses with peripheral at the same time Henan needs because of the development situation of fundamental industry, certainly will is faced with a production to machine what refine to essence of life by extensive type to transfer transition, the platform that this Zhengzhou international machine tool exhibits have the aid of now shows our numerical control product to potential client, publicize effect get twice the result with half the effort.

Mid now area has dimensions to create a company in order to make up fully many 5000, large company group expands quickly. Since 2006 of mid area add fast carrying first state all the time in 4 earths area, shipping of traffic of car and component, orbit, high additional cost and make, machinery of heavy-duty mine equipment, agriculture, remove heavy equipment to wait for industry whole competition ability to reside the whole nation the first, now duration is mid carry on coastal extensive property transfers southeast, the demand of market of mid area industrial product will expand quickly, filling business chance and latent capacity. This has had certain force to the product for us, it may be said takes climate favourable geographical position, want us only again character has made a product of make concerted effort, not the sale channel that anxious has done not have.

And go up in this exposition, we are collected not only a lot of more witting the competitor’s information, knew the market more newest trends, the agent that differs with each district region and client group undertook communicating, understood the market demand with diverse each district adequately, for equipment product development market laid solid foundation, also raised us further ” K1NTRA ” of the product famous degree.