Huanyu car: cultural soft power companies build development

Huanyu auto parts manufacturing company, founded in 1977, through the development of more than 40 years, from a small shop repair household appliances, now developed into sales of one hundred million yuan, profit tax is nearly thousands of county of the previous two ten strong backbone enterprises.Huanyu company the secret of success?& other;& lsquo;Forever pursuit first & rsquo;Spirit of enterprise, is the enterprise to realize transition across the driving force of development.Throughout the &;Huanyu company general manager Wu Gongyang said.
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racing culture: scaling new heights tree
benchmarking & have spentWere the first to fight for their best, and constantly transcend, huanyu company from had two entrepreneurial journey, the third time to open huanyu new entrepreneurial journey, from barely surviving decades ago to today’s spanning development, reflecting the huanyu people the spirit of hardworking, were the first to fight for their superior.
& have spentIn the process of enterprise development, huanyu company vigorously carry forward & lsquo;Forever pursuit first & rsquo;Spirit of enterprise, constantly strengthen new product development, continue to implement major industrial projects, enterprise development into the fast lane.In 2013, the company passed & other;National high and new technology enterprise & throughout;And & otherClean production enterprises throughout the &;Review, storage tax RMB ten million for the first time, a comprehensive open third venture new journey;In 2014, wing tai elevator to achieve small batch supply, into the elevator manufacturing enterprises, jianghuai, six teeth fork into batch production.In 2015, the development of various new products, 182, officially launched 320 series grinder OEM projects, enterprises under the condition of external market competition is intense, still maintained a sound momentum of development;In 2016, the new products are put into batch production, the year sales year-on-year increase of 38.02 million yuan, up 44.68% from a year earlier.
& have spentWhen it comes to the future development plan, Wu Gongyang said, by 2020, the company strives to achieve sales of 215 million yuan.The company’s development idea is: to strengthen new product development, research and development of CNC grinding machine and machining center, elevator product innovation, to achieve ten million yuan of above 2017 sales;Increase the intensity of technical transformation, plans to invest 50 million yuan of above, accelerating equipment informatization and intelligent;Enhance the level of company management and ERP system to promote applied to each link, continue to promote and strengthen performance appraisal;Improve enterprise service quality, customer satisfaction above 98%.
& have spentManagement culture: love of modern humanist
& have spentRecently, middle-level cadres in huanyu company meeting, Wu Gongyang suggested that employees are the most valuable wealth of enterprises, is the biggest driver of enterprise development.The key is to retain talent, enterprise development must follow & other;Three retention & throughout;System of principles, namely, to attract and retain talented people treatment recognition, retention.
& have spentSince its inception, huanyu company existing staff more than 240 people, more than 25% of them are more than 10 years old staff.Two workshop Yang yong in huanyu has been working for 25 years, has a unit pay him, please don’t leave.Yang yong said, after a long time, and huanyu have feelings, also likes huanyu development, this is not how much money can be determined.Still have a lot of employees in huanyu, like Yang yong.They work hard on their jobs, in order to realize enterprise development made a positive contribution.
& have spentIn recent years, huanyu company tries to build up a young cadres growth platform, let the outstanding young line to experience wind and rain at the grass-roots level, improve the comprehensive quality in the practice experience.In huanyu company, all the promotion of cadres and employees from bottom, from front-line workers to team leader, to the workshop director.On of choose and employ persons, introduce & other;The horse racing & throughout;Mechanism, all workshop director competition, other requirements of the job, implement competition.In training, organize employees to Shanghai auto, nanjing iveco, companies such as learning to introduce advanced experience and the management pattern, to build employee career competitiveness.On pay, overcome equalitarianism, no balance, no special, open class, income distribution follow the principle of distribution of work more.
& have spentThanksgiving culture: love shining glory in
& have spentOver the years, huanyu company in its own development at the same time, close care staff, to undertake the social responsibility, to create good corporate image.A sudden illness, director of the company heat treatment workshop, expensive medical bills for a typical family is a huge spending.Company informed immediately after the arrange car take him to the Shanghai east China hospital treatment, and the first time to visit, to 10000 yuan solatium.In huanyu, care staff details everywhere: dining room with free lunch at noon, at night, summer supply green bean soup and other food in summer;Organize & other;Send cool and refreshing, send warm & throughout;Activities, let employees feel enterprise the warmth of family;Organizations such as table tennis, badminton competition, rich after-hour life & hellip;& hellip;In enterprise development at the same time, huanyu company is also actively response the government called on, take the initiative to assume social responsibility, and constantly to give back to society, vigorously support the development of our county undertakings for disabled persons to visit to visit elderly and infirm, difficult people, with a positive, healthy enterprise image, has won widespread praise from all walks of life.
& have spentToday, after continuous exploration and practice, huanyu flowers bear fruit of corporate culture: the company has been rated as & other;High and new technology enterprise in jiangsu province & throughout;& other;Model of harmonious labor relations enterprise in jiangsu province & throughout;& other;Yancheng city high and new technology enterprise & throughout;& other;Yancheng demonstration enterprise informatization and industrialization fusion & throughout;And so on the title.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: cultural soft power companies build development) (source: China JianHu)

Neat heavy nc innovation in a world class

As a national & other;Contents & throughout;One of key construction during the period of 156 projects, qi heavy CNC equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as his heavy nc) strategic restructuring in 2007, technology innovation as the motive force of sustainable development, always at the speed of 25 new products per year on average, the product upgrading to a world-class level.In recent years, enterprises for national defense, transportation, energy and other industries of production and processing provides a number of patented technology and complete sets of equipment, for the national key need project provides a large number of numerical control equipment, high-end products also into Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and so on more than 30 countries and regions.The development of these products not only broke the foreign technology blockade of our country, more made important contribution to China’s comprehensive national strength.
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heavy nc: technology innovation system innovation management & have spentTechnology innovation, equipment outside China
& have spentQi heavy CNC main products with vertical and horizontal heavy machine tool is given priority to, also has the deep hole drilling and boring machine, heavy rail crankshaft lathe, lathe, roll lathe, milling and boring machine, vertical grinding machine, vertical landing gear milling machine, hobbing machine bed 26 series more than 600 varieties, the 10 categories of machine tool products.Company launched more than 20 new products per year, since the factory has more than 300 products to fill the domestic blank, which is suitable for China’s first brand heavy vertical, horizontal lathe, domestic market share of 50% in the heavy vertical machine tool products, mainly in the service of our country energy, machinery, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, military industry, traffic, metallurgy and other industries.
& have spentBear the national science and technology major projects, replace imported, manifested the enterprise indispensable strength.Since 2009, the qi heavy nc undertakes national six major projects of science and technology, there are 2 items for special national top ten landmark products, including car milling compound machining machine tool CNC heavy crankshaft can produce only in Germany and Japan before project, is the first in our country, the end of the our country now will not be able to process the history of large Marine crankshaft ten thousand horsepower.Nc post project is one of the world’s largest mobile vertical milling lathe CNC heavy duty machine tools, also is the world’s most advanced function, the highest machining precision CNC heavy duty machine tools.6.3 meters of super-heavy CNC horizontal boring lathe project is the world’s largest horizontal lathe turning diameter, whether the product specifications, or technical parameters, have reached the international leading level.Super-heavy CNC roll grinder project for domestic first sets, can replace imported high-end products.Adhere to independent innovation, and actively expand the market, forming the new economic growth point of enterprise.In order to meet the market demand to the actual situation of high-end transfer structure, heavy CNC in the original vertical, horizontal, on the basis of machine tool products, speed up the development to adapt to the market demand for high-grade replace imported products, research and development of a batch of products with core competitiveness.Qi heavy nc and Harbin engineering university cooperation and common development has made the deep sea manipulator and an Shi Sheng groove cutting machine.At present, the company is developing the indexing of one hundred desktop milking machine, the project market prospect is very good.In recent years, the company actively seeking international cooperation, to hire foreign enterprises well-known experts as technical advisers, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, actively explore the international market.
& have spentInstitutional innovation, stimulating enterprise inner vitality
& have spentNeat heavy CNC based on flexible mechanism and institutional advantages of private enterprises, break down barriers, galvanize release dynamic inner driving force.
& have spentRemove the original state-owned enterprises, and perfect corporate governance structure, decision-making management efficiency greatly increased.Earlier this year, in order to further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the company management, production and technical backbone staff cohesion and competitiveness, the controlling shareholder tianma holding group co., LTD, subsidiary company management, production and technical backbone personnel holding policy, there are 109 management, production and technical backbone personnel subscribed to nearly 30 million shares, inspired the masses of cadres and workers to realize rapid development of the determination and confidence.
& have spentReasonable efficient organization.Neat heavy CNC based on improve the efficiency of management, scientific integration function relevant departments.Company consists of 53 departments before the restructuring to reduce to 22 department today.Lean organization, reduce the personnel repeat Settings, reduces the enterprise the operation cost.
& have spentMechanism of choose and employ persons not stick to one pattern, the company adhere to the principle of the priority of efficiency and benefit, broke the state-owned enterprise worker iron rice bowl, greatly improve work efficiency.The use of talents can be selected through talent growth channel, not stick to one pattern.Employees get effective shunt and post adjustment in recent years, more than 4000 people to reduce the number of employees by restructuring of the 1948 people now, better cope with the impact of the market downturn brings to the enterprise.
& have spentDistribution of compensation to a line of tilt.Compensation allocation to production backbone, technical backbone and management backbone tilt, not only reflects the work more, and embodies the technology content of jobs, truly achieve & other;Tiller & throughout;Have & other;Throughout the field &;, & other;Workers & throughout;Have & other;Its shares & throughout;, pay a harvest, losses will be damaged.At present, the company has formed the special contribution of government experts, domestic machine tool industry leader and master the international advanced technology of foreign senior technology consultant for scientific research and development team.
& have spentManagement innovation, to take off for the enterprise development power
& have spentIn recent years, qi heavy nc adhere to fine management as the main line, continuously improve enterprise’s response to market mutation and the ability to resist risk.To establish a system for assessment of assets management responsibility system, encourage the production and business operation entity using spare capacity independent increase their income.Establishes an index system of cadre performance evaluation, salary directly linked to each unit of leading cadres monthly salary.Heavy machine tool industry in China the first enterprises to implement ERP management, full implementation of 6 s management, strongly promote production site standardization process operation, completes the high-end leading experimental research and pilot test of new products.Enterprises to increase cooperation with scientific research institutes of technology, successively with tsinghua university, Harbin institute of technology, technology and other scientific research institutes to carry out technical cooperation, strengthen the research and development cooperation with users, realize the mutual support of both technical resources and share the results of new products.
& have spent& other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Neat heavy nc will points & other;Two-step & throughout;: adjust gaining from 2016 to 2017, the enterprise implement turnround micro surplus;Rise of transformation from 2018 to 2020, through the commercial operation pattern of internal and external to seek cooperation with the international & other;Two paths & throughout;Worthy of the name, make the company become a machine tool industry leading enterprises.
& have spent(the original title: qi heavy CNC with innovation in the world class) (source: heilongjiang daily)

Kenner metal launch KBDM face milling cutter Implement precision machining

Had to replace the internal combustion engine sealing gasket mechanic knows, cylinder head and cylinder block has a smooth, flat surface to its normal operation is very necessary.Car manufacturers are more clearly, they pursue controllable, predictable surface precision grade, and higher productivity;At every parts in the process of machining, but also the pursuit of the maximization of the knives’ service life, and the tooling cost minimum.A lot of mechanic might think, what’s the big deal?Aluminum is one of the most easy to processing of materials., of course, when talking to a common 6061 – T6 material, this statement is very correct, but talking to automobile industry of aluminum alloy material, this kind of view is completely wrong.Grades 319 and 390, for example, type of materials can be easily cast into a variety of complex shapes, which used in the production of cylinder block, piston, cylinder head, pulley, and other similar parts, but because of these materials are of high silica content (higher than 6061 material 20-30), they are like sandstone as difficult processing.Launch KBDM kerner metal face milling cutter meet the requirements of automotive aluminum material processing fortunately, for these processing abrasive metal materials mechanics, they have a better alternative than cemented carbide cutting tool products, an alternative tool can work out the same precision mirror, tens of thousands of parts can be processed and the unit cutting edges.2-3 & mu;M Ra roughness is easy to implement, the knives’ service life of 40000 pieces of cylinder block, cylinder head, and other auto parts are also easily, & raquo;Kenner metal company’s senior product manager (indexable milling cutter) Tim Marshall said.This new type of face milling cutter with dense tooth aluminum blade, wedge clamping and adjustable design.At the same time provide a variety of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) blade, from single edge razor blades for finishing to the light blade surface, and standard knife blade, as well as for heavy roughing and square shoulder milling 1\/2 in. (12.7 mm) of axial processing cutting tool.He mentioned is the latest kerner metal company KBDM PCD face milling cutter.KBDM cutting tool is designed for mass processing applications, inventory standard product model for 2.5 to 8.0 in. (63-200 – mm), Marshall also mentioned processing customized products of the company.We can provide the diameter 21.5 in. (550 mm) models of custom products.Customer can therefore processing large parts, a single feed can complete the operation.We also provide the overall rod, HSK tooling, levorotatory tool, special processing, edge and special point selection scheme.KBDM not only has perfect blade design.Because car manufacturers often processing their own production of patent aluminum alloy material, kenner metal company also developed two kinds of PCD material blade as supplement: KD1400 small diamond grain design, has excellent resistance to collapse and blade wear resistance;KD1425 diamond grain design, thus has excellent wear resistance and thermal stability properties, but in terms of its blade resistance performance slightly.Both material can use high cutting parameters – depends on rigid alloy material and tool assembly;Kenner metal company suggested that sets the initial cutting speed to 3280 ft\/min (1000 m\/min), rate of feed per tooth. Set to 004 in. (0.01 mm), although can significantly improve the two parameters.A large machine tool manufacturers for us in the cutting tests, and compares the several competitive products, Marshall said.We used a 24 tooth, diameter 6.0 in. (150 mm) face milling cutter, the radial turning is 80%, the axial cut 1 mm deep, feed rate is 0.006 in. IPT (0.15 mm) cutting speed of 9600 ft\/min (2926 m\/min).Rotation speed is 6112 RPM, table feed rate for 880 IPM (22350 mm).Processing speed is very fast.Even in the case of such rapid, KBDM or processing surface roughness of the 14.7 Ra, raised several points than the other tools.Marshall advice before installation to preset KBDM, or can use an optical video measuring device.In the adjusting screw and lock screw parts, and knife nest wedge profile should apply a small amount of grease.Axis of rotation to the adjusting screw until the blade is located in the final set height. The 0004-0.0006 in. (0.010 0.015 mm) the following locations, then use the 31 in\/lb (3.5 Nm) of torque twist lock screw.- do not overly tight – then adjust each blade to its final position of height.If you use the light blade, higher than the other blade can set it to 0.0006 to 0.0008 in. (0.015 0.020 mm).Set up process is very simple, Marshall said.Can be easily adjusted to 2 or 3 micron precision scope.This is one of the keys to successful completion of the end face milling, has on the high-speed spindle is not only for the correct balance set, this operation can also achieve the roughness – when you’re on cylinder body or the combination of the cylinder head surface finishing, both is critical.Kerner metal company as a global leader of industrial technology, in the past more than seventy-five years has been fighting in the advanced materials innovation, we by applying the most advanced materials science, cutting tool and high wear-resisting solutions, to help customers increase productivity.Our customers throughout the aviation industry, road construction and mining, energy, general machinery processing and transport, and other fields, kenner can help them achieve efficient precision metal manufacturing.We have nearly 11000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world, they every day in our best to keep our customers competitive advantage.Kenner metal in the revenue of more than $2.1 billion in fiscal year 2016.(the original title: launch KBDM kerner metal face milling cutter for automotive industry aluminum material processing requirements) (source: metal processing)

Sandvik coromant come up with a new material cutting blade

Cutting tools and tool system experts sandvik coromant launched two new cutting blade material.GC2220 specially used for the cutting of the stainless steel material, GC4335 under unstable conditions or vibration problems of steel cutting and optimization design of the two kinds of new material can provide higher efficiency and longer tool life and higher utilization rate of machine tools.
& have spent& diams;& have spentThe plastic deformation of the stainless steel cutting material GC2220
calmly & have spentCaption: GC2220 is a gradient CVD coating sintering cemented carbide, designed to stabilize the working conditions require a higher wear resistance semi-finishing to rough turning and optimization.
& have spentIn response to common challenges related to the turning of stainless steel workpiece, GC2220 optimized design, can provide higher ability to resist plastic deformation and the higher the edge line of security.When the cutting tool materials become soft, can produce plastic deformation, this is due to cutting temperature is too high.If a manufacturer due to plastic deformation and frequent replacement blades, the production efficiency and profitability will be discounted.
& have spentGC2220 booster pump and valve manufacturers to build the main advantage of production workshop, and will provide services in the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas in areas such as general machinery manufacturers provide great help.
& have spentGC2220 is a gradient CVD coating sintering cemented carbide, designed to stabilize the working conditions require a higher wear resistance semi-finishing to rough turning and optimization.Sandvik coromant Inveio™Coating layer to effectively control the alumina grain growth in one direction, thus providing a higher wear resistance and longer tool life.This advanced patent technology have hard and wear resistant of columnar MT – TiCN coating internal support.As additional advantages of longer tool life, production workshop also can reduce the cutting tool inventory.
& have spentOf austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel parts (such as a pump body, shaft, shaft, seal, valve and flange) and\/or the cylindrical inner hole turning operation of manufacturers will benefit from this new material..Practice has proved GC2220 in processing other materials including martensitic stainless steel and low carbon steel also has the advantage.
& have spent& other;We suggest that according to the results of the practice, the customer should choose as far as possible big nose radius and always use a coolant to reduce the crater wear, groove wear and plastic deformation, & throughout;Sandvik coromant turning product manager Bimal Mazumdar, said & other;In addition, please be sure to choose special blade material for stainless steel application, in order to improve the tool life and the production efficiency.Throughout the &;
& have spentGC2220 also applied to CoroTurn®107 blade, designed for small or slender workpiece inner hole and cylindrical turning, CoroTurn®TR for cylindrical profiling, T – Max®P for ordinary cutting applications.
& have spent& diams;& have spentUsed for unstable conditions of steel cutting blade material GC4335
& have spentCaption: sandvik coromant brand new GC4335 blade material specially designed for challenging the turning process of
& have spentGC4335 adopted can achieve maximum thermal protection Inveio™Coating technology, compared with the last generation material, through improved line security provides greater steel cutting blade endurance, and greater resistance to the blade wear, plastic deformation and crater wear ability.Customers will benefit from the improved process, at the same time, also can reduce the risk of broken blade, reduce the cost and shorten the individual parts return on investment of time.
& have spentTurning the product manager Bimal Mazumdar, explains & other;New GC4335 especially suitable for uneven satin, due to fatigue and failure, may result in frequent change when performing a turning knife & throughout;.& other;Slow down the process to replace the broken blade means lower productivity.When slowing down of production, each parts machining cycle will be less, thus affecting the overall profitability.Throughout the &;
& have spentGC4335 launch will make including mechanical engineering, automotive OEM workshop and suppliers and subcontractors to benefit in the field of oil and gas.Typical parts including pipe, valve, crankshaft, differential shell, flanges and ring, to name a few.
& have spentIncluded in the deep reason behind GC4335 reliable toughness and resistance to plastic deformation ability realize perfect balance between the new substrate.In addition, as a new alumina thermal barrier coating can effectively transfer the heat of cutting area, and columnar MT – TiCN internal coating can also provide improved anti-wear material wear ability.After help to easily identify the wear yellow TiN coating on the surface of the knife.
& have spentIn order to highlight the potential benefits and the working condition of dry cutting saws GC4335 external face turning application is superior to the steel alloy (220 HB) competition in the blade, the former can deliver 3647 finished parts, while the latter is only 1980 (84%).The finishing process of cutting time for each part 2 seconds, the cutting speed of 145 m\/min (475 ft\/min), the feed rate is 0.4 mm\/rev (0.016 in\/rev), cutting depth of 0.35 mm (0.014 in).Equally significant benefits can also be by sandvik coromant on generation of the blade material GC4235 implementation.
& have spentGC4335 product category can be divided into T – Max®P and q CoroTurn®107.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: sandvik coromant launch new material cutting blade) (source: sandvik coromant)

This research attachment new heat ventilation pipe seiko manufacturing highlights the heart of craftsmen

Song dynasty pundit, cheng said, & other;The gentleman of learning will be renewed, nissin rijin also.No new will retreat, no not then no refund & throughout;, he thinks, the gentleman’s study must be renewed, the new is to every day to make progress.The ancients did so, in the ever-changing modern society, individuals and businesses in a rapidly changing, to keep up with The Times, more should be proactive, go forward, advancing with The Times.Cangzhou research machine tool accessories manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter are referred to as: Japan accessories) is such a company.Research the accessories in the process of development, keep the heart of enterprising, continuous research and development to produce in line with market development needs of high-quality products.As a long development history, enterprise management professional, the scale of production of high-tech enterprises, this research attachment integrating development, design, manufacture and sales.Founded at the beginning, this research attachment will shield machine, duct, drag chain, machine tool chip removal machine, machine tool working lamp as the research object, the enterprise after years of silent and cultivated, Japan accessories in the field of machine tool accessories has rich technical experience and advanced industry vision.In recent years, along with & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;With the German & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Docking process is accelerated, our country each big machine tool companies into product innovation and upgrade of industry.Japan accessories research and development team is based on two concepts, research and development to produce laminating machine tool market, meet the machine tool consumers high-quality products.Research attachment new high ventilation pipe recently, Japan accessories to create a new high temperature and ventilation tube appearance in the market.Once the product is introduced, and many new and old users of praise.According to understand Japan accessories products always with & other;New and change, seek breakthrough & throughout;As the characteristics, so the launch of a new type of high temperature and ventilation tube exactly is what kind of technology has charm let the machine tool consumers so?Small make up take you to find out.This type of high temperature and ventilation pipe adopts high temperature resistant glass fiber + cold drawn steel wire material, temperature can strengthen material according to customer requirements & ndash;& ndash;To a higher temperature or to adapt to a lower temperature, usually temperature range in – 30 & deg;- 450 & deg;In between.In addition, resistance to high pressure telescopic duct work pressure can be strengthen material according to the customer request in order to achieve a higher working pressure, usually working pressure is 450 MMWG, tube can be up to 30 m\/s wind speed.The duct is not only set of supply air, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistant, flame retardant, wear-resistant, resistant to pull and any expansion of a variety of functions, such as not burn, contractive, not deformation, no poison, no smoke, the product density is small, light weight, in the construction and reduce the mechanical structure of the bearing.Japan attachment new high temperature and ventilation tube with good fireproof performance and good mechanical strength, this product is popular with users.High temperature and ventilation tube used in workshop, commonly used in electronic equipment, sewage, metallurgy, exhaust ventilation, refrigeration, environmental protection engineering of drainage smoke dust, moisture, high temperature gas, ventilation, etc.Is gold will shine, and good products will speak.Japan attached duct production technology, set the essence of the function and practice, has always occupied a place among the same industry at home.On the way of research and development manufacturing better machine tool accessory products, believe that this research attachments will continue to set the essence of science and technology innovation, technology talented person of wisdom, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, with strength contribute a strength for development made in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)