Yong lee technology: gorgeous appearance BEW2017 popular high precision products

In June, the rainy season.The round-the-clock rain brought inconvenience for people to travel, but did not stop the development of machine tool enterprises in full enthusiasm.On June 27, 2017, the 22nd Beijing & middot;Essen welding and cutting “fair (hereinafter referred to as & other BEW”)Grand opening in Shanghai new international expo center.As a professional committed to the r&d and production of precision gear rack with servo reducer enterprise, yong lee technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other yong lee throughout technology &;)With its exquisite appearance BEW2017, with its excellent quality products and excellent service attitude, spoke highly of by many visitors, for BEW2017 added a beautiful beautiful scenery line.

we have learned, Beijing & middot;Essen welding and cutting “fair” by Chinese mechanical engineering society, Chinese mechanical engineering society welding branch, China welding association, China association of welding welding equipment branch, German welding society), messe Essen GMBH, is one of the world’s two major professional welding exhibition.Exhibitions at home and abroad every year to attract tens of thousands of dealers, agents in welding industry, research institutions, government departments, management and purchasing department and other professionals to visit.BEW2017 invited government departments, experts and scholars, the manufacturer hold the new product technology lectures, and seminars BBS of welding and welding technology, for the industry to provide comprehensive integrated communication platform!
tyc booth marked
yong lee science and technology is located in China’s reform and opening to the outside atmosphere leading city & ndash;& ndash;Shenzhen baoan district, excellent geographical environment as yong lee provides the development of science and technology power.In 1983, set up factories in Taiwan taichung yong lee science and technology, the company was formally established in 2006, and had become the world’s professional precision servo reducer gear rack and suppliers.After more than 30 years of development, yong lee at the same time absorb the advantages of the same products abroad, ongoing technological innovation, on the basis of the existing development perfect, improve the quality of their products, and has now become China’s transmission components, one of the leading in the field of supply and service enterprises.
yong lee science and technology popularity in
before the exhibition, yong lee eye-catching booth before becoming popular science and technology, eye-catching logos and exquisite products for yong lee technology adds a lot of the scores in the impression of visitors, staff affectionately explanation makes many visitors linger.
tyc precision gear rack and rail
according to the staff, the display of the roller speed reducer, the tooth bearing power of the dispersion technology, can greatly improve the ability of impact load.Many well known, the traditional gear transmission structure will be caused by wear or gear interference torque transfer is not smooth, and roller speed reducer as mesh piece is made by the roller, with rolling in the whole system is basically a sliding, mechanical losses, so greatly improve gear transmission efficiency, largely improve the machining efficiency of users.The rv reducer
otherThe arduous struggle, innovation & throughout;, yong lee science and technology has always been firmly believe that, without the arduous struggle the spirit, can’t the splendid achievements of today,Without the courage to innovation, there is no better future enterprises.Yong lee technology in recent years, increasing product development efforts, efforts to improve enterprise product influence.Company in domestic comprehensive layout, with the years accumulated rich experience in production and sales, the yong lee technology formed a set of solutions, purchasing, processing, storage, sales, after-sales service as one of the comprehensively integrated access service enterprise, for China’s machinery manufacturing enterprises to provide advanced, efficient, flexible and complete solution,.
as countries & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;The implementation of the strategy, the development of China’s manufacturing industry vigorous.Yong lee technology tightly grasp the development opportunity, based on the original advanced processing technology, to produce a batch of advanced gear rack and related equipment.Company has always uphold the & other;The pursuit of excellence, pragmatic and innovative & throughout;The management idea, from set out actually, growing strength.The attend BEW2017, yong lee technology with the practical action prove the power of enterprise and product quality.In the future, yong lee technology will continue to pursue & other;Innovation & throughout;The attitude of & to otherMade in China & throughout;To the world contribute their strength.
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Siasun robot: the industrial ecological construction

Shanghai international robot exhibition CiROS2017 & amp;SIAS hits, the exhibition siasun robot as a domestic robot leading enterprises, with beautiful image with a new dress for new products, the exhibition has three big window brilliant: innovation of industrial robot applications, a new generation of excellent human-machine collaborative robot and intelligent service robot quality experience.Siasun Robot&Automation Co., Ltd President dao-kui qu Siasun Robot&Automation Co., Ltd dao-kui qu, President of this reporter interview the Siasun robot is presented in the paper the three major characteristics of the products: security, collaboration, composite.Traditional security is completely against the traditional robots, robot generally need to be kept in a cage, with isolation and other equipment, but now in developing robots, with people to collaborate to communion, so safety is first.Siasun introduced a lightweight security for this robot, and can cooperate with others.Because of the security as the prerequisite, the robot need to collaborate cooperation communion and other equipment, this is the new development direction of robot, so now known as a collaborative robot.Composite robot is the mobile robots and machine composite together better, realize the function of the robot to move and work, the mobile robot can’t homework, homework will not be able to move, the trouble now need to solve through the composite technology, make the robots like people, can not only action, have arms again at the same time be able to work.In addition, the song always also particularly introduces the features of service robots, in manufacturing, in the service sector like restaurants, Banks, manufacturers and supermarkets offer a variety of service robots.There is no doubt that service robot, is also the first to meet the key characteristics of security, collaboration, secondly to intelligent, or want to contact with people, to work with the environment for communion, cannot be reached.This is the robot in a large advancement of the technology.With the advancement of industrialization siasun robot, the robot more civilian products have entered our lives, tea to send water, sent to welcome, welcome, these seemingly can be done by people gradually replaced by the intelligent service robot.This exhibition site siasun company to build the first domestic robot upcoming theme cafe, the cafe is composed of several types of robot, including 4 kg industrial robots can replace the bartender work, yingbin doorman work instead of waiters and pinecone series intelligent service robot, and other products, siasun robot theme cafe appearance become the CiROS2017 & amp;SIAS exhibition new luminescent spot.In the “made in China 2025” strategic planning, implementation of the process siasun robot combining “2020 robot development planning” positive innovation, many technology products to market the beat is far in excess of the planning process.Song always delighted to say, & other;Planning to launch in 2020 of collaborative robot, composite robots and some safety class of robot, for siasun, begin to market in the days ahead.Siasun already walk in front of the overall planning, because planning is aimed at China’s robot overall average.Siasun as a domestic leading enterprise, a lot of innovative technologies and products already ahead of the planning and development speed.Throughout the &;Now, in the development of artificial intelligence and big data driven, siasun robot actively meet the challenge of the robot is 2.0 times, the big data, industrial cloud, artificial intelligence, the new technology industrial interconnection with various perceptual system, and the robot platform together.With traditional robot more emphasis on the function of the machine itself or performance, compared to a new generation of robots are robots more emphasis on the development of intelligence, perception of sensing and data made.To this end, siasun in artificial intelligence, perception system, large data set up the new r&d team to keep up with the pace.Song always pointed out that the future of robots mainly divided into two parts: one is the robot’s ontology, the ontology research more reflect the ascent of the robot on the flexible operation ability;Another aspect is the intelligence of robots, including artificial intelligence, and a variety of perception system, including the use of big data, the robot has large span in intelligence.These two aspects together to form a new generation of robots, siasun with ontology robot and design of artificial intelligence research and development of the two teams to promote the future development of a new generation of robots.Therefore, siasun robot is gradually by the past the traditional company concept gradually began to a company development platform, ecological comprehensive building of a new industry.Always said, here including innovation and overseas research and development center of offshore platform, and an industry platform, is to use robots to produce a robot, so it is easy to form a long distance to expand its production quickly.On the other hand, siasun now is building a financial platform, through a fund, investment, mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions to achieve industrial expansion.In addition, there is an education platform, siasun special institute founded China’s first robot, acquired a German vocational college, sino-german education group is established in China, so down, siasun now actually has established a new industry platform, integrates research and development innovation, industrial manufacturing, finance, and – talent education and other factors.& other;So, the future development of siasun is completely in accordance with the ecological pattern in the development of a new industry, rather than simply the concept of a manufacturing company.Throughout the &;Song said.(the original title: industry ecological construction through) (source: MM “modern manufacturing”)

The hk: first innovation will promote the development of science and technology

“Made in China 2025”, is based on the current, transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, mass transfer efficiency, and put forward the strategic task of nine, five key projects, and a number of major policy initiatives;And long-term, coping with a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, around the advanced manufacturing and high-end equipment manufacturing, forward deployed the ten strategic areas of key breakthrough, paint manufacturing powerhouses of the grand blueprint for the next 30 years construction and road map of arrangement in advance.But with “made in China 2025” as the guidance, to borrow from, break through the bottleneck restriction, swallow the limit board, to shoulder to support China’s manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the national economy, the great historical mission, spanning development to realize mass transfer efficiency, a fundamental shift from large to strong.2017 ciros & amp;During SIAS, Beijing hundred special technology co., LTD. General manager Mr Wang Ting friends said in an interview: & other;Made in China under the policies of 2025, the first half of 2017, the hk’s sales revenue compared with a year earlier for the steady growth, which at the same time with the hk special products of continuous innovation and perfect after-sales service and user support is inseparable for a long time.Throughout the &;The bayi, on the basis of the original industrial robot research and development manufacturing, combined with market demand, ongoing product innovation, take advantage of their years in the field of logistics technology, combination palletizing robot and the application of the integrated automation system in the market for many years experience and intelligent three-dimensional warehouse logistics technology, to create the wisdom of the new factory as the company’s long-term strategic objectives, to implement step by step.The robot exhibition, “hundred exhibit with boxes and bags of palletizing robot as the core logistics automation production line, the robot through the visual identification system, realize the pallet is not the same products.Among them, the bag packaging stacking line controlled by PLC program, on the whole production process automatic control, which can realize continuous operation, has a fault alarm, display and automatic stop function continuous lock.At the same time, the robot has a triple limit protection security mechanism, can the real-time intelligent monitoring the production of goods position and remote diagnosis network management.Suitable for all kinds of packaging bags, paper bags, plastic bags and woven bag packaging code automatically.Widely used in petroleum chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, feed, food and building materials industries, which can realize grain material, block material, powder products such as weighing, packaging, palletizing process automation.And class pallet packing production line is through smart program control to automatic control of the whole working process of the production line, similar technical characteristics, and dailey palletizing production lines are suitable for automatic packaging of various kinds of sorting packing palletizing needs.Widely used in food, meat, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, food and logistics industry, such as product packaging inspection until the palletizing process automation.Thanks to the advancement of chinese-made 2025 strategic industry robot has a broad market space, both opportunities and challenges, however, a large number of low-end market competition, also makes the industry development on the verge of a bottleneck.As China’s market robot by the big teams, the demand of the domestic users are constantly changing, for example, the original user focus on robot ontology has gradually transferred to the attention to automation integration;Originally concerned about the product price, gradually shifted to focus on product quality.As robot research and development manufacturing enterprise, only by strengthening the technical innovation constantly, and to a high degree of system integration, to provide users with the overall solution, in order to meet the demand of users to upgrade.As a national high and new technology enterprise, the hk based on long-term, as early as 2012 in the field of artificial intelligence, Internet of things two row of strikers.Currently, hundred of palletizing robot has been widely services in feed, food, chemical industry, building materials, medicine and other fields, the Internet of things of related products are successfully applied to all the institutions of higher learning education system, with many colleges and universities nationwide for countries to cultivate a batch of and a number of utility model and technical personnel.Future the hk will the artificial intelligence and the Internet of things system integration, combined the technology of big data, to create new wisdom factory as a strategic focus for the future development of enterprises.The bayi, provide to the user is not only a product, but also from the pre-sale started a complete set of technical services, including the whole equipment use period of long-term service.In the next few years, the hk will provide overall intelligent logistics system solutions as a key market, continuously meet the needs of more users.The bayi, also will continue to be in line with & other;Powered by intelligent technology to continuous innovation and development & throughout;The idea, the revitalization of the national science and technology industry.(the original title: first innovation of science and technology promote the development of) (source: MM “modern manufacturing”)

Hanover GongBoHui China aerospace science and sign a cooperation agreement with Siemens

On April 24th at hannover messe in Germany, China aerospace science and industry group company with & other;Intelligent manufacturing & throughout;, & otherIndustry throughout the Internet &;And & other;Equipment manufacturing & throughout;Three technology sector of a total of 48 elements, caused the attention of both at home and abroad.Group co., LTD., vice general manager of Wei Yiyin to on-site inspection instruction, and the scene of the reporter’s interview.In the fair in

, China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement with Siemens company, ten yuan, space cloud network construction intelligent plant project together with the three of Siemens, deputy general manager of aerospace Wei Yiyin and Siemens, senior vice President He Ruiqi jointly attended the signing ceremony.

in aerospace area beside a large electronic screen, the audience curiously stop to experience.Here, the China aerospace science and industry mainly shows the space cloud network international cloud platform and SMART IOT industrial IOT gateway.
in the context of a new round of global industrial revolution, China aerospace science and industry in China take the lead in building the Internet industry, promote technological innovation, business model innovation, management innovation, will be a new generation of information technology and modern manufacturing industry and producer services integration innovation, pour into a world first, China’s first industrial Internet platforms & ndash;& ndash;Space cloud network.
space cloud network platform since June 15, 2015 officially launched operation, to provide cover the whole process and total factor productivity service industry chain as the main line, relying on aerospace abundant scientific research innovation and manufacturing resources, integration of a wide range of social resources, to build on the basis of the Internet platform service industry, productive service as a bridge and intelligent manufacturing services as the core, supported by big data services & otherInternet + smart manufacturing & throughout;The product service system.

, deputy general manager of aerospace Wei Yiyin accompanied by Siemens company senior vice President of hannover messe He Ruiqi visit aerospace exhibition booth, the space cloud network, intelligent manufacture and so on exhibition project to give special attention.The exhibition space cloud network international edition in
officially launched on December 25, 2015, has now opened, German, English, Russian version, farsi, version in succession, such as opening, make space cloud network international industrial Internet platform, geared to the needs of users around the world.The platform to build a platform – the cloud, 2 big center & ndash;Global industrial resource center and global industrial trade center, focus on cross-border collaboration innovation design business, cross-border collaborative manufacturing business, cross-border industrial sharing center three kinds of core business.
at the same time, aerospace science and industry of the latest development product SMART IOT industrial IOT gateway is a connection CASICloud industry of Internet platforms IOT gateway, used for collection, conversion, brand industrial equipment, data processing and transmission of different manufacturers, and the industrial data and cloud applications, industrial big data applications seamless integration, and provides manufacturing enterprise with industrial equipment connection and use CASICloud cloud platform services convenient way.
in the equipment manufacturing sector, including exhibited at the China aerospace science and industry focus on high-rise building fire extinguishing system, glossy, wheels, heavy platform, emergency rescue equipment, special equipment, and includes the intelligent network system, large capacity packet microwave communication systems, value added tax such as the anti-counterfeiting tax-controlled system, system integration products and equipment.
among them, the high-rise building fire extinguishing system is a kind of use of space launch technology, control technology and information processing technology, in view of the modern urban environment under the condition of high dangerous sites, high-rise buildings, or other emergency rescue special fire fighting equipment, fill in the high-level, high-rise building fire control technology and equipment in the field of external rescue equipment blank.The product using high security agent asa, low characteristics & other;Green & throughout;Launch, composite detection, high precision projectile projection, missile launch control technology, will be carrying high efficient agent grenade fast, accurate, safe and reliable delivery to the fire area, through the way of launch projectile, the extinguishing agent accurate delivery over a long distance to fire suppression fires, space is a successful application of military technology to civilian use.
now, as China’s first high-rise building fire extinguishing system & other;Missile fire & throughout;Products, has received the ministry of public security fire product conformity assessment center identification, access to the national fire product identification certificate, obtained & otherHigh-rise building dry powder fire truck bombing type & throughout;Product qualification, formally entered the stage of marketing use.
at the same time, China aerospace science and industry took China’s first pilot project ministry of intelligence network in shandong province dezhou smoothly through the acceptance, in the last year on July 20, 12 June and the Texas region appears twice in the torrential rain, intelligent network by applying the pilot project pipeline drainage capacity analysis model, such as in time of water in the city’s key low-lying area change tendency, pipeline data acquisition analysis such as drainage ability, realize accurate flood early warning and to protect the city and the people’s life safety.

Wei Yiyin media interview
relevant person in charge of China aerospace science and industry, said in an interview for the future, China aerospace science and industry group co., LTD hopes to further enhance communication with members of the learning and world, actively expand international industrial science and technology and economic and trade cooperation, and vigorously develop high-end talent internationalization of industrial technology.China aerospace science and industry welcome enterprises from Europe to visit exchanges, the greater sincerity would like to cooperate with international enterprises to carry out, in order to promote a new round of global industrial revolution, build a global intelligent manufacturing system, the benefit of human society to make new greater contributions.
(the original title: China aerospace science and industry Internet platform at Hanover GongBoHui) (source: China aerospace science and industry)

Made in China in Hanover substitutes

The end of April, hannover GongBoHui hit another record, 220000 professional international audiences flocked to the scene of the exhibition.Each country’s industrial strength, are all here for inspection.

shiny hollow big radish
Chinese enterprises and domestic big media with the 4 minutes of video, for China enterprise shining hannover GongBoHui title, hannover messe talked about on the impressive & other;China shine & throughout;.Which talked about haier, huawei and unusual KUKA.
just look at video, only look at Numbers, the power of the manufacturing in China, really impressive.
second as exhibitors, there are 1200 enterprises in China, occupy one-third of the exhibitors;The exhibition area of 13000 square meters.A vibrant industry.
if you are in the exhibition site, however, is a different story.Field experience atmosphere, is very solemn and stirring.
both in quantity and number are on the exhibition area.In Hanover this big stage, made in China looks to gain international attention.But the wisdom on sight, each exhibition area, on average less than 6 square meters.
yes, media perfect go above, select the haier, huawei and library card.A
70 – year – old Hanover fair, this year for the first time in a home appliance manufacturers.Haier here shows the operation of the Internet era of mass customization platform: an order based on the user to the product delivery 10 workstation, including user interaction, user customization, flexible assembly, unmanned, intelligent detection and so on, until the final delivery order: a small personal refrigerator model signature.Figure 1

haier CosmoPlat platform
CosmoPlat exhibition platform, make haier practice for many years & other;The single unity throughout the &;And finally an real show carrier.
exhibited huawei percussion of the robot, to catch the eye.It is a 5 g connection technology.Industry, however, why are we always take huawei issue?Yes, just a little in industrial field, huawei company its slogan also accord with the usual cautious & other;Leading new technology & throughout;.Figure 2

huawei: lead new technology to be more precise,
huawei hannover messe is the new recruits.It is this dutifully presents a ICT vendors should do, not make endorsement to China too much.Don’t give it a such responsibility.
as for with KUKA & other;China’s enterprises to shine & throughout;, it is not ignorance, is the bold.
this is in Hanover, we can take to manufacturer.Two notable domestic manufacturing.However, there are only two.
and they are not the standard of hannover exhibition the exhibitors, more do not as a regular.
intelligent manufacturing is not create value
intelligent manufacturing colorful to drive in China, greatly inspired people’s feelings.All manufacturing, however, is to create value.I.e., stimulate the user’s actual purchase, is the realization of the value.
can provide maximum user value, hannover exhibition is the international standard of measure.The world’s top viewers’ spoilers, can display any value, what price to sell to and understand.
, however, I’m sorry.
intelligent manufacture in the domestic, and everywhere & other;China’s good case & throughout;& other;Throughout China’s smart &;In the story.Many speak at home very good story, but don’t get the Hanover to speak.Is very puzzled, are the people enjoying themselves?
comprehensive net at home, in the country took a large amount of money of the country, somehow this also abroad to tell a story.The exhibition, the net of the international platform.Yes, international edition!Website!To hannover to display.Also some of the trickle hardware products, such as gateway, POS machine and so on.

pale on the wall posters, table, simple products, fancy flash screen, spacious a bit too bright space, this is our country words team players in the top exhibitions, the contents of the display.If so, why to build 300 square meters booth?And, of course, signed with suppliers based on the cloud platform of smart factory building cooperation agreement.It’s thoughtful, even the supplier went to China travelling expenses can be saved.
such industrial Internet platform, can establish ecological system?Worrying.
to domestic & other;Cloud technology & throughout;Means in the cloud to build all sorts of design, manufacture, application of corporation in China still have some of these talented either in the hard work of their own, and no time;Either cash-strapped, no money.
is China merchants, has been busy.
& other;Hannover messe 2017 – investment throughout China &;Series of activities become a bright spot.Germany and China industrial city coalition of more than 20 representative makes every effort to further promote the china-germany industrial cities & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;With the German & other;4.0 throughout & industry;Docking, deepen bilateral cooperation in the field of advanced manufacturing.Figure 3

China stands the most busy time & ndash;& ndash;Dot eyeball lion dance,
the ministry of commerce of China investment promotion agency, the UN industrial development organization (UNIDO), the German federal government representatives, the world association of investment promotion agencies, WAIPA) together to attend, and taizhou, foshan and other dozens of Starved of investment promotion on behalf of the city.This shows the world’s top
industrial achievements, China merchants is a bustling irony.May
, the intelligent manufacturing is still in the & otherSunk cost is busy, don’t know value creation & throughout;In the situation.This is another irony.
scary & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Where is the
& other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Is questioned by the developed industrial countries, including the United States, the European Union, and even benefit most of Germany.It is in some way by skeptics abroad as a massive imports alternative plan, even as a technology independent political listing.
many countries are put forward for the industry of the future national industrial strategy, but only China’s strategy is such a big challenge, as if only in China, manufacturing is a country associated with political strategy.
in Hanover, Germany exhibition, the fears of a made in China, as it is called, were gone.Like the scene unable to detect the smell of the oil: it has long been replaced by a cheerful industrial noise.That machine noise, almost no from China.

figure 4 schaeffler booth
in 22 bearing pavilion pavilion, the world bearing industry here about the latest industry concept, Germany bearing giant schaeffler preventive maintenance, has been in DMG machine tool, shenyang machine tool has taken a solid pace.In China, since last year, from southern jiangsu wujin high-tech zone of bearing with their products, with the global bearing industry giants, quiet looking at.

cannot but speak the feeling of lonely
largest local government pavilion, is from shenzhen.This is the second group.Sponsored by the shenzhen via letter appoint its exhibition and more than 70 more than 1000 square meters exhibition area, exhibitors and the booth area is more than double last year.Figure 5

shenzhen group
this is good if the heating.Is the highlight of the local government to make moves.
the real manufacturing level, is the mule is horse, should pull to hannover fair walk a walk.This walk, she will see the difference.
China’s manufacturing may have caught up with advanced western manufacturing 98%, even 99%.But, in places like Hanover fair, focusing on the 1%, 2%, and that difference.
this seemingly small distance, it is the Chinese take twenty year 30 years to catch up with the world leading level.Intelligent manufacture behind the
most what to watch for the hannover exhibition is 9 to 6 hall, is automated and IT closely related, such as digital factory with intelligent manufacturing.The rest is relatively traditional, change slower booth.
these pavilions, however, there is almost no Chinese manufacturers of shadow.Made in China in the traditional industry is clearly & other;Marginalized & throughout;.In China, it is a scene of prosperity.Don’t not clear definition, intelligent manufacturing concept began to worth to do intelligent manufacturing;Industrial Internet is what every confusion, began to buzz to copying the Internet industry.Even we have complained about
, the number of domestic concept, story all over the sky.But in Hanover booth, hope more good concept, good stories from China.Those domestic hot jokes and demonstration projects of master copy, warrior, gone?
narrow narrow exhibition space, can not breathing products and services & ndash;& ndash;Hanover booth, perhaps Chinese manufacturers in the global manufacturing the projection on the stage.
, if so, the Chinese enterprises not only failed to hold position in Hanover, and will be more and more be squeezed into pieces.Clastic isn’t worth mentioning.Look from the image,
foreign pavilion main show is: main colors, meticulous, products have story, wall plate has generalization and three-dimensional concept, display screen.Figure 6

small firms also have a good story

figure 7 shows
and stand the stage on the cloud, basic is the product accumulation, exhibition board give priority to.Wall posters is an important object.
as for the technological content of the product itself, regardless of the.Figure 8

stool booth to play table tennis of the omron robot, make puzzles KUKA robot, majestic, dazzling, make enough popularity, and domestic robots are gone?At home, not a can show, a dozen of heavyweight, where go to?Figure 9 omron ping-pong robot
hannover messe

, is to rely on the strength to speak, is depends on the level of the product to the sound.Go to hannover, exactly is watching, is basically;Is to look at the doorway, or look at the way of innovation.Hannover messe, like a mirror, according to the production of body fluid, take pursuing the bronze mirror.
the media and enterprises, and to promote & other;Made in China & throughout;In the power of Hanover.It is misleading.
this is create a crisis!Proud as a peacock marginalized, but the crisis made in China.
made in China brand image come from?If in such a world-class event, the audience see is this level & otherChinese suppliers & throughout;Why, made in China can be able to take the quality, why be made in China can be at ease?
& other;Made in China & throughout;Difficult to high-end key factors: low technology short board, brand and quick buck mercantilist thinking.These common made China & other;National manufacturing & throughout;A bad image.
this is a worth thinking about.Can
for the exhibitors to great efforts to support and subsidies, let the talented but cash-strapped SBC to Hanover field.Bright Chinese exhibitors and bright & other;Made in China & throughout;The overall endorsement.
can organize XuanJiangTuan to speak well & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;The connotation of the.& other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;Not purchasing list, not aggressive nationalism, but a world of global complementary landscape.The international stage, we need to speak out loudly.
can carry on the integrity of the packaging to the enterprise more systematically.& other;The single unity throughout the &;, & otherThe black lamp factory & throughout;It is haier, foxconn.But go to hannover, is only one attribute: China!
can make more understand intelligent manufacture from a line to define the intelligent manufacturing, participation in policy making, review, and test of leaders at all levels, decision makers a ruler.
if the rally with a look at the temple fair, all the mentality to hannover, then China’s manufacturing forever just a bystander.If you hold a rival, according to the point of view, this just might be a competitor in the future.
at the moment, hannover exhibition welcomes Chinese play hall.Figure 10

ms merkel is always at the scene of
tireless German chancellor Angela merkel Boyle Hanover GongBoHui attended the 12 times in a row.This time, she said, of hannover exhibition is a global benchmark.She is, of course, in return trump, but she also inadvertently hurt & other;Made in China & throughout;.So totally embarassed image of manufacturing in China, no doubt, is difficult to become & other;Globalism & throughout;The typical.
from the door to a sparkling New Year and made in China need to set up the image.
from the fair play pavilion temple fair to champion, China needs to wait for how long?
(the original title: totally embarassed chinese-made Hanover GongBoHui fringe players) (source: sohu public platform Knowledge of automation) in