Numerical control lathe claim to the sensor

Sensor CNC lathe is one of the important composition, no sensor CNC lathe will be not only a manual lathe numerical control.Sensor is a kind of can feel the provisions is measured, and convert the available output signal according to certain rules of device or devices, the input signal (measured) tend to be power, output signal are often easy to processing power, such as voltage, etc.Sensor is a lot of more phyletic, classification standard, the term is different also, common resistive sensors, inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, temperature sensors, piezoelectric sensors, hall sensor, thermocouple sensor, photoelectric sensor, digital position sensor, etc.In nc machine tools are mainly on the application of sensor, close to switches, photoelectric encoder, linear grating temperature sensors, hall sensor, current sensor, voltage sensor, pressure sensor, liquid level sensor, rotating transformer, inductosyn, speed sensor and so on, mainly used to detect the location, linear displacement and angular displacement, velocity, pressure, temperature, etc.Nc machine tool demand for sensor: (1) the high reliability and strong anti-interference;(2) meet the requirements of precision and speed;(3) use convenient maintenance, suitable for machine tool operation environment;(4) the cost is low.Different kinds of CNC machine tools, the requirements of sensor is endless also and same, in general, large-scale machine tools require high response speed, medium and high precision nc machine tools is given priority to with required accuracy.

The development trend of numerical control lathe in our country is analysed

In the application of numerical control technology not only brings revolutionary change to traditional manufacturing, the manufacturing industry has become the symbol of industrialization, and with the continuous development of numerical control technology and application in the field of expansion, IT to the national economy and people’s livelihood some important industry (IT, automobile, light industry, medical, etc.) is playing a more and more important role in the development, because the digital equipment needed for the industry has been the trend of modern development.The current development trend of numerical control lathe to present the following.1 high-speed, high-speed melt high-accuracily, precision is the eternal goal of machine tool development.With the development of science and technology by leaps and bounds, mechanical and electronic products renewal speed, precision and surface quality of parts processing will become more and more demanding.2 high reliability, the reliability of nc machine tool is a key indicator of CNC machine tool product quality.Nc machine tool can exert its high performance, high precision and high efficiency, and obtain good benefit, the key depends on its reliability.3 CNC lathe design CAD, modular structure design with the popularity of computer application and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been widely developed.CAD not only can replace manual to complete the drawing tedious work, more important is to select the design scheme and the static and dynamic characteristics of the large machine analysis, calculation, prediction and optimization design of the machine’s working parts can be dynamic simulation.4 multiple functions, multiple functions is the purpose of further improve the production efficiency of machine tool used in the processing time to a minimum.Through composite function, can enlarge the using range of machine tools, improve efficiency, achieve multi-usage, one machine can, namely a numerical control lathes can not only realize turning function, can also realize the milling processing;Or can also realize in the predominantly milling machine tool grinding.5 intelligent, network, flexibility and integrated numerical control equipment of the 21st century will be a certain intelligent system.Intelligent content included in all aspects of the numerical control system: for the intelligent machining efficiency and machining quality aspects, such as adaptive control of machining process, process parameters automatically generated.

Automatic CNC lathe parts and working principle

The composition of automatic numerical control lathe automatic CNC lathe is a use of CNC technology, in accordance with good programming to realize the action of machine tools in advance.It by carrier program unit, input devices, CNC, servo system, the position feedback system and machine mechanical parts.The working principle of automatic numerical control lathe on the automatic CNC lathe processing parts usually through the following steps: 1) according to the processing of parts design and processing plan, with provisions of the code and program format to write, and record it on the carrier;2) put the program on the carrier through the input device input into the CNC unit;3) CNC unit after processing the input program, to the machine tools servo system of each coordinate signal;4) signal from the servo system based on the CNC unit, drive in the moving parts of the machine tool, and control the necessary auxiliary operation;5) through the machine mechanical parts to drive the relative motion of the cutting tool and the workpiece, the requirements of the workpieces;6) testing machine movement, and through the feedback device feedback to the CNC unit, to reduce the machining error.For open loop nc machine tools, of course, is no detection and feedback system.

A part of “unmanned factory” automatic numerical control lathe, rounding

In factories, large and small machines and workers in their respective positions on division of labor cooperation, finished product is one of the production line.In all kinds of machine, lathe, grinding machine, milling machine, sawing machine, carved machine, can realize the whole processing different products.As China & other;Make 2025 & throughout;And the development trend of global industrial 4.0, artificial is responsible for the degree of labor is more and more small, more is the complicated and delicate process according to the arrangement to the automated machinery and equipment.And this small make up to introduce automatic numerical control lathe, is a high degree of automation, the function of advanced electromechanical integration equipment.Factory automation what is automated CNC lathe numerical control machine tool automation nc machine tools is a flexible, efficient, can the automation of machine tools.Unlike ordinary lathe, automatic nc machine tools can be made more complex, precision, small batch and many varieties of spare parts, greatly improve the yield and efficiency.Automatic numerical control machine tool represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology, more and more intelligent machine tools will be used widely.The characteristics of automatic numerical control lathe 1. Hydraulic configuration precision;2. Hydraulic system security and stability;3. Machine tool fit degree is high, no penetration phenomenon;4. High working frequency, high degree of automation, high processing efficiency.The significance of automatic numerical control lathe automatic CNC lathe by automatically suppress vibration and reduce the thermal deformation and prevent interference, automatically adjust the volume of lubricating oil, reduce noise and other improved technology, not only reduce the workload of manual and risks, also improved the efficiency and precision of parts processing.For the further development of integrated manufacturing system, the equipment manufacturing industry for the future achieve overall production automation industry created the conditions.Small make up to believe that with the development of automated nc machine tools and other machinery and equipment, and otherNo one factory & throughout;4.0 will be the future industry full of characteristic way of being.

Domestic CNC lathe industry to industry and economic impact analysis

Numerical control lathe in our country basic can meet the needs of domestic production, product performance reached the international level;By 2020, the formation of perfect CNC lathe industry chain, domestic nc system and features etc fittings basic can meet the needs of domestic host.Along with the advance of computer technology, everyone is aware of the importance of numerical control lathe for the entire industry, high precision CNC CNC lathe, is our country the necessary premise of nc machining industry internationalization level.The development of high-grade CNC lathe promote the development of industry and economy.Domestic high-grade CNC lathes in the domestic market dominant, with several master core intellectual property rights, lathe enterprise with international competitiveness and influence, realize from the lathe producer to lathe production power.Shenzhen force with technology co., LTD., founded in 2002, with CNC CNC lathe, automatic lathe, CNC CNC machining center precision hardware manufacturing plant.For the overwhelming majority of customers with precision parts and components of various kinds of metal materials.Go specialization, branding route;Reinforcement: quality, efficiency, service, innovation and progressive business philosophy, constantly strengthen the standardization and scientific management mode.After years of market baptism, force and has grown into a highly competitive advantage of industry in the army.