A part of “unmanned factory” automatic numerical control lathe, rounding

In factories, large and small machines and workers in their respective positions on division of labor cooperation, finished product is one of the production line.In all kinds of machine, lathe, grinding machine, milling machine, sawing machine, carved machine, can realize the whole processing different products.As China & other;Make 2025 & throughout;And the development trend of global industrial 4.0, artificial is responsible for the degree of labor is more and more small, more is the complicated and delicate process according to the arrangement to the automated machinery and equipment.And this small make up to introduce automatic numerical control lathe, is a high degree of automation, the function of advanced electromechanical integration equipment.Factory automation what is automated CNC lathe numerical control machine tool automation nc machine tools is a flexible, efficient, can the automation of machine tools.Unlike ordinary lathe, automatic nc machine tools can be made more complex, precision, small batch and many varieties of spare parts, greatly improve the yield and efficiency.Automatic numerical control machine tool represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology, more and more intelligent machine tools will be used widely.The characteristics of automatic numerical control lathe 1. Hydraulic configuration precision;2. Hydraulic system security and stability;3. Machine tool fit degree is high, no penetration phenomenon;4. High working frequency, high degree of automation, high processing efficiency.The significance of automatic numerical control lathe automatic CNC lathe by automatically suppress vibration and reduce the thermal deformation and prevent interference, automatically adjust the volume of lubricating oil, reduce noise and other improved technology, not only reduce the workload of manual and risks, also improved the efficiency and precision of parts processing.For the further development of integrated manufacturing system, the equipment manufacturing industry for the future achieve overall production automation industry created the conditions.Small make up to believe that with the development of automated nc machine tools and other machinery and equipment, and otherNo one factory & throughout;4.0 will be the future industry full of characteristic way of being.

Domestic CNC lathe industry to industry and economic impact analysis

Numerical control lathe in our country basic can meet the needs of domestic production, product performance reached the international level;By 2020, the formation of perfect CNC lathe industry chain, domestic nc system and features etc fittings basic can meet the needs of domestic host.Along with the advance of computer technology, everyone is aware of the importance of numerical control lathe for the entire industry, high precision CNC CNC lathe, is our country the necessary premise of nc machining industry internationalization level.The development of high-grade CNC lathe promote the development of industry and economy.Domestic high-grade CNC lathes in the domestic market dominant, with several master core intellectual property rights, lathe enterprise with international competitiveness and influence, realize from the lathe producer to lathe production power.Shenzhen force with technology co., LTD., founded in 2002, with CNC CNC lathe, automatic lathe, CNC CNC machining center precision hardware manufacturing plant.For the overwhelming majority of customers with precision parts and components of various kinds of metal materials.Go specialization, branding route;Reinforcement: quality, efficiency, service, innovation and progressive business philosophy, constantly strengthen the standardization and scientific management mode.After years of market baptism, force and has grown into a highly competitive advantage of industry in the army.

The numerical control lathe processing thread common failures and solutions

Thread is on a cylinder or cone surface, along with the same profile which is formed by the spiral tooth type continuous bump and groove and regulations.Among various kinds of machinery products, widely used with threaded parts.It is mainly used for connecting parts and fastening parts, transmission parts and components which are used for measuring and so on.In the numerical control lathe machining thread is one of the more commonly used processing methods.On CNC lathe processing thread with high machining precision and good product uniformity, wide range of processing advantages occupies more and more important status in the mechanical processing.This article embarks from the practical application, this paper expounds on the CNC lathe processing thread, because of equipment, tool or operator, in the process of cutting are prone to failure, as well as the solution.Along with the development of science and technology, numerical control lathe, the popularity on the nc lathe turning thread is used by more and more in the mechanical processing.Numerical control lathe in machining high precision, good product identity, range, convenient debugging (especially it can precision machining in the car difficult to machining parts) on the surface of some of the special advantages of occupies more and more important status in the mechanical processing.Thread on nc lathe turning common failures and solutions are: 1. 1 knife.1 the main reason (1) the tool rake Angle is too big, the X axis screw machine tool clearance;(2) the tool installation too high or too low;(3) the workpiece clamping rickety;(4) the cutting tool wear is too large;(5) the cutting dosage is too large.1.2 solution (1) reduce the tool rake Angle, the maintenance of machine tool adjustment screw clearance of X axis, the screw clearance self-compensation function of CNC lathe machine X axis screw clearance compensation;(2) tool installed too high or too low, too, are turning to a certain depth, knife surface to resist the workpiece after turning tool, increase the friction, even the workpiece bending, Mr. Knife phenomenon;Too low, the chip is not easy to discharge, turning the direction of the radial force is the workpiece center, plus a cross into the gap of lead screw and nut is too big, the depth of the turning automatically tend to deepen constantly, thus the workpiece is raised, a knife.At this point, should timely adjust the height of cutting tool, the blade and the axis of the workpiece contour (can use a tailstock to top knife).In coarse car and half car, point position is about 1% higher than the center of the workpiece D processed workpiece diameter (D).(3) the workpiece clamping not firm, the rigidity of workpiece itself cannot bear cutting when the cutting force, and thus produce excessive deflection, change the tool and workpiece center height (workpiece be inflated), forming cutting depth jump, a knife, at this time should be the workpiece clamping and firm, can use the tailstock top, etc., in order to increase rigidity workpiece.(4) the cutting tool wear is too big: caused by cutting force increases, the peak of bending workpiece, a knife.At this time should be grinding tool.(5) cutting dosage (mainly back turning and cutting speed) is too large, according to the workpiece size 5 lead and workpiece rigid choice of rational cutting parameter.2.Withholding 2.1 fault phenomenon when the screw turn a turn, artifacts not turned integer instead.2.2 main reasons for the machine tool spindle encoder synchronous drive belt wear, undetectable spindle synchronization real speed;Enter the host program is not correct;X or Y axis screw rod wear.2.Solution 3 (1) the main shaft encoder synchronous belt wear: due to the nc lathe turning thread, the movement of the tool and spindle relationship is by the machine tool host issued instructions to control the information processing center, thread cutting, the spindle speed is constant, X or Y axis can be according to the workpiece size and spindle speed lead to adjust speed, so the center must be detected real speed spindle synchronization, in order to make the right command control X or Y axis move correctly.If the system can’t detect the real speed of the spindle, the actual cutting off when different instructions to X or Y, then the spindle turn a turn, the cutting tool moving distance is not a lead, the second knife cutting thread will buckle.In this case, we only repair machine, replace the spindle synchronous belt.2) input of the program is not correct, when it in order to prevent disorderly thread cutting, must ensure that a knife after turning, its trajectory coincides with a knife before turning in the car we use reverse method to prevent disorderly buckle.On nc lathe, we use the program to prevent disorderly clasp, is when the machining program, we use the program control thread before turning a knife, the blade, make a knife after starting location with a knife before starting location overlap (equivalent to in the car turning thread, return to a previous knife the car out of the spiral groove), such a car out of the thread won’t buckle.Sometimes, due to program input lead incorrect (after a program with the lead a lead inconsistent), also can appear when turning disorderly phenomena.

Numerical control lathe firm knife frequent failure?The four steps in place method to solve the problem quickly!

1. The problem with a configuration FANUC OiTB system and used for RE2B type axle half fine cutting LC34-300 CNC horizontal lathe (hereinafter referred to as 34 mt), frequent during processing irregular blade failure, most near axle end face, a few located in the root of the axle journal, dust-proof plate the or dust board seat.Repair it with the knife axle most not allowed and scrap, waste shaft within 1 year according to the statistics of 12 the number of root, economic loss of nearly 70000 yuan (5, 600 yuan\/root x 12).2. The processing path analysis according to the type RE2B axle technology analysis, and the root of the shaft neck and dust shield block the the 3 and a half times fine cutting is complete, the rest parts one and a half fine cutting finished.Based on reducing cutting tool moving empty times and shorten the processing time under the premise of RE2B axle half fine cutting tool path is: starting close to point A to cut the point B to point C, tool to C1 point to start the first turning to the D1, E1, F1, H1 and J1 points cut to K1 and retreat quickly to C01 – feed to C2 points to start the second turning to the D2, E2, F2, H2, J2 point cut to K2 point and retreat quickly into our fleet to feed to C0 points to start the third turning to the C, D, E, F, G, H, J and K points cut to L and retreat quickly to L0 to return to the starting point.3. The four steps in place four steps in place method is the maintenance personnel in maintenance machine series and macro structure, design and manufacturing process on the basis of standardized parts, follow the “fault record in place – diagnostic analysis in place – breakdown maintenance and maintenance record in place” four steps, accidental fault of a rapid processing machine tool has the characteristics of comprehensive maintenance method.(1) failure record in place.Machine tool failure, the operator first outage protection field (generally don’t cut off the power supply), then a detailed record the fault details and timely notify the maintenance personnel.What mainly include: the content of the fault record what time, what operation, alarm and other conditions, etc.(2) the diagnostic analysis in place.Maintenance personnel to maintenance based on past experience accumulation, the integrated use of modern modular machine tool maintenance method, principle analysis, alarm, information analysis, data\/state test, on-line monitoring method, isolation method, forced closure legal, program test method to the flow direction of medium and working method, analysis of fault diagnosis to quickly determine the possible causes and the location of a fault.Figure 2 RE2B type axle half fine cutting tool path signal and bp (1) axis of the body (2) wheel seat 3. 4. The dust shield block root dust shield block 5. 6. Journal root journal (3) the breakdown maintenance in place.For wear or damage of surveying and mapping, replacement and precision mechanical parts, electrical components, circuit boards for simple repair or replace whole, modify machine parameters or processing procedures, etc.Finally, each link is verified idle running machine tool and work-piece.(4) maintenance records in place: after the machine to transfer to other tasks, maintenance personnel maintenance process should be written to the device file archiving, for future reference.4. Waste shaft failure analysis and solution based on the four steps in place maintenance requirements, with isolation method, in turn, first eliminate the X axis precision ball screw pair drive anomalies, loose coupling of the failure possibility, then use substitution method to replace the X axis alpha iA1000 incremental encoder, but irregular knife fault still exist.Hence change the X axis coder line, 34 mt run for a period of time does not appear to plunge into the knife of failure.Thus, determine the 34 mt irregular plunge into a knife is caused by cable anti-interference performance degradation or accidental disconnection between data transmission anomalies.After the replacement of X axis coder line to eliminate the fault, based on RE2B type axle length is 181.8 mm and 2 more knife most near end, half-and-half O0212 fine cutting procedure is optimized, so that Mr Dao waste caused by shaft damage to a minimum.Optimizing content: after cutting tool along the Z to 0.4 mm, the blade and instruction M00 waiting for the operator coarse axle diameter;If numerical mm diameter size is less than the regulation, it will be 0.4 mm thick section of turning off, heavy axle can continue to use after milling center hole.34 mt operation a few months time, never happen “irregular firm knife to workpiece scrap” failure, the operator is familiar with the parts of the program and be skilled operation optimization.

On machine tool of numerical control of senior technician Zhu Zhenping bold innovation show one’s skill

Zhang Yun photographs the Zhu Zhenping in the jobNet of daily Gansu Province on May 3 dispatch (western business signs up for reporter Zhang Yun) not lockstep, constrained in the past, bold innovation improves technology; Very careful, new to each technology seeks testimony carefully, do one’s best is perfect, do not accept blemish, he is photoelectron of Gansu Province rainbow lathe work of numerical control of plant of machining of finite liability company, senior technician — Zhu Zhenping. Practice of manufacturing a gleam of is excellent competenceWhen it is the most difficult that state-operated rainbow photoelectron runs a plant, successive a few months are not sent give salary, a lot of people leave his post at that time go out, but Zhu Zhenping still chose to stand fast. Be this more than 10 the most difficult years, he is mixed conscientiously with his sureness the spirit of work with perseverance, on lathe work post, experienced the competence with excellent a suit, become the technical expert of the workshop. 2006, zhu Zhenping is in a company in those days show itself in contest of lathe work skill, pick contest of company technical ability ” technical expert ” title, be gone entering contest of skill of whole town lathe work by company choose. He is in subsequently whole town and contest of complete province lathe work not Wei strong opponent, with one action carries off whole town lathe work the 2nd, complete province lathe work the 17th outstanding achievement, have the honor to win smooth cool city ” technical example ” with the Gansu Province ” technical example ” title, be promoted to a high office to be technician by abnormality, become the NO.1 of domain of firm lathe work. Unreserve craft sends a fellow worker2006, the company introduced a batch of advanced numerical control machine tools early or late, established numerical control machining center, he is moved to numerical control center to operate these new facility as the manufacturing backbone at that time, the company sends him to undertake grooming in the round to small giant company, after coming back, be in charge of undertaking grooming to other employee. Face new field, advanced new facility and different process designing code, he began again new round struggle. After learning to come back, zhu Zhenping imparts the intellectual unreserve land that he acquires to other staff, took large quantities of one outstanding numerical control to operate a worker, the modernization that is company machining made contribution. Bold innovation captures difficulty2010, spaceflight ministry cooperates 510 times with the company, want to have the development of product of a few kinds of spaceflight, the component of a few core in box body part, crucial effect is having in whole product. The general character characteristic of these spare partses is, material sticks a knife, cutting tool wears away fast, form is complex, need fiducial transition for many times. In the product research and development before the company, can not offer reference and the experience that draw lessons from, the company gave him the task that experiment of early days craft and craft fumble. Face different model and complex, he searchs a data with all possible means, bold undertake imitate of technological process substance, to the model that make, fumble treatment method, develop the treatment technology that gave effective eventually, realized the successful treatment of box body part. 2013, spaceflight ministry all 510 one key, be hard to machine. This spare parts is grail kind, it is Bao Bi, need solders, still have after solder be out of shape. After Zhu Zhenping takes over the task, try on computer build different model, analyse the account that processes not easily, experiment through relapsing, tried white steel knife and couple of alloy knife photograph, numerical control lathe and the treatment technology that common lathe photograph combines, anneal undertakes a few times again among, capture eventually technical difficulty, obtained major breakthrough.