Research and development and supporting capacity is becoming more and more perfect Machine tool industry counter attack is not just a dream

manufacturing industry is the main force to support the economy running smoothly, directly reflect a country’s level of productivity.Want to face “economic downturn” the hard stuff, the key also depends on manufacturing.CNC machine tool industry is the core of the equipment manufacturing industry, the industry development is regarded as a barometer to measure the equipment manufacturing industry in our country.
the GongBoHui for nc machine tool AD hoc “nc machine tool exhibition of major projects”, focusing on the “high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment” major projects of science and technology achievements.Through high-end CNC machine tools based manufacturing equipment and technology level, set up perfect function components development and supporting capacity, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment manufacturing high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment needed to meet the rate of 80%, significantly reduces the technology level of machine tool industry in China and the western industrial countries.

high-grade machine tool performance leap

in view of the situation of high-grade CNC machine tool import dependence high, special emphasis on large imports, the market demand side wide machining center and CNC lathe research and development for the deployment.Enterprises through the establishment of comprehensive test verification platform, strengthening laboratory construction, promote machine tool enterprises r&d and reliability study of high-grade machine tool.New research and development of CNC lathes, machining centers and CNC system MFBF (average trouble-free time interval) an average of more than 1000 hours, some products reached 1600 hours or more, a special before the start of more than 1 times.& have spent

key matches the international level of

by nc system, features and tools and to demonstrate the application of numerical control machine host and batch facilities, can promote the transformation of the industrial structure of the machine.Multi-channel, multi-axis linkage advanced numerical control system such as the key technical indicators have reached the international mainstream system technology: part of the brand of domestic high-grade CNC system reliability has more than 10000 hours, and the international advanced technology level, in the national defense war industry enterprise has realized the domestic high-grade CNC system zero breakthrough.

based on domestic, for various industries to protect the “air”,
five axis vertical position car milling compound machining center and other large demonstration application, special manufacturing equipment, cast off the yoke of the countries technology blockade, guarantee the safety of a new generation of aerospace manufacturing, established the first domestic processing center and numerical control turning center production model line.Applied to aviation key models of more than 100, more than 10000 key complex parts processing, space products for major national strategic demand of the development and production to provide the guarantee of the equipment manufacturing capacity and technical aspects.

CNC forging molding equipment industrialization of achievements, including car large covering parts stamping equipment reached the world advanced level, with international competitiveness.Automotive engine manufacturing equipment implementation demonstration application of key parts, precision horizontal machining to replace imported equipment in car hull lines, car engine cylinder block line application implementation group, broke the monopoly of the imported machine tools.& have spent

hull plate laser precision blanking, high precision roll bending, piecewise three-dimensional welding assembly line and ship manufacturing equipment, has been basically meet the demand of ship manufacturing, large combined crankshaft milling complex machine tools for the r&d preliminary solved some key problems of Marine diesel engine manufacturing.

“twelfth five-year” period, the specific implementation closely around the central decision-making to deploy, closely cooperate with each department, task deployment and support the manufacturing “expanding domestic demand, promoting the growth, the structure, the level of” close union, focusing on key areas needed for the key equipment research and development and demonstration application, made a number of achievements, the fruits of the machine tool industry may bring the equipment manufacturing industry of our country sunny day.

Association of machine tools, machine tool industry running present stabilizing signs of recovery

“Since 2011, entered the downward interval since the second half of the machine tool industry, the industry market this year began to render stabilizing signs of recovery.”China machine tool industry association executive vice President and secretary general Ronald chan said at a symposium, according to domestic machine tool market consumption last year totalled $27.5 billion, compared with last year compared to the same flat.

machine tool industry boom index rebounded sharply restorative growth was registered in

“in recent years, both the market and industry present continuous decline in output.”Ronald chan is introduced, the whole machine tool industry communist out $22.9 billion last year, up 3.6% from a year earlier, produce a restorative growth industry.In terms of tools, tool output up to 5.1 billion dollars last year, fell 8.9% year on year, a drop from last year continued to narrow.& have spent

& have spent& have spent& have spentIn terms of operation of industry, in 2016 China’s machine tool industry boom index is 53.9%, reflects the operation of the industry in the near future trend rebound.”Nearly three years of machine tool industry boom index 43.3%, 34.5% and 53.9%, respectively, in 2016 was up 19.4% over the same period last year, has realized the substantial rebound, industry expansion trend is obvious.”Ronald chan said.

to meet the market demand new challenge new features appear in the machine tool industry

“has entered the downward interval since the second half of 2011 industry, machine tool association put forward the downside is not a cyclical downward, but the whole change a stage of development.”Ronald chan said, at present the industry development is facing the new features of market structure upgrade, the new trend of product technology development, new requirements of the capability of independent innovation and a series of new challenges.

Ronald chan is introduced, in terms of the new features of market structure upgrade, customer demand for automation equipment, machine tool equipment less humanization, increased automation requirements.Customers also from popular to niche, the personalization, customization demand is growing.And general shift to upgrade of product function, performance, reliability and so on are put forward new requirements.

in the past quite a long period of time, the numerical control machine tool is the main trend of the development of high efficiency, precision and complex, and this trend continues.”Now in the original development trend, and increased the new tendency of the development of intelligent and green, and this trend is particularly obvious.”Ronald chan said that the past is the main imitation tracking on machine tool manufacturing route to develop the basis of today are not broken in some key technology to overcome encountered bottleneck, also puts forward new requirements to the independent innovation ability.

Ronald chan added, the machine tool industry in the large market industry is facing a profound changes under the influence, from the point of the development of industry in recent years, presents the main characteristics of the two aspects of restructuring, transformation and upgrading of differentiation in parallel.Association have also been advanced in the industry of preferential tax policy research and industry technology innovation center construction scheme planning, etc, to respond to market changes.

machine tool industry this year is expected to give priority to with stabilizing operation Drop will continue to narrow

, “2017 China consumer market of machine tools and industrial operation trend will remain downlink interval, is expected to decline will have narrowed, but has repeatedly challenge the bottom.”Association, executive vice director of long hair in the front in China machine tool industry association said on a conference, director of the 7th six times, countries in recent years, in order to “steady growth, structural adjustment”, supply side structural reform, promote economic elements from the drive to innovation-driven transformation, introduced a series of economic and industrial policy.The policy had a positive role in machine tool development.

China’s current scale of development of CNC machine tool industry research and analysis

Although at present our country to become the world’s first manufacturing power, but the most in the world of industry chain and value chain low-end, embodied in: exports are mostly low technology content, low price, low value-added products “three low”, margin level is generally low, and imports is a high technology content, high added value and high price of the “three highs” product.Nc machine tools can be used to make machines of known as the “mother of the industry, CNC machine tool production in our country the world first, technology second in the world, and its self-sufficiency rate of high-grade machine tool less than 1\/10.

a, numerical control machine tool industry production scale of

cic advisory “2017-2021 China depth of intelligent manufacturing equipment industry research and investment outlook report data, points out that in 2016 China machine the total consumption of about $27.5 billion, compared with the flat.Among them, the metal cutting machine tool spent about $16.4 billion, fell 4.1% year on year;Metal forming machine tool spent about $11.1 billion, up 6.7% from a year earlier.China tool consumption amount is about $2016 in 4 billion, down 11.1% year-on-year.Compared with the above indicators of growth in the same period in 2015, leapt by 13.5, 10.3, 19.0 and 1.0% respectively.As a result, in 2016 China machine tool consumption markets show signs of stabilizing.

from the machine tool structure, rapid growth of metal cutting machine tool production, presents the obvious increase.In 2016, the Chinese CNC metal cutting machine tool production for 780000 units, up 2.2% from a year earlier.CNC metal forming machine tool were present in 2016 annual U growth, data shows that in 2016 China China CNC metal forming machine tool production for 318000 units, up 4.3% from a year earlier.

second, the current situation of the development of numerical control machine tool market

under the pull of market demand, the demand of CNC machine tool industry in China will continue to maintain rapid growth, the average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%.Nc machine tools has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption, “twelfth five-year” period will continue to put in our country, and increased, major projects will drive the investment more than 10 billion each year.Not only led to the home-made numerical control machine tool and numerical control system and the market development of relevant features, and also for the domestic manufacturers of CNC system to develop its own technology, expand the market provides an excellent opportunity.

the current domestic production of nc machine tools can be roughly divided into economical machine tools, affordable machine, high-grade three types.Basic is open-loop control economical machine;Affordable machine adopts a half closed loop control technology, the resolution can reach 1 micron;High-grade type machine adopts closed loop control, composite with high precision, high speed, at the same time, has the function of all kinds of compensation, a new control, automatic diagnosis, resolution can reach 0.1 microns, the computer can replace people to program.

in the domestic application of basic economical nc machine tool are domestic products, domestic products regardless of quality or from a reliability can meet the needs of most of the machine tool users.About 60% – 60% of the domestic popular type segment in the machine tool is to use the domestic products, but need to point out that about 80% of these home-made numerical control machine tool numerical control system in the use of foreign product.High-end machine tools for only about 2% of domestic products, basic it is to rely on imports.In terms of market demand for cheap machine tools and intermediate about each accounted for 50% and 50%, the demand of high-grade CNC machine tools is about 10%.

, the development of nc machine tools in China will try to solve the host big but not strong, nc system and the lag of feature development, high-grade CNC machine key technology gap is big, the stability of product quality is not high, poor industry overall economic benefits, to cultivate the core competitive ability, independent innovation, quantitative integration and brand construction and so on to a strategic height, achieve the goal of gross industrial output value 800 billion yuan.And pushing for 10 to 15 years, manufactured by machine tool power to machine tool power transformation, realize the domestic high-grade CNC machine tools in the domestic market, and a series of dominant medium and long term goals.

as a matter of fact, the starting point of production enterprises due to domestic nc system is very low, this led to the enterprise’s technical level, the current domestic production enterprises CNC system on the design principle, components and application technology gap is larger, and the country’s research into basic were used as the development of new products, rather than key technology research and development.

at the same time, multinational companies in order to occupy the huge market in China, the technology blockade and dual competition strategy of price dumping.On the one hand, capable of producing products for China, multinational companies not only raise the price, also many additional restrictions;In China, on the other hand, the numerical control system, can produce the bigger reduction measures in a row, in an attempt to seize the Chinese enterprise only intermediate product market share, and CNC from China at showering poached familiar with business planning and the market of sales staff members.

cic adviser in the 2017-2021 China’s intelligent manufacturing equipment industry research depth and investment outlook report “pointed out that domestic enterprises more competitive in terms of mid-range CNC system.Enterprises of China starts relatively late, and now although the technology is also in a gradual move to European and us companies, but the enterprise brand effect has not yet formed, so do not have strong competitiveness in the market.At present the country organized related staff to communicate and exchange, companies are also positive efforts to research and development, strive for an early in the midrange CNC system market.

Guangxi machinery senior vestibule school backbone teachers learn to dalian machine tool group

July 17-23,

2017, guangxi machinery department of mechanical engineering senior technical school computer retrieval MoXiaoJun group of backbone teachers, Liu Bin, Luo Yingyan, Tan Jie, under the guidance of vice director of Huang Dahui, to dalian machine tool group for a five-day exchange of learning.

the exchange is the main task of the study understand detection of machine parts and precision machine tool detection.Along with the development of The Times, science and technology unceasing enhancement, three coordinate measuring machine, such as the laser interferometer is the wide application of advanced high precision testing equipment, mechanical product testing and application of professional teachers and curriculum cannot meet the requirement of professional development, and to meet the mechanical processing professional skilled personnel training requirements, close the gap between school and enterprise, construction to satisfy the needs of the school development and liuzhou industrial enterprise development course system has become an important project of the construction of the professional.

in the process of exchange, the backbone teachers are the enterprise culture, enterprise talent demand has carried on the research, in view of the typical parts processing and detection precision, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine precision testing and dismantling of machining center spindle problems related to enterprise’s head had in-depth exchanges and learning, and discusses technical requirements as well as normative, for parts inspection and machine tools ready teaching module.

The steady rise of machine tool industry concentration Accelerate the conversion of power to the machine tool


2000, under the national policy to guide and support, the concentration degree of China’s machine tool industry to increase steadily, and market share have begun to gradually concentrated to a few advantages enterprises, market structure also from perfect competition market structure to the monopoly competition market structure changes.The trend of the machine tool industry production concentration increasing, will promote China’s machine tool power shift to the world.& have spent

& have spent& have spent& have spentMachine tool industry consolidation is imperative

machine tool industry has always been a collection of labor intensive, capital intensive and technology intensive industries, industry barriers to entry is higher, even to enter if you can’t reach a certain scale of enterprise, it is difficult to generate profits.Large enterprises can, through large-scale procurement and production and lower costs by coordinating different subsidiary or division produce synergies, to establish a global sales team will products cover to different places and market.

as a result, the characteristics of the machine tool industry has a large constant strong, read the future of the machine tool industry mainly in the integration, the main form in the regional integration, the industrial chain integration and strategic integration.

among them, regional integration is to similar area of machine tool enterprises integration in together, it can focus on use of policy and management advantages to produce a good synergistic effect;Industrial chain integration is both the single function of the machine tool enterprises together, or to the machine manufacturing enterprises and key parts suppliers can set each director of together, complex machine out of a technical bottleneck;Strategic integration is the introduction of automobile, military industry, such as strategic partners, in order to more accurately grasp the downstream demand, develop targeted products, reduce the unnecessary loss in the process of research and development.

read machine tool industry in the future in the integrated, because the current development is not optimistic, only after a new round of consolidation, machine tool industry to develop further.

divisions metal-cutting machine tool is a machine tool industry in the economic scale is biggest, position the most significant industries, so by studying the development of metal machine, run into the machine tool industry as a whole., according to data from 2011 to 2016, metal machine tool industry in our country basic maintain sales revenue in 1500-180 billion yuan, fluctuations in growth was not obvious.

profit total volatility is bigger also.Metal machine in 2011 totaled 9.255 billion yuan, profit fell to $5.296 billion, 2013, 2014 have rebounded, profit is 7.635 billion yuan, profit of 7.282 billion yuan in 2016, a rise of 21.54% in the 2015, but the distance 2014 profit total there are still gaps.The output of

in addition, the machine tool industry in our country numerical control rate is obvious gap compared with developed countries.Value of metal cutting machine tool as an example, the numerical control rate rose from 22% in 2000 to 61.42% in 2015, 2016, numerical control rate is about 64.13%, while developed countries CNC machine tool production numerical control rate is between 80% and 90%, and a large room to improve.Machine tool industry development trend of


based on the above analysis, machine tool industry will present two major trends in the future.One is the demand to high-precision, intelligent CNC machine tools;Second, numerical control machine tool technology remains to be improved.

domestic machine tool industry in recent years, the market demand gradually turned to high-end machine tools, the total market under the condition of slow growth, high precision, intelligent nc machine tool market share rise, nc machine tools accounted for the proportion of total consumption rose to more than 60% of the numerical control machine tool machine to develop in the direction of high speed, precision, intelligent and green.But relatively, the domestic high-end machine tools mainly still rely on imports, domestic brand’s market share is still very low, to say the high precision of intelligent nc machine tools will be the development trend of machine tool industry.

CNC machine tool industry in China’s overall technological development ability and the technical foundation is weak, information technology application level is not high.Industry still relies mainly on the introduction of foreign technology at the present stage, the lack of its own core technology, high dependent on foreign technology, the introduction of technology digestion is still in control of existing technology and improve the localization rate didn’t rise to the formation of product independent development ability and the height of the technology innovation ability.Has high precision, high speed, high efficiency, composite function and multi-axis linkage characteristics such as high performance and practical CNC machine basically have to rely on imports.In the face of market transition, the technology level of domestic CNC machine remains to be improved.