Guangxi machinery senior vestibule school backbone teachers learn to dalian machine tool group

July 17-23,

2017, guangxi machinery department of mechanical engineering senior technical school computer retrieval MoXiaoJun group of backbone teachers, Liu Bin, Luo Yingyan, Tan Jie, under the guidance of vice director of Huang Dahui, to dalian machine tool group for a five-day exchange of learning.

the exchange is the main task of the study understand detection of machine parts and precision machine tool detection.Along with the development of The Times, science and technology unceasing enhancement, three coordinate measuring machine, such as the laser interferometer is the wide application of advanced high precision testing equipment, mechanical product testing and application of professional teachers and curriculum cannot meet the requirement of professional development, and to meet the mechanical processing professional skilled personnel training requirements, close the gap between school and enterprise, construction to satisfy the needs of the school development and liuzhou industrial enterprise development course system has become an important project of the construction of the professional.

in the process of exchange, the backbone teachers are the enterprise culture, enterprise talent demand has carried on the research, in view of the typical parts processing and detection precision, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine precision testing and dismantling of machining center spindle problems related to enterprise’s head had in-depth exchanges and learning, and discusses technical requirements as well as normative, for parts inspection and machine tools ready teaching module.

The steady rise of machine tool industry concentration Accelerate the conversion of power to the machine tool


2000, under the national policy to guide and support, the concentration degree of China’s machine tool industry to increase steadily, and market share have begun to gradually concentrated to a few advantages enterprises, market structure also from perfect competition market structure to the monopoly competition market structure changes.The trend of the machine tool industry production concentration increasing, will promote China’s machine tool power shift to the world.& have spent

& have spent& have spent& have spentMachine tool industry consolidation is imperative

machine tool industry has always been a collection of labor intensive, capital intensive and technology intensive industries, industry barriers to entry is higher, even to enter if you can’t reach a certain scale of enterprise, it is difficult to generate profits.Large enterprises can, through large-scale procurement and production and lower costs by coordinating different subsidiary or division produce synergies, to establish a global sales team will products cover to different places and market.

as a result, the characteristics of the machine tool industry has a large constant strong, read the future of the machine tool industry mainly in the integration, the main form in the regional integration, the industrial chain integration and strategic integration.

among them, regional integration is to similar area of machine tool enterprises integration in together, it can focus on use of policy and management advantages to produce a good synergistic effect;Industrial chain integration is both the single function of the machine tool enterprises together, or to the machine manufacturing enterprises and key parts suppliers can set each director of together, complex machine out of a technical bottleneck;Strategic integration is the introduction of automobile, military industry, such as strategic partners, in order to more accurately grasp the downstream demand, develop targeted products, reduce the unnecessary loss in the process of research and development.

read machine tool industry in the future in the integrated, because the current development is not optimistic, only after a new round of consolidation, machine tool industry to develop further.

divisions metal-cutting machine tool is a machine tool industry in the economic scale is biggest, position the most significant industries, so by studying the development of metal machine, run into the machine tool industry as a whole., according to data from 2011 to 2016, metal machine tool industry in our country basic maintain sales revenue in 1500-180 billion yuan, fluctuations in growth was not obvious.

profit total volatility is bigger also.Metal machine in 2011 totaled 9.255 billion yuan, profit fell to $5.296 billion, 2013, 2014 have rebounded, profit is 7.635 billion yuan, profit of 7.282 billion yuan in 2016, a rise of 21.54% in the 2015, but the distance 2014 profit total there are still gaps.The output of

in addition, the machine tool industry in our country numerical control rate is obvious gap compared with developed countries.Value of metal cutting machine tool as an example, the numerical control rate rose from 22% in 2000 to 61.42% in 2015, 2016, numerical control rate is about 64.13%, while developed countries CNC machine tool production numerical control rate is between 80% and 90%, and a large room to improve.Machine tool industry development trend of


based on the above analysis, machine tool industry will present two major trends in the future.One is the demand to high-precision, intelligent CNC machine tools;Second, numerical control machine tool technology remains to be improved.

domestic machine tool industry in recent years, the market demand gradually turned to high-end machine tools, the total market under the condition of slow growth, high precision, intelligent nc machine tool market share rise, nc machine tools accounted for the proportion of total consumption rose to more than 60% of the numerical control machine tool machine to develop in the direction of high speed, precision, intelligent and green.But relatively, the domestic high-end machine tools mainly still rely on imports, domestic brand’s market share is still very low, to say the high precision of intelligent nc machine tools will be the development trend of machine tool industry.

CNC machine tool industry in China’s overall technological development ability and the technical foundation is weak, information technology application level is not high.Industry still relies mainly on the introduction of foreign technology at the present stage, the lack of its own core technology, high dependent on foreign technology, the introduction of technology digestion is still in control of existing technology and improve the localization rate didn’t rise to the formation of product independent development ability and the height of the technology innovation ability.Has high precision, high speed, high efficiency, composite function and multi-axis linkage characteristics such as high performance and practical CNC machine basically have to rely on imports.In the face of market transition, the technology level of domestic CNC machine remains to be improved.

Neway CNC machining center through the national machine tool quality supervision and inspection center


, from neway CNC equipment (suzhou) co., LTD., produced by the company of five-axis linkage VM604F vertical machining center, five-axis linkage gantry machining center PM2506U success through the national quality supervise center of machine tool inspection, marked the neway CNC equipment technical level on a new step.

, multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools has been to measure the important reference of the technical level of the machine tool enterprises, especially above five-axis linkage machine tool research and development manufacturing.Neway CNC equipment, after many years of technical accumulation, the successful research and development production of five-axis linkage VM604F vertical machining center, gantry machining center PM2560U five-axis linkage.In July 2017, the national quality supervise center of machine tool professionals from multiple dimensions such as safety, reliability, accuracy and environmental protection, these two sets of five-axis machine tools for the comprehensive inspection.Inspection report released, more than two hundred testing data shows that each index machine is superior to the control standard, to fully demonstrate the excellent performance of neway numerical control equipment manufacturing.
neway CNC equipment (suzhou) technology co., LTD is located in suzhou city, covers an area of 200000 square meters, have set temperature integrated assembly shop, precision testing workshop, precision machining, heat treatment workshop, painting workshop and the integration of logistics center in the integration of high standard production workshop, is in jiangsu province, the largest, most complete varieties, export most of metal cutting machine tool production enterprise, is also one of the fastest-growing companies in the metal cutting machine tool industry.Currently, neway CNC equipment to introduce top European and American longmen pentahedron, coordinate boring, high-precision lie, universal grinding machine, rail grinding, etc as machine tools, and is equipped with three coordinates, laser interferometer, dynamic balancing instrument, such as spindle temperature rise test bench test equipment.The company USES the advanced SAP management system, committed to the pursuit of zero defect products, to provide customers with high-quality high-grade CNC processing equipment.Neway CNC company currently has more than 680 employees, annual output value of 460 million yuan.”Company attaches great importance to product development design, neway machine tool research institute has more than one hundred domestic machine tool industry leading r&d engineer.”According to relevant controller introduces, neway CNC company research institute located in high-end CNC machine tools in the research and development, the plan in the next five years to reach three hundred people in the research and development team.

Constant force machine tool enters the C919 airbus equipment the palace

On May 5,

this year, the central committee of the communist party of China promulgated by the state council, warm congratulations on the independent research and development of the C919 large passenger aircraft first flight successfully.C919 large passenger aircraft is our country for the first time according to the international level of the 150 – seat trunkliner airworthiness standards, the aircraft’s first flight success marks a significant breakthrough in China’s large aircraft project, is the important milestone in the development of civil aviation industry in China.

China independently developed the first C919 large passenger plane since comac manufacturing company rolled out in Shanghai, jiangsu hengli machine tool co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the constant force machine tool company) for this big plane make grinders vertical tail fin combination machine tools of information missing.”Made in China” on the hall of the core equipment of domestic large aircraft to jedaiah, manufacture of the equipment become the high-end intelligent milling equipment model.

“national treasure” identified

recently, by China machinery industry federation and the association of machinery industry in jiangsu province “china-made large aircraft vertical tail finish machining technology and equipment assessments” hall was held in Beijing xiyuan hotel bonanza.From our country’s aerospace, national defense, and major equipment manufacturing industry and scientific research institutes of the experts and scholars of professional appraisal committee, carries on the technology and equipment of the new product identification.Expert committee through extensive exchanges, serious review, strictly qualitative, confirm the combination milling equipment to implement a number of independent innovation, breakthroughs in many advanced technology, advanced process equipment, stable performance, the whole machine performance reached the international advanced level.

c919 large passenger aircraft was developed by China new generation jet trunkliner.Its successful logoff, marking China has entered the world one of the few countries with large aircraft research and development manufacturing ability.Our country has become after the Boeing 737 and airbus A320, member states in the field of global 70 t large aircraft manufacturing.It will completely changing the passive situation in China’s civil aviation aircraft entirely dependent on imports, to promote the development of China’s aviation industry and equipment manufacturing industry has the milestone significance.

the appraisal committee by the China machine tool industry association, tsinghua university, zhejiang university, nanjing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Beijing institute of mechanical and electrical technology, Beijing second machine tool, citic heavy industries, arms industry head office remy machinery top scientific research institutions and experts and scholars participate in major equipment manufacturing industry.Presided over

appraisal committee, member of Chinese academy of engineering, director of the jian-rong tan assessments, constant force machine tool company to provide large aircraft core components of combination machine tools for special purpose, is in the “twelfth five-year” and “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”, China’s implementation of the “made in China 2025” and “Internet +” strategic target the initial phase of one of the major scientific and technological achievements.Will the assessments as both a summary communication high-end technology and equipment of judges, and open into a perfect power jack advance will the technology and equipment.Jian-rong tan pointed out that the expert appraisal committee should not only luck, encourage the development of;And nagging, seeking to improve, and strive to conquer affect soft rib of the high-end technology and equipment in our country, promote the domestic equipment technology to the high-end transformation.Constant force machine tool company chairman said Mid-Autumn, domestic equipment entering the threshold of the large aircraft manufacturing, consolidate and develop the course of this advanced technology will be more difficult.Constant force machine tool company will maintain and develop the first sets of large aircraft manufacturing innovation spirit and rigorous style of work, to further expand machine tool development space, to research and development of national economy in all walks of life more high-end equipment to make unremitting efforts.

the international game

challenge large aircraft development, is our country big aircraft manufacturing nearly 70 years since the founding of the dream.Expert introduction, C919 large passenger aircraft start planning construction since 2008, during the seven years of development, staff involved in the design and manufacture and supporting services related to domestic 22 provinces and cities, more than 200 enterprises in more than 20 people, has more than 100 difficult core technology research.

aircraft vertical tail is aircraft operation center of gravity, the core of the balance of the body running features, due to its material properties, processing and manufacturing precision demand is high, the combination of the parts processing equipment have been by a few developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany dominated.C919 large aircraft of the vertical tail fin processing equipment, originally adopted complete sets of equipment of western developed countries, because of foreign technology blockade, expensive, Shanghai aircraft manufacturing company decided to implement localization of manufacturing, professional entrust jiangsu hengli company independent research and development.Constant force machine tool company for the C919 aircraft tailored airplane tail fin finishing modular machine tool, is in large aircraft design and manufacture of the machine frame coordinate system.The equipment in the abnormity of large titanium alloy material, surface, thin wall technology processing, to the appearance of key parts, positioning and clamping process of software development has a number of core technology.Condensed the equipment manufacturing with the electronic control technology in China in the field of multidisciplinary technology.

constant force Xu Xingwang chief engineer of machine tool company to introduce, they take the plane wing combination machine tool manufacturing unit, with the Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics research institutions such as production, study and research cooperation, lasted for two years, to conquer the dozens of technical challenges, not only the core equipment of international advanced level, equipment total cost is only about one over ten of the similar foreign equipment.The core level of technological innovation for many breakthroughs.

c919 large passenger aircraft vertical tail fin processing equipment of the main power, adopts horizontal three coordinates processing unit.On the vertical feed shaft structure with double servo drive, the design concept of double grating ruler monitoring, effectively improve the motion precision of the processing unit and the speed of dynamic response.

for large aircraft tail cutting titanium alloy material processing is difficult, high heat of special technical requirements, constant force machine tool company using MQL trace cooling and lubrication oil and gas system of cutting tool, not only effectively avoid the pollution of cutting fluid for molding parts, at the same time guarantee the machining efficiency and precision of the high speed cutting condition requirements.

large aircraft vertical tail for special flexible type thin walled cavity titanium alloy parts, constant force machine tool companies adopt a multipoint floating support design, the supporting structure, design of locking mechanism have done many difficult research, master the large thin-walled aviation titanium alloy parts clamping technology, developed a servo can monitor the flexible clamping device, effectively control the dynamic changes of the clamping force, to ensure the aircraft high clamping reliability of large parts assembly process.

jumbo airbus to heavy vertical tail is a typical special-shaped parts, high reliability and position large parts, must be precise attitude adjustment.This project adopts the “321” six degrees of freedom intelligent adjustment device, with a laser tracker acquisition wing posture raw data, analyzing data modeling based on whole body coordinates, import equipment numerical control module, will adjust position data and application of machine tool control software is embedded, the laser measurement technology, servo control technology, software programming technology, on-line inspection technology, multidisciplinary technologies such as research, in coordination with the diversification of the simulation software realize the fusion of modular machine tool + Internet technology developed equipment seamless docking aircraft parts from the fuselage of multi-functional intelligent core technology and equipment.

liability for

, according to the technical data C919 aircraft use of international advanced technology, large-scale using the third generation of lithium aluminium alloy materials and supercritical wing of titanium alloy.Compared with the international modern large aircraft same type, 7% reduction in weight, the flight resistance decreased by 3%, the machine manufacture technology has broken the Boeing, airbus and other international advanced technology monopoly.Based on its unprecedented international manufacturing technology, the current global 23 buyers have to carry out the order for 570 sorties C919, close to a quarter of the total domestic airbus planes in 2014.According to the Chinese on the fly, forecast the future 20 years, China will add 2000 C919 type large airbus, the size of the market for one trillion yuan.In front of the large aircraft development prospects are so tempting, constant force machine tool company chairman said Mid-Autumn will further increase investment, the implementation of production, study and research, with combination of five-axis linkage intelligent high-end machine tools such as the further development, and efforts to aviation manufacturing.

constant force machine tool company is the original machinery industry ministry combination machine tools and common components designated manufacturing unit, nearly 60 years engaged in machine tool manufacture about 40 years.Now the high-tech manufacturing enterprises in jiangsu province, jiangsu province, two fusion model enterprise.Leading products combination milling machine, CNC boring and milling machine, general machine tools, precision parts, CNC processing unit and the flexible processing production line, widely used in automobiles, aircraft, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, coal mine machinery and other major areas of national economy.Products has entered including faw, general motors, ford, BMW, mercedes-benz, enter the zoomlion, sany heavy industry, xugong group, China yituo, dongfang and so on hundreds of clients, large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad.

Mid-Autumn to introduce China’s industrial press, our country “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning advice” put forward in the development and the quality of high-speed growth, to promote China’s equipment into the high-end level has important strategic significance.Constant force machine in domestic large aircraft manufacturing, just start stage into the high-end equipment manufacturing, they are going to take this opportunity to further consolidate and develop the large aircraft core part of flexible manufacturing technology research, according to market demand, developed more replace imported high-end intelligent technology and equipment, to speed up the implementation of the strategy of “made in China 2025”, promote our country from the manufacturer to make strong, bear responsibility.

Love better to launch machine tools with high precision measurement

Nc machine tool as a kind of precision processing equipment, has been more and more widely applied in the field of precision machining.In order to ensure that the numerical control machine tool has the very high machining accuracy, on the machine is equipped with appropriate displacement measuring device is necessary.As & other;Gusu talents & throughout;, graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences, associate professor of electrical engineering, southeast university post-doctoral, lead ChuJianHua entrepreneurial team, through five years of technology, and developed the & other;Active ball grating displacement sensor measurement & throughout;.Reporter in love good company met this kind of measuring instrument, the equipment is mainly composed of a metal ball from the land scale measurement and a signal equipment, ChuJianHua introduction, this & otherThe ball grid scale & throughout;Whole sealing structure is adopted to IP67 protection grade standard, its measurement precision is not affected by oil, water, iron and other common pollutants affect workshop, ruler of the warranty period can be up to 10 years.& other;General measurement sensor is not hard to do, I study hard, difficult in big mechanical implementation of advanced measurement.Throughout the &;ChuJianHua explanation: & other;An open large nc machine tools, electromagnetic interference is very big, and there are oil, in such bad environment, still can ensure the measuring accuracy of 1 micron, this is very not easy.Throughout the &;For a long time, on the precision machine tool configuration is a set of three coordinate displacement measuring device, mainly imported from abroad.According to introducing, the measuring instrument accuracy of similar foreign is 5 microns, a group of more than ten meters long three coordinates measuring instrument for about 7 to 80000 yuan, and love not only higher precision of products, the price is only half of the same products abroad.ChuJianHua revealed that China’s existing stock of 8 million sets of machine tools need to be modified, in addition, an annual increase of precision cutting machine more than 70 sets.He chuckles & other;Each machine needs to be equipped with precision measuring instruments, this is a & lsquo;Blue ocean market & rsquo;Every year, there will be billions of market demand.Throughout the &;Because see the demand in the industry, ChuJianHua lead the team to focus on automation measurement field, during the period of product performance testing, he often spends one night, in the machine tool workshop a continuous test.& other;The traditional grating measurement with the defect of instability, mainly by the environment, such as dust pollution, we solved this problem by electromagnetic principle, guarantee under the condition of the processing environment is very bad, the instrument can work normally.Throughout the &;In 2017, love good company won the jiangsu province private scientific and technological enterprise qualification.Product original ball grid structure, the active methods, key technology such as segmentation processing, weak signal processing is applied for two PCT patent, products comprehensive performance reached the international first-class level.It is understood that in addition to & other;The ball grid scale & throughout;, ChuJianHua r&d team to develop the space level precision Angle measuring equipment, has been successfully used in aeronautics and astronautics.The angular resolution can reach 0.1 & Prime;(seconds), measurement accuracy can reach & plusmn;0.2 & Prime;, the environment temperature range in – 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃, also can work normally under the strong shock.At present, the project has been successfully used in small satellite engineering center in Shanghai, and signed a contract in China academy of space technology.ChuJianHua said, love good company in the future will focus on the field, solve the market problem, in intelligent manufacturing precision core sensing components continue to research and development, contribute to further reduce the manufacturing cost in the industry.(the original title: love beautiful launch machine tools with high precision measuring device) (network) under the source: