Qilushi changes characteristic produce and sale of plastic and special feed two flourishing

Qilushi changes plastic plant to grip current home plastic market the favorable opportunity with special feed exuberant demand, make full use of product advantage, the high additional cost that develops Gao Kuo of manufacturing technology content to sell suit one energetically is special material new product, end this year 1-8 month, the special feed new product such as makings of material of luxuriant metal canal, rotational moulding, cable makings produces more than tons more than 20, at present each production unit is in full load to produce condition from beginning to end, appear gave produce and sale the good exert head of two flourishing.

Refine of the North sea changes Bao Bi to fix plastic new product throw on the market

In August, refine of the North sea changes new product thin wall to note plastic all polypropylene PPH-MN60 yields smoothly sale, client use feedback is good.

All polypropylene PPH-MN60 fixes model product for thin wall of tall melt index, basically use at transparent food to pack a box to reach last a production. Guangxi area expanded economy energetically 2017, capital attraction attracts client of partial other place to build a plant, bao Bi notes prospect of model product market auspicious.

Refine of the North sea is changed turning idea, brave takes on, in achieving benefit seminar, firmly holds every tons of oily refine to arrive want acme this one key is nodded, aim market demand, hold plan of planning production of favorable turning point, adjust product structure and sale plan, produce Bao Bi successfully to note plastic 359 tons achieve total sale.

This company salesperson is insatiable, coordinate actively change annul be stationed in a factory to do the basis that becomes data of good sale system to safeguard, increase visit strength, thorough client factory undertakes recommending, gather an opinion. Excel of diaphaneity of client feedback product is congener product, after increasing use amount of purpose, make producer proposal immediately, september, this company plans to rise all polypropylene PPH-MN60 crop comes kiloton, predict many yuan 30 to raise sales revenue.

Of system of control of strong report of numerical control machine tool safeguard with maintain

Numerical control machine tool is electric control a system besides CNC device (the servo that includes main shaft drive and feed drive) outside, still include machine tool strong report to control a system. System of control of machine tool strong report basically is by the drive of common AC motor and logic of machine tool electric equipment control equipment PLC reachs an operation dish wait for a part to form. Strong report of simple introduction machine tool controls what contactor of common afterwards report controls system and PLC to be able to make up Cheng controller in the system to safeguard here with maintain.
The maintenance of system of control of contactor of report of 1 common afterwards and maintain
   Numerical control machine tool besides CNC system, to machine tool of economy numerical control still contactor of common afterwards report controls a system. Its are safeguarded with maintain the job, basically be the problem that the strong electromagnetism of the contactor in how adopting measure to prevent strong report ark, relay disturbs. The interference source that the electromagnetism component such as the contactor in the strong report ark of numerical control machine tool, relay all is CNC system. Because communicate contactor, those who communicate electric machinery is frequent start, stop When stopping, phenomenon of its electromagnetism induction can make CNC system controls aiguille of the generation in circuit or wave to emerge wait for noise, disturb regular job of the system. Accordingly, must take step to these electromagnetism interference, give eliminate. For example, to communicating contactor coil, criterion the interference noise that in its two end or the three-phase input that communicate electric machinery carry shunt-wound RC network to restrain these electric equipment to arise. In addition, the oxidation that should notice to prevent contactor, relay to touch a head and the contact that touch a head are undesirable wait.
2 PLC can make up Cheng controller safeguard with maintain
   PLC can make up Cheng controller also is the important electric control part on numerical control machine tool. System of control of strong report of numerical control machine tool is controlled besides auxiliary to the machine tool motion and auxiliary movement outside, still include the control of all sorts of pair of protection switch, journeys and final limit switch. In afore-mentioned processes, PLC can write the electric equipment of system of strong report control is medium major machine tool on machine tool of Cheng controller replaceable numerical control, realize the pair of main shaft, logic that changes the system such as knife, lubricant, cooling, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic to control thereby. PLC can make up Cheng controller and numerical control device to close when be an organic whole, formed inside the PLC that fit pattern, and independent type PLC was formed when be located in beyond numerical control device. Because the structure of PLC forms the place that has likeness with numerical control device, so its are safeguarded with maintain can consult the maintenance of numerical control device and maintain.

A few application of linear electric machinery in numerical control machine tool

   The history of linear electric machinery is OK the not successful shows embryonic form slightly linear electric machinery that Hui Sideng made restrospect to 1840, ever since 160 old in linear electric machinery experienced exploration to experiment, development applies and use commercialization 3 period.  

   Came 1971 at present, linear electric machinery enters the period of independence application eventually, the application of of all kinds and linear electric machinery got rapid promotion, made a lot of unit that have economic value and product, for example all sorts of machine of coal of the steel tube conveyer of drive of linear electric machinery, carry, dynamoelectric doors, dynamoelectric window. Use the train of magnetism in suspension of drive of linear electric machinery, speed already exceeded 500km/h, approached the rate that aviation flies.  

   The research of the linear electric machinery of our country and application are from 20 centuries begin at the beginning of 70 time. At present main achievement has hammer of factory drive a vehicle, electromagnetism, punch to wait. Although research of our country linear electric machinery also obtained a few result, but compare with foreign photograph, its popularize applied respect to still be put in very big difference. Current, home studies the unit already noticed this not less [1] .  

    The current situation that linear electric machinery uses on numerical control machine tool 

    In last few years, to numerical control the machine tool uses linear electric machinery to appear particularly popular on international, its reason is:  
    Fast treatment shows develops to improve manufacturing efficiency and the treatment quality that improve a spare parts high speed and freeboard to already made a when the machine tool develops major trend, delicacy of a reaction, high speed, portable drive system, rate should rise above of 40 ~ 50m/min. Traditional ” rotate electric machinery + ball guide screw ” the highest feed rate that transmission form can achieve is 30m/min, acceleration is 3m/s2 only. Workbench of drive of linear electric machinery, its speed is 30 times of transmission way more traditional, acceleration is 10 times of transmission way more traditional, can amount to 10g most; Stiffness raised 7 times; The workbench of direct drive does not have linear electric machinery retrorse job dead band; Because electric machinery inertia is small, the linear servo that forms by its so can achieve taller frequency to answer.  

    1993, german ZxCell-O company rolled out the first by machining center of the workbench HSC-240 of drive of linear electric machinery high speed, machine tool main shaft is highest fast achieve 24000r/min, speed of the biggest feed is 60n/min, acceleration achieves 1g, when feed speed is 20m/min, its outline precision can amount to 0.004mm. The company tightened American Ingersoll to roll out machining center of HVM-800 high speed then, main shaft is highest rotate speed is 20000r/min, speed of the biggest feed is 75.20m/min.  

Began 1996, machine tool of the horizontal machining center that Japan develops a success to use linear electric machinery in succession, high speed, freeboard fast small-sized machining center, exceed rigid lens face to machine machine tool of figuration of machine tool, high speed to wait [1] .  

    University of our country Zhejiang developed a kind by the punch of drive of linear electric machinery, the shunt-wound orgnaization coordinate that manufacturing engineering institute designed Zhejiang university to use drive of cylinder linear electric machinery is measured machine [2] . Nanjing quarto company rolled out what develop by oneself to use linear electric machinery 2001 the numerical control of direct drive is linear electric locomotive bed, 2003 on exhibition of machine tool of the 8th China International, showpiece the machining center that the VS1250 linear electric machinery that joint-stock company of hi-tech of Beijing report courtyard rolls out acquires, main shaft of this machine tool is highest turn up 15000r/min.

  The working principle of linear electric machinery

   Linear electric machinery is one kind changes electric energy into sharp movement mechanical energy directly, and the gearing that does not need any intermediate changeover orgnaizations. It can regard as to rotate electric machinery presses radial sliver, exhibit plane and become, if pursue,1 place is shown.

Graph the transition process of 1 linear electric machinery

   A side that evolve by stator and comes is called primary, a side that evolve by rotor and comes is called sub. When applying actually, will primary and sub make different length, journey range needs in order to assure in place inside primary with sub the coupling between keeps changeless. Linear electric machinery can be short first monitor is sub, also can be long primary short sub. Considering production cost, moving charge, all use commonly at present short first monitor is sub.

   The working principle of linear electromotor and rotate electromotor is similar. It is with linear induction motor exemple: When primary winding tells alternating current source, produce travelling wave magnetic field in air gap, sub and be expert at below cut of wave magnetic field, give the response electromotive force and produce electricity, the action of magnetic field photograph in this electric current and air gap produces electromagnetism thrust. If primary and fixed, sub linear exercise is done below thrust action; Conversely, primary do linear exercise.

   The drive of linear electric machinery controls a technology

   System of application of a linear electric machinery should have the linear electric machinery with good performance not only, still must have the control system that can implement technology and economic demand below the condition of on the safe side. As the development of automata technology and small computer technology, the control method of linear electric machinery is increasing. The research that dominates a technology to linear electric machinery basically can divide for 3 respects: It is conventional control technology, 2 it is contemporary control technology, 3 it is intelligent control technology.

   Traditional control technique if the PID feedback control, control that solve Ou wide application received in communicating servo. Among them the past in process of control of trends of PID control contain, mix now prospective information, and configuration is almost best, have stronger rash club sex, it is the most fundamental control pattern in communicating system of drive of servo electric machinery. Dominate the result to rise, often use the control that solve Ou and vector control technology.

   In object model affirmatory, indeclinable and be linear and operation condition, moving environment is affirmatory below changeless condition, using a tradition to control a technology is simple and effective. But the high-powered circumstance in high accuracy small feed, with respect to the change that must consider object structure and parameter. All sorts of nonlinear influences, when waiting, the change of moving environment and environmental interference change to decide factor with inaccuracy, ability gets satisfactory control result. Accordingly, contemporary control technology caused very big attention in research of pilot of linear servo electric machinery. Method of commonly used control has: Change from adaptive control, slippery model structural control, rash club control and intelligent control.

   In recent years the intelligence such as ambiguous and logistic control, nerve network control controls a method to also be introduced in the control of system of linear electromotor drive. Basically be ∞ of network of will ambiguous logic, nerve and PID, H at present the control method photograph of the existing maturity such as control is united in wedlock, learn from others’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, in order to acquire better control property [3] .

   Linear electric machinery uses example mediumly in numerical control machine tool

   Vivid traffic jam cuts numerical control system

   Because the sharp movement orgnaization that uses linear electric machinery is had answer the characteristic with fast, tall precision, in the CNC turning that uses Yu Yi sectional work successfully and grinding treatment. Be aimed at the blame with the biggest crop round sectional spare parts, the high frequency ring that cutting research center developed circle of blame of university of national defence science and technology to be based on linear electric machinery is big feed of journey numerical control is unit. When be used at machine tool of numerical control piston, workbench dimension is 600mm × 320mm, journey 100mm, the biggest thrust is 160N, the biggest acceleration can amount to 13g. Because mover of linear electric machinery and workbench already were secured together, can use closed-loop control only so, the graph shows the control system diagram that is this unit 2 times.

Graph the principle block diagram of controller of position of 2 linear electric machinery

   This is system of a double closed circuit, core is speed annulus, outer shroud is positional annulus. Use feet of high accuracy grating to regard the position as detecting element. Fixed position precision depends on the resolution of grating, mechanical error of the system can be eliminated by feedback, obtain taller precision [4] .

   Use the system of open mode numerical control of linear electric machinery

Use PC and open formula but controller of result of process designing carry makes numerical control system, this kind of system is platform with general personal computer and Windows, the athletic controller of the form of standard plug-in unit that goes up with the PC is control core, those who implemented numerical control system is open. The overall design program of the system of open mode numerical control that is based on linear electric machinery is shown 3 times like the graph.

Graph the principles of 3 system of open mode numerical control that are based on linear electric machinery pursue

   This system uses the plan composition that inserts motion to control card in the patulous chamfer of the PC, the system controls the part such as workbench of driver of card, servo, linear electric machinery, numerical control to comprise by PC, motion. Numerical control workbench by drive of linear electric machinery, servo is controlled and control of machine tool logic all is finished by athletic controller, athletic controller but process designing, control a process in order to carry the means explanation of mover program executes number (G code, supportive user is patulous) . Motion controls calorie of model to be PCI-8132.

   Current industry controlled bus line of the PCI in the technology to replace ISA bus line gradually, form of predominate bus line, it has a lot of advantages, like Plug and Play (Plug And Play) , interrupt share etc. PCI bus line has rigid standard and standard, this made sure it has good compatibility, reliability is high; Deferent data rate is high (132Mbps) or (264Mbps); PCI bus line and CPU have nothing to do, have nothing to do with clock frequency, apply to all sorts of platform, support multiprocessing implement with collateral job; PCI bus line still has good expansibility, adopt PCI_PCI bridge way, can undertake multistage expands. PCI bus line offerred huge to go to the lavatory for the user, it is current a kind of the the most advanced, most current bus line on the PC. PCI-8132 is the card of control of 2 axes sport that has PCI interface. It can produce pace of drive of high frequency pulse to enter electric machinery and servo electric machinery, the electric machinery that dominates 2 axes moves, implementation is mixed point-blank circular arc interpolation. In numerical control treatment, offer positional feedback.

   Systematic software is developed on WINDOWS platform. This software is used modular programming, by the user the input outputs the interface, composition such as pretreatment module. Interface of user input output realizes the output of the input of the user, system. The main function that the user inputs is to let an user input numerical control code, issue control order, undertake systematic parameter is configured, create machine program of spare parts of numerical control machine tool (G code dictates) . Pretreatment module is read after taking G code to dictate, generate through compiling can let PCI – the program that card of 8132 sport control runs, thereby drive is steep electric machinery, finish linear or circular arc interpolation. Reading the course that takes G code is the set that has parameter above all, read next take G code, if the graph is shown 4 times,this order flow is as follows.

Graph 4 read take flow chart of G code program

   PARKER406LXR series is chosen in this one system linear electric machinery. To workbench of two coordinate numerical control, x to choose 406T07 linear electric machinery, journey 550mm, y to choose 406T05 linear electric machinery, journey 450mm.


   Use the high speed machining center of linear servo electric machinery, already made the crucial technology that manufacturer of each big machine tool studies eagerly on international and develops and product, already obtained initial application and result in auto industry and aviation industry, as the new generation of high speed machining center direct drive servo carries out component, electric machinery technology is in linear servo to also had entered industrialization application phase domestic and internationally. But, home still is in in the research of this respect start level, difference is very big still, the article was made in the applied respect of linear electric machinery a few discuss, a lot of technology issues still remain the effort henceforth.

Reworked plastics will enter transition to upgrade centralized period

Policy comes on stage thick and fast related the near future, enough sees decision-making layer silver coin in order to prohibit rubbish enters a country for breach, clear the determination that rectifies second birth to use an industry to machine pollution is very sturdy. Ban dead file according to what Chinese government refers to WTO, useless plastic entrance will be in life source begin to carry out by 2017. Can see at the same time, second birth industry had entered executive phase after the adjustment of relevant policy 2017, so second half of the year will be the collect metaphase that company transition upgrades this year.

Awkward ground forces in company transition

At present country recovers the system still is perfected not quite, short-term country supply has frequent promotion hard, because this long-term home reworked plastics is supplied,still appear relatively nervous. But, although virgin material is in,pull continuously go up, but crude price is at present low, major variety still can have reworked plastics ceiling pressure. Here so the circumstance falls, prospective enterprise has 3 development way. The first, be defined to be economy of environmental protection industry, loop as renewable resources industry, those who have actual strength is medium large company perfects all sorts of environmental protection formalities and equipment investment, the probability of the person that future of this part company becomes an industry to lead is great. The 2nd, partial abroad supplies chamber of commerce to will live kind of reworked plastics, treatment produces second birth particle, reexport reachs our country. The 3rd, domestic part is large manufacturing company, move is produced to abroad, especially the southeast Asia state that has favourable policy with our country, after place digests partial grain supply of goods reimport arrives home.

On policy turning point, second birth enterprise needs to maintain reason, avoid by all means is eager to making bigger hold dish fluctuant. Jin Lian starts proposal business, defend good oneself old client above all, in goods little state of affairs falls can purchase merchandise on hand to be produced in order to manage downstream company from circumjacent area appropriately, avoid the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that later period client estimates. Next, in policy window period, proposal company discretion is wait-and-see local policy is fluctuant direction, plan ahead of schedule good later period does dish of way. The 3rd, below environmental protection high pressure, production of later period standardization will become the safeguard that second birth industry survives, because this industry all should supply,complete ring reviews the case such as formalities, updating equipment.

China reclaims dimensions of reproduction course of study already very big, downstream application is rich, technology of a lot of domains is banner. Our country is plastic reclaim processing has two kinds of cases: One kind is located in world advanced level, one kind is small mill, best circumstance and the poorest condition coexist. Onefold dimension does not spend policy to be able to be solved this. Reclaim the industry is giant industry, how very good reclaim use need time and innovation. Right amount consumption is must, reclaiming is a link only. The change of the concept is wanting to consider to reclaim at zoology design, it is dweller classification not only, it is the change of whole society system.