Nc machine tools how to realize the intelligent?

Intelligent machine first appeared in

(Wright P&middot K· Wright) and byrne (D&middot A· Bourne) published in 1998, the first monograph in the field of intelligent Manufacturing research journal of intelligent Manufacturing (Manufacturing Intelligence).Because plays an important role in advanced manufacturing, intelligent technology cause the attention of various countries.The United States launched the intelligent processing platform (SMPI);European implementation & other;Next Generation Production System”Research;Germany introduced & other;4.0 throughout & Industry;Plan;China’s medium and long-term development of science and technology for & other;Intelligent digital manufacturing technology & throughout;Put forward the urgent needs, and formulate the corresponding & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;The development plan;In 2006, the Chicago international manufacturing technology show (IMTS2006), Japan Mazak’s first name & other;Intelligent Machine”Intelligent machine and Japan Okuma’s named & other;Thinc”Intelligent CNC system, opens the intelligent CNC machine age.This article embarks from the sensor, the intelligent technology of nc machine tools is hierarchically divided into intelligent sensor, intelligent functions, intelligent components, intelligent system, a part of the intelligent technology is summarized, points out that insufficient, reveals the development direction, and in the future was prospected.

intelligent sensor composed of a machine tool, cutting tool, workpiece in machining process, nc machine tool manufacturing system with material removal, accompanied by a variety of complex physical phenomena, implies abundant information.In such a dynamic, nonlinear, time-varying and uncertain environment, numerical control machine tool’s own perception technology is the basic condition to realize intelligent.Nc machine tools in order to realize intelligent, need a variety of sensors to collect the external environment and internal state information, the approximate the function of the human senses perceive environment changes, as shown in table 1.For people, the eye is the most important features of sense organs, and can obtain more than 90% of the environment information, but visual sensor in the application of nc machine tool is less.With the improvement of automation and intelligent level, visual function will play a more and more important role in nc machine tools.Table 1

nc machine tools available sensors with MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) technology, embedded technology, intelligent materials and structures such as the development of technology, the sensor toward miniaturization.MEMS micro sensor, micro sensor film sensors and fiber optic sensor mature application, has paved the way for the sensor embedded nc machine tools.Due to unpredictable exist in the process of manufacturing or unexpected strange phenomenon and the complex problems, as well as the information detected by problems such as timeliness, accuracy, completeness, therefore, requires the sensor has the intelligence such as analysis, reasoning, * *, this requires a sensor should have high performance & other intelligent processor;Throughout the brain &;.Qualcomm is developed to simulate the human brain work of the artificial intelligence system microprocessor.By semiconductor integrated technology in the future, the high performance microprocessor artificial intelligence system and sensor, signal processing circuit, I\/O interface, integrated on the same chip, forming large scale integrated circuit type intelligent sensor, not only has the detection, recognition, memory, analysis, and other functions, but also self-study * * even thinking ability.Believe that along with the computer technology, signal processing technology, MEMS technology, high and new material technology, wireless communication technology advances, such as smart sensors will bring new changes in nc machine tools intellisense.

intelligent function of nc machine tool to high-speed, high efficiency, high development, the elaboration for numerical control machine tool wear characteristics of thermal compensation, vibration monitoring, monitoring, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of intelligent functions.Several or several smart sensors, using artificial intelligence method, through the identification, analysis, judgment and reasoning, achieve the function of CNC machine intelligence, lays the foundation for the realization of the intelligent components.The error of nc machine tools including geometry error, heat (deformation) and force (deformation) error, assembly error, etc.Studies have shown that the geometric error and thermal error of the machine tool more than 50% of the total error, is the key factor that affect the machining accuracy of machine tool, as shown in figure 1.Among them, the geometric error is caused in the process of manufacture, assembly and the error of machine tool structure itself, little change over time, belong to the static error, error of the prediction model is relatively simple, can get effective control, through the system of compensation function changes over time and thermal error is very big, belongs to the dynamic error, error of prediction model is complex, is a difficulty and a focus of international research.

nc machine tools in the machining process heat source including bearings, ball screw, motor, gear box, guide rail, cutting tools, etc.These parts of warming will cause the main shaft extension, coordinate change, tool change such as elongation, machine tool error caused by increased.As the temperature sensitive more, wide distribution, temperature test point location optimization design is very important, the main method of genetic algorithm, neural network, fuzzy clustering and rough set and information theory, the grey system, etc.In determining the temperature measuring point, on the basis of common neural network, genetic algorithm, fuzzy logic, the grey system, support vector machine (SVM) for error prediction and compensation.

in the aerospace field, such as titanium alloy, nickel alloy, high strength steel difficult-to-machine materials are widely used, and under the condition of high speed cutting, cutting quantity increasing, is easy to occur vibration between tool and workpiece, seriously affect the machining accuracy and surface quality of workpiece.Because of the cutting force is a primitive characteristic signal of cutting process, the most can reflect the dynamic characteristic of the machining process, so can use monitoring and prediction of cutting force in vibration monitoring.Using dynamometer, force sensor, the feed motor current, etc., using particle swarm optimization (pso) algorithm, the fuzzy theory and genetic algorithm, and the theory of grey modeling and projections for cutting force.Considering the cause of the machine tool vibration main spindle, screw, bearing parts, can also the vibration of the acquisition of these components, such as cutting force, the acoustic emission signal, using neural network, fuzzy logic and support vector machine (SVM) for vibration monitoring of intelligent methods such as direct.

tool installed in the spindle front, contact with machining, cutting surface, directly impact on the quality of machining is the most direct and key.Tool wear and breakage of the abnormal phenomenon such as affect the machining precision and work safety.In view of the direct measurement method to offline detection of defects, often collecting current, cutting force, vibration, power, temperature, one or more of the indirect signals, such as by using RBF neural network, fuzzy neural network, wavelet neural network, support vector machine (SVM) and other intelligent algorithm for intelligent monitoring of tool wear state.With the improvement of automation, numerical control machine tool integration more and more features, complex degree enhances unceasingly.In order to run efficiently, the internal status of nc machine tool monitoring and performance evaluation, to warning and fault diagnosis is necessary.Due to the failure mode reproducibility is not strong, specimen collection is difficult, so the BP neural network for sample more intelligent method is not suitable for the occasion.Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis by using SOM neural network, fuzzy logic and support vector machine (SVM), expert system and intelligent methods, such as multiple Agent.Researchers continue to explore and study of the function of the smart new method or a combination of a variety of methods, but most of the focus in the laboratory environment, lack of high real-time, on-line function method, still need to in-depth development of intelligent method of simple, fast and strong adaptability.

intelligent parts of nc machine tool mechanical part mainly includes the support structure, main transmission and feed drive parts, tool parts, such as involving lathe bed, column, spindle, tool, lead screw and guide rail and the axis of rotation and other components.These parts can be integrated intelligent sensor of one or several function of intelligent CNC machine intelligence.

spindle is the main transmission components, as a core component, is directly related to the workpiece machining accuracy.Due to the spindle speed is higher, especially the motorized spindle, heat, wear and tear, vibration impact on the processing quality is very big, therefore, more and more intelligent sensors are integrated into the main shaft, the implementation of work state monitoring, early warning and compensation, and other functions.Developed by Japan yamazaki mazar-e-sharif g & other;Smart spindle & throughout;, equipped with a variety of sensors, such as temperature, vibration, displacement and distance, temperature, vibration, clamp life not only monitoring and protection function, and can according to the vibration, temperature, intelligent coordination processing parameters.Swiss Step – Tec, IBAG, such as manufacturing of motorized spindle, equipped with a variety of sensors, such as temperature, acceleration, axial displacement, as shown in figure 3, to compensate the thermal and vibration monitoring, etc.

The inventory machine tool of the world’s top awards and award-winning products

nc machine tools, is not only the production of high-tech tools, more pieces of art, excellent nc machine tools in addition to the excellent performance, more have free from vulgarity appearance level.Today let small make up take stock for everybody, what are the machine tool industry’s top awards.78.945154739

thousand quintillion big new product award the prize

is mainly aimed at the Japanese machine tool enterprise, the news agency issued by the issue of the industry, the award recognizes leading Japanese technology and products in the world market.Like Japanese brand, known to Chinese big Wei, jtekt walcott, shaddick, precision machine, amada has repeatedly won the honor, all the award not embarrassed to say oneself is Japan’s leading machine tool enterprises.


okuma machine tool works has MU -v LASER EX

JTEKT large horizontal machining center FH1600SW5i



iF design, referred to as “the iF, founded in 1953, the prize is by Germany’s oldest industrial design institution, hannover industrial design BBS held regularly every year.IF Germany international BBS the IF design award in each design, it is famous for its independent, rigorous, reliable appraisal idea in the world, the most amount of gold known as Oscar, one of the best products like BMW, mercedes-benz, Siemens, and many other businesses are ever on the IF award contest.

has won the prize for

German machine tool works faster and the IF award many times in 2014,

in kunming machine tool of two products has won the award.Now he machine losses in a row, no longer, make people are.

trulaser 5030 fiber

graceful fashion DMG panel has also won the award of

red dot design award

red dot design award, and the IF eponymous award.There is no denying that, from the selection point of view, the IF and the red dot is the design of industrial product creative, practical, environmental protection, etc, a comprehensive evaluation for the performance of machine tool inspection and lacking., however, have a good appearance of machine tools, general performance is more outstanding, like DMG, SW and other machine tools.After all, only under the condition of the technical strength standard, enterprise will have extra money into the product design.

award-winning machine tool works

2014 doosan PUMA SMX series machine tools, machine tool industry is South Korea for the first time, red dot design award.In

2014, China north industries group wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD and shenyang industrial design co., LTD., joint design of brahman Wu Chong WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center machine tool of the 4662 eligible product stand out from the whole world, to become China’s first equipment manufacturing industrial design award winning products.

Wu Chong machine WHCQ1600 horizontal machining center is


MM – AWARD by the domestic manufacturing industry enjoys a high evaluation in Germany professional magazine Maschinen Markt (MM) for the manufacturing of the AWARD by outstanding and innovative products and new technology, with high authority, has won the AWARD of the machine tool product have high technology content and excellent performance, such as waves, Mr Mark has won the AWARD.

had the winning machine tool works

amada ENSIS AJ series

mark VSC 400 of WF type combination machine tools in Europe was named best lathe machine tool exhibition, won the

MM technology innovation award award

being the biggest machine tool precision engineering society, Japan and Germany set up awards on the manufacturing are also well ahead of other countries.Japan precision engineering society, founded in 1933, so far, more than 5500 members, with universities, research institutions and enterprises, the precision machinery industry in Japan plays a guide role.Precision work learn to award prizes to reward those who have made significant achievements in the field of precision engineering, creative, the future is promising young researchers and technicians, in recognition of their efforts and contributions at the same time, improve their vigorous study enthusiasm.

winners machine tools and techniques of Japan’s big Wei implementation shorten processing time and maintenance of the machining accuracy of nc technology won the 2016 annual award

Japanese precision grinding machine manufacturers close koren precision of ultrasonic ・ electrolytic mixed grinding technology has won 2013 Japan institute of precision engineering technology awards

komatsu Z&mu ultra-precision machining center;3500 also won the precision work to learn & quot;Technology & quot;.


2017 Shanghai international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and adhesive tape, protective film and optical film, 2017 Shanghai expo a successful ending

together with development of industry, the solstice 25 April 27, 2017, 2017 Shanghai international high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and the 2017 Shanghai international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition held in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall smoothly.International high performance film manufacturing technology exhibition and international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition held every year in Shanghai and shenzhen, is one of the various functional thin film, adhesive tape, double processing equipment and related materials as the core.
in addition to draw more attention from the industry of film and adhesive tape production and die cutting processing customers, more rely on with “international fully and display show” and “international new display technology” seamless docking, gathered from the touch screen, photoelectric display panels, mobile communications, consumer electronics, home appliances and other downstream applications in the field of a large number of professional buyers to visit.As with the other big Asian electronics manufacturing industry event, NEPCON increasingly close cooperation, electronic manufacturing services, automotive electronics, medical electronics, new energy, etc. The new group of customers, also blended in among them.Organizers launched more on-site business matching services, help thin film, adhesive tape, processing equipment and related materials to the exhibitors to expand brand and technology promotion, win more business opportunities.

pairs of exhibition match well combining

different from past, in 2017, for the power industry development, promote enterprise collaborative innovation of industry chain, around the panel joint exhibition “China liquid crystal optical photoelectron industry association branch (hereinafter referred to as CODA)”, at the same time roll out “international new display technology”, build a global touch and show a new communication channel.This one major event through the booth display, theme BBS and other forms, from a panel manufacturing, supporting materials and equipment, OEM service, consumer electronics, communications, computer, automotive electronics and medical electronics and other kinds of electronic manufacturing enterprises 22000 spectators show advanced display technology upstream and downstream enterprises of the latest technological achievements.

CODA as mainland China the only country and the new display association, industry influence but also cover the new display industrial powers such as Japan, South Korea, CODA with its member companies, Beijing Oriental, tianma, letter, three companies such as concentrated at the exhibition, the spectrum is a Shanghai exhibition east China touch touch technology, display equipment, materials, application of integration platform.Global touch display industry leaders will gather here, to share the global touch display information industry development, management experience and technical information, visiting, effect of exhibition, a comprehensive upgrade.The audience can visit with a certificate of the industry, take a touch each node and display industry, at the same time, also can participate in all kinds of conference activities on site.

famous brands in

three spectrum with polaroid series products exhibition, the series of products including TFT, black and white, OLED, 3 d glasses, dye, etc.The TFT polaroid series includes mobile phones, TV, laptop computers and other mainstream dimension, suitable for TN, IPS, VA, TFT display mode;Black and white series includes transmission type and reflection type, semi-permeable type, the STN type polarized piece, suitable for watches, calculators, household appliances, industrial control equipment, such as screen display;3 d polaroid is mainly used in passive 3 d glasses;Dye series include purple, blue, gray, brown wait for all sorts of color polaroid.

wacker chemical this carries its new product wack LUMISIL®Series of organic silicon optical joint glue water, at the exhibition.Wacker LUMISIL®Series of organic silicon optical laminating adhesive, water has a high reliability, high light transmittance, low fog degree, low shrinkage and excellent environmental friendly features.A variety of optional viscosity to suitable for dispensing, coating, printing and other different sizing process;UV light curing and heat curing optional in two ways, in order to meet the different curing process and product design;Especially unique UV light curing activation process, the perfect solution to glue, bubble, shaded area not curing, such as quality problem, is the automotive, industrial control, wearable devices and large size display optical joint is the preferred solution.

(strains) Han Guoyong on tape (YOUGWOO) as a large exhibition of exhibitors, with products at the exhibition site, the products are: TP tape on the back (PE foam tape, PET double-sided tape), general acrylic tape (FPCB fixed), PE foam tape, high heat resistance PI insulating tape shading, thermal conductive adhesive tape, conductive tape, adhesive tape (smartphone put tape of shading backlight module), silicone adhesive tape, Masking, the other side side acrylic silicone adhesive tape.

上海和金电子有限公司携高性能薄膜及胶黏制品参展。The company was founded in 2006 in June, is ISO9001:2008 quality system certification enterprises.Company agent Japan water, prince, teijin, Han Guoli village, South Korea and gold and other imported products.

Shanghai fine with new material technology co., LTD., to carry the new product appearance.This new product is mainly divided into three series: 1. The surface protection series, the function on a normal product and anti-static two types, anti-static product excellent antistatic effect, at the same time can guarantee does not affect the customer late photoelectric detection.2. Special process protection series, used for the protection of the special process, mainly for the high temperature resistant protective film and UV adhesive tape two reduction.耐高温保护膜在高温环境中无异物析出、不残胶、不变黄、无异味,同时高温后其剥离力变化小。UV adhesive tape initial adhesion reduction 2000 g\/inch, viscosity can be done in a minimum after 0 g\/inch, hopping from glued on to tear away.3. The flexible display series, flexible display with basal membrane with high transmittance and low haze and good dimensional stability, etc.On page

stone adhesive products co., LTD., specializing in the production of super acrylic acrylic foam tape, acrylic foam tape, double-sided tape of thermal conductivity (VHB), conductive substrate double-sided adhesive, substrate double-sided tape, OCA optical tape, electronic hot melt adhesive tape, high temperature industrial double-sided adhesive is suitable for different areas, different industries such as industrial adhesive tape.Involved including electronic, automotive, printing, industrial, hardware, plastics, decoration, construction, photoelectric technology, medicine, aviation technology and other high-tech industries.

and another mail, wide open alum, green stone page in the history of auspicious electronic adhesive products co., LTD., zhejiang taizhou usain bolt plastic electronics co., LTD., Shanghai while JVC machinery manufacturing co., LTD., changzhou wujin haili makes roller co., LTD., shenzhen keniter industrial equipment co., LTD and haining tengda machinery co., LTD., and other enterprises.

wonderful activities achieved

the exhibition held more than professional BBS, such as “international new display technology BBS”, “Shanghai international BBS for touch screen and display technology development” and “mobile phone industry chain BBS BBS – mobile phone manufacturing materials, components,” etc., invited well-known colleges and universities association of experts, scholars, experts, and high-level participation of domestic and foreign well-known enterprises.On April 25,

in the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall no. 2 meeting room at the 2017 international new display technology on the BBS, boe, chief sales officer\/senior vice President Chen Ren Gui is “innovation drive, leading the future” in his speech, professor at Beijing jiaotong university Xu Zheng analyzed “prospects for OLED analysis project: opportunity or trap?”,IHS Markit高级总监谢勤益阐述了\u201C新一代智能显示面板之市场与技巧—由电视到手机,由穿戴到VR\u201D,群智咨询资深分析师张虹分享了\u201C高世代线投资热潮的机遇与挑战\u201D,维信诺首席研究员林立就\u201C柔性AMOLED显示技术进展与展望\u201D发表观点。Expo exhibition hall in Shanghai on April 26,

, 9 meeting rooms, presided over by a director of IHS Markit research Calvin hsieh of 2017 Shanghai international touch on BBS and display technology, suzhou WeiYe general manager works, dun tai electronics market Qin Feng GongZhenBang, tianma microelectronics r&d director and director of IHS Markit ning-ning yu, chief analyst, research director at Calvin hsieh, a senior analyst Lin Lin respectively, such as “screen become interactive intelligent platform”, “to bring a new generation of smart phone interface and experience” and “will display into induction, interactive platform”, “under the trend of IOT touch display technology”, “current trends and future development of smart phone screen”, “beyond the next” after embedded touch, “touch industry supply chain and market summary” on issues such as sharing, standing at the scene, a warm atmosphere.

4月27日的手机产业链–材料和元器件峰会特邀请到来自counterpoint technology、SanDisk、美国高通、闻泰通讯等手机行业资深专家就\u201C智能手机厂商及核心元器件的未来趋势\u201D、\u201C3D NAND技术\u201D、\u201C5G芯片\u201D等热门话题进行解读,到场观众热情高涨,纷纷表示在此次论坛中收获众多干货。Playing,

is the product of the exhibition is a technology, but also marketing battleground.High-end exhibition hall layout of the atmosphere, show the strength of enterprises;Outstanding product display, let everyone enjoy the charm of innovation;引人注目的酷车演绎,对参观者是感官的享受、也是精神盛宴。
will continue to, invite sincerely continue to focus on the next stop – 2017 the 14th shenzhen international exhibition of high-performance membrane manufacturing technology, the 18th annual 2017 shenzhen international adhesive tape, protective film and optical film exhibition, in hundreds of mainstream film manufacturing enterprises have gathered in the exhibition scene, the audience can not only find suitable for different industries of all kinds of new high functional thin film, protective film, optical film and the adhesive tape and so on, at the same time also can see coating, slitting, composite, die cutting, laminating, etc all kinds of processing equipment, technology and materials.
rely on and cover the excellence of mobile phone industry cluster platform – all touch and display show seamless docking, from touch screen, flat display, components, metal processing, manufacturing equipment, testing equipment, the application materials, components, such as industrial chain each link more abundant visitors view the world famous corporations.此外,作为薄膜制造领域新技术,新产品的集结地,展会同期举办的主题论坛和技术研讨会也将帮助参观者及时的掌握行业热点资讯,更准确判断未来市场发展走向。2017年11月24-26日深圳会展中心,相约2017第十四届深圳国际高性能薄膜制造技术展览会、2017第十八届深圳国际胶粘带、保护膜及光学膜展览会,我们不见不算!

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Sixty years experiences in the development of China’s machine tool industry

machine tool industry in China began importing advanced foreign technology, cooperation in the production of various types of CNC machine tools. At the same time, through participation in the four major international machine tool exhibition, extensive exchanges and cooperation in technology, makes the technology level of China’s machine tool industry increase rapidly.In June

1979, ning river machine tool plant in the People’s Daily on advertisement: & other;Place an order directly to users at home and abroad.Throughout the &;The move to break the planned economy period, buyers and sellers meet each other way of sale and unlock the doors of the machine tool industry towards a market economy step by step.In 1980, along with the further reform and opening up, China machine tool industry to introduce foreign advanced technology, cooperation in the production of various types of CNC machine tools.At the same time, through participation in four big international machine tool exhibition, extensive exchanges and cooperation in technology, makes the technology level of China’s machine tool industry increase rapidly.

after the reform and opening up, the whole machine tool industry to strengthen the case for the masses of users and foreign machine tool industry investigation, research and analysis.Especially China machine tool association started China international machine tool exhibition held in 1989, and the media more and more analysis of the domestic machine tool market, promotes our country machine tool industry understanding of domestic and international market demand.In addition, the master machine tool design, manufacture, use of technology, through a large number of introduction of foreign advanced technology and cooperation in the production of various types of CNC machine tools, ongoing imitation and combination, the birth of a batch of such as five-axis linkage control processing center, all kinds of environmental protection machine, large and heavy, high precision machine tool products, making the industry technical level has the obvious improvement.

although the characteristics of the machine tool has its as generic technology, in the layout, structure, transmission, control, etc have in common, through learning from each other, imitation and the fast development, the energy of some high precision products at the core of the key technologies is, however, generic not to come out, only rely on personnel training, strengthening scientific research, break through the bottleneck, to realize independent innovation.Since

2006, the state further clarify the importance of the machine tool industry, strategic position, issued the state council about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry of several opinions.Followed by the national development and reform commission and formulate the special CNC machine tool development planning “, requirement: to 2010, the numerical control system of independent intellectual property rights to account for 75% of the total CNC machine;Feature matching rate more than 60%;Home-made numerical control machine tool to occupy more than 50% of the domestic market.In the policy of correct guidance and market regulation under the deepening, 2007, 2009, the China international machine tool exhibition (CIMT), CNC machine tools, CNC system, functional components, cutting tools, measuring, full of beautiful things in eyes of accessories such as all kinds of new products, especially large and heavy, composite processing, five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and so on many domestic independent innovation products listed, was welcomed by the masses of users, not only has caused international machine tool’s emphasis on China’s machine tool industry.

, however, in the 30 years of development, there are still many worth summarizing experiences and lessons.

a, lack of in-depth analysis to the overall situation, market demand, the lack of global and key development plan.

for a long time, the status quo of China’s ownership of nc machine tools, and the lack of market demand, comprehensive, accurate statistics and analysis, many statistical analysis failed to work closely with the focus on the development of numerical control machine tool technology.It’s not conform to the objective law of development of machine tool industry as a whole.

China machine tool ownership in

to 2.83 million, the proportion is 43%, the rough machining lathe finishing grinding machine (10%), technology behind the reason lies in the rough machining machine tool more and less finishing machine.30 years later, in 2008, about 5382 enterprises, China machine tool industry is about 7 million machine tool, (the United States around 2.4 million units, Japan about 1.4 million units), rough machining machine tool still accounts for more than 40%, finishing machine is less than 10%;With foreign composed of efficient automatic machine tools and CNC machine tool finishing machine accounted for 20% ~ 30%, compared to the constituent ratios of the finishing machine in our country is still backward.

2, the lack of talents, scientific research strength is weak, unable to grasp the core technology, rely on imports.

although after reform and opening up 30 years of development, but industry still on talent training, scientific research into show serious shortage.Manufacturing are floating in the surface, such as at the beginning of the founding of the seven big comprehensive machine tool research institute, has now become a general production enterprise, lost & other;Staff, crucial, organization, service & throughout;Four big role, has play a research and development strength.Due to a weak r&d, face many key technology bottleneck, a large number of high precision products rely on imports.At present, the aerospace and automobile industry in our country advanced CNC machine tool imports 70%.This is we must face up to reality.

3, host, and numerical control system, the feature and development coordination between the cutter and the lack of close cooperation.

in 30 years of reform and opening-up, the output of CNC machine tool, the consumption development soon, production are the first in the nation.But look from the product structure, mostly low, middle-grade product, is still in its infancy and high precision machine tool, key technology and core fittings long-term dependence on imports.

, investigate its reason, one is the development of numerical control system, the feature, cutting tool, the lack of careful planning, irrelevant to the development of the host.Second, generic products abroad for a long time, did not understand its core technology.Product quality is not high, foundation weak, high-grade product more difficult to develop innovation.Three is a serious lack of technical experts and skilled technical workers, on the precision of the products, quality, reliability, technology is not high, do not pass.

sixty years time, say short not short.The machine tool industry in less than 60 years longer than was in the lead of the UK;German machine tool industry in less than 60 years and catch up with the United States;Japan is also in less than 60 years, in the machine tool industry on the strength and the numerical control machine tool technology, into one of three big powers of the world.

was also the 60 years, China created a machine tool power, however, by & other;Big & throughout;Go & other;Strong & throughout;But a long way.& other;Machine tool industry is strong, has the strong & throughout;.It has become the world’s science and technology, economy, competitiveness fully proved by the history development.With the continuous development of China’s industrialization, the demand for advanced machine tools will be more and more high.Therefore, to deeply realize the law of development, pay attention to the importance of the machine tool industry, strategic position, summing up the experience of the past scientifically, solid work to promote the development of machine tool industry.

Lang feng (graphene lubricating oil) in shenyang oil show

On March 17,

2017, heilongjiang province, China rise of graphite co., LTD. Introduction of Russian technology development and production & other;Lang feng graphene lubricating oil & throughout;In 2017 China shenyang international lubricating oil, grease, maintenance supplies, and equipment exhibition is the only exhibition of graphene lubricating oil production enterprise, the collection of energy saving, environmental protection, high performance of graphene of lubricating oil, immediately attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign businessmen, the domestic strength of the two companies signed an agreement with on the spot, put together the graphene lubricating oil of the environmental protection and energy saving & other;大蛋糕”Bigger and stronger.Litres of graphite co., LTD.,

reported that China is relying on the hegang quality of flake graphite resources, is engaged in high-end graphite products, new materials, graphene graphene application products research and development, production, sales of the trinity of technology-based high-tech enterprises.According to the chairman of the board of directors of the company ChanYongBao introduction, they receive & other;Technology is king, common development & throughout;的理念,先后与哈尔滨工程大学等国内多个石墨烯新材料研发团队形成了利益共同体模式的紧密的合作关系,现拥有石墨烯、石墨烯应用品、碳纳米材料等产品。

companies especially attaches importance to technical cooperation with Russia, Australia and domestic colleges and universities, and formed the & other;China-russia graphene research & throughout;, the introduction of the Russian academy of sciences, Siberian branch of lubricating oil industry, a senior expert professor Xie Liu Beijing team, materials and engineering, dean of the school of Harbin engineering university, the international famous carbon nanotubes expert Dr Cao team, common in the domestic first developed graphene lubricating oil products, filled the gap of domestic no graphene lubricating oil, the technical performance is in the international leading level, and completed the filing patent and registered trademark.

at the scene of the exhibition, the reporter understands, graphene lubricating oil because of its nanostructures, and with super lubrication performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, rust resistance, resistance to molten, can greatly improve the mechanical friction, reduce the running resistance, fuel-efficient, energy saving, and prolong service life.According to Russian experts in Russia actually use data and testing data of the relevant departments in our country, according to the graphene lubricating oil can save fuel by 5% ~ 25%, prolong mechanical life 1.5 ~ 3 times, 25%.China rose graphite company has investment in graphene lubricating oil production base, the current annual output of 50000 tons of production and batch production has been completed, the expected annual output can reach one hundred million yuan.

in heilongjiang province graphite industry association secretary-general Shi Yantian tells a reporter, graphite and graphite materials is indispensable to modern industry important base material.As graphite resources province, our province has issued a number of policies and regulations, guide to promote the health of the graphene new materials industry sustainable development.

  华升石墨有限公司积极推进行业结构调整,提高企业市场竞争力,避免无序竞争。Through innovative thinking, innovative work, reached the international leading level of graphene is developed by lubricating oil, the graphite industry of longjiang smart and longjiang, longjiang manufacturing into for longjiang contributed to the rapid development of graphite industry.