Lang feng (graphene lubricating oil) in shenyang oil show

On March 17,

2017, heilongjiang province, China rise of graphite co., LTD. Introduction of Russian technology development and production & other;Lang feng graphene lubricating oil & throughout;In 2017 China shenyang international lubricating oil, grease, maintenance supplies, and equipment exhibition is the only exhibition of graphene lubricating oil production enterprise, the collection of energy saving, environmental protection, high performance of graphene of lubricating oil, immediately attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign businessmen, the domestic strength of the two companies signed an agreement with on the spot, put together the graphene lubricating oil of the environmental protection and energy saving & other;大蛋糕”Bigger and stronger.Litres of graphite co., LTD.,

reported that China is relying on the hegang quality of flake graphite resources, is engaged in high-end graphite products, new materials, graphene graphene application products research and development, production, sales of the trinity of technology-based high-tech enterprises.According to the chairman of the board of directors of the company ChanYongBao introduction, they receive & other;Technology is king, common development & throughout;的理念,先后与哈尔滨工程大学等国内多个石墨烯新材料研发团队形成了利益共同体模式的紧密的合作关系,现拥有石墨烯、石墨烯应用品、碳纳米材料等产品。

companies especially attaches importance to technical cooperation with Russia, Australia and domestic colleges and universities, and formed the & other;China-russia graphene research & throughout;, the introduction of the Russian academy of sciences, Siberian branch of lubricating oil industry, a senior expert professor Xie Liu Beijing team, materials and engineering, dean of the school of Harbin engineering university, the international famous carbon nanotubes expert Dr Cao team, common in the domestic first developed graphene lubricating oil products, filled the gap of domestic no graphene lubricating oil, the technical performance is in the international leading level, and completed the filing patent and registered trademark.

at the scene of the exhibition, the reporter understands, graphene lubricating oil because of its nanostructures, and with super lubrication performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, rust resistance, resistance to molten, can greatly improve the mechanical friction, reduce the running resistance, fuel-efficient, energy saving, and prolong service life.According to Russian experts in Russia actually use data and testing data of the relevant departments in our country, according to the graphene lubricating oil can save fuel by 5% ~ 25%, prolong mechanical life 1.5 ~ 3 times, 25%.China rose graphite company has investment in graphene lubricating oil production base, the current annual output of 50000 tons of production and batch production has been completed, the expected annual output can reach one hundred million yuan.

in heilongjiang province graphite industry association secretary-general Shi Yantian tells a reporter, graphite and graphite materials is indispensable to modern industry important base material.As graphite resources province, our province has issued a number of policies and regulations, guide to promote the health of the graphene new materials industry sustainable development.

  华升石墨有限公司积极推进行业结构调整,提高企业市场竞争力,避免无序竞争。Through innovative thinking, innovative work, reached the international leading level of graphene is developed by lubricating oil, the graphite industry of longjiang smart and longjiang, longjiang manufacturing into for longjiang contributed to the rapid development of graphite industry.

Science and technology innovation in China showed the trend of “blowout”

Jian-wei pan on June 16, China university of science and technology research team announced that use & other;Mozi number & throughout;Quantum science experiment satellite in the world the first thousand kilometers of star is implemented to two-way quantum entanglement distribution, based on quantum entanglement in the quantum secret communication laid a foundation;On June 19, a new phase of the global top 500 supercomputer list, by the independent research and development in China & other;Great power & middot;The light of the taihu lake & throughout;Supercomputers peak capacity 1.25 billion times per second and 930 million times per second for computing power, to win the champion again & hellip;& hellip;Since this year, China’s science and technology innovation achievements show & otherBlowout & throughout;And at a faster pace, higher speed has appeared on the world stage.
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there is a growing international critics said China is out of the role of science and technology innovation tracking, to realize leaping development already have the basis and conditions.In the first half of this year, in the field of cutting-edge technology, Chinese academy of sciences announced the first in the world beyond the light of the early classical computers quantum computers in our country was born;No.1 cargo ship in the field of aerospace, days with the tiangong space lab 2 complete automatic rendezvous and docking, this is our self-developed freighter first rendezvous and docking with the space lab;Developed in the field of aviation, our country with the C919 large passenger aircraft first flight successfully, which means that our country implements the commercial technology cluster breakthrough, formed the large aircraft research and development of core competence, to become the world’s a handful of countries with developed large aircraft capacity.First homemade nuclear-powered aircraft carrier launch, & other;Hualong 1 & throughout;Heap the world’s first demonstration project completed dome lifting, Marine gas hydrate continuous exploitation of 60 days, set the world record.A series of major projects, key projects, the major achievements obtained, showing China’s scientific and technological strength and innovation ability of growing.
& have spentForce behind the rapid rise,
innovation is in-depth implementation of the development strategy of China’s innovation drive.Earlier this year, the ministry of science and technology announced the launch of implementation & other;2030 science and technology innovation & ndash;Major projects throughout the &;, in which the quantum communication and quantum computer, the brain and brain research, deep sea station, integration of heaven and earth 4 project implementation plan preparation has started.According to “& other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; national science and technology innovation plan and to implement good & other;Nuclear kogi & throughout;(core electronic devices, high-end general chip, basic software and integrated circuit equipment, broadband mobile communications, nc machine tools, oil and gas development, nuclear power, the water pollution governance, genetically modified (gm), drug discovery, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and other fields has been based on national science and technology major projects, reflect the national strategic intent and select a batch of major projects and engineering science and technology, forming a far or near, pilot succeeded system layout.At the same time, by the end of the first half of the year, covering social development, scientific and technological personnel, materials, advanced manufacturing and modern service, public security, health industry, agriculture and rural areas, the traditional Chinese medicine in areas such as 26 special planning by science and technology innovation.
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began in 2006, national science and technology major projects, make & otherMuch starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Became the results output peak, with the accompanying of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of authorized patents, technical standards, and related fields talent pool at the same time also become the most active factor of the present scientific and technological innovation.
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recently, the world intellectual property organization and Cornell university and other institutions jointly issued the 2017 global innovation index (GII) according to the report, China innovation continue to rise, from 25 to 22 last year, China has become the country’s global innovation leader.Further analysis of the indicators ranked found that further the innovation quality in our country, and on the 16th.Main points of which comes from the domestic market dimension, knowledge workers, high original patent, the technology export, and the original industrial design index, China ranked first on these components.
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5 g network layout, preempt the communications revolution advantage: & other;CNC generation & throughout;Let the traditional manufacturing towards intelligent manufacturing;The fourth generation of nuclear power, high temperature gas cooled reactor with independent intellectual property rights;High iron, uhv power transmission and transformation key technology led the world & hellip;& hellip;Some emerging industry in China in the international competition changes from small to big, from weak to strong, not only changed the world science and technology industrial layout, also become the new bright spot for supply side structural reforms.Conceived in all areas of innovation and development of new situation, lead to economic development.Statistics show that in May, the added value of high technology industry and equipment manufacturing industry year-on-year growth of 11.3% and 10.3% respectively, growth is faster than industrial 4.8% and 3.8% respectively.At the same time, in line with the direction of consumption upgrade of new products continue to maintain rapid growth.From January to may, industrial robot production rose 50.4% year-on-year, sport utility vehicle (SUV) increased by 20.8%.In addition, tourism, culture, sports, health, pension and other industry fast development, the happiness sharing economy wide, cross-border electrical business, online new services such as health care, Shared cycling mode appear constantly.
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with innovation-driven development strategy propulsion, some innovation barriers affect the breaking further.Decisive progress in science and technology plan management reform, science and technology project project was repeated, longs for examination and approval, researchers run & other;Department & throughout;& other;Money & throughout;After death, scientific research management, science and technology project & other;Tailored & throughout;Issues are resolved & hellip;& hellip;Focus on resource allocation, planning, project management, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and difficult issues such as talent evaluation, improve the innovation environment in our country, a series of reform exploration steady progress.In the second half, with all the policies and further stimulate the potential of science and technology innovation to carry out the ground, the strong momentum of science and technology innovation will be more worth looking forward to.

& have spent& have spent(the original title: & have spent our country science and technology innovation achievements show & other blowout & throughout; trend & NBSP;)