Honda enterprise first order clips press

Jinan 2 machine tool group co., LTD has signed a contract with Honda production technology (guangzhou) company, to provide a according to Honda safety standards made 10000 kn test mechanical press.It is reported, this is the first time Honda enterprise order two products, and Honda car joint venture –, guangzhou Honda automobile co., LTD., has repeatedly choose jinan second machine tool equipment.

Peaceful xingfa machinery co., LTD. Press workers on the production

Peaceful xingfa machinery co., LTD., technological upgrading projects, is the city one of the key projects of this year.The project total investment 8.9 million yuan, up to now has been completed investment of 7.2 million yuan, and has been put into production, make the company become the leader of the county machinery manufacturing enterprises.Expected annual output can reach 20 million yuan, profit of 2 million yuan.Workers on the production of press.

Qi 2 machine tool in maintain a number of leading international press manufacturing

Recently, the reporter saw in qi 2 machine tool production workshop, the workers are busy everywhere on the lathe, beside the scaffold.Currently, qi 2 machine tool has been keeping in the press manufacturing various international first records, the machine tool equipment will play a huge role in the field of manufacturing in China.

independent innovation: independently developed TK69 series, FA series, a series of XK21 XK28 series, a series of CK51 CK52 series with independent intellectual property rights floor-type milling and boring machining center, CNC gantry boring and milling machine, CNC vertical lathe, CNC horizontal lathe, CNC multi-link large tonnage press and high-speed precision multi-station cold forming machine, and other high-end products.Heavy duty nc machine tool industry has now become a domestic enterprise production scale and market share of the largest and most complete specifications, product manufacturing research and development base on behalf of the state level.Since 2000, successively developed development of new products of more than 150 kinds, of which 86 kinds of new product close to the current international advanced level, 62 kinds of products to fill the domestic blank, progress prize in science and technology and other 22 at or above the provincial level awards.New product ChanZhiLv averaged more than 50%.

35500 tons of high energy screw press forging 67 inches long blade for nuclear power

On June 11 in the morning, wuxi turbine blade co., LTD. (WTB) allows the forging workshop of vestibular flags waving, a beaming spectacle, every WTB people allows the butterflies, with a proud smile on his face.Because on this day, WTB introduce national key strategy allows equipment, 35500 tons of production launching ceremony will be held high energy screw press.

on this day, more than one hundred Chinese and foreign power equipment industry, aviation industry and forging industry leaders, experts, and the Chinese and foreign customers friends gathered in the WTB, new factory allows chun-xiao cao, Liu Daxiang academician of Chinese academy of sciences, the original machinery industry Liu Yansun minister, Shanghai electric (group) corporation, China forging association gold, Han Mulin di-nan huang President secretary also invited to attend and witness the strategic equipment formally put into production.This not only is one of the country and industry event, and WTB of allows a historic moment.Successfully produced 35500 tons of high energy screw press, WTB high-end equipment manufacturing sector allows for laid a solid foundation, it to become the core and the strategic target of the key parts suppliers, and took a key step.Introduced 3-

screw press

– WTB strategic transformation allows discreet choice

as one plant leaves with thirty years of development history of professional manufacturing enterprises, many years of accumulated technology and equipment advantages, make the WTB has become allows blades in the field of domestic and global suppliers.Company is currently in power station of large turbine blades integrated domestic market share of more than 70%, the annual output of various types of plant leaves is more than 300000, have millions of class ultra-supercritical turbine, millions of nuclear power plant large leaf process development and manufacturing capability, and build “national energy research center of large turbine blades;Shanghai electric dongfang electric, Harbin electric, and GE, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, ALSTOM, MITSUBISHI, and other famous electric company are WTB strategy allows suppliers.

since 2006, based on the response of the national energy strategy and aviation industry development, through the in-depth analysis of the power station equipment and aviation forging industry, research, WTB preliminary established to promote the traditional thermal power allows business to upgrade and develop the nuclear power business, and to develop the field of aerospace defense industry transformation strategy.

in order to promote the implementation of the strategy, WTB since 2007, three new berths screw press planning allows investment construction, in order to meet the market demand of nuclear power large blades and aviation forgings;And outside the “blade specialized manufacture” and focus on development “to the aviation industry as the leading specialized in forging manufacturing” ability, the formation of “power plant leaves and aviation forging” two professional new mode of common development, create the core advantage, is committed to become the first-class specialized blade manufacture and excellent domestic aviation forging specialized enterprises.

the introduction of the press machine, the process of WTB people allows called “dream trip”, from the selection of reasoning, to purchase bidding, to transport installation, production 35500 tons of high energy screw press construction project lasted nearly four years, during which is full of hardships and challenges, also carrying the WTB people allows dreams and hopes.Company has organized by two experts in power station and aerospace industry development strategy and key equipment selection, experts consultation forging technology development research activities for many times, more than 30 units of more than 60 scholars, experts, to participate in, to help the WTB constantly optimized, allows perfect strategic development planning;WTB investigation team also allows many times in Germany, Austria, investigation research equipment suppliers.Finally chose SMSMeer company SPK22400 new type clutch screw press and the corresponding auxiliary equipment, and in August 20008 formally signed import contract.High energy screw press 78.9451454739
355 billion quintillion tons, 5800 tons, the total weight including base parts including monomer maximum weight of 340 tons, nearly 10 single parts weigh more than 100 tons.German SMSMEER company experts, WTB project team and related personnel, allows the machine installation personnel WuJian company nearly hundred people participated in the equipment engineering construction projects.From

since 2010 on October 8, press one of the first component approach, to try on May 31, 2011 forging products, lasted 236 days.Press construction after big transportation and hoisting equipment, 307 tons workbench, 345 tons of beam of large pieces of precise hoisting in place, 590 tons of the flywheel clutch assembly, debugging of electrical system, hydraulic system key node;Solves the special tools manufacture in the installation, 345 – ton beam roll over, overall framework is installed and loaded prestressed technical problems such as the laser measurement.Try forging products from May 31 to formally put into production in just 10 days, 10 days WTB engineering technicians and forging allows the workers worked day and night, hard work, overcome the difficulties, has completed more than on the pressure machine technology development and trial production process of the product.

of the world’s most advanced forging equipment lead

6 on 11 launch ceremony, from SMSMeer (China) co., LTD., jian-feng han manager and northwestern polytechnical university professor liudong, to introduce the guests to 35500 metric tons of high energy screw press equipment characteristics and technology advantages.78.9452254739
355 billion quintillion tons of high energy screw press is by far the world’s most advanced, the largest one of the two screw press, can be in brief contact with the workpiece forming metal products, a huge blow to force the largest force can reach 35500 tons.The process combines the advantages of forging hammer and hydraulic press both leaves and aircraft, aviation engine is the realization of power station and the high performance of special steel, titanium and nickel base superalloy class structure products are the ideal choice.

compared with the traditional screw press, the device adopts a new type of clutch not only significantly increase the press forming energy, still can reduce about 87% of the energy consumption, is worthy of the name “high-energy” equipment with high efficiency.

it is worth mentioning that the impact of the press machine speed adjustable between 0.25 ~ 0.5 m\/s, forging stroke control, blow energy variable;Compared with the previous press and hammer, it can produce better metallurgical quality, organizational performance is more uniform, more accurate size of large forgings.The device also match with 3150 tons of free forging press, more than 8 meters gas rotary hearth furnace and large electric furnace, making greatly ascend, WTB forging production capacity allows products to expand the production scope of services.Provide the flexibility to meet the field of nuclear power, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace, military industry development needs, and these areas every customer’s unique needs.

in the ceremony, production of the WTB invited Shanghai steam turbine factory co., LTD., vice general manager allows xue-wen Chen, China aviation industry company deputy chief engineer at dawn shu-sen cui, hongdu aviation industry group co., LTD., deputy chief engineer Chen Shunhong three guests open equipment control button, the scene shows the 35000 tons of high energy screw press forging three kinds of products, high temperature alloy engine turbine disc, nuclear power 67 inches long blade and TA15 large aircraft, the whole process of the frame are come to a successful conclusion.The guests expressed admiration for WTB forging ability and the technological level allows, delegates from customers in the field of energy and air also have said, really looking forward to the cooperation with WTB future allows.

focused on national strategic air service nuclear power

as a core part of the professional manufacturers of state-backed, WTB has been committed to the development of the use of specialized allows accumulation ability of technology and equipment advantages, striving for service air defense industry, energy, nuclear power, power industry transformation and upgrading.Imported 35500 tons of high energy screw press, make contributions to China’s forging industry, is a WTB dream allows, also get the recognition of industry colleagues.As the host for this due to

, China forging association secretary-general gold said in his speech, WTB introduction allows high energy screw press is belong to the world the most advanced technology, the largest tonnage of forging equipment, technology, high starting point, the service object is high-grade forgings.Have a good hardware, plus, enterprising and innovation on technology believe WTB certainly can become the domestic first-class, allows international famous high-grade die forgings production suppliers.

chun-xiao cao academician of the Chinese academy of sciences is put forward, the modern industry is more and more big, the demand for large forgings excellent aircraft and engine needs high quality of large forgings.Forgings of china-made large aircraft manufacturing in the future will develop towards two directions: a sophomore.Big is equipped with large forgings as far as possible, reduce the number of forgings and fasteners;Type 2 fine is nc forming, include precise control and precise control, namely every time the size of the forging to be precise, and forging forging properties should also be consistent every time.WTB which allows the press to promote refinement of the aviation industry in China and has a great contribution to bigness.

Liu Daxiang academician more explicitly pointed out that the aviation industry at the present stage in China’s short board is aeroengine, the press machine for aeroengine forging development in our country has played a huge role in promoting.

Schuler launched a new generation of servo drive mechanical press

Shanghai in April 2010, 13 (Reuters) \/ \/ pr newswire Asia – schuler (http:\/\/\/cn) launched a new generation of servo drive mechanical press.The new blanking and forming press fairly extensive USES.Collection of all the characteristics of the press SDT programmable servo direct drive technology ensures that such a broad range of applications.The new press molds and automation design concept can be equipped with specified for multiple work position progressive die or press.

this kind of new type of press is equipped with high-performance torque motor, neither the flywheel, also does not have the clutch and brake, so a high flexibility.Due to the driving speed can be adjusted freely, movement and stress characteristics of stamping process can change, the slider movement characteristics accurately is suitable for different applications.So can pinpoint the position of the slider, or reduce the stretching process of processing speed for continuous work.This not only improve the quality of the parts, at the same time reduce the die wear and tear.Drive free programming means that the slider curve can be prepared to match the work frequency of the press automation equipment, increase production of important factor.Slider movement of free programming means that the slider can reverse motion (e.g., pendulum shearing stroke), and therefore easy to replace the slide block mechanical adjustment function.Servo press,

(http:\/\/\/major\/cn\/10_Anlagen_Verfahren\/01_Blechumformung\/03_Schneid_und_Umformautomaten\/04_Servoantrieb\/index.html) can also be used as test press completely.At the time of adjusting mold, using the handwheel micro operation operation and accurate positioning of the slider.Slider in any position can do reverse motion.

flexible automatic blanking and forming press driven by superior movement characteristics of the torque motor.This new generation machine also has excellent energy balance: although in the mold and the production of a certain case, the maximum instantaneous power is higher than conventional drive system of mechanical press, but the overall energy consumption than conventional servo press press, conventional press on\/off operation of clutch and brake need to consume additional energy is one of the reasons.Metal forming and stamping parts supplier stamping workshop

ushered in new opportunities: combines the schuler will validate reliable eccentric wheel on the market the most advanced servo direct drive technology SDT, including SDT is known as the efficient and artistic torque motor.This is a kind of can be applied to the new press of blanking and forming operation flexibility and high efficiency to meet the needs of design.Schuler uncoiling line of form a complete set, dismantle crib\/pallet device or three shaft transmission system, schuler developed is suitable for the efficient production of fully automated molding system widely parts.This new stamping and forming kN servo press nominal pressure ranges from 2.500 to 30.000 kN.

schuler group for all kinds of the size of the stamping workshop and a variety of practical applications to provide tailor-made press system solutions.Servo press molding parts can be used in the production of various industries, including auto industry and the automotive electrical appliances, hardware, building and sanitary ware, electrical, furniture and packaging industry.

servo direct drive technology in SDT:

motion curve can separate programming, simple pendulum model can achieve shorter stroke, without complex and not the stroke adjustment of the economy.Driven

– compared to the conventional mechanical press, the production efficiency is improved.Servo press is up to 60% higher than that of conventional mechanical press productivity, mold design, the extent of increase is different also.

– programming for stroke can realize high efficiency production (single pendulum model movement).

– after the whole process of forming technology can integrate such as spot welding or plastic coated in servo press molding process.

– efficient energy management system: accelerate energy actually travel required by regenerative braking is restored and storage.Stored energy will be used for the next again accelerate circulation.This energy management
model actually reduce the associated load peak usage and current.

– because the slider speed and motion curve can separate programming, flexibility will be higher.The use of advanced high performance servo motor and without flywheel directly connected to the eccentric wheel makes programming different motion curve.Using this technique, the slider movement characteristics is optimized to match the mold process parameters and automation devices.For example, servo press can adapt to the working system of machining high strength steel.

– pendulum mode: single pendulum model in stroke can be shortened, the specific stroke can programming without additional mechanical stroke adjustment.Servo motor according to the process or when the mold for the slider into the reciprocating movement of the refund.

– stroke adjustment and optimization: stroke free programming to optimize the molding process.

– better parts quality, longer service life of mould.

– the movement characteristics and progressive die and multi-station die coordination synchronization transmission process.

– the handwheel precision test mode.Slider inching speed is variable, the slider inverse kinematics is also possible.”Speed up” function can quickly open the mold.

– the movement of the slider at any position is reversible.

– modular press design concept and components of the standardization and its installation to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and spare parts replaced rapidly.