The domestic first 16000 tons of EPC – 8000 type electric screw press in forging successful development

Recently, by the Qingdao green forging forging machinery co., LTD developed successfully, with completely independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products, the EPC – 8000 type 80 mn electric screw press smoothly through the national testing center and users avic Jiang Xijing air casting co., LTD. Product testing and acceptance.This machine is not only the electric screw press masterpiece, is also made in our country the first maximum pressure electric screw press.The machine has compact structure, transmission chain is short, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, force control precision, high degree of automation, is our country industry policy support, can replace imported energy conservation and environmental protection intelligent forging equipment.

the intelligent electric screw press is a machine, electricity, liquid highly integrated technology intensive CNC forging equipment, aviation, aerospace, automotive, Marine, high-speed rail, engineering machinery, mining machinery, refractory materials and other high-tech fields one of essential basic manufacturing equipment.Is mainly suitable for precision forging, metal forging, upsetting and extrusion, finishing as well as aviation, aerospace, automobile, ship engine blades, body, and other large precision forging crankshaft forging, and magnesia carbon brick, high alumina brick, brick forming technology of thin ideal brick making equipment.

Zhejiang power first one thousand tons press forging is about to start

Recently, in zhejiang power forging machine tool co., LTD., workshop, technicians are 1000 tons of two point for new completion press for debugging.It is reported, 1000 tons of two point press in the domestic machine tool enterprises in zhejiang province is the first, it marks the forging press “power” has been successfully out of the new path of the file to upgrade products, take possession of the commanding heights of the mechanical press.These days, the machine more than 10 meters high “big MAC” machine is departed for guangdong some automobile manufacture enterprise.

in recent years, with the rapid development of the mechanical press application fields and market demand of mechanical press is more and more big.Power industry is relatively competitive, however, zhejiang metalforming machine tool co., LTD., based on the concept of “man without I have”, constantly committed to product innovation and gear upgrades, to the large size, large size and large tonnage direction.Power since 2009, zhejiang metalforming machine tool co., LTD., begun to make inroads, big tonnage press from 200 tons to 300 tons, to 500 tons, the press specifications grew, big tonnage press in China gradually occupied a place in the market.

we have learned.In the second half of 2012, zhejiang power metalforming machine tool co., LTD., receiving orders from some automobile manufacture enterprise in guangdong to develop a double point press 1000 tons.Power companies and the introduction of technical personnel from design to development.Because is the first time in the production of such a large products, from product development and design, to the processing and assembling, everything is a new concept, the company have to fumble in step by step.Because the product size is too big, not such a big company processing equipment, using three points method, in the design of the whole product can be divided into three pieces of processing, again when it is assembled together.Because of itself requires precision is very high, will be three body concatenated assembly time how to ensure the accuracy and became a difficult problem.Technical personnel and the assembly workers together to battle, in time and again after the calibration of the installation, the overall accuracy has finally reached the design requirements.After completion of the assembly, and found the crankshaft and block of interference, in the face of this sudden new problems, technicians calmly put forward solutions, and organize workers overnight to grind the repair.

Liao forging will be moved to the new factory The old enterprise keep pace with The Times development

liaoyang metalforming machine tool co., LTD. Is an old enterprise established in 1936, in recent years, the rapid development of still maintained a youthful vitality, advancing with The Times, full development.Recently, liao forging will move in the second half of 2013 enterprises, the new site is located in shenyang – dalian highway exit of vega industrial park, the new factory covers an area of 200 mu, and on the basis of the original new equipment more than 4000 ten thousand yuan, 3000 x 10000 CNC gantry boring and milling machine, 200 x 12000 Φ CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, 1250 x 1250 x 8000 and Φ Φ more than 5000 CNC lathe and heavy lifting equipment.After the move to a new site, liao forging will provide customers with more high-quality equipment and better service.

liao forging, began in

and 76 years of trials and hardships.Forging has been brilliant in the 20th century, liao dynasty, also had depressed, but after the enterprise restructuring of the early new century, the old enterprise coruscate gives new vitality again, at present, liao forging with vigorous pace, marching on the way to more brilliant.

20 century, liao forging had many outstanding achievement: the 50 s, the first domestic double disc friction press produced from liao forging.The first 70 tons in the 70 s, domestic electric spiral hammer and the first vertical precision forging machine, in the 80 s, the country’s first fully automatic brick molding machine and the domestic electric screw press, go out in the 90 s as the first compound brick moulding machine, are also produced from the liao forging.After entering the 21st century,

enterprises, after the conversion of the liao forging leadership enrich the technical force, in the new product development and increase the intensity of the development, new product development speed increase rapidly.In recent years, in order to comply with the national policy on energy conservation and emissions reduction, liao forging in electric product research and development and made great effort, has developed the domestic first inside a brick of 1000 tons and 1000 tons of the numerical control electric screw press brick machine, and the first domestic die out 1000 tons of brick CNC electric screw press machine.

liao forging relies on a press to development and understanding of the products at home and abroad for many years, created with liao forging characteristics of electric products, these electric products are not on any agencies and organizations, is a completely independent intellectual property rights, and has won four national patents.The current electric products has been upgraded to the second generation product, structure more reasonable, higher reliability, has been covering forging, refractory and composite bottom tableware industry.Throughout the domestic all electric products manufacturers, liao forging is the most complete specifications of the enterprises in domestic production of electric products, a total of 10 major series, more than 50 specifications of electric products.Liao

forged the 10 major series of products, services to many basic industries: LD53 and LDE53 series services in forging industry.LD54 and LDE54 series services on the bottom of the composite vessel manufacturing;LD67 and LDE67 series, a series of LDZ67 LD93 and LDE93 series, the series of LD69 and LDE69 services in refractory industry.Above all series of multiple products are currently in use, because of its use in good condition, energy saving effect is obvious, force can be controlled accurately, the product quality is stable, no impact on power grid, not burning motor, reduce the amount of operating personnel and workers no operation skill, and many other advantages, from on the bottom of the forging, refractory and composite tableware many user’s high praise.

in addition, the liao forging company has perfect after-sales service system, provide efficient and timely after-sale services and site, and assist users such as technical training for operation and maintenance.Moved to new headquarters,

, said liao forging leadership, liao forging is still the continuation of the previous tenet: quality first, customer first, mutual benefit and win-win, and many customers with the best quality equipment and the best service.

Press set safety standard requirements in Shanghai

Yesterday, the mechanical press safety use requirements in Shanghai.National security supervision bureau of policy and law department director Chen guang said, the safety requirements as a national mandatory standards, was launched in April this year.All enterprises must to press is equipped with safety protection device and emergency braking device, avoid the improper operation, such as to have been “hedge” finger work safety accidents.

, he said, the introduction of the mechanical press safety requirements after the national standard, law enforcement will also tend to, to not to investigate equipment of the enterprise of the reform of security.

the reporter understands, at present, Shanghai shengan brake manufacturing co., LTD., and other enterprises have started to provide the old machine tool retrofit installation services, prices ranging from $300 to $1000.

First 35500 tons of screw press operating domestic, took a key step

On June 11, wuxi turbine blade co., LTD., Shanghai electric group (WTB) allows the world class level of 35500 tons of screw press formally put into production.More than 100 Chinese and foreign energy and forging industry, aviation industry experts, gathered in the WTB, new factory allows witness this historic moment.Since then, WTB officially allows to enter high-end forging domains such as aerospace and nuclear power, its suppliers to become the world leaves and aviation parts suppliers took a key step.
, China forging association, gold in the launching ceremony speech, said China is already the world’s superpower forging, but not forging press power.China will become stronger in the world in forging industry, technology introduced from abroad advanced equipment may be necessary, but the introduction is just a tool.On the basis of the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, developed with China’s independent brand equipment should be our goal.
, said gold WTB introduction allows high energy screw press is belong to the world the most advanced technical equipment of its kind, the tonnage of the largest a forging equipment, technology, high starting point, the service object is high-grade forgings.Good hardware, plus, enterprising and innovation on technology believe WTB will become allows the domestic first-class, internationally renowned high-end die forgings production suppliers.

to provide high-end equipment precision large die forgings,
gold that WTB imported 35000 tons of the screw press allows embodies the WTB correct positioning allows: “nuclear power is focused on the national strategy, service aviation”, for our country high-end technology and equipment, such as large aircraft, aircraft engine, steam turbine and gas turbine to provide quality precision large forging high technology content.
, President of Shanghai electric (group) corporation di-nan huang said, as members of the “8 + 1” world-class factory construction, one of the WTB, allows the conclusion 30 years in manufacturing professional success, on the basis of close to the national strategy, made to develop the field of air defence, forging and blade manufacture two professional development strategy, and put the “based on the core equipment, unique technology development, to build the core competitiveness” as a world-class factory construction and the strategic transformation of focus and focus.Introduce the press machine, one part is the core to realize its development strategy, this is an important milestone of WTB towards a world-class factory allows, is lit sustainable development power, create world-class brand engine, at the same time for China’s electric power equipment and aviation forging industry development has the vital significance.
, member of Chinese academy of sciences chun-xiao cao believes that there is an increasing demand of modern industry for large forgings, excellent aircraft and engine needs high quality of large forgings.Forgings of china-made large aircraft manufacturing in the future will develop towards two directions: a sophomore.Big is equipped with large forgings as far as possible, reduce the number of forgings and fasteners;Type 2 fine is nc forming, include precise control and precise control, namely every time the size of the forging to be precise, and forging forging properties should also be consistent every time.The press machine to promote refinement of the aviation industry in China and has a great contribution to bigness.
, the Chinese academy of engineering Liu Daxiang thinks, the aviation industry at the present stage in China’s short board is aeroengine, the press machine for aeroengine forging development in our country has played a huge role in promoting.

form two specialized common development model

WTB general manager allows YanJi is introduced, based on the response of the national energy strategy and aviation industry development, WTB through allows for in-depth analysis of the power station equipment and aviation forging industry, research, for the nuclear power energy and aviation military expansion of the forging of strategic considerations, start planning 3 – the construction of the screw press, in order to meet the aviation forgings, nuclear power large leaves and the market demand.Made at the same time, in the “blade specialization”, strive to development “to the aviation industry as the leading specialized forging manufacture” ability to form two new mode of specialization of common development, advanced construction focus, major equipment and key components of the core parts manufacturing capability, formed in the plant leaf and aviation forging industry indispensable core strengths.
, it is in this strategic thought, under the lead of WTB since 2007, allows successively organized by the power plant, aviation industry experts to participate in the strategic development of key equipment selection and expert consultation, forging technology development research activities for many times, more than 30 units of more than 60 scholars, experts, to participate in, to help the WTB constantly optimized, allows perfect strategic development planning, key equipment eventually chose SPK22400 SMSMeer company new type clutch screw press and the corresponding auxiliary equipment.
, the new press maximum force can achieve 35.5 billion cattle, in brief contact with the workpiece forming metal products, a huge blow to force the process combines the advantages of forging hammer and hydraulic press both is WTB implementation allows electric aircraft, aviation engine, webmaster leaves and high-performance special steel, titanium and nickel base superalloy class structure products are the ideal choice.
, compared with the traditional screw press, the use of new type clutch not only make the press forming energy increased significantly, still can reduce about 87% of the energy consumption, is worthy of the name “high-energy” equipment with high efficiency.Compared with the previous press and forging hammer, it can produce better metallurgical quality, organizational performance is more uniform, more accurate size of large forgings.SPK22400 clutch type spiral press with 3150 tons of free forging press, more than 8 meters gas rotary hearth furnace and large capacity electric furnace, making greatly ascend, WTB forging production capacity allows products to expand the production scope of services.Provide the flexibility to meet the field of nuclear power, gas turbine, aviation, aerospace, military industry development needs, and the unique needs of customers.