Qiqihar basic parts industry on the development of express

this year, qiqihaer city economic operation to achieve the good start, especially industrial take good sign up.1 & ndash;May, qiqihaer city rules on industrial added value growth rate of 8.8%.As a foundation for crane city downstream industry, industrial equipment parts industry development also boarded the express.

since last year, qiqihaer city, a total of 56 basic parts project, with a total investment of 2.194 billion yuan, the new rules on enterprise 9 families.Who is thin hair, after accumulated sufficient capital, in the first half of this year, basic parts industry in outbreak, rules on enterprises realize the output value of 3.01 billion yuan, up 12.79% from a year earlier.

yutong machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is the foundation of qiqihaer city an important parts of private enterprises, today, the company’s order has been arrange & other;ManManDengDeng & throughout;Government guide, in addition to the environment good, also gave the great help enterprises.& other;Previously, we mainly serve two factory in parts, machine tool accessories, their market is good, our work will be a little more.But since last year after being incorporated into 12 key industries, the government is to help us with his heavy CNC and qi car group and docking, expanded our production to local businesses.At present, the enterprise output has increased by 200% than the same period last year, some products have been sold out.Throughout the &;Yutong machinery is secretary of the party committee Yang Taoman said proudly.

& other;Management is money, quality is the life & throughout;.In yutong machinery production workshop, the red banner is very eye-catching.After market downturn, the private enterprises realize that only the quality of the product can decide how far in the market.& other;To strengthen the technical training is the key point, and our current most important work.Throughout the &;Speaking of enterprise personnel training, Yang tao opened a chatterbox.He told the reporters, & other;In addition to the enterprise staff, now has more than 100 interns, these people might have our engineers in the future.We also plan to send a batch of outstanding employees to learn communication, Germany.Throughout the &;Recently, a professor at a university in Germany to discuss yutong mechanical talents cooperation on both sides, Yang tao in the mind very eager to this day.

& other;Always to have the opportunity to prepare the people throughout the &;.Although the market is relatively good, but the enterprise to produce perfect products is the absolute principle.In the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, yutong machinery of substantial increase proportion of new products, high value-added products, become a major driver for output growth.With the in-depth development of key industries, the zhuhai respectively for each basic parts industry enterprise & other;Suit the remedy to the case & throughout;And help provide different.Reporters watched over the heads of the crane travel through time and time again, the one called unknown parts production waiting for sales, can not help but feel, from the market to find the product out of stock, now yutong machinery has to do enough preparation for that again.

yutong machinery has achieved its luxuriant turned, and in order to help the other old enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation, accelerate economic growth, the city’s committee also adopted & other;Five throughout the &;Demonstration project, vigorously promote the traditional manufacturing enterprises to & otherFive throughout the &;The transformation and upgrading.Established five engineering project, and reserve the 33 items of enterprises of 19 families, around the high-end, intelligent, green, and internationalization of service, improve enterprise core competitiveness, better meet market challenges.Within the next three years,

, so to speak, is the basis of qiqihaer city parts industry development & other;Gold period & throughout;, at present the industry system continuously perfect, support and guarantee for continuous enhancement, will help accelerate the development of key industries;Equipment manufacturing enterprise reserve technology, projects, products gradually open the market demand for space, capacity will be released in full.By the east wind, qiqihaer city basic parts industry is bound to compose a new glorious chapter.

Dano bart successfully developed high precision chip cutting solution

dano bart (DANOBAT) efficient automatic flexible system was designed and developed to suit the different needs of customers.This scheme is developed for an international iron and steel company, used for cutting high value-added steel tube, at the same time ensure that the material waste is minimal.

dano bart as machine tool manufacturers, high precision is developed with the high added value steel pipe cutting of multiple cutting solution, used in automobile, oil, natural gas and strategic areas such as bearing manufacturing.The plan got customer’s approval, can help customers to cut various grades of steel, 60-280 – mm diameter range, maximum thickness of 40 mm, 25-400 – mm length range.Not only hereat, dano bart system high flexible architecture makes it can provide other functions according to the customer request.

with factory MES system compatible with the tool machine design.Fully automatic operation, configuration feeding machine used in pipe precise positioning clamping, prepare for subsequent cutting.Then use the installation work in the rotating head three blades, started cutting work.

a main technical characteristics of this solution is the power of saw blades with the work head rotation helps thicker workpiece cutting.Therefore, when reduced and productivity improved significantly.In addition, the machine with mechanical hands material system, can put the thread will cut pipe line for subsequent processing, or for storage.

machine tools equipped with professional software dano bart, can communication with the central control system, the production order can be sent directly to the machine tool.

4.0 dano bart developed product integrates industry technology, suitable for zero defect manufacturing architecture, meet the requirement of incision minimized, and reduce the material waste when cutting.This is a whole solution, including process parameter analysis, processing unit and peripheral devices.This kind of intelligent automatic package gives customers high productivity and high processing speed.Material waste of the smallest, ensure high quality products at the same time.

, moreover, it can machine tools and other equipment integration, production into line, and will cut pipe fittings for pallet storage, and then transported to other processes.Integration synergy to optimize the sawing development dano bart is committed to the development of the technology with advanced high value-added cutting plan.

in this context, dano bart bought Finland Plantool company, the company specialized in the design of circular saw and provide reliable and high precision solution, and using the latest software of control system.Dano bart overall solution combined with Plantool company, will be the forefront production system into reality, to satisfy the needs of different users.

Neat heavy nc innovation in a world class

as a national & otherContents & throughout;One of key construction during the period of 156 projects, qi heavy CNC equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as his heavy nc) strategic restructuring in 2007, technology innovation as the motive force of sustainable development, always at the speed of 25 new products per year on average, the product upgrading to a world-class level.In recent years, enterprises for national defense, transportation, energy and other industries of production and processing provides a number of patented technology and complete sets of equipment, for the national key need project provides a large number of numerical control equipment, high-end products also into Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and so on more than 30 countries and regions.The development of these products not only broke the foreign technology blockade of our country, more made important contribution to China’s comprehensive national strength.

technology innovation, equipment outside China

heavy nc leading products is given priority to with vertical, horizontal heavy machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, also has the heavy rail crankshaft lathe, lathe, roll lathe, milling and boring machine, vertical grinding machine, vertical landing gear milling machine, hobbing machine bed 26 series more than 600 varieties, the 10 categories of machine tool products.Company launched more than 20 new products per year, since the factory has more than 300 products to fill the domestic blank, which is suitable for China’s first brand heavy vertical, horizontal lathe, domestic market share of 50% in the heavy vertical machine tool products, mainly in the service of our country energy, machinery, railway, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, military industry, traffic, metallurgy and other industries.

for national science and technology major projects, replace imported, manifested the enterprise indispensable strength.Since 2009, the qi heavy nc undertakes national six major projects of science and technology, there are 2 items for special national top ten landmark products, including car milling compound machining machine tool CNC heavy crankshaft can produce only in Germany and Japan before project, is the first in our country, the end of the our country now will not be able to process the history of large Marine crankshaft ten thousand horsepower.Nc post project is one of the world’s largest mobile vertical milling lathe CNC heavy duty machine tools, also is the world’s most advanced function, the highest machining precision CNC heavy duty machine tools.6.3 meters of super-heavy CNC horizontal boring lathe project is the world’s largest horizontal lathe turning diameter, whether the product specifications, or technical parameters, have reached the international leading level.Super-heavy CNC roll grinder project for domestic first sets, can replace imported high-end products.Adhere to independent innovation, and actively expand the market, forming the new economic growth point of enterprise.In order to meet the market demand to the actual situation of high-end transfer structure, heavy CNC in the original vertical, horizontal, on the basis of machine tool products, speed up the development to adapt to the market demand for high-grade replace imported products, research and development of a batch of products with core competitiveness.Qi heavy nc and Harbin engineering university cooperation and common development has made the deep sea manipulator and an Shi Sheng groove cutting machine.At present, the company is developing the indexing of one hundred desktop milking machine, the project market prospect is very good.In recent years, the company actively seeking international cooperation, to hire foreign enterprises well-known experts as technical advisers, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, actively explore the international market.

system innovation, activate enterprise internal

heavy CNC based on flexible mechanism and institutional advantages of private enterprises, break down barriers, galvanize release dynamic inner driving force.

to perfect corporate governance structure, remove the original state-owned enterprises, decision-making management efficiency greatly increased.Earlier this year, in order to further improve the corporate governance structure, improve the company management, production and technical backbone staff cohesion and competitiveness, the controlling shareholder tianma holding group co., LTD, subsidiary company management, production and technical backbone personnel holding policy, there are 109 management, production and technical backbone personnel subscribed to nearly 30 million shares, inspired the masses of cadres and workers to realize rapid development of the determination and confidence.

organizations reasonably efficient.Neat heavy CNC based on improve the efficiency of management, scientific integration function relevant departments.Company consists of 53 departments before the restructuring to reduce to 22 department today.Lean organization, reduce the personnel repeat Settings, reduces the enterprise the operation cost.

open mechanism of choose and employ persons, the company follow the principle of efficiency and benefit priority, broke the state-owned enterprise worker iron rice bowl, greatly improve work efficiency.The use of talents can be selected through talent growth channel, not stick to one pattern.Employees get effective shunt and post adjustment in recent years, more than 4000 people to reduce the number of employees by restructuring of the 1948 people now, better cope with the impact of the market downturn brings to the enterprise.

compensation allocation to a line of tilt.Compensation allocation to production backbone, technical backbone and management backbone tilt, not only reflects the work more, and embodies the technology content of jobs, truly achieve & other;Tiller & throughout;Have & other;Throughout the field &;, & other;Workers & throughout;Have & other;Its shares & throughout;, pay a harvest, losses will be damaged.At present, the company has formed the special contribution of government experts, domestic machine tool industry leader and master the international advanced technology of foreign senior technology consultant for scientific research and development team.

management innovation for enterprise development power take-off

in recent years, qi heavy nc adhere to fine management as the main line, continuously improve enterprise’s response to market mutation and the ability to resist risk.To establish a system for assessment of assets management responsibility system, encourage the production and business operation entity using spare capacity independent increase their income.Establishes an index system of cadre performance evaluation, salary directly linked to each unit of leading cadres monthly salary.Heavy machine tool industry in China the first enterprises to implement ERP management, full implementation of 6 s management, strongly promote production site standardization process operation, completes the high-end leading experimental research and pilot test of new products.Enterprises to increase cooperation with scientific research institutes of technology, successively with tsinghua university, Harbin institute of technology, technology and other scientific research institutes to carry out technical cooperation, strengthen the research and development cooperation with users, realize the mutual support of both technical resources and share the results of new products.

& other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Neat heavy nc will points & other;Two-step & throughout;: adjust gaining from 2016 to 2017, the enterprise implement turnround micro surplus;Rise of transformation from 2018 to 2020, through the commercial operation pattern of internal and external to seek cooperation with the international & other;Two paths & throughout;Worthy of the name, make the company become a machine tool industry leading enterprises.

Shenyang machine tool has become a new growth pole China intelligent manufacturing

7, shenyang machine tool and hubei shiyan government signed a valley forge intelligent manufacturing strategic cooperation agreement.Since this year, shenyang machine tool and has signed for local governments to build intelligent manufacturing valley project has reached 5, now push construction process.From the i5 intelligent machine tool products to the intelligent factory, from intelligence to the valley of intelligent manufacturing factory, from the cloud valley to the i5 intelligence intelligent manufacturing platform, in intelligent manufacturing new economic tide, shenyang machine tool forward to explore a new road to industrialization in China are becoming more clear, is in its uniqueness, strong traction driving force, to promote transformation and upgrading of regional equipment manufacturing industry as a whole influence big advantage and so on characteristics, more and more local governments and enterprises, local governments and enterprises with shenyang machine tool together to promote transformation and upgrading trend obviously, shenyang machine tool is becoming a regional important force to promote transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing new.In

2012, shenyang machine tool developed & other;I5 & throughout;Intelligent CNC system, the i5 refers to (Industry, Information, the Internet, both, Inteligent), industrialization, informationization, networking, intelligent, integrated and effective integration, and breakthrough & other;I5 & throughout;Five-axis technology of intelligent system.At present, shenyang machine tool on i5 core technologies and products have applied for 46 of the copyright owner and the national invention patent.

& 2014 otherShanghai China CNC machine tool show & throughout;Global starting i5 intelligent machine tools, the i5 intelligent machine gradually into explosive growth trend in the market.Starting when the i5T3 intelligent lathe sales exceed one thousand units.In 2015, the i5 series intelligent machine order broke through 6000, which implement explosive growth in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region.In 2016, the i5 intelligent machine tools in a down market boom, the order of 18000 units, 8400 sets of intelligent machine tool sales, accounts for nearly half of annual sales, created a new category in the history of world machine tool market marketing miracle.

, shenyang machine tool based on the core technology products, is moving towards the i5 intelligent manufacturing development of the ecological system.More than three years of time, a total of three major step, implements & other;Triple jump & throughout;.One is that the i5 intelligent machine tool has the intelligent compensation, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent control, intelligent management, simple and easy to operate, single machine intelligence, unit automation to the southeast coast and the Midwest & processing equipment to upgrade the basis of otherMachine throughout substitution &;Trend, the i5 user product processing quality and processing efficiency greatly improve, on the basis of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises significantly increased equipment level and at the same time, greatly enhance the international competition ability and the level of the small and medium-sized enterprises.Second, due to the i5 intelligent machine intelligence and Internet features, shenyang machine tool manufacturing workshop is to provide the overall intelligence solution, after 2015, intelligent factory arises at the historic moment, regions forge ahead of the enterprises have begun from the single machine intelligence, automation factory progress to intelligence, in 2016, shenyang machine tool is signed by the construction of intelligent factory up to 46.Three is, since late 2016, shenyang machine tool with regional governments, enterprises jointly promote the intelligent manufacturing process, start manufacturing the construction of the ecological system of intelligent.I5

intelligent machine tools listed in three years, shenyang machine tool is formed based on the core technology, vigorously develop the i5 intelligent machine tool products, intelligent factory manufactures cloud platform construction, speed up the i5 intelligence.Shenyang machine tool, on the other hand, with the schaeffler, exxon mobil and upstream and downstream industry chain to explore sharing cooperation way, in the whole life cycle of products, services, further expand the depth and breadth of intelligent manufacturing ecological system construction.Machine is industrial machine tool, the machine molding involves extensive processing field, is the fundamental, strategic and equipment, has strong inner QianDongLi, motivating, especially shenyang machine tool against the underlying technology for motion control technology, was born the i5 intelligent control system, which is based on PC platform on the basis of intelligence, interconnected characteristics, equivalent to & other;Machine tool ios”, can realize each other, can make regional platform, realize to gather the sex industry and even wider fields and other areas;Industrial cloud & throughout;Level of connectivity.

in September 2015, shenyang machine tool and digital China, daikin light control combined to create a smart YunKe company in Shanghai, build ISESOL (smart engineering service on line) platform, provide for the customer to provide online technical solutions.ISESOL platform through the industrial data of equipment interconnection, for building industry supply and demand docking, productivity, synergy and mass production of product customization services, building intelligent manufacturing new formats.At present, the i5 ISESOL platform for networking smart machine has reached more than 6000 sets, provides users with nearly 400000 hours of service, order volume of more than 6000.ISESOL industrial cloud platform has been included in the ministry of national 70 industrial cloud the first pilot demonstration project of public service platform, shows social collaborative cloud manufacturing services, enterprise and individual user groups to provide one stop cloud manufacturing services of vast space.

under the background of intelligent manufacturing as a whole, shenyang machine tool preliminary formation of the ecological system of intelligent manufacturing capacity accorded with various equipment processing area integral transformation and upgrading of the appeal.In shenyang machine tool under the propulsion, local governments and enterprises, to develop China’s intelligent manufacturing upgrade, in the valley of the layout of intelligent manufacturing.I5 intelligent manufacturing valley construction general including intelligent manufacturing experience center, regional industry research and development center, training center for training practice, the cloud service center, intelligent inspection center and manufacturing center and a group of intelligent factory.Early sign of five i5 valley of intelligent manufacturing all areas covered the auto parts, mould, cutting tools, oil equipment, new energy vehicles, robots and bearing and so on, more than 10 industries, have signed a project contains i5 intelligent machine a total of 1 & middot;More than 80000 sets.Since this year, shenyang machine tool and local governments, enterprises jointly build intelligent manufacturing valley hotting up as the main mode of cooperation.There have been more than a group of local government 30 closely with shenyang machine tool to explore construction of intelligent manufacturing base for regional projects, liaoning yingkou, xinxiang, henan, zhejiang, ningbo, suzhou, jiangsu, hubei xiangyang construction in intelligent manufacturing infrastructure projects is pushing the late.It is understood that in 2017, shenyang machine tool is expected to build 10 valley of intelligent manufacturing, plans to 2020, in the valley of 32 intelligent manufacturing set up.

in the process of promoting regional intelligent manufacturing infrastructure, shenyang machine tool and the local governments and enterprises continuously explore innovative, and patterns to push and deepen cooperation way.Formed the unique intelligent manufacturing mode, platform edge is preliminary.