Industry: 4.0 independently, customization, flexible manufacturing technology behind the challenge

recently, 2 sets of L – hebei customer order 40 p two horizontal CNC lathe axis rail shipments success, guangzhou jia speed precision machinery co., LTD and domestic manufacturing enterprises to processing tool.With the influence of traditional manufacturing technology improvement, structure of employment is gradually changing.Hebei manufacturing enterprises to actively strengthen supply “machine”, choose better speed precision machine with domestic leading machine tool manufacturers to cooperate, add new momentum for manufacturing production.

packaged good L – 40 p two axis track horizontal CNC lathe

speed machine tool by forklift handling

employees from the core components of machine tool selection to the fuselage sheet metal material manufacturing, better speed precision machine engineer selective, repeated testing, create the outstanding “JASU” brand machine tools.Better speed precision machine production of L – 40 p two axis of rail horizontal CNC lathe can meet the general parts of high speed and precision machining requirements, economical and practical, high processing efficiency.

employees better speed machine tool with forklift truck on

l – P series is a two axis track horizontal plate type lathe, this series of products for the whole 45 degrees slant bed casting, has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision.L – 40 p two horizontal CNC lathe axis rail as one of representatives of economical type lathe products, X\/Y axis adopt high precision double nut preloading of precision ball screw, equipped with high speed motor, lathe at high speed, low speed and light and heavy cutting has a very good performance.It can also be equipped with spindle automatic dividing the brake mechanism, cooperate with power tool turret or power auxiliary shaft milling machining center.

have been ready for the final delivery speed precision machine independently developed many vertical machining centers, horizontal machining center, automatic line on nc lathe, rail horizontal CNC lathes and other products, to provide customers with diversified machine tools and efficient and comprehensive pre-market after-sales service.Domestic machine tool users for “good JASU speed” brand of machine tool has very high recognition, thanks to better speed precision machine products with stable quality and high cost performance.In the future, better speed precision machine will also continue to machine tools users bring more excellent products.